Chris Evans on Marvel, Trump Tweets and Baby Yoda | Explain This | Esquire

Chris Evans, star of Apple TV+ show Defending Jacob, shares his thoughts on ALL those memes, fan tattoos and how Marvel feels about his political tweets, in the latest episode of Explain This.

Chris Evans on Marvel, Trump Tweets and Baby Yoda | Explain This | Esquire

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100+ comentarios:

Chris evans trying to figure out the name of airpods is so Captain America.
Mona Samad
Mona Samad:
Chris: Knows what acrylics are Also Chris: AiR bUdS?? aIR pOdS??
If I’m being honest, if this was four hours instead of minutes I’d watch in one sitting
Shantel K
Shantel K:
how can chris evans look so cute, smart, and hot at the same time?

that's illegal---
Alba R.
Alba R.:
I love how he’s not afraid to talk about politics and express his opinion about it and do it in a good way.
The fact that they show him the meme of himself with the nails and the earings IS HILLARIOUS
the acrylics will forever be iconic
eli cm
eli cm:
He just gets even more handsome the older he gets
Robbie Bryan Wang
Robbie Bryan Wang:
He is really humble, funny and talented, you can’t not like this guy!
nostalgic mujer
nostalgic mujer:
when he kept saying air buds, I was like “mans, really loves his dog movies, huh?”
a k
a k:
my man kept saying air-buds at the start when he literally owns airpods
jagriti pandey
jagriti pandey:
He's such a grandpa
oh sehun
oh sehun:
He is the cutest most handsome man in the world
Anyone that's a friend of Chris is extremely lucky.
H.G. Prime
H.G. Prime:
I think my favorite version of CE is when he's repressing how cranky he wants to be about others purposefully misconstruing something. He's very polite about it but isn't going to let it slide.
“These look like tattoos of my face...on humans”
Aycan Demirli
Aycan Demirli:
I love him way too much it crossed the line of healthy
I'm straight, only ever dated women, never even been tempted to date men, dont find them attractive. BUT... I'd let Chris Evans do whatever he wanted to me
Bay Lizar
Bay Lizar:
he looks so huggable i can feel the comfort
Rui Encarnacion
Rui Encarnacion:
It is so refreshing to see someone this smart AND looks so good AND with a good heart.

He's funny, he likes animals, he's opinionated, a great actor, and damn, watch his actor to actor with scarlett johansson, HE IS LIKE A WALKING THESAURUS HAHAHA! Also looks like he's a genuine person contrary to his late 90s early 00s douchebag/athlete roles.

Thank God for Chris Evans. 😂❤️
Shannon Cook
Shannon Cook:
Here's a random thought: I want Chris to get me pregnant
Autumn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra:
At everyone saying he seems tired, cranky, frustrated, etc. just remember... he is very much human with I’m assuming a LOT on his plate. None of us know what’s been going on in his personal + business life. None of us know what kind of phone call he could have had leading up to this interview. I can imagine if I was someone like Chris Evans, I’d have some days too where I was simply tired. This might have been one of those days for him, but he deserves grace for feeling whatever way he’s feeling. <3
Janine Misa
Janine Misa:
is he wearing airbuds? o-or what’re they called? airpods, a-a-airbuds-pods? buds? air pods? where did i get buds from?
Form of Therapy
Form of Therapy:
To the Esquire person who said "because they're also air buds" uhhhh no. No one has ever said that.
X W:
He is really that kind of guy setting a good example of genuine boyfriend, partner. You can just feel his big, warm energy shining through. Love him ♥️
I'm so happy that after all he's been through, he can look back at what he accomplished and what he will do in the future. He really deserves it🥺
"Not Another Teen Movie" is a culturally iconic movie. Parodying 90's teen films. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Chris: “ I didn’t know that I was doing that so much”
Also Chris: 0:09
Karine S
Karine S:
This dude is so tired of interviews without any meaning. Poor guy!
"i have beef with the electoral college" is my new favorite quote of his 😂
Alyse Walker
Alyse Walker:
its unbelievable how much i adore him
aditi goswami
aditi goswami:
Brenna 345
Brenna 345:
“What are they called? air...PODS?! airbu—AirPODS?!?!”

He is defying a head of government because he KNOWS what the leader is doing is wrong. He is publicly speaking about his political beliefs and his ideas on how to fix our country. He isn’t caught up on modern concepts like AirPods, and is sticking to his faith in the rebirth of older things like tap. He is taking INCREDIBLE pride in the grooming of his facial hair.

Chris, your Steve Rogers is showing
I'm a simple person. I see Chris Evans and baby Yoda, I click
E M:
Chris Evans is my secret celebrity crush. He’s such an amazing guy.
Sama Kadhum
Sama Kadhum:
“You earn your stripes” Heck yeah you do Cap.
is it just me or is the video of dodger they’re talking about a different one than what they’re showing. cause chris’ description doesn’t match the vid lmao
“i have beef with the electoral college” is up there with my fav sentences he’s said
Alyssa Christiansen
Alyssa Christiansen:
Based off this video, I feel like Chris Evans is one of those people who is a lot of fun to shoot the breeze with and contemplate the universe. You'll probably spend a lot of time laughing and just overall having fun.
i’m so mad at ya’ll for showing him the bonnet and acrylics 😂 i hate twitter
TinyTat 20
TinyTat 20:
I love how Chris knows like all the trends and memes about him 😂😂🥰
Brandon's Face
Brandon's Face:
When you're so rich you don't even know what airpods are
Eve Trottier
Eve Trottier:
how can you not love this man with your whole heart?
i always love when he talks about the acrylics, he enjoys it so much haha
Kelly Song
Kelly Song:
I feel like he's getting more attractive as he gets older
Janine Misa
Janine Misa:
is he wearing airbuds? o-or what’re they called? airpods, a-a-airbuds-pods? buds? air pods? where did i get buds from?
“Airbu- pods-“
Ivy Maisonet
Ivy Maisonet:
He's so damn fine and smart. Jeez
My love for this man grows with every waking moment of my life.
the fact this human being exists blows my mind *swoon*
Air buds as in the golden retrievers that play basketball??
The Patient
The Patient:
I find Chris very appealing, he seems like a very complex and thoughtful guy. But you can tell he's so done with the press, e.g. in 2:48 -- and who wouldn't be, in his position.
Baron Von Burton
Baron Von Burton:
"These look like tattoos of my face on humans. Okay...." there is no better response.
Ava Roddy
Ava Roddy:
Chris needs to get tik tok lollll 😂❤️
Gina Mahawira
Gina Mahawira:
20 years of experience in fangirling i have rights to say that the award for the funniest, dorkiest and most humble manchild celebrity still goes to chris evans. well he always goes neck to neck with sebastian stan but after this video i had to give it to him again
Anubis PT
Anubis PT:
I'm waiting for the part where he explains when we're getting married
euphoria styles
euphoria styles:
I'd leave my boyfriend for chris Evan's anyday
Bruh No
Bruh No:
If you don’t like Chris Evans the door is right here 🚪🚶🏽‍♀️🚶🏻
Ray Gallagher
Ray Gallagher:
Bruv looks stressed. I love Chris, he seems like a genuinely nice person but he also seems honestly not great in this hey. I know he's struggled in the past with anxiety, this vid kinda worried me.
Juliana Cunha
Juliana Cunha:
Is it just me or he seems a little pissed off in this? Like, fed up...?
"This is a dark period." 😂
Diana Lis
Diana Lis:
make him drop that eyelashes routine!
raptor girl
raptor girl:
I just love him so much like he's smart,sweet, funny, handsome, and as an amazing sense of humor
Arjane’ Blaine
Arjane’ Blaine:
he will never age like every time i see him, i be like “damn he’s so fine”😂
Smart and sexy, just wow
I have a lot of respect for Chris Evans, for speaking his mind and telling the truth. He'll always be Cap in my heart.
Jenny Schecter
Jenny Schecter:
This and the written interview were this you can tell he's defensive and cranky, which I personally liked seeing because the poor guy is always so "on" and he's protective of ASP and it's his baby so understandable.

The written interview though....was a mess top to bottom. The interviewer was really bad, kept picking at chris, kept trying t play games and chris wasn't having it, good on you chris.
Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee:
I came for baby yoda I stayed for Chris Evans
Frida W
Frida W:
Who gave him the right to be so cute, funny, smart and hot at the same time?? I swear for every interview I watch or read with him, I just adore him even more. (Also he looks sexy as hell in that blue shirt! Damn.)
Autumn Alexandra
Autumn Alexandra:
“It made for some very colorful days on set” BAHAH NOW I GOTTA HEAR MORE. sounds like an extra who had a distant relation to chris was maybe?? an issue??
Oh Sangwoo
Oh Sangwoo:
They showed him the Acrylics 😭😭😭💀
Frazzy Blue
Frazzy Blue:
Not trying to be rude but he’s the same colour as the wall 😂 I am too so I can’t judge
I’d be happy to give him a “tangible example .... of something I’d like to do”.
2:02 - Chris: I had no idea i did this so much with my hand

4:31 - Chris: Does it again

Hira Chhatlani
Hira Chhatlani:
My friend would love to get a chris evens tatto
The German
The German:
Lmao he seems really annoyed tho.
i don't know, Chris kinda reminds me of ScarJo when he smiles because of those cheekbones
Scarred Fring
Scarred Fring:
Apart from being really smart,nice,beautiful inter alia,he's very open;in the sense that nowadays it's hard to trust people enough to let them in or let them know certain things but with him,that doesn't seem to faze him.I think it's really cool.
Is it weird that I love him so much he is just such an amazing person 😂
3:07 How does he even see through those eyelashes?
oh he's so done, but he still manages to be charming, love you Cvans
Parveen S
Parveen S:
Just when I thought I couldn’t love him any more! ❤️❤️❤️
Charlie Danvers
Charlie Danvers:
i never knew i needed to see cevans and baby yoda together
Mordecai 38
Mordecai 38:
Plot Twist: Trump is an agent from Hydra
averie h
averie h:
the funniest part of this entire video is when he said “im a little vocal on twitter” like- a little?
FeverishlyEmpathetic _
FeverishlyEmpathetic _:
Hes so old I love him 🤣 "air buds?" "Is memeable a word?"
"also ur doing a bad job"
vas happening?
vas happening?:
Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth will forever be 5 year Olds in my heart
Fabi Dominguez
Fabi Dominguez:
He is a gooood man¡ and love aninals¡ has a great heart ¡ and so georguos
Mike Faller
Mike Faller:
I'm not sure if Chris Evans has been playing Captain America or if Captain America is playing Chris Evans.
Valeria Davila
Valeria Davila:
I love him so much I can’t even handle watching this
0:06 seems like 95-year-old cap is still in him trying to adapt to new technology
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams:
Me at 4:28 : Chris your age is showing again 😂jk I love my old man bless his soul 💕
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto:
It's refreshing to hear from Chris Evans again ! It had been a while ! Btw I basically only have seen him in Marvel movies and that's why I'm saying this ...
Puteri Eerdyna AS3-2021
Puteri Eerdyna AS3-2021:
love how vocal he is about politics
R B:
why did he say 'baby yoda' so seriously like that 😭💀
kayla kaylex
kayla kaylex:
The acrylic and bonnet one will forever be my favorite they should have played the city girls in the background when they showed it to him
The Living Paradox
The Living Paradox:
He really is such a boomer just like Steve Rogers. Love it.
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate
Deadpool: Regenerate Degenerate:
After the first 15 seconds, I’m convinced he’s actually Captain America.
Why does he speak like an old man I’m kinda in love