Chris Hemsworth Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

"Spiderhead" star Chris Hemsworth takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the Internet's most searched questions about himself. How did Chris Hemsworth get the role of Thor? What was Chris's first job? What's his favorite hobby? Who is his favorite actor? Does he have tattoos? Chris answers all these questions and much more!

SPIDERHEAD is available on Netflix June 17, 2022 -

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100+ comentarios:

After years, It has finally happened. Chris Hemsworth is answering common searches on Google. Now we wait for him to read thirst tweets.
El Hopper
El Hopper:
Chris has one of the coolest voices and even cooler personalities. So glad they finally gave him a Wired interview. Can’t wait for Thor 4!
daredevil 1o1
daredevil 1o1:
The fact that liam got to top five with better acting but Chris got the role because they wanted a older version of Liam Hemsworth 😂😂😂😂
Knight and Jester Art
Knight and Jester Art:
I could have watched this for hours. He was so patient, thoughtful and elegant with each answer. Seeing him talk about his family and learning about his tattoos of his daughter’s drawings, was so sweet too!
Jacob Wong
Jacob Wong:
I really appreciated his answer to “how is Chris Hemsworth still alive”, very thoughtful ☺️
H.M. Flores
H.M. Flores:
Always nice when the guests actually take their time and elaborate on their answers rather than rush through the questions like the world is about to end.
Dwiki Ikhwan
Dwiki Ikhwan:
"Boredom is kind of a good space to do some solid thinking"
- Chris Hemsworth, 2022
Bena Jay
Bena Jay:
He's so incredibly charming and so effortlessly likeable. I love how he is always just himself and really takes the time to answer all the questions with care. So down to earth
Chris Hemsworth is like the golden retriever of celebrities. Loveable, can't sit still, and excited for life. Such a sweet guy.
Natesha R
Natesha R:
I appreciate how he answered every single question in depth. He didn't just breeze through them all. One of the few actors who gave their honest answers and he didn't say his wife is his favorite actress(we know he loves her). He didn't try to be political in his answers he was just Chris and that's why we love him. Am looking forward to his new Netflix movie. Seeing him in different roles/characters, sound very interesting.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
It’s safe to say that he’s one of the most level headed and chill individuals in a Wired interview so far
Tim Slack
Tim Slack:
I cant imagine Thor being anybody else besides him at this point, so its interesting to hear that he failed the audition until they wanted an older version of his brother. Im curious who the other contenders were because like I said at this point he is Thor in my opinion
David Navarro
David Navarro:
The guy is so humble and down-to-earth! This is the best WIRED interview I’ve seen.
Chris seriously is Thor. I couldn’t separate the two while watching this. Even down to the story of how he met is wife. He’s absolutely perfect for the role and is my favorite Avenger.
He really embodies his Thor character, he’s confident and huge and muscley but at the same time he’s a huge goofball. 😆
That was probably the most thoughtful and relaxing video of a celebrity answering those questions. Most just run through them at lightening speed as if they can't wait to get it over and done with. Chris was patient and elaborated more on the answers than anyone I've seen. Such a cool and chill dude who seems to take life as it comes to him without sweating the small stuff.
Sudesna S
Sudesna S:
Nice to see Chris Hemsworth so invested in giving us audience, detailed answers, thank you so much 🙏👍
Nicky Waters
Nicky Waters:
Chris Hemsworth seems like the kinda guy that you'd be able to go out and have a pint with and at the same time be a really great friend when you really need him. Great Wired interview !
Stuart Townsend
Stuart Townsend:
The story behind how he became Thor is pretty interesting. So basically Thor being played by a Hemsworth was inevitable.
Alexis Leder
Alexis Leder:
Strange as it may sound, Chris Hemsworth is great at being a celebrity.
Anna K
Anna K:
you can really see how Chris Hemsworth loves his family by the number of times he mentioned them, love that so much!
Leon Ince
Leon Ince:
Such a cool guy. And im so glad he's able to do more with his role as Thor.
Mia Sherry
Mia Sherry:
such a true aussie, you can tell how proud he is to be an Australian. Couldn't have asked for a better person to represent our country <3
Tina Van Vorst
Tina Van Vorst:
That was the best Wired interview I’ve ever watched because he just didn’t answer the question, but he went into detail with his answers. Such a great guy
Kimberly G.
Kimberly G.:
*So* thankful he gave extensive, thoughtful answers instead of being flippant. He seems like a genuinely nice man. I hope he gets to surf those waves and have some re-centering time.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose:
Probably one of the best wired interviews. Everything was answered really well.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa:
Probably one of the best wired interviews. Everything was answered really well.
Matthew G Ministries -Baritone/Tenor 2
Matthew G Ministries -Baritone/Tenor 2:
I love these interviews it’s like you’re getting to know the actors. They are so often portrayed as larger than life in movies and in Hollywood that we forget that they are human just like us. Chris seems like a kind, genuine human being.
This was one of the best ones. He actually took his time to thoughtfully answer all the questions unlike others that just wizz through them with stupid answers like they don't want to be there.
George D. Marsack
George D. Marsack:
Appreciated that Chris didn't fly through those answers but was thoughtful to his viewers. Nice job, Chris.
dolita windo
dolita windo:
He’s so transparent, calm and confident! These honest replies just raised the bar for anyone else
Bernhard H.
Bernhard H.:
I like it when the celebrities answer the questions seriously and with more background info! 👍🏻
D Na
D Na:
It was cool to hear his honest, well thought out answers. I'm glad he took his time instead of rushing through the answers.
Foust History
Foust History:
I like Chris’s responses better than many others because he took it seriously and answered the questions:)
he always seems like the coolest, most chill dude. probably a fun guy to hang out with.
Advocacy RL
Advocacy RL:
Chris is simply awesome. He seems laid back and level headed.
rosa del vecchio
rosa del vecchio:
I love this man, he seems to be so humble and genuine.. he stayed there answering seriously to each question with patience and respect.. and he is always so nice and smiling.. 💚 our lovely Thor 😍
DJ Trek
DJ Trek:
What a lovely guy 😍 I love that Chris genuinely thought about his answers and took the time to be thorough
He’s one of the those unfair creations of Mother Earth: funny, charming, down to earth and with looks that make most of us men seem darn ugly. He appears to be a top lad, very enjoyable as Thor
Julie Folden
Julie Folden:
This is my favorite interview, because he took the time to each question thoroughly. Thank you for sharing!
Really likeable and genuine guy. Great answers. Actually serious and in depth 👏👏
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye:
He actually answered the questions I don't know why I'm surprised haha but so glad! He seems like such a chill person
Domingo Bustos
Domingo Bustos:
It's amazing how well all of them fit the parts in the movies they play, namely Marvel..all were chosen to the T, personalities, attitudes, looks..all incredible..I know I am so looking forward to your part 2 of Extraction..that was on point..Point Break..😊
Kevin B
Kevin B:
You never notice his "Thor accent" until you hear him go full-natural Aussie.
Sarah joy Tiptkn
Sarah joy Tiptkn:
I feel that he is a good person. He has humility and respect in all aspect of life. He is warm and genuine and fun and more. His wife is lucky to have him.
guliette maribel
guliette maribel:
Love his genuine responses, you can see he loves to articulate himself !
Jennifer Julia Polok
Jennifer Julia Polok:
That was such a beautiful interview of Chris. I just loved the realness and calmness he had. It was really really nice listening to him!!
Ely Eliza
Ely Eliza:
I love how he actually answered the questions <3 we need more like him on Wired
The Ostrich
The Ostrich:
He signed a 6 picture deal when he signed up for Thor. Goes to show how much confidence Marvel had with the future of the MCU in the early days.
This is the best WIRED Most Searched Questions I've seen. He is answering all the questions seriously and honestly. Others I've seen, made it seem like it was a chore. Kia ora Chris.
Filip Brcko
Filip Brcko:
I love him. He is an awesome actor and a kind person. Respect
I could sit here and listen to him answer questions all day ❤️
I love his little chuckles after certain questions 😂
Tarik Viegut
Tarik Viegut:
I love how he actually answers the questions in full
Ginger Snaps
Ginger Snaps:
I adore him and I adore this video 🥺
He's such a good person inside and out.
Love how seriously Chris was answered some of the searched questions like money was on the line…😅 props to him tho! 🙌
eevee P
eevee P:
What a cool guy, took his time and put actual effort in to answer the questions. So proud to be an Aussie knowing Chris is out there representing us👍🏻
Lalit Thapa
Lalit Thapa:
I'll happily listen to an hour video of him just saying random stuff.
sapphire ivory
sapphire ivory:
just love him - he's so chilled and answers the questions so naturally and beliveably
AR Tanay
AR Tanay:
Such a good looking person,great actor and also a great human being. Cool personality .
Zivile Mat.
Zivile Mat.:
He is amazing and down to earth. Love Chris.
Lexi Hay
Lexi Hay:
He seems to be a really great guy. Down to earth, wonderful guy that enjoys being a family fan who just happens to be a super handsome megastar. Hope he stays level headed and making great movies.
Yusra Baig
Yusra Baig:
I like how he did not rush and finish the interview quickly like some others do. He was so passionate talking about everything.
Dino and Dummy
Dino and Dummy:
I can not stop laughing at the fact that he read some of the questions completely before peeling them 😂
Kunnal Bhutoria
Kunnal Bhutoria:
This interview just made me feel calm... It was like a therapy session❤
Jacob L
Jacob L:
If ya'll haven't seen it, Extraction is such a great movie that he starred in. Very accurate, compared to most other straight up action movies anywho haha
Chris is so cute, I just love his character. He makes me happy. Lovely time. Love to hear him talking about his family, his wife and kids and surfing. Some people are just amazing.
Rhys Woodman
Rhys Woodman:
Everybody saying 'he's so level headed super cool and down to earth. And I say he's just your average Aussie.🇦🇺
Andrew Murch
Andrew Murch:
i hope these never end. please never stop the Wired Autocomplete Interveiws
Taylore Walters
Taylore Walters:
i love his little giggle after he reads a lot of the questions.
Hobi's preciouseu smile #GUERRILLA_ATEEZ
Hobi's preciouseu smile #GUERRILLA_ATEEZ:
2:36 "Enjoy the ride while you can"
His personality is so likeable!
He really has a warm heart and an healthy mind and soul
I love him!
Tristan Kendrick
Tristan Kendrick:
"Chris Hemsworth is an Australian who sometimes has problems answering questions with any wit and charm," he said, with wit and charm.
Ishraq Talukder
Ishraq Talukder:
Very well detailed and much funnier for Chris has made for this wired interview, he can make any conversations more fun and detailed.
Chris Hemsworth must be the nicest human being. He's so down to earth, love him. Truly an idol.
Love Chris. Embodies an aussie celeb perfectly. Never lost the aussie humour and is happy to answer the rando questions.
Surprisingly it was a good interview for this channel considering only one stupid question asked of him. Of all the interviews I've seen so far, this one had some very straightforward questions and not some of the insane stuff I've seen people ask of those being interviewed.
Khushi Gupta
Khushi Gupta:
he's such a down to earth, humble and honest person. it's so fun to listen to him and his thoughts and stories!
Ricaria Jae
Ricaria Jae:
This was one of the coolest ones I’ve seen so far and I’ve been watching these interviews for the last 4-5 years!
kurt howes
kurt howes:
The only time I've ever had goosebumps with a marvel film was thor arriving in wakanda. He is the most awesome version of thor on cinema, nailed it!
Eric Brunett
Eric Brunett:
He's great and I hope he plays Thor many more times.
Sally T
Sally T:
Your mother did a great job raising you. It shows with how you handle yourself, your good values and manners and you seem very humble.
Sara Lundqvist
Sara Lundqvist:
I’m shocked he didn’t get cast as Thor right away. Couldn’t imagine anyone else playing that role
Mackenzie Brass
Mackenzie Brass:
Words cannot describe how much I love this man
Thinking about Ragnarok, Taika brought something refreshing to the Thor franchise and that was. A great story A comedy element, he made less serious, more action, but also let the characters have more interaction which gives great banter, fun dialogue and more character depth. He’s done it again and I really think it lets Chris Hemsworths best attributes shine; charm, heart, sincerity, humor and of course muscle
Victoria Black_GC
Victoria Black_GC:
hemsworth in interviews by himself: chill
Hemsworth in interviews with Evans: chaotic
Lianna N
Lianna N:
i love how easygoing and earnest he is in this interview!
June Asiimwe
June Asiimwe:
I actually like that he's taking time with his answers, instead of just giving rushed replies like most celebrities who've done these interviews. Chris seems like a very chill, level-headed guy. Not something you see too often in Hollywood these days.
Marcela De Meira Carvalho
Marcela De Meira Carvalho:
Definitely one of the best autocomplete interviews so far
Kimi Monning
Kimi Monning:
We love an interview where they answer with more than one word answers.
anisa nurraudah
anisa nurraudah:
Click on it expecting some goofy, never-really-answer-the-questions- type of interview but ended up listening and paying attention on him as a person rather than a celebrity. Good time.
Ntane Mohlala
Ntane Mohlala:
he took his time on every question- i appreciate that
I'm Norman!
I'm Norman!:
He holds the cards like hes doing a GQ cover shoot. This guy can make holding a card look cool and it infuriates me!!! 😀
Thor is my favorite avenger and Chris Hemsworth might be my favorite celebrity, love his vibe! 💗
El Hopper
El Hopper:
I could easily watch an hour video of Chris just talking about random stuff. He’s such a chill personality
Robert Michael Matson
Robert Michael Matson:
Chris Hemsworth is just 😍😍🥰🥰 I love his accent. I can listen to him 24/7
Calista Marcadejas
Calista Marcadejas:
i love how he answer every question nicely,, like the actors just makes fun of it hahahahaha
Star Lord
Star Lord:
This is a Perfect Example of how a celebrity explains every single question " in detail ".(he didn't skip a single question)
John Ohkuma Thiel
John Ohkuma Thiel:
Best, richest answers.

My favorite of his was when Thor fell off the general physical and mental fitness wagon, because I've been there, as many other men have been.

This was actually helpful for actors. This is very real world professional versus acting school.
dead account but thank you for 183 subs, I’m sorry
dead account but thank you for 183 subs, I’m sorry:
Bro, he’s perfect. I mean the fact my mom even said in one of his movies “how can a guy just be so perfect! He looks so good man, like so good-“ 💀 she’s not wrong though, lmao I loved this now let’s wait for him to read thirst tweets 😏
I would never guess he would be this down to earth