Chick Corea R.I.P. 1941-2021

In today's livestream we honor the passing of Jazz keyboard legend Chick Corea 1941-2021.

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Rick Beato
Rick Beato:
If there are any ads on this video it is because the record labels have put them there. I played music during the stream which caused them to monetize the video. Feel free to use an ad blocker.
Fart Zerelli
Fart Zerelli:
Chick Corea did not die, he just _Returned to Forever_
"If you like rock music, I don't know how you can not like this.. This is so heavy."

Yes exactly yes a thousand times
I'm getting old. All my heroes are passing away.
Larry Kutcher
Larry Kutcher:
I met Chick as a very young pianist just starting out many years ago when RTF was just beginning to play out. He was so kind, encouraging, and gracious to me. I had seen him three nights in a row in the front row and he knew I was transported by his music to new realms. By the third night, he would play an amazing phrase and look right at me smiling. I'll never forget that! That evening, after the concert, he invited me backstage, and introduced me to his wife, and several prominent jazz/fusion musicians at that time. It was around 1974. What a generous soul he was.
My heart is just broken to learn of this master musician passing...RIP Maestro! You will be sorely missed!
Sean Bearly
Sean Bearly:
When I hear this kind of jazz I feel like when I'm listening to people way smarter than me talk about something like dark matter or string theory.
So glad I got to see him play in vancouver with return to forever reunion. It was an unbelievable show.
Robert Bernard
Robert Bernard:
"It's about creating the things YOU think are beautiful, not what you think sounds good to someone else. You have to learn your own heart and your own mind and pursue that road." -Chick Corea
Smudge Cook
Smudge Cook:
You're a good man Rick. Thank you. Good tribute
Glenn O'Connor
Glenn O'Connor:
This is the type of jazz that influenced Fagan and Becker.
Chick Corea is really underrated. The rhythm in his playing is so good. He is a cut above almost all others in terms of playing in time. And he could play many styles of music.
Who gives Rick a thumbs down for this? Earless clods.
Mark Kershenblatt
Mark Kershenblatt:
True story - Me and my dad were traveling around Europe on a 2 week Eurailpass in 1980. While in Copenhagen, Denmark we visited Tivoli Gardens and I noticed that there was a concert hall inside the park. Just on a whim, I wanted to see if anybody was playing there that day, and lo and behold Chick Corea and Gary Burton were on the bill. Although my dad wasn't interested, I went in to see them while my dad waited outside. Needless to say, they were both magical that night, and I told my dad he missed one hell of a concert. R.I.P. Chick Corea.
Randy Steele
Randy Steele:
I was privileged to have seen Chic live in three different settings: The reunion of Return To Forever from a number of years ago, The Five Piece Band, with John McLaughlin, Kenny Garrett, Christian McBride and Vinnie Colaiuta from roughly the same period and a solo acoustic concert in a small theater a couple of years after those concerts. At the acoustic concert, Chick invited the audience to yell out a tune for him to play. I waited a moment thinking someone would surely request Spain, but no one did, so I yelled it out. Chic said, "I heard Spain, so here it is." What a thrill! RIP, Chic and thanks for the incredible music.
onsese joo
onsese joo:
"Spain" is a song many might have heard not knowing whose piece it is.
Lee Woolsey
Lee Woolsey:
Very few musicians who have passed made me feel grief for days, weeks, months. David Bowie was the first, now Chick Corea is the second. Really feeling it. Great tribute Rick.
The quartets recordings were phenomenal , Chick was his usual stellar exceptional playing but Brecker's playing was beyond human. Just insanely great.
I would love to have been at the concert Chick did with Keith Jarrett, when they played a Mozart double piano concerto with a symphony orchestra.
Sophie Alloway
Sophie Alloway:
I’m still stunned by the news of Chick’s passing. I saw him play countless times - solo, duet with Herbie; different trios, quartets, quintets, etc. I was always in awe of his youthful energy and creativity. He had such visible joy every time he played. I was practising last night when I started to receive texts with the news. After feeling incredibly sad initially I read his final words to his fans and was injected with energy from those. I then had my own tribute to Chick by playing along with some of my favourite compositions of his. I will be eternally grateful for the consistent inspiration he provided and the rich legacy he leaves. Thank you, Chick. You were a true master. Sophie
I'm a metalhead but jazz opened me up musically so much more. Rick, thanks for doing this video. Chick, thank you for all the music through the years. RIP brother!
Stacy McGuire
Stacy McGuire:
I saw Return to Forever in Atlanta in about 2014. I sat in the upper balcony, had a set of binoculars and watched each one of the artists as they played and I could not believe what I was hearing was actually being played at that time! I will NEVER forget that concert, and the all-consuming gaze from that man's eyes that proved he was other-worldly. Gratefulness and respect is all I have for Chick Corea. Peace be with his wife and family.
Leo Biagioni
Leo Biagioni:
I really enjoyed the fact that you put his music in a way to celebrate his life.
David Woodhead
David Woodhead:
I am not a jazz fan and had not heard this before. My loss. Sounds so fresh. Could have just been released! Rest in peace Mr Corea.
Joe R
Joe R:
Listening to a random ten seconds of Chick’s song chords reveals a piano mastery beyond comprehension. For the amateur, one might conclude “nah, those notes won’t sound right together,” but for Chick it was like, “oh yeah, listen and learn.” His talent, originality and creativity blow my mind.

Thank you Rick for paying tribute because I am confident your wide influence brought more notoriety to a legend too many today had never heard of before.
Štěpán Los
Štěpán Los:
He finally returned to the forever, which he always expressed through his music... Rest in eternal peace, Chick!
"Quartet No. 1" sound kind of like Stravinsky goes jazz! "Check Blast" ... man!!!
Thanks for the music, Chick!
Love how when Rick plays the track he is so into it that the camera bobs along with Rick. Hopefully this tribute introduces a few more people to the wonderful music of Chick Corea. As always thank you Rick for such a heart felt tribute.
Robert Littlejohn
Robert Littlejohn:
I've heard Spain come with words as sung by the late Al Jarreau. I remember a musician friend from my university days talking about how good his music was. From an Amateur Musician in remembrance of a Professional Musician, Rest In Peace Chick Corea
There will never be another Chich Corea. He will be sorely missed.
Bruce Jeric
Bruce Jeric:
I’m 75 now. I was blown away when introduced to him in 1970. Changed my life forever. FUSION!!!
Renak Mans
Renak Mans:
“If you like Rock music I don’t see how you can’t like this.” Perfectly said!!
Dudley Creek Studio Music
Dudley Creek Studio Music:
The Electric Band had the greatest collection of talent in any human endeavor.
guitar jonn
guitar jonn:
Huge loss, forever grateful for his joyful, one of a kind music.
Blaine Ryan-Smith
Blaine Ryan-Smith:
I never post comments but I had too this time. Chick is my all time favorite musician ever of any genre. I wouldn't be a jazz fan if it wasn't for chick. His elektric band was the the first jazz group i ever heavily got into. This has been the hardest musician loss by far that I've dealt with. RIP Armando Anthony Corea 1941-2021. Your legacy will live on forever. Thank you for inspiring many people with your music.
Gary McAleer
Gary McAleer:
That man always stretched my ears: from Return To Forever to Elektric Band. His music will live on while he sleeps in the grave.
Kathleen Yohn
Kathleen Yohn:
Thank you for this awesome tribute to such a giant in the music world. I was greatly saddened to hear of his passing. Bought Light as a Feather in high school and was blown away! Yes, Spain!!!! But a personal favorite was his first Children's Song on that recording. It sounds so simple but the syncopation!! I'd love to see you analyze that song for it's rhythmic complexity alone. And Windows--hints of New Age harmonies long before it became popular. Thank you again for keeping classic music and musicians on our radar!
I consider Three Quartets to be the most important recording of all time. And I saw this band here in Chicago right around the time the record was released. This is the most seriously well written, performed and produced improvisational music I have ever encountered.
Andy Gomez
Andy Gomez:
R.I.P Chick Corea, he's always been my inspiration in music.
Peter Agoston - Petros The Musician
Peter Agoston - Petros The Musician:
"Keep Creating. This is the antidote."
Jordan Razowsky Musician
Jordan Razowsky Musician:
Thanks for the tribute, Rick. BTW: "Home Universe"... my fav.
William Langan
William Langan:
Thanks for sharing that piece. I ran into the bedroom and told my wife "Honey, listen to this! It's beautiful!"
Heather stubbs
Heather stubbs:
He's missed. I look forward to the general resurrection!
You could look at it this way however - he was 79 and had worked for decades and put a HUGE / LEGENDARY mark on music itself - was very successful at it - adored etc . .
And so - through the lens of "don't be sad it ended - be glad it happened at all" - you can easily say that since all human beings have an expiration date - and he was still vibrant and playing at 79 he was a profound outlier in that sense. I mean how many people who play music are able to be successful and how many can still play at 79 or are even alive. He had an INCREDIBLE run - and life.
James J
James J:
you mentioned those huge scores/pages on one of chicks gigs... I'd love it if you'd DO A VIDEO on charts, notations and how people capture their song ideas!
Jerald Towle
Jerald Towle:
It's hard to imagine a world without Armando, a bit scary too.
Blane Biondolillo
Blane Biondolillo:
RIP, I remember seeing him with Stanley clark and playing return to forever , what a grate loss to us all.
A monumental passing. This brings back high school memories of listening to the local alt music station play this music on the midnight album hour back in the late 60s and early 70s. Everyone tried playing like this in weekly jam sessions; we never sounded like this, of course, but we wanted to. Thanks for sharing your memories and honoring Chick.
Elvia Jove
Elvia Jove:
The Madhatter Rhapsody!. Puts me in a great mood immediately!.
Chick was a outstanding musician...
He knew how to improvise, compose, arrange and produce music.
He was also a incredible teacher.
R.I.P Genius...Thank you for everything.
Michael Fleming
Michael Fleming:
"Crystal Silence", "Return to Forever" very good, thanks sir and Godspeed.
Jim Griffin
Jim Griffin:
I'll be playing the, "Sweet Rain" LP with Stan Getz for an entire month in respect. Some of the best acoustic piano I've heard him play... also... "Soul Burst" with Cal Tjader from 1966 has some early Chick voicings we've grown to love, especially "Descarga Cubana" ...
Romantic Warrior is one the BEST fusion LPs ever.
Chet P
Chet P:
Chick could do anything - a Duke Ellington cover with his own flavor, classical, or setting the stage for Frank Gambale to shred something to pieces. I loved it all. Seeing him live was on my bucket list, but I never made it.
Kent Amick
Kent Amick:
I listened to Chick Corea on college jazz stations when I was in college studying music theory and piano, and Chuck was on the cover of Keyborad Magazine when I had a subscription.
If I remember correctly, in 1980, after quitting my music career, the first concert I eventually went to was the first Return To Forever with Bill Connor on guitar. The second concert I went to was Return To Forever with Al DiMeola on guitar. Two of the greatest shows I ever saw!
Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo:
First time I heard the Elektric Band i was 17 and just started expanding my musical horizon beyond mainstream. It (The original Fusion) was so hard and powerful to me back then, almost like prog metal today, just far far more sophisticated. I‘m almost 43 now, seems all so far away, like another life on another planet. I’ve been following Chick Corea from time to time, checking in to see what he was up to. He was one of a kind and a true giant of music. He had/has this unique power to break you out from a creative deadlock just by listening to his unbelievable versatility. RIP
David Ramos
David Ramos:
I’m grabbing a glass of wine ( and maybe a little something else) and going to listen to Romantic Warrior tonight!
Stephen Jones
Stephen Jones:
"That poor drummer" - Is my favorite comment on this post.
Micah J
Micah J:
When i was 14, my band teacher gave me three amazing albums that drastically changed my life... one of them was Chick Corea Akoustic band. This lead me to buying everything i could from Chick Corea. He was truly one of absolute greatest musicians ever. I am truly greatly saddened by this loss.
Arthur Johnson
Arthur Johnson:
This is such a heartbreak. Chick Corea has been a hero of mine since I was introduced to him by a friend in college.
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan:
I legit got choked up when I tried talking about it yesterday afternoon. I found out from your thumbnail when this was live yesterday. His music taught me so much over the years and tunes like Got a Match and Armando’s Rumba really helped develop my playing (bass player here). He will be greatly missed.
I have that record, FANTASTIC every cut
Reimer Barkmann
Reimer Barkmann:
Thanks for your words, dear Rick! As I am 60 years old, I know that everyone got a spanish heart after listening to chicks record for the first time! I can also remember the deep impact when I listened to the electric band the first time! It was so amazing! Maybe he has left the sounds of the earth, but he will fulfill the universal sound from now on!
Chris Goodwin
Chris Goodwin:
I'm ashamed to say that though I know his name, I'm not familiar with his music. Thankfully I can start to explore his work going forward. Thanks for playing the examples, Rick
Andy Dion
Andy Dion:
7:02 Wow, jazz goes Metal on this piece! What great dissonance!
RIP Chick
Sutherland Seals
Sutherland Seals:
"What Makes This Song Great" Seals &. Crofts!!!
Michael Regan
Michael Regan:
Terribly sad news. Losing people of his caliber is heartbreaking.
.. i remember, Corea/Gadd-Band (in Zurich), his freeflow intro to 'Serenity' - unimaginably serene. They could have stopped there, i would have been perfectly happy.
Jose Torres
Jose Torres:
Truly my favorite musician of all time. I never knew a piano could sound like that until I heard CHICK'S album friends, and my spanish heart. It changed my musical life forever. Really sad to accept he's not with us anymore. Thank for the musical gift you gave us all. Day is done you can rest in peace now.
Thanks for doing this. He made such a wide variety of music, and yet it was all instantly recognizable and distinctively his own, and beyond that it was beautiful.
One of my most recent memories was Chick visiting a classroom in Japan, exposing the music students to the magic of being able to let go- expression - during playing music. The students were so taken by this man's ability to raise their level of outcomes. It was magical for both Chick, and for the students involved. May you forever rest in peace.
Flightless Bird
Flightless Bird:
Chick Cores was one of the greatest musicians in all human history. We are lucky to have been alive at the same time!
Frank Howell
Frank Howell:
Thanks for remembering Chick. I took my two sons to see him perform about 4 years ago on Long Island. He was awesome. I enjoyed him a long time go with Return to Forever live on Long Island. I appreciate the fact that he looked out for new talent like Miles Davis. It is a loss for all of us.
Nate Luke
Nate Luke:
I would love to see you do an episode covering Richie Albright, and his influences on country music, his signature drum grooves. RIP Richie Albright
Bill Batten
Bill Batten:
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and some of Chick's legacy, Rick. It's a truly sad day for his fans, colleagues, and the world. Artists of this stature are a rare breed, and Chick was among the rarest to walk the earth. We're all better for having "known" him.
Rob Gracia
Rob Gracia:
wow may he rest in peace god bless his soul thank you for all the great music my first experience with his music ill never forget was elektric band think I was in 9th grade couldn't get it at first it was to fast so had to hear it over and over again for it to sink in god bless you chick corea rest in peace my friend
Tommy Wiseau
Tommy Wiseau:
Was going to see him in London in March of last year. The concert was cancelled a day before it was scheduled due to the virus. I'm 22, I will never see you Chick, but I will listen throughout my years, God's speed my friend and may you return to forever.
Rick. Huge respect to you for respecting this amazing musician. I follow all your content. Thank you for paying the respect to Chick and his writing talent. Big love from the UK :)
Fred Simon
Fred Simon:
Now he sings, now he sobs, now he beats the drum, now he stops. Thanks for making the world a better place, Chick Corea.
My great teacher and inspiration has already passed away, I feel so sad, rest in peace master of master!! Long live the great teacher!!
The Nutman
The Nutman:
I saw him live with the Elektric band in 2017, one of the best live performances I've ever had the priviledge to experience. RIP
Jeff Schielka
Jeff Schielka:
The Ultimate Band in heaven keeps growing at an alarming rate.
Luke Fitzpatrick
Luke Fitzpatrick:
Rick! Thank you for this. I bought Three Quartets. Holy hell. Too good.

Talk about Clutch!
Walter Barth
Walter Barth:
I didn't appreciate fusion or jazz that much in the 70's, although I may have listened to it more then I thought. For the last few years I've missed it and thought the world is losing out today.
So sad to hear of Chick's passing.
I was glad, if I can say that, to see your memorial.
Thank you
Guillaume Leguerinel
Guillaume Leguerinel:
Three Quartets, forever my favorite Chick Corea album. Absolutely outstanding
RIP Chick Corea
Shankton Lewis
Shankton Lewis:
He was one of my father's favorites, and now mine. RIP.
Scott Baker
Scott Baker:
Unfortunately, we have entered the golden age of music obituaries.
kevin smith
kevin smith:
He will be missed. A very talented keyboard artist and was a giver of his skills. I have quite a few jazz records with him and others he played with.
Robert Clark
Robert Clark:
Loved him. Thanks to him I got to understand the true drumming of Dave W..
Much Thanks. Corea was incredibly inspiring to me, just as I started playing/writing, and improvising. Forever gratitude. 🙏🏼
As a young musician, Return to Forever albums and the Leprechaun album were so important. The level of musicianship were amazing!
R.I.P. Chick Corea
Edward 100
Edward 100:
Damn sad news. Great tribute, Rick, thank you so much. I'm thankful that I heard the news from you, rather than the media. I hate it when we lose these brilliant artists, but being here right now with you and all the wonderful subscribers to your channel softens the blow. You mentioned doing a piece on Lyle Mays - I would really look forward to that.
Mark Lacey
Mark Lacey:
Saw him live twice. Awesome shows. Very kind and gentle man.
Micke C
Micke C:
We will remember him with great love. He was a great man at the fingertips of the musical feeling. Thank you Rick, for your nice retrospective post this Memorial Day
Enai DeaLukal
Enai DeaLukal:
The GOAT. So sad. Will be missed. Thank you Chick for all the amazing music.
Robert Amato
Robert Amato:
A very sad day indeed. Like losing Bach or Beethoven. His music, like theirs, will live on forever. It has certainly been a tough couple of years for music with all the greats that have passed on recently.
Klaas Halma
Klaas Halma:
I've been nodding my head and moving my feet along with you, Rick..
Larry Contreras
Larry Contreras:
"Tale Of Daring"......One of Chick's, of many, finest works!
Steve Gardner
Steve Gardner:
His version of "The Great Pumpkin Waltz" is so amazing. Starts slow and then he rips.
Oldsport Pianogeek440
Oldsport Pianogeek440:
😭MG. I am so devastated to hear this.