Chris Evans Talks 'Defending Jacob' Season Finale

"Defending Jacob" star Chris Evans joins Variety Live! #AtHome where he shares all of his thoughts surrounding the Apple TV series and its dramatic season finale, which aired May 29.

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chris: the audience doesn’t come to see you they come to see themselves me: no chris, we came to see you
It's me!
It's me!:
I signed up for Appletv+ just for Defending Jacob, and it was worth it!
Not just a handsome face he is such a brilliant versatile actor and smart as well I don't understand why is he still single ?!
Molly Mo
Molly Mo:
Loved the show. I also realized that there was not a lot of color in the show. Sad story and the ending was even sadder.
kylie cobb
kylie cobb:
I loved this show but I wish it would have confirmed if Jacob did it or not
no one:
chris evans: ✨✨ compartmentalize ✨✨
Kelly Farrar
Kelly Farrar:
Is anyone else trying to figure out who is in the pictures behind him or is it just me?
Titilayo Afolabi
Titilayo Afolabi:
“This is not a dude, you’re a dude. This ...this is a MAN”😂💖😂
Fiona Camm
Fiona Camm:
listening to this man speak is the most calming thing. he really was exceptional in this. but bruh when the man speaks??? eloquent and articulate. but also please tell me i wasn't alone is pausing to look at the framed photos? (i feel like such a stalker but what is going on in the one just above his neck? it looks like a hallway i think? lmao i'm such a creep im sorry)
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes:
How can a human being be so beautiful? It's perplexing
Salsabel 。
Salsabel 。:
I think I would've liked another ending, but I'm not mad about it. Their acting was amazing and chris did an amazing job, waiting to here more news about it :).
I loved him as andy so much. One of his best roles so far!! And his acting... Wow
Fajer Ayub
Fajer Ayub:
Chris Evans gave a phenomenal performance as Andrew Barber. It was the best performance of his career yet.
Angele Babin
Angele Babin:
Chris is a man that has deep feelings he is very profound and it does reflects into his acting and the way he live his life. He is a gem. Equality is important to him.
Questions I WOULD have asked Chris Evans:
1) Do you think that Andy Barber always had a grey moral consciousness to begin with, or his unethical behaviors were a result of his parental instinct and him wanting to protect his child no matter what.
2) Andy's family is basically broken by the end of the show, but he was still trying to mend those cracks even if it takes reconstructing his wife's life on a lie. Again, is it a father/husband thing? Or is Andy clinging to the idea of a normal family/life in an abnormal way?
Happy Smiles
Happy Smiles:
Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery were phenomenal in this! Absolutely loved the show!!
Me pausing the video and zooming in on his family photos in the background lo
Beth’s World
Beth’s World:
"I'd bury a body for my family!" 😂😂 imagine if he actually had a son accused of murder lol
Martha Danielle
Martha Danielle:
the show was amazing and he did such a good job with his acting in this show
Jedi Chris
Jedi Chris:
Such an underrated show!! Great acting from beginning to end!! I still think Jacob did it tho. Cris Evans and Jk Simmons scenes deserve an award 🙌🏽🙌🏽
lady really compared the events going on in america to jacob getting accused of murder..........................the correlation??? it's not there, sis...

chris said "b****h WHAT??????????"
רון פנדו
רון פנדו:
really good and surprising ending, Chris Evans is an amzaing actor, one of the best of our time
L M:
I didn't read the book but I understand that the ending was changed, if Jacob died it would have had more closure (at least to me) 🤷‍♀️
Chris was great in this role btw
Sam LD
Sam LD:
I finished the show just in 1 day. I was shaking and confused while I'm watching it. I mean, the story was very sad, it made me feel like, watching this show is the worst and the best decision. Idk, maybe the story was so sad
Amy._. Mcstravick
Amy._. Mcstravick:
Honestly I loved the show! However on the last episode this is my theory I feel the mum was beyond breaking point and she obviously crashed the car on purpose due to the fact she was so torn and distraught by thinking her son did this. But truly I think the mom didn’t think they would of both survived the crash but when she realised she and her son were still alive she had then panicked and made up a cover story to tell her husband that it was an ‘accident’ so she would not be charged for trying to murder her son. Plus it kinda makes sense why she crashed the car because she had nothing to loose as she was already at breaking point thinking her son had killed Ben. Plus she probably did mean to kill her son due to the fact jacobs photo album was in the rubbish. But yeh I think the mum thought they would of both died from the crash but her plan had backfired so she made up a cover story to save her self from being charged for attempted murder.
Bea Gratela
Bea Gratela:
I LOVE CHRIS EVANS! Defending Jacob is the BOMBBBB 🖤🖤🖤
L L:
I love this man since Fantastic 4. And gets better in every role.
Marie Grimes
Marie Grimes:
So funny that Jaeden Martell played a young Chris Evans in “Playing it Cool.” 😊 Guess that’s what led to this role for him.
Ana Luiza Guimarães
Ana Luiza Guimarães:
Loved the show!! But I'm still not sure if I enjoyed the ending... Good casting, the leading actors have done a good job!
Sheryl L
Sheryl L:
I smiled so hard when Chris laughed after she said she was a big fan of Dodger
I just love this guy, he is so warm, good-looking, talented and definitely knows how to talk :-)
He has the worst internet lmao, every interview from the quarantine his connection cuts off
The show was great but the ending was so disappointing honestly.
Barb Ra
Barb Ra:
I’d watch a Season 2 without question! There’s more to this family saga.
Ms. R
Ms. R:
...but I'm seriously wondering, when Zaddy is going to become a Daddy.
Joanne Jereza
Joanne Jereza:
My favorite scene is still the part when Andy sings and does a little shoulder dance to Feliz Navidad 😂
Mirna Mabjish
Mirna Mabjish:
The ending kinda sucked. I loved the show. But i started getting into it more but it ended. I watched it for Chris and Jaeden. But i wish the ending was better
David Muchirahondo
David Muchirahondo:
The acting was just superb. I loved watching every episode. The directors did a mighty good job to give us an immersive experience. I how ever did not wholesomely enjoy the ending. I didn't get the sense of closure that would have cemented the show's greatness in my mind. I feel like there's a lot that was left unresolved. Mainly, of course, WHO KILLED BEN? but also what was Jacob's connection to Leonards Pats? I honestly thought that Jacob was being molested by Pats. I want to know all of this but I'm not sure I'd be willing to go through another season just to find out.
Shrish Bulusu
Shrish Bulusu:
defending jacob was incredible, chris is absolutely fantastic as andy, and dockery and martell kill in it as well.
Merilyn Li
Merilyn Li:
Do y’all think Jacob did it? I think he didn’t. During the car scene, his mom was going crazy and I think he loves her enough to confess if she was about to crash the car. Instead, he “said he did it” but just to stop her from crashing
He was able to be a good man and a good father, something his dad in jail said you could never do. But Andrew achieved that by protecting his broken family.
katerin a
katerin a:
the interviewer was really good chris is very articulate, this was a delight!
Rhonda Nelson
Rhonda Nelson:
Chris is such a diverse and extremely talented actor. I’ve gone back and watched his body of work and all I can say is wow. I love how real and authentic he is. Much love and happiness to you sir. I enjoy watching you. 😘
Defending Jacob has to be one of Chris's best works. He was a phenomenal actor in it obviously, but also the show was just wonderfully written and directed. I hope that the show can stretch beyond the books and delve into another season. This show is evidently about family, and it would be very interesting to see how (and if) the Barber family picks up the extremely broken pieces of their family or if it is even possible for them to regain any sense of normalcy again. Too, it would be interesting to see how Jacob reacts to the accident: whether he think his mom was trying to kill him or not, and if so, how he deals with that.
Miss Su
Miss Su:
Chris giving me Human Torch vibes with this hair 😂 Also ughhh, I love this beautiful man so much. Always loving his work, always so well articulated!
Geraldin Varona
Geraldin Varona:
Really good show, so worth watching, and obviously our precious Chris being amazing
Anju Singh
Anju Singh:
When you are such a big celebrity but your WiFi still ditches you 😂😂😂
Picki P
Picki P:
He’s so articulate!
Mia Vũ
Mia Vũ:
Chris was phenomenal on Defending Jacob! One of his best performance so far :)
Melissa Pace
Melissa Pace:
Love listen to Chris Evans talk.
I didn’t read the book but when the fam went on vaca and the girl was missing I was like ., OH. HELL. NO!
Ellie S
Ellie S:
Once again Chris proved what a good of an actor he is, he did a very good job and I really enjoyed the show even when it was little different from the book, it was very emotional ❤️️ It's nice to hear him talking about it 😇
Sara Miranda
Sara Miranda:
He is a wonderful person. I wish him to get a family someday because he sure has all the skills to BE a really great father and man.
The show’s ending was blah. They should’ve stayed true to the book’s ending. Still a good show though. I watched it for Chris Evans, but everything else about it kept me hooked.
Nassim Shahin
Nassim Shahin:
She is a professional Spoiler, she spoils it really quickly for you :D
Marianna Morales
Marianna Morales:
Loved it! Laurie was that piece of my myself (audience comment). Jaeden, Michelle, and Chris you guys did amazing in this series.
I feel my vocabulary is incredibly stunted when I listen to Chris Evans. SO well spoken.
Tanjina Alam
Tanjina Alam:
This is my third attempt to watch this interview! Every time I try to listen what he is saying I get distracted by his expressions! Such a love!
That was a good ending stop complaining. Its supposed to NOT have a closure or satisfying finale.
Hridita Alam
Hridita Alam:
Sometimes I wonder how is Chris as a person... He seems amazing and down to earth to is there any other thing I might want to know! I really want to know about him everything!
MJ Yabut
MJ Yabut:
Ehsan Unar
Ehsan Unar:
I just completed the defending Jacob now. I was quite not so happy with finale episode
Anju Singh
Anju Singh:
When Chris said Compartmentalization
My mInd..Chris your Nick Fury is showing
Melissa Davis
Melissa Davis:
So in the end Laurie didn’t remember what she did and what happened to Jacob??
Wilma Moisés
Wilma Moisés:
Loved this show so much! Great acting, writing and directing!
Carmelina Fernandes
Carmelina Fernandes:
Estou ouvindo e vendo você na live sou sua fã desde que despontou como celebridade sua simpatia e fantástica Chris Evans
Chayanika Hazra
Chayanika Hazra:
I felt that the ending was not worth the thrill build up in the previous episodes. But, loved Chris as Andy Barber. Periodt.
Lydia Hicks
Lydia Hicks:
"You can create those burdens if you want to, but it has really nothing to do with your work" - cheers Chris I'll be stealing that bit of wisdom.
Komalpreet Kaur
Komalpreet Kaur:
He's the most calm person I've ever seen😊 n I don't think he had done anything wired in his childhood by looking at him now.😍😍
I realized the ending was for a season two opening, but it would have been better to follow the book and have Jacob die.
Maria Killian
Maria Killian:
Wow. Great interview. Deep feelings towards this
He was so great as Andy. I read the book and I couldn't have seen anyone else as Andy. I felt so bad for Andy...
Zarar Afridi
Zarar Afridi:
Michelle Dockery was the real standout of the show....
Marcela Escalante
Marcela Escalante:
Thank you for this amazing interview👏👏
"Defending Jacob" is mind-blowing🤯👌
Greetings from Costa Rica🇨🇷
The flower of life
The flower of life:
I love you and I loved you so much as andy, such a great dad, This role was the best ever, wishing you all the best and waiting for more and more from you
srilaxmi donthineni
srilaxmi donthineni:
aww I missed that laugh 17:48
Faith Hudson
Faith Hudson:
I with he would have done the audiobook for this book. I could listen to him all day!!!
Fouad Fouade
Fouad Fouade:
🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹⚘⚘⚘🥰⚘The best star actor in Hollywood. Modest and very sexy and sugar and kind and hot...chris evans 🐅🐅🐅🐅😘🌹🌹⚘⚘⚘
Sydney R
Sydney R:
Ok seriously, I haven’t read the book yet. Thanks for the spoiler. 🙄
ginger cakes
ginger cakes:
I actually enjoyed the last episode which really needed to be different from the book in order to maintain a twist at the end. Jacob did it. By not killing Hope we understand that his arrest meant that people are often quick to judge/ misjudge.... or to be reckless in their judgement. Great to see Mr Evans breaking away from Capt. A and engaging in deep and more meaningful themes. Looking forward to your next piece of work. Mr Evans if you are thinkung of leaving acting for a behind the camera life, dont. You are only young once and there is so much more for you to explore in terms of character and genres. Be choosy, you can now afford to be wiser in your decisions and your fans will follow your work with keen interest.
Jina Koffi
Jina Koffi:
Welp! Guess I don't need to read the book now! 🤷🏾‍♀️
Brad Sayadsarvari
Brad Sayadsarvari:
Absolute masterpiece of a show 🙌 😍😱😭💯
Kelly Kendrick
Kelly Kendrick:
Great interview and such a deep perspective shared! Thank you:) “ I’d bury a body for my family!” Absolutely!!
Juliana Pimentel Fernandes
Juliana Pimentel Fernandes:
Chris being great and awesome and a gentleman as usual! Even being able to politely turn poor questions into a deeper and better “conversation”! The show is fantastic, his work was flawless, his complex character and everyone’s was not meant to be explained but for people to reflect on them! BRAVO
Just Gangadhar
Just Gangadhar:
Okay but, who killed Ben?
cat lady
cat lady:
Got 5 minutes in. Didn't care for the interviewer.
How many 'compartmentalizing' did he say throughout the interview? :D Anyways thank you for interview Variety team and Chris Evans <3
Will there be another Season of Defending Jacob? Oh please..... the should be! :D
Sally Samy
Sally Samy:
Is there a second part??? I need it to be
Chris.. you are great 🥰
Michael D. Williams III
Michael D. Williams III:
This was such a deep and dark series in away but so do good Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery were pretty amazing in their roles. It even left me feeling saddened and a little disturbed in the end but such a good series. I liked it.👏🏽🎬🙂
Edgar Morales De León
Edgar Morales De León:
The show was great, the finale was based on real responses of an ordinary family, the perspectives of the society and even the limitations of judgments, not extraordinary but real.
Migratory Bird
Migratory Bird:
I do love you, chris....i wanna be yr boyfri and i'll give all of me..... i love you....
Kathy Humphrey
Kathy Humphrey:
I loved this series, the acting, how it was shot, the somber mood . As a parent I could feel the angst. Such an intense story!
Nelly Mosso Morales
Nelly Mosso Morales:
Hermoso hombre, mi portada de teléfono y WhatsApp 😍😍😍
Ariel Rommel Briones
Ariel Rommel Briones:
Watching this made me realized that this will probably the ending but the ending in the book was better
rented tux
rented tux:
I hope there is a season 2. It was the best show in years.
Can't wait for the second season! 😂
Amanda Montilla
Amanda Montilla:
of course he was satisfied with this project, it was really incredible, a great job from everyone but the performance of the three main roles was wonderful; And I dare to add that Chris's was majestic, as someone who is not a father manages to transmit that feeling and make it so real, wow, I loved it.
By the way, excellent interview! thanks.
Lollipop Lucy
Lollipop Lucy:
Dude is so gracious 5:00 keeps his integrity but let’s her down gently.