Chris Evans & Mark Kassen - Facts vs. Politics | The Daily Social Distancing Show

Chris Evans and Mark Kassen talk about the merging of fact and opinion in politics and their new platform A Starting Point, which provides voters with non-biased facts from elected officials. #DailyShow #ChrisEvans #MarkKassen

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100+ comentarios:

Anwaar Ibrahim
Anwaar Ibrahim:
Chris Evans has America’s ass, heart, and brain.
Sarah LeBrun
Sarah LeBrun:
Chris Evans needs to stop making himself more attractive.
Izzy Perez
Izzy Perez:
Wow, Chris Evans and Trevor noah are the boyfriends I alternate in my maladaptive daydreams! THIS is the most ambitious crossover since endgame
Cynthia Gonzalez
Cynthia Gonzalez:
I agree with Chris Evans. No comments, no likes. Keep it on point.
Blue Taser
Blue Taser:
Chris Evans is just the real life Captain America.
Emi Lee
Emi Lee:
Ladies are you with me? Trevor and Chris on the same screen... :P
Lightning Farron
Lightning Farron:
He fought he is fighting Trump. Cap is helping to take down the baddies.
Ashley Mcgaha
Ashley Mcgaha:
Coming to the US this November "Captain America vs the Orange Skull"😂
Sues Anna
Sues Anna:
I didn’t think this is possible but Chris Evans got even hotter by doing this. OMG he is smart, empathic, always thinks for himself and is just the most amazing person. My knees are butter.
Captain America is against Trump. Take a second to let that sink in.
Alan Griffin
Alan Griffin:
I like their idea on feedback:

If something you read here makes you angry or confused, don’t comment, write your members of Congress.
Ur Fairy God Papi
Ur Fairy God Papi:
I love how Chris Evan's was the perfect actor for Captain America, a progressive guy who stans for the people :)
Ricardo Neves
Ricardo Neves:
"Avengers Assemble", Steve does have the feeling of righteousness, and hope of Captain America
dhara Parekh
dhara Parekh:
Chris's knowledge shocks and inspires me at the same time. He has grasped the gist of democracy very well. Huge respect
Abdulbasit Abdulsemed
Abdulbasit Abdulsemed:
Great to see celebrities like Chris engage in civil activities ! I hope everyone will understand the purpose of this initiative ! Awesome Mark and Chris ! Keep it going !👏👏👍👍
Dayne Haworth
Dayne Haworth:
Wow Chris Evan's is so eloquent and intelligent! Very mature and helpful perspectives. Beautiful vocabulary 👏🏼👏🏼
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe:
Man, Chris can speak so well. I am just blown away about the quality of his language.
Trevor, TWO thumbs up on that interview. I totally agree with the use of Chris Evans' celebrity to create a series of interviews with elected officials that keeps all of them on the facts and on the issues, respectfully, openly and honestly. There is so little respect in today's discourse that we are forced into picking a side without respectfully hearing the 'opposing' view. This is so valuable and so seldom done today. Great work Trevor!
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze
Ezio Auditore Da Firenze:
This is very important project.
These kind of decisions shouldn't be made with a gut feeling. It should be based on facts.
Trump has said that he makes decisions with a gut feeling and that can surely be seen.

Chris Evans truly is the Captain America. 💪👍
Mark Kassen is also a true hero. 👍😃
Haley McKenzie
Haley McKenzie:
I didn’t think it was possible to find Chris Evans more attractive. Clearly I was wrong. Brawn and brain?! Whaaat? Be still my poor besotted heart. Lol.
Victor Emmanuel
Victor Emmanuel:
Its wonderful to know that Chris has this serious side to him

Two celebrities working to help their country. Good job
Luthien S
Luthien S:
I love that Chris Evans used words like 'ouroboros'. He was awesome in Push.
Lunar Twilight
Lunar Twilight:
Excellent idea from these guys! I'm not familiar with Kassen, but we all know Evans as Captain America. I know that he DESPISES Trump with a passion, so I'm glad Trevor asked that question. With all the different "sources" that are around, it's hard to find ones that can truly be trusted to be impartial and non-partisan. I really can't wait to check their site out. Hopefully others will, despite Evan's personal views. We need more people to weight the FACTS when making big decisions like this.

Also, Kudos to Trevor for another great interview!
this is actually a really smart project. People on all sides naturally tend to be biased against opposing sides without even checking out the facts.
Jordin Blue
Jordin Blue:
He’s like Captain America in real life
Sydney R
Sydney R:
Why is this man so fine??? 🤦🏾‍♀️ I can’t take it!
Yarn Goddess Cosplay
Yarn Goddess Cosplay:
Chris Evans said "Lay it on me" and for a second I forgot we were talking about...
Andrea Alvarez Arcila
Andrea Alvarez Arcila:
Thanks for asking smart questions, you never dissapoint. Also, thanks for WOKE BAE I WILL NEVER GET OVER IT
Twisting Dervole
Twisting Dervole:
Yooo, so cool to see Chris Evans on The Daily Show! He really is Captain America!
Ron Sandlin
Ron Sandlin:
Christ Evan's not only played Captain America but seems to BELIEVE IN THE SAME AMERICA as Cap did !!
Cindy Alvarez
Cindy Alvarez:
Jeannette Marie
Jeannette Marie:
When I found out about this site, I was very impressed. Mark and Chris have reawakened my interest in the political landscape. For sure, I realize that contacting elected officials is the way to get things accomplished. Love this interview!
Sir Kay
Sir Kay:
As we approach the end of this horrible year and you're reading this, may all your life's problems be washed away together with 2020.
L M:
The question about the picture, you can disagree with someone else's opinions but that doesn't mean you can't be polite. I think this is what they are trying to do with this website, get everyone involved in a respectful way. 👏
Just checked out their site. It's pretty decent. Probably even better than vote411 put out by the LWV. I may even use their site one day... in 2022 maybe. Coz right now there's only one issue on the ballot: do you want another four years of this living nightmare?
good luck America. In Germany there were YouTubers saying that America is doing a speedrun in history right now. We all hope, that the USA will get more justice.
Surprised no one commented how Trevor is now dating Chris's ex lmao.
I need facts instead of politics. Oh my ....The social media has been tough to navigate because everything is someone's reconstruction of facts. I thin k ASP needs to continue beyond election years and into classrooms. This way people are always informed about facts and not just during election time
Patrick Sandeberg
Patrick Sandeberg:
Chris Evans for president!
that guy in the top corner looks like captain america
When the political landscape is just a bleak canvas fuel by vitriol and bigotry, remember Chris Evans is bringing a shred of composure and cordial discourse to the current madness; bravo my friend
Aidan McMurtrie
Aidan McMurtrie:
Damn, he really is Captain America
Im not gonna lie, I can't un-see Captian America
Nixon Phakati
Nixon Phakati:
Although Captain America is dead, Chris Evens has managed to adopt Steve Rogers’ character trails in real life.

Someone needs to give this man a medal 🎖
Edward Jones II
Edward Jones II:
It's a funny day when you have Captain America (Evans), The Hulk (Ruffalo), and Jon's protege (Noah) in the same show
Saurav Agarwal
Saurav Agarwal:
If only we had such a platform in India
Chris and Trevor are my favourites.
Glad to see them together.
Mu'adz Azri
Mu'adz Azri:
Chris just finished the "endgame" and back to "a starting point". 😂🤣
Angelique Norman
Angelique Norman:
Imagine listening to an hour long conversation between Chris and Trevor.. Heaven I say
Bobbie Stinson
Bobbie Stinson:
All these Intelligent handsome men on this screen...I can't.....😭😭
Cap’s got a pretty deep vocabulary bucket, eh? 🇺🇸
Mohammad Afzal Shadab
Mohammad Afzal Shadab:
Tony Stark used to be my favourite superhero. Not anymore. Thank you for what you’re doing, Cap.
It's sad when Cap has to explain politics
Jardani Jovonovich
Jardani Jovonovich:
I almost forgot about the dictionary in
Chris Evans mind lol
Richard Richardson
Richard Richardson:
really like chris evans - i dont even listen to politicans anymore
What a great initiative! So there's something being done about trying to correct the idea of facts being only what you agree with. I hope it carries on even past the election. They're basically trying to inject some level of sanity back into the country and the world. And I agree you should be able to have conversations about issues regarding the country without people judging or threatening to hurt you over it. Unfortunately my country has reached that stage cuz there's already been countless acts of violence just cuz you're apart of one party. Obviously something is being done about it but there have been reports of such instances here in Jamaica
why cant more white folks be more like chris evans.....
"If I see a situation pointed south, I can't ignore it. Sometimes I wish I could."
Chris Evans is Cap in real life. This is Civil War playing out. Hahaha!
Cap for president one day!!
swati prasad
swati prasad:
Ok, this whole conversation had me pull out my dictionary at many occasions!
Chris is actually Captain America, and I love him for it.
abigail pena minaya
abigail pena minaya:
I don’t think I can love Chris Evans more than I do... and yet I see him and love him even more ahahha
1973 (James R. Schlesinger): Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.
2020: Everyone is entitled to my facts and eff everyone else's opinion!
Suny Lou
Suny Lou:
Yoh! I thought I had a great vocabulary until Captain America started talking! I need to up my (end) game!
Words I had to look up:
1. 1:16 bloviating - talking at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.
2. 2:04 obfuscation - the action of making something obscure, unclear, or unintelligible.
3. 2:12 ouroboros - a circular symbol depicting a snake, or less commonly a dragon, swallowing its tail, as an emblem of wholeness or infinity.
4. 3:46 vitriol - cruel and bitter criticism.
5. 6:43 pernicious - having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way.
Sean Smith
Sean Smith:
Are elected officials really the best source of factual information, even as a starting point?
Peter Yip
Peter Yip:
If Chris runs for leadership positions like a governor or a mayor someday, I’d vote for this guy.
sundas khan
sundas khan:
The dictionary that Chris Evans ingested 😅😅
The Noobest Girl
The Noobest Girl:
Just when you thought Chris Evans couldn't get any hotter...
A Random Stan
A Random Stan:
mark is doing the mannequin challenge for 90% of this discussion

also Trevor wtf?? you didn't even put their website link in the description or anything what is this?
Flutter Shiy
Flutter Shiy:
None of these three men are my boyfriend in this video. Ding! (If you get this reference, You are a kool kid.)
Am i crazy or did you have to hunt for this? It’s not on daily show videos page at all
John Chessant
John Chessant:
This is very cool! Hopefully more elected officials will join it; most of my favorite members of Congress are not on it yet.
Clearly having to playing captain America and uphold Americas values on screen has robbed off on Chris Evans that he is now, mirroring that persona in real life.

Who says superheroes movies don't matter. Who says comic books don't matter... who dares say it now
I absolutely adore Chris Evans
Jon Tyr
Jon Tyr:
leans in and whispers "hail hydra"
Hugo Rosado
Hugo Rosado:
Incredible initiative. Very balanced and enlightened. Congrats to the founders !
"Toxicity of individual opinion" , like that he acknowledged that.
Haley McKenzie
Haley McKenzie:
I hope this works. I really do. It’s a great idea.
Oh my much much much passion to do the right stand up and be heard...encompassed in a bunch of hot guys....what more could a lady ask for...
Anna Neprawskey
Anna Neprawskey:
trevor asking all the right questions <3
Jenny Ryan
Jenny Ryan:
ya lost me at "scholatic."
no, actually, you lost me well before that.
Some good collection of genes right here. :D
Starting Point....much needed. I hope it works. I hope people will look.
Susie Poadster
Susie Poadster:
JFC I didnt know I could love Cap Am even more! 😍
I've actually been on the site and I really like it. Everyone's response is short and to the point and both parties responses are right there so you can hear them both right away.
Steven T
Steven T:
Mad respect for Chris Evan! He is what America has been known for! Honesty, integrity, and respect!
Aihan H
Aihan H:
That why I love Chris so much, besides his good-looking.
Brooklyn Parks
Brooklyn Parks:
Chris, please string this debates together and put them on YouTube and just turn the comments off.
Takeshi Kovacs
Takeshi Kovacs:
Chris Evans can't stop being Captain America! Full immersion into the character. It's now in his blood.
Daniel R. Erthal
Daniel R. Erthal:
Each time i heard something about Chris Evans I'm more impressed
Yod Hey
Yod Hey:
Interesting to see this developing

Thanks for bringing us this
these guys were really well spoken! especailly Captain, oh my Captain...
George Camp
George Camp:
I just looked at your site and I am very impressed in a couple of ways. I like the short videos that are quick and to the point. I also am impressed with how reasonable both parties talk about the issues. So far, I just listened to the the responses under the topic of immigration, and I realized we all want the same thing. Unfortunately the rhetoric coming from the executive branch is tearing everyone apart. Now I am going back to listen to more! 🤓
Ana Luiza Lisboa
Ana Luiza Lisboa:
So funny to see the man who stole my heart interview the man my heart was stolen from.
Z. Momo
Z. Momo:
I get to watch TWO of my husbands today?? Wow, what a treat. Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Chris❤
Vanathy L.
Vanathy L.:
Hey Trevor, are you ever going to do a stand-up show in France?
I'd personally love to go
adam power
adam power:
1:39 Endgame XD
faze gui
faze gui:
Oh, pants are on fire.That beard that voice that mouth.oh he is my true one love crush
Wei Tang
Wei Tang:
Hey, I only have one simple question. Can you fact check Trump? Let’s say if trump hold (accountable) what he said
khanyi joyous
khanyi joyous:
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