Chris Evans Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

'Gifted' star Chris Evans takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the Internet's most searched questions about himself. 'Gifted' co-star Mckenna Grace joins Chris, and together they find out that the Internet is obsessed with Chris Evans' driving skills.

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Chris Evans Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

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100+ comentarios:

We must protect this child at all costs

(I’m talking about Chris)
Chris : "Yes I can drive I'm a GROWN UP"

also chris: "Shaptain Shmerica"
Weebusa olo
Weebusa olo:
She’s freaking 13 and has more confidence than me.
lydia munson
lydia munson:
McKenna Grace: “ He’s very huggable, and he’s also filled with jelly beans”
Edit: thank you guys for all the likes I didn’t expect this
The AweSim
The AweSim:
She is like a small Emma Watson paired with Hermione Granger paired with Belle
Stan Lee
Stan Lee:
This little girl is a genius. That level of social skill at that age really blows me away.
Can Chris Evans drive?

Chris: *WhAT iS gOinG oN wiTH mE AnD dRiViNG? yEs, I CAn dRiVe VErY wELL, iM a GrOWn uP.*
hey its Amelie
hey its Amelie:
Reasons why Chris Evans is one of the most likeable actors
- His bubbly personality
- His inner child
- He's nice too Everybody
- Super attractive
- He's Hilarious
*He is perfect*
KarmA WaffLe
KarmA WaffLe:
Captain America: We're gonna need everything we got to take down Thanos

Chris Evans: Shmaptain Shmerica
Pranjal das
Pranjal das:
That little girl is too much socially mature to be anyone's mom.
He's a vegetarian. He only eats jelly beans.
“You’ll learn about the consequences of the never-ending life of the Internet later.”

So true though.
Just a normal person
Just a normal person:
It's funny how ppl like when kids are mature and adults are child-like
Ally's Galaxy
Ally's Galaxy:
"where does chris evans keep his boat"
Mckenna: "he has a boat!?"
Chris: "he does not have a boat" LOL
Chris Evans: I’m a grownup!

Also Chris Evans: Shaptain Ashmerica
How many Chris’ are there in the marvel cast?!?!

Chris Pratt
Chris Hemsworth
And Chris Evans
Aisha Shabeese
Aisha Shabeese:
update: Chris Evans does have instagram.
I cant believe this little girl was only 11 here. She sounds so mature already
Mistake #2
Mistake #2:
All my friends: Why are you so obsessed with Chris Evans?

Me: Shmaptain Shmerica.
Jason harkins
Jason harkins:
I feel like the title should also include McKenna Grace’s name
Tifara ET
Tifara ET:
No one:
Still no one:
Chris Evans: Shaptain Shamerica

Google captions: She mapped in America
Mariana Hernandez
Mariana Hernandez:
"Chris Evans talking about himself in third person for 4 minutes straight"
민윤기Min Yoon Gi *
민윤기Min Yoon Gi *:
"He's also filled with jellybeans, that's a true fact" hahahahaa
This girl is so smart! her social skill is incredible
Taesty Kookie
Taesty Kookie:
So you also came back here.
Greg A
Greg A:
What is Chris Evans known for? He is known being "On your left."
Livia Grim
Livia Grim:
So when is Mckenna gonna adopt Chris
Yung Choqquit
Yung Choqquit:
Chris Evans the type of grandpa to sneak jellybeans to his grandchildren who aren’t allowed sweets past bedtime
Chris Evans is going to be such an amazing father.
poor chris has now learned about the consequences of the never ending life of the internet in a way he never thought he would
Daniela Oliva
Daniela Oliva:
"Does Chris Evans have an instagram?"
-"no he doesn't"
boy that didn't age well
Connor Anderson
Connor Anderson:
Question: "What is Chris Evans' real name?"
Chris: ".. Chris Evans. 😬"
GloryArix 2517
GloryArix 2517:
2:50 just put it here.
Marco Meme
Marco Meme:
I'm a straight male and I'm legit attracted to this dude
a15m_785 YT
a15m_785 YT:
This video is how you know Chris Evans really wants a kid he gets along with them very well
picolo santiago
picolo santiago:
Mckenna: You has a boat?
Chris: He does not have a boat.
Me: They have a grammar?
Camryn Plemons
Camryn Plemons:
I feel like being 'huggable' is one of the best compliments
Sheldon B.
Sheldon B.:
He lowkey reminds me of a silly teacher that everyone's chill with
James Caldwell
James Caldwell:
It’s funny I thought that was his actual daughter. The have that daughter and father relationship in real life.
Sunflower Girl
Sunflower Girl:
"Does chris evans have Instagram?"

Chris 2017 : no he doesn't .
Chris 2020 : I should have stayed that way 😭😭😭

Poor Chris 😁😁😁
Disco Potato
Disco Potato:
Google: who was Chris Evans date at the Oscars

McKenna: ooooo!
That’s the Tea sis
That’s the Tea sis:
I love how McKenna acts like his mom
Hyper Max
Hyper Max:
I Stand With Chris.please respect his privacy and don't share anything🙏🏻.He is a great human being.
Stan Loona
Stan Loona:
She looks like a blonde Emma Watson
I feel like that little girl has a crush on chris, and i can't blame her, me too
Bughead Fan
Bughead Fan:
Chris Evans: I can drive. I’m a grown up!

Also Chris: Shaptain Ashmerica
Lily Raimey
Lily Raimey:
2:49 this aged poorly.
“Does Chris Evans drive?”
“Like a champ. I got speeding tickets to *prove it* .”
-Chris Evans 2017
Reasons why *Chris Evans* is awesome:

*he is FILLED with jelly beans*
She’s 13 I THOUGHT SHE WAS 6!!!!
BitSketchy _
BitSketchy _:
3:00 he sure hopes it would've stayed that way now😂
Mr. Pineapple
Mr. Pineapple:
McKenna's just like 'Hi this has nothing to do with me but I'm here anyway deal with it.'
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel:
Peter: Where is Chris Evans?
Tony: I’ll do you one better, who is Chris Evans?
Drax: I’ll do you one better, why is Chris Evans?

Deadpool: Can he drive?
Redwan husseyn
Redwan husseyn:
I want Chris Evans to come when McKenna does her "wired autocomplete"
Well i know why you came here for.
Aiden Holloway
Aiden Holloway:
Card: "What is Chris Evans hair style"
Chris Evans: "Thinning"

Hector Beck
Hector Beck:
The child is awesome

Mckenna's good too
CamD Gaming
CamD Gaming:
When he said "was it made out of styrofoam..idk that's nobody's buisness" see chris is the best actor in the mcu I thought he ripped a log in half.
Ruchit Prakash
Ruchit Prakash:
What does Chris Evans look like?

Tony Stark: Probably Steve Rogers😒
Lann1 Kay
Lann1 Kay:
"What is Chris evens hairstyle"
Dead lmao didn't expect that at all 😂😂😂
Swift Swallow
Swift Swallow:
3:47, Chris be like; "I'm a grown up." Everyone who knows anything about him be like; "nah."
Imagine Tom Holland and Anthony Mackie doing this..
chris evans is such a child
Shomik Panda
Shomik Panda:
"consequences of never ending life on the internet"
C Bloss
C Bloss:
What is Chris Evan’s hairstyle?

sufia bilkis
sufia bilkis:
She is like junior Emma Whatson...
“Why is Chris Evans?”

**Gamora flashbacks intensifies**
Flavia Tirabassi
Flavia Tirabassi:
"can chris evans drive?


"yes i can drive"

Vanness Liu
Vanness Liu:
"Does Chris Evans have an Instagram"
Chris: No, I do not

Hmm not sure about that.
Frank DeQuattro
Frank DeQuattro:
This did not age well. Chris Evans now has an instagram and he says “was it a mistake?”
I love how he always refers to himself as: ‘Yes he does’ and ‘no he doesn’t’
Jonathon Fyck
Jonathon Fyck:
*Why is Chris Evans*

Drax must have searched up that question
aaliyah ioane
aaliyah ioane:
Still can't believe she was on Fuller house
Aditi Shubham
Aditi Shubham:
She played theo in haunting of hill house
Chris Evans doesn't have Instagram????
Pfff,now he does,Duh!
Call Me Cloudy
Call Me Cloudy:
I love that he says “Yes, I can drive very well! I’m a grownup!”😂
Pranav Singh
Pranav Singh:
The girl looks like *Chris* and *Scarlett's* *DAUGHTER*
pink nut
pink nut:
(well he does have his dog so hes a good dog dad i guess)
2019 and they're both now in the MCU.
I will be homeless
I will be homeless:
"I can do this all day"



Galaxy Gaming
Galaxy Gaming:
McKenna Grace, was in fuller house
James Burgess
James Burgess:
You can just tell she's a great actor, she has more personality than most people I know, for her age
GSW Cooper
GSW Cooper:
Okay, I've watched several of these autocomplete interview videos now, but this...this is by far the most adorable one yet. <3

These two are closer than most fathers and daughters. McKenna should totally adopt Chris! ;D
David Cohen
David Cohen:
"who was your date?"

"it was my mom one year, and then my sister last year."

am i in alabama all of a sudden?!
Glory Balitor
Glory Balitor:
Chris: of course I could drive I'm a GrOwN Up!

Also Chris:
-shmatem shmerica
McKenna: his body is filled with jEllY BEaNs
Zaara Vora
Zaara Vora:
Awwwwwwww she is so adorable. Her confidence is wow
Quinlen Stevens
Quinlen Stevens:
They’re honestly so much like father and daughter
I'am speed
I'am speed:
Why this three people looks so alike ?
''Mckenna Grace,Kiernan Shipka,Emma Watson"
Maria M.
Maria M.:
“He’s very huggable”
Me: Lemme test that out 🥴🥺
“He’s very huggable” uhhhhhhhhh wish I can 🥺❤️
Mr Unlucky Kitten
Mr Unlucky Kitten:
What's Chris Evans real name?
"Steve Rogers"
Michael McGinley
Michael McGinley:
When Chris said he had a brother named Scott we all thought Ant man
Lokitty Pawfenson
Lokitty Pawfenson:
Does Chris Evans have an Instagram? “Nope”
We that aged well
Júlia Malta
Júlia Malta:
“you will learn about the consequences and the never ending life of the internet later” - Chris Evans, 2017

leaks his own nudes - Chris Evans, 2020
kaylee yoder
kaylee yoder:
Why is she even there if she isn’t answering questions and her name isn’t in the title...? No hate but shouldn’t they give her some spotlight too?
Easy Breezy
Easy Breezy:
Could you imagine being a cop and pulling him over
Ankur Shrivastava
Ankur Shrivastava:
I think she can beat Hermione Granger
Okay.. was anyone else alarmed when that little girl knew where Chris was staying? She answered so quick ..THE W HOTEL!
Ula Klobčaver
Ula Klobčaver:
2:23 - Mckenna: YOU HAS A BOAT
Chris: He does not have a boat
😀😀😀😀 he is soooo awsome! LOVE YOU CHRIS❤❤❤
not mikayla
not mikayla:
*Smaptain Smamerica*