Chris Evans Explains His Dog's Bad Quarantine Haircut

Chris Evans talks about the terrible haircut he gave his dog, brushing up on tap dancing, his cable-knit sweater obsession and why he's supporting Christopher's Haven during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Chris Evans Explains His Dog's Bad Quarantine Haircut


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100+ comentarios:

Lulu Harshie
Lulu Harshie:
“I feel like an old man” that gives me SERIOUS Captain America vibes
Brandi Gaulin
Brandi Gaulin:
We love a talented man who doesn’t have an inch of toxic masculinity
Urja Parekh
Urja Parekh:
How is chris evans unmarried?
He is gonna make best husband, best father, best everything
I swear Chris Evans is the sexiest man alive
Titilayo Afolabi
Titilayo Afolabi:
Whenever I watch Chris Evans, I actually cant control my smile. I find myself smiling and I’m like wtf is wrong with me. 😂😂😂
I'm a simple girl, I see 'Chris Evans' and I click 🤷🏻‍♀️
Funny Username
Funny Username:
Jimmy wanted to make everyone’s weekend, and boy, did he succeed
i swear Chris's insta feed is becoming a dog acc-
omg why is no one talking about how GOOD HIS WIFI IS like yesssss, i wanna know what camera he was using because he looks GREAT
madi :D
madi :D:
Can it honestly get better than Chris Evans AND Dodger
Unkown Person
Unkown Person:
*Chris accidentally cuts Dodger hair badly*
Chris : I m sorry
Dodger : I don't wike it
I love food
I love food:
Dodger didn't WIKE his haircut😂👀
I’m not joking when I say that I almost cried when he said “you know what it is..I just have too many pictures of my dog” this is the man I need to marry there isn’t someone like him in this world
Bella Kulinski
Bella Kulinski:
Why is Chris literally perfect????
Leslie Carcana
Leslie Carcana:
Just love Chris Evans laugh. Who else??
Quarantine is treating Chris Evans very well
Fajer Ayub
Fajer Ayub:
Chris Evans killed it as Andy Barber in Defending Jacob. The show deserves more praise.
Samuel Robertson
Samuel Robertson:
It’s weird watching this and then remembering that he’ll never play Captain America again
Aakshi Srivastava
Aakshi Srivastava:
I don't know who to be more jealous of, Chris or Dodger..
I'm literally in love with this man. Also, we need these dog pictures Chris. 😂 Chris' mannerisms, personality, laugh, looks, everything is genuinely just so darn perfect. Good god. I'm glad he's with his family during this whole Lockdown, I'd hate for him to be by himself. 🥺
jshoes 99
jshoes 99:
Such a handsome man and super chill, no wonder he’s so likable
You know Chris Evans is Captain America when he said instagram „boost“ instead of „shoutout“.
scarlett letter
scarlett letter:
He puts a smile on my face every single time. I just adore him and his magnificent way of just being himself ❤
Rylee Baczynski
Rylee Baczynski:
I saw jimmy fallon with Chris Evans and I clicked instantly. Chris Evans is my favorite actor, and he is just amazing!
Honestly, best interview I’ve seen during quarantine. Who doesn’t love Chris Evans? Plus those Dodger pics
Aakash Thakur
Aakash Thakur:
Imagine John Krasinski playing as cap America... He was approached first and now we know evans is irreplaceable.
Kate Willis
Kate Willis:
Hearing him say "my son" is so weird but wonderful, and I hope that becomes true for him someday.
Can’t stop looking at him. Chris Evans is gorgeous ... so cute and funny.
Brownd Beanz
Brownd Beanz:
If I was stuck with Chris Evans I would start shaking his hand too long, like Antman. Totally straight btw.
Sam I am
Sam I am:
He’s so hot, kind and talented that he chooses to be alone.
Morgan Brown
Morgan Brown:
“You got one of those foreign dogs?” I’m cracking up over that 😂😂😂
Kristina Lopez
Kristina Lopez:
He speaks so much faster and uses so many more hand movements when he’s comfortable n his home and a Latina, it’s quite comforting and pleasant to listen to..💜🤗😍
Brenda Parrish
Brenda Parrish:
Obviously, Chris is a very handsome man. But my unhealthy crush comes about because of his personality and heart. I mean, c’mon. It’s also super endearing his relationship with his family and genuine care for people, in general. Good men fill their IG with pics of their dog(s). Oh if only I could sucker him in to a date haha
Who else has loved Chris Evans since fantastic four ..? 💅🏽🙋🏽‍♀️
Dodger was done dirty and I think he knows that,
Poor pup was given a bad cut and now has to live with it 🤧
Melissa Criales López
Melissa Criales López:
He makes my days better, his laugh, his eyes, his mood, everything. He is such a great human being. I need more Chris during this quarentine 😍😩
The Casners
The Casners:
Chris in a cable knit would NEVER be over done. Just saying! Love this interview :D
Emily Joy
Emily Joy:
His Boston accent definitely came out when he said hospital.
Sedly Holmes
Sedly Holmes:
Love how energetic he is when talking about his dog
This man is able to make me smile on the darkest days. ✨WHO is with me?
Stay_ Awesome
Stay_ Awesome:
Jimmy, I just want to thank you so much for always welcoming Chris onto your show. He's my favorite actor, for obvious reasons. I guess I don't have to tell you how down to earth and charming and polite he is. I love that you seem happy to always invite him on your show and his brother Scott. It's like a tradition now and it's always a treat. Chris is known for having social anxiety, yet on your show, he always seems comfortable and has a good time. Thank you for making him feel comfortable. I would love to see you and Chris and Scott in a comedy together. I would be first in line for that film. Thanks again, Jimmy, for always welcoming Chris on your show. He lights up when he talks to you, over any other talk show host. You two have a great chemistry and I always make sure I never miss your show when Chris is a guest. Keep up the good work and stay safe.
Fiona Camm
Fiona Camm:
just listening to him speak makes my damn heart flutter!! he just gives off the most impeccable vibes
The show is honestly amazing. Some of his best acting ever.
Emma Campos
Emma Campos:
The fact that when I’m his age he’ll be 54 and I still wanna marry him is messed up, but I still don’t care.
Sylvia Sassyone
Sylvia Sassyone:
I love Chris Evans . He’s so humble to know how even he made a mistake when shaving his dog ... 😂. He will always be my Steve Rogers aka captain America . . I’m hoping with all my heart and soul he comes back For more MCU to complete it by finally knowing who the next captain America will be . My hunch knows the next and clear obvious choice is from the animated series. Talking about character the next captain and it’s not flacon or Bucky . Please Kevin feigi ... please please I’m begging you to let this happen .
Abigail Lawlor
Abigail Lawlor:
chris is such an amazing actor, i know he is also like smoking hot but his ability to act is underrated
Megan Bethge
Megan Bethge:
this has made my week! thank you chris and jimmy! stay safe!⭐️⭐️
The amount of people who like Chris From Endgame.
“I feel like an old man” that gives me SERIOUS Captain America vibes
Laughing Lucy
Laughing Lucy:
Such a generous person. His communication style is always offering so the other person can understand. Also, so self effacing. Love this man.
Divine Matibag
Divine Matibag:
the way he said Dodger doesn't speak ENGLISH lmao, this man is everything
Brittania Ellis
Brittania Ellis:
Chris Evans has the cutest laugh... I love it 😂
Megan Bethge
Megan Bethge:
chris is such a wonderful, inspirational, kind hearted and caring man who deserves so much omg! this made me smile so much! <3😌
We must protect this man at all costs🥺❤️
Sima Adelifar
Sima Adelifar:
Chris Evans's laugh is everything :))
T T:
When u open ur front camera, but u r Chris Evans
Lau Gzz
Lau Gzz:
Everytime somebody ask me why I love Chris Evans, I just have to randomly pick any of his videos and there's no way to get it wrong 💙😍
Amanda Skaggs
Amanda Skaggs:
I had a job with a dog groomer, and I can honestly say you did a great job. Don't worry about the bald spots, the hair will grow back, but great job hour dog will be cooler.
Natália Grandi
Natália Grandi:
I’m not sure if that’s really Chris Evan’s personality or if that’s just how Captain America would talk like with no wars to fight on
Mar Nev
Mar Nev:
Anyone else smiling thru this whole interview gazing at chris like —>😍😍
sharra mad
sharra mad:
that part when he said “20 years ago this would’ve been a movie” his boston accent really came out
I love this man with my whole heart
Samira Hosein
Samira Hosein:
I literally love him so much!😭❤️
Nafisa Tabassum
Nafisa Tabassum:
"The sweater?? OOOh, the Sweater". MAAAAN, it even took him a second. Shows how he really does insulate himself from too much fandom exposure. He's so sweet
Mailee Ohara
Mailee Ohara:
Remember that video when Chris was doing push-ups and Dodger was licking his face like crazy. So cuuuuteee that he is such a dog person😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰
Chris Evans is my soulmates since what’s your number if you know him before all the marvel things you are a true avengers
Mark 11
Mark 11:
Who thinks Jimmy gets to have the coolest video calls during quarantine... I do 🙋
When Captain America tells you to not go against it, you don't go against it.
I love him so much he’s amazing !! ❤️
Hercilia Vasquez-Flores
Hercilia Vasquez-Flores:
I’ve been a fan since Cellular and ugh, I’m just so proud of his growth as a person and actor🥺🥰
Mohammed Al-Marafi
Mohammed Al-Marafi:
I think Chris should sell that sweater in an auction for charity. It will make so much money I’m sure!!
Kabir Jaiswal
Kabir Jaiswal:
Me : can you be lazy at home in lockdown ?
Chris : I can do this all day
Janel Nr.5
Janel Nr.5:
I lovee Chris Evans but Scott also seems like a very very funny and likeable person I just love both 🥺
Prateek Prasad
Prateek Prasad:
I'm a simple human, i see Chris evans and I click
Steven La
Steven La:
wait..jimmy’s guest looks like captain frickin america😳😳
aditi goswami
aditi goswami:
If I had to write what Chris means to me I swear it would never end. He's just too precious for the world. I love him so much gosh. he's JUST PERFECT
Starry Night Mug
Starry Night Mug:
Chris Evans is an interesting person to see. He is nice and friendly and has wisdom in lots of things.

Gonna miss him as Captain America as he played the character so well.

Watched Knives Out too, which is interesting as well.

Waiting for more stuff from you.
one good thing that has happened in this 2020 is Chris Evans joining ig..we live for Dodger content!
“I feel like an old man”
Jenny Gomez
Jenny Gomez:
I love this man so so much 🥺❤️!!
Zain Khwaja
Zain Khwaja:
He's so jolly and down to earth. Hats off!
The Wealth Generator
The Wealth Generator:
I could watch this for another hour
Kenny Valeria Benitez Cabrera
Kenny Valeria Benitez Cabrera:
amo a chris y su forma de intentar explicar las cosas jajajaajaj ilove
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai:
Captain America finally joined Instagram during the quarantine: another example of how this pandemic has turned the world upside down 🧐😷
Delphine Ghilbert
Delphine Ghilbert:
Wow this video increased my love for Chris Evans even more!
Chris is an awesome example of a human being!
PC Henderson
PC Henderson:
I love when Chris posts pictures & videos of his dog on Insta! Never met Chris but when you see someone has a dog or cat that they care for and the animal seems happy then there must be some goodness in that person.
Soledad Rodriguez
Soledad Rodriguez:
The end killed me. Lol i love this man 😂
oh no
oh no:
chris is the most wholesome guy ever and i love dodger so much too :)
Veronica Singh
Veronica Singh:
Protect this man at any cost 😭😭
i love chris evans with all my heart and soul
Ivy Maisonet
Ivy Maisonet:
Ugh, he's perfection
I love how we all know Dodger. The title might as well be "Dodger's owner..." and we would've just know lol
Will M. Buttlicker
Will M. Buttlicker:
LMAO i love how the video ended with Chris roasting his brother XD
Will 360 YT
Will 360 YT:
No haircut can be as bad as Hawkeye’s from endgame
fritzieangeline09 quindiagan13
fritzieangeline09 quindiagan13:
Chris evans, sometimes he's serious, sometimes he's so funny,, oh, really love him so much
Clarisse Christine Escoto
Clarisse Christine Escoto:
My gosh even at home he still looks so handsome. 😍❤
Chris talking about his dog makes me so happy
Rowena Pascual
Rowena Pascual:
Chris Evans is so incredibly handsome!! He will always be Captain America to me!!!
Mary V
Mary V:
He looks amazing under quarantine and im over here looking like i have aged. Lol