Chloe Lattanzi

Talentuous, unique, deeply sensitive, tribute to a wonderful girl and singer.
I had to cut some of the songs because of the length of the video.

Thanks Philippe for the photos, you're the best, love you ;o)

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Karl L
Karl L:
I think she can sing, but she needs more voice training and a much different song set.
maki pizon
maki pizon:
she had a voice... but i think she had a problem in controlling it especially in high notes.... but she is so far from her mom.... olivia is a great singer and beautiful...
I can't be too mean, because she does carry somewhat of a tune, but I have to agree with some of the bloggers here even more that she definitely did not inherit her mother's talent as an exceptional singer.
Well damn I guess im the only person who likes her voice
It's like listening to the old Yoko Ono songs on John Lennon's solo albums... very painful.
I liked her doing "Freak On A Leash" best of all, she seems to me to be suited for that kind of music the best. She could excel at it. :)
Song Mozart
Song Mozart:
It must be hard living in her mother's shadow. Chloe needs to find happiness within herself and stop trying to be somebody she's not. God gives special gifts to each and every one of His children. Guarantee she will find happiness when she accepts her special God-given gift. :)
Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt:
It is so hard coming from a famous parent who is at the top of a particular profession and you try to follow in their steps. You're going to be picked apart. I saw it happen to Whitney when she first came out because she connected to Aretha, Cissy, and Dionne....she had to be able to deliver.
Rose Petal
Rose Petal:
Strangest voice I've ever heard.
Kerry Oesterle
Kerry Oesterle:
I totally agree, she's been in some pain and you can feel it, thats what makes a good artist. I like her alot as well
mami loka
mami loka:
i dont know if yall noticed.. but she chooses emotionall songs.. and she even admitted she been threw alot..tough time yu kno.. and judges also said.. when she sings through those songs.. she sings them with soo much emotion... ANYWAYS so basically shes emotionall!
I love her, her voice is amazing in a creepy sort of way
Karl L
Karl L:
Just like in her looks, you can distinguish bits and pieces of her mother's pretty voice as well, so she has it, but as someone else here mentioned, she's not using it well. this sort of music is not too great either. maybe new agent, training, voice coaching.
I can hear that she has an amazing voice but she sings out of key
I think she has a great voice, I can definitely hear it I think she just needs to learn how to use it.
I'm not forgetting about this girl. She has something - it's a raw dark powerful talent. You can't create that. But you can hone and polish it. She's new to this, finding her footing but she blows away the vacancy of Britney and could smash a Lana Del Ray song. That "I honestly love you track" was mind-blowing. It was the best of the show by far and a hint to what she could be. No credible musician in the world would give a toss about what that industry parasite judge had to say about it ~*~
April H
April H:
Wow, she killed Freak On A Leash. NOT in a good way.
Kelly dear: I like the approach you take in your comment. I always LOVED her Mom's voice + music style, but wouldn't expect CRL to sound ANYTHING like ONJ, as long as I thought "she was any good". I really don't like to "bash artists", so I'll just say "I don't think she's any good". SVix here says "Her voice lacks consistency". I'll agree, and add it often sounds "stilted" and "affected". I really WANT to say at least SOMETHING good about her singing, but to be honest I'm afraid I just can't.
Kelly Young
Kelly Young:
i looove her!!
I wish the whole "I Honestly Love You " clip was up
JazBerry Beret
JazBerry Beret:
i think she just needs to practice holding notes for long periods on one breathe. and breathing control. i think she can sing i just think she sings in an unhealthy way.
Mystie G
Mystie G:
I LOVE when she did I hate everything about you and when she did freak on a leash...I would love to have her voice...I would rock it!
I think she can sing but she just doesn't know who she wants to be. By her choice of song the style and lyrics she sounds like she she has a lot of pain to exorcize, it is all a bit sad. She needs some street cred.
Sara Grenier
Sara Grenier:
this is painful to listen to...honestly.
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce
Ragu Spaghetti Sauce:
I honestly really tried hard to listen and like her voice. After this. I have to go to the Drugs store and buy Aspirin for my headache.
@thekevboro I sure as hell hope so. I can't imagine if she had another who decided to sing as well...
I think she should try R&B rather than rock. Definitely it's not her style though her life seems like hard rock.
Ya know what............When Adele first came out with her albulms no one liked her either now look where she is. She has her own style. She grow into it.
Lily Rose
Lily Rose:
She definitely didn't inherit her mother's good looks or her singing voice. Her singing is awful. Too many people with no musical talent want to be singers because its trendy right now. Everybody has a talent and they should discover and enjoy what they are naturally good at. Someone needs to be seriously honest with chloe.
I would like to go to her concert. <3
wow shes GOD awful O_O
Erika Raquel
Erika Raquel:
idunt care iLove her singin
she sounds even more tortured than Amy least she's kinda cute.
to use a hockey expression "she has the tools but no toolbox".

She has a great voice but as a performer she is awful. Cringe-worthy bad. She has no idea how to interpret a song.
But she uses it so poorly some people think she can't sing
I don't mean to be cruel but she's really awful. Sorry, I'm being honest. The poor girl feels she's a star and she's just plain dreadful.
Alexandra Bennett
Alexandra Bennett:
shes such a good singer but i think rock is not her style.... some songs are really good but i dont no mabey,,,,,, something more softer if u get me caus i think when she screams and stuff it just wastes her voice! :( i love her all the same :)
She's awesome!
maki pizon
maki pizon:
is her lips had a colagen? she has a nice voice but i think she needs more practice!
Christine Larson
Christine Larson:
sorry as a lifetime fan of her mom and as much as I WANT to like her, as a voice major in college, Chloe is just bad...
Chloe is a diamond in the rough star! She is a unique talent that is still undiscovered and if you don't get it, you don't get it. Music is very subjective but you have to be able to be objective if you want your opinion to matter. She is nowhere near the same even genre as her mother so why bother even bringing that up. Olivia is great in her own right but Chloe strikes way more of a powerful chord with me. And I WISH someone would post both performances of "I honestly Love You" from that show
I like her voice.
Lauren Wyrick
Lauren Wyrick:
I thought she was blond she must've dyed her hair
J.I. Alonso
J.I. Alonso:
Certainly I like her voice too, I just hate her singing, it's awful!!!! there isn't a singer anywhere there!, The only reason she's on a stage is because her mother, any chance at all if she just were another girl next door.
Don't like to be negative, but that sounded awful.
Maria Redecker
Maria Redecker:
yes, YOU ARE BORN TO ROCK ! Fantastic Chloe ! Rock on.....!!
I love it ! With love Maria
Lisa A
Lisa A:
If she went on American Idol she would be booted off within 15 seconds. I'm not trying to be cruel, but she cannot sing. It's about time someone was honest with her. I'm sure her mom could pull a few strings and she could have a very lucrative career behind the scenes.
If her mom wasn't Olivia Newton-John, she would be just another one of the thousands of kids trying to break into the music industry without any success.
Kyle Filbeck
Kyle Filbeck:
@cowinyourface Neither. Her trying Opera would be a disaster that would litereally bring the house down. Musical theatre would be worse, cause in Theatre, the songs requare u to hole long hight belted notes, and she just cannot belt. i think she is cut out for R&B
Helena de Wolf
Helena de Wolf:
yeah right
Hailie Iles
Hailie Iles:
what tv show was this? haha i seriously can't remember
She needs to learn to control her voice... and she needs to learn to be on key...
She is literally the worst singer I have ever heard.
Jessica Dennis
Jessica Dennis:
that was an amazing comment kellyYtaddict!
Kevin Dunne
Kevin Dunne:
Olivia, Have you only one Daughter?
LeSecrett Dipschitz
LeSecrett Dipschitz:
this is pathetic. i dont really care if it is mean to say. it is rude for her to do this to our ears. i hate people like this. she is even worse than j
Jada Wagonsomer. how is that possible?
Ana Sanchez
Ana Sanchez:
eep... she cant sing...
*eyes the negative comments* Some people just can't handle anything unique.
Garrell Woods
Garrell Woods:
Shouldn't she sound Aussie?
ilona shakula
ilona shakula:
shee sounds just like her mommy :D
Country Campfire
Country Campfire:
There are just a bunch of jealous fans of other singers, on here, that are just jealous Chloe beat the crap out of their favorite singer on MTV's Rock The Vote. Chloe was the last female singer standing & remained in the contest all the way down to the final 3. How freakin' dare any of the haters to belittle that fact! Chloe didn't win the overall contest, but she did win, in her own right, for being unique and powerful singer... & Dear Haters, she got the votes to prove it! Chloe, You Rock!
Kelly Young
Kelly Young:
i wish people would stop comparing her to olivia!! she is so different,and so unique. her voice is amazing! her creativity when it comes to music is incomparable to anyone else,and i loove it!