Chris Hits Back!

Chris reacts to critics who think he should hang up the bike, talks about the Abbott Libre Sense Glucose Sport Biosensor and visits the Centre Paramédical de Fontvieille for some isokinetic strength testing.

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Youll definitely come back champ! Great effort and work. Thanks for sharing =)
Ian Lyons
Ian Lyons:
I smashed myself up in a horrific parachute accident in 2009. Almost died, a month in hospital, three months in a wheel chair. One leg is still shorter than the other. It took over a decade after that to achieve a 4wkg ftp. What you’ve done in such a short space of time is miraculous! Keep going Chris you’re inspiring so many people.
Looking forward to a full field of the big hitters this TDF
Sunny Fred
Sunny Fred:
I was not necessarily a fan back to your winning days, but since your injury and you're latest videos, I discovered someone completely different from what we could read in the media and I must admit that I have become one of your biggest fans.
You're really Strong Mentally and I Wish you the best for the future, you will come back to the top.
Buena Chris! te esperamos en el Tour para que escribas una épica historia nuevamente!
Could still be one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, why would you give up on that.
So humble, how can you not like him. We love you Froome!
#Pure cyclist
#Pure cyclist:
Froome is pure class, THE premier of his generation
To quote: beware the quiet man, for while others speak, he watches. And while they act, he plans. And when the they finally rest...He strikes
J R:
Froome: i need to lose some weight and get rid of some fat
Me: Discreetly hides the chocolate bar I was eating watching this
Pablo Traine
Pablo Traine:
Those muscle flex tests were INTENSE.
Lourens Rudman
Lourens Rudman:
Chris you just be you, we all would have liked to be the legend you are.
Run Ready Reviews
Run Ready Reviews:
Chris your story is just so motivational, I’m a 13 year old who loves cycling, and you motivate me everyday! Hopefully some day I’m in the World Tour just like you! Thank You!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
People who haven't gone through such a horrific accident will never understand the amount of strength it takes to even just get to the level where you're at now. You're a champion.
george hollingsworth
george hollingsworth:
Proper cycling fans want to see you back at the top!! No matter what happens you will always be an inspiration!!
Brad DeMarco
Brad DeMarco:
The social media doubters and critics will never understand or have the power of a champion's mind. Don't let the bastards get you down.
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance:
Be the Tom Brady of the cycling world prove to everyone age is just a number Chris keep going I believe in you!
Stay upright Chris and good luck for the Tour, you can do it.
Self Propelled
Self Propelled:
Felt sorry for you in that interview. Good grief - let the guy recover a bit before you put a microphone in his face. Impressed by how professionally you handled it.
Margarita Parra Cobaleda
Margarita Parra Cobaleda:
We admire you Chris! Estamos contigo. Your Colombian fans!! Never give up.
korey clough
korey clough:
I’ve just came out of hospital after a car pulled out on me, I’m pretty busted up but no where near what happened to you so I can’t imagine the pain you were in let alone people who has never crashed on a bike. I wish I had 1% of your mental strength because I’m not sure I want to ride again! Absolute legend
Juan Salgado
Juan Salgado:
Froomey, you inspire me to keep going after a knee surgery I had. You are a real champion!!!
Paul Knecht
Paul Knecht:
Man, if anybody can do it, it's you! Think about the Giro a few years ago!
Luke GJ Potter
Luke GJ Potter:
I loved seeing you in the Break with Nico Roche.
I never knew Chris Froome had a YouTube channel! I was never really into road cycling until i saw this man riding his bicycle in the tour! Dont give up Froomy!
Legends never quit. McCranie has once said “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried.”
Martin Staveley
Martin Staveley:
The world is full of tossers that try and put you down, but you are a champion and no one can keep you down. Keep focused and bollocks to to them all!
Greetings from Colombia 🇨🇴, I just want to tell you are one of the greatest ciclyst of this time and ever, this because of your tenacity and your unbreakable will, people like you make cycling a better sport. I hope to see you soon in the podium 😀👍 ⛰🚴🏻🏆
CG 1971
CG 1971:
There will always be negative people, just imagine their faces when you prove them all wrong… Keep up the great work 💪
Why is he wearing vaporfly for a random test 😂
Andrés López Martínez
Andrés López Martínez:
You have blowed my mind with that extremely suffering sessions of strength test, and with your words and motivating reflexions. I wish you the best for the future. You have won a fan from Alicante, Spain. Best wishes for u, Chris.
Typhoon 3s
Typhoon 3s:
Well done Chris an inspiration to all!
Ara Do
Ara Do:
Always a fan in the winning days and even a bigger fan now as you work your way back to what is certain to be future podium positions. A humble athlete who isn't afraid to make himself vulnerable and still stand up to the haters. Keep going champ!
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson:
I’ve never doubted that Froomey will be back to his best shape but this video made absolutely 100% sure. I have a feeling he can go even further than in the past. What an athlete! All the best👍
Normal_ Norm
Normal_ Norm:
I see your "never give up" attitude Chris. I'm pulling for you buddy !!
Petyr Kowalski
Petyr Kowalski:
Keep the faith Chris. You are the greatest Grand Tour rider of all time. Your real fans know you will be back at the very top.
Elite Harrington
Elite Harrington:
I'll definitely be cheering you on against those young bucks "old man," 🥇
You have our full support Chris
Sam B
Sam B:
You inspire me after a brain injury I suffered. The body really can do amazing things given time and dedication. Don’t let the bastards get you down. I’m supporting you 10000%
Ben Chapman
Ben Chapman:
Whenever someone says I cant do something it gives me greater motivation to prove them wrong. Watching you in the Giro 2018 stage 19 was one of the greatest sporting moments I ever saw - your determination will win through. Keep being bold!
Andrew On my way
Andrew On my way:
Huge respect to you Chris. No one can imagine what it’s like to come after your awful accident. Wishing you all the best with your comeback and ignore the plonkers out there bare you malice.
Keep pushing Froomey! Really enjoying following your journey on here, keep up the great content. 💪
Katherine Lay
Katherine Lay:
You are incredible and deserve every comeback success - an amazing role model - well done sir.
Mike Wood
Mike Wood:
You're a legend Chris, thanks for sharing this, really interesting.
I think we already know that hate says more about the "hater" than about the person being criticized. It's difficult to live with your own negativity - a popular way out is blindly calling others names 🤷‍♀️ Inspired by your work ethic Chris, thank you!
Ricard Calonge
Ricard Calonge:
Chris, never give up. You are a real inspiration. Sacrifice, humility, perseverance. With people like you this World would be much better. Let's go!!!
Erick F
Erick F:
Great content Chris, loving to see the inside work of such a high level athlete!
Javier SO
Javier SO:
Your Palmarés is one of the greatest of this hard sport. Why don’t you add ☝️ more Grand Tour??? Or two?? 😎
More idea into training sessions for TT and 20 minute efforts
Marcelo Aragão
Marcelo Aragão:
Hey Chris, Good to hear these words, you are not alone in this journey. Let’s do it. 💪💪💪💪
Donagh Coffey
Donagh Coffey:
You're a massive inspiration. I remember you recalling one time when you were training in S Africa & because the motorways were dead flat you'd to grab onto the breaks to get some resistance - it's so refreshing to see how much you love cycling. You'll be back at the top fella - no doubt about it. Your channel on here is superb & it is a privilege to be able to watch it. Best wishes.
Nicolas Pierson
Nicolas Pierson:
Come on champ! You'll be back at top level soon !
A living legend in my eyes! Well done Chris
Andrew Rivera
Andrew Rivera:
Froomey: “I know what gets me up in the morning”

Nathan Brunner
Nathan Brunner:
You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from training hard.
Mark S
Mark S:
Why is he explaining that he’s still good 😂😂 yeah we know!
Cape rider
Cape rider:
This is why I love sports. Chris Froome will become an icon of inspiration for many.
David Jacquelain
David Jacquelain:
Un grand champion ..... avec où sans le 5ieme TDF👏👏👏👍
Jose Fong
Jose Fong:
Although also a cyclist but coming from a different profession, it's been so inspiring to see your recovery journey. I particularly appreciated your reaction to others' comments regarding you being "done"... "those people clearly don't know me either as a person." If we were to indiscriminately listen to others (or even our own negative voices) we wouldn't push ourselves to our true capacity. Thank you for putting out this content.
André_ Reis
André_ Reis:
Your willpower is incredible. We want to see you on top again, keep puxing Hard
"Never give up never surrender "
S V:
"Especially amateurs will use this if they like to look at data."

I see what you did there :D
Gabi Wolff
Gabi Wolff:
You are an amazing and admirable person, thank you for staying positive throughout these times. Never let the haters get you down! Much love from germany❤️❤️❤️
Klaus Herrmann
Klaus Herrmann:
Love your content and in-depth view into your recovery, training and life in general. I wish all the best for you!
Rudi H
Rudi H:
mate your comeback is incredible and special. the fact that youre able to keep up with the fast peloton after everything you went through is insane. I hope you're enjoying the races regardless where you finish. You're one of the greatest of all time no doubt.
Larison Johnson
Larison Johnson:
Chris, love the regular doses of Froomey! Such a thrill to see you racing! That testing looked rough! Well done! 💪 If you like what you do, and you get paid for it, then the nay-sayers need to hush; bunch of jello pudding eating MFs.
Matthew Varey
Matthew Varey:
Thanks for sharing so much - being vulnerable is not easy - we appreciate it
That testing looked brutal - the last time I saw movement in a seat like that was when I watched the Green Mile!!

Onwards and upwards!!
You're an inspiration Chris. Thank you for the insight into your recovery. I hope to see you on the top stage of a podium soon
kwacker45 Currie Diaries
kwacker45 Currie Diaries:
Coming back from that crash....amazing absolutely amazing I honestly hope he finds his form and kicks ###
Kemar Watkin
Kemar Watkin:
Keep pushing! Never give up!!
It's good to see that you're ready to win the Tour again
RESPECT CHRIS! continue the hard work
Mark Gilroy
Mark Gilroy:
Hey Chris. Thanks for sharing your ongoing journey with your recovery back to the top! As an amateur cyclist it’s really inspiring to see what you’re going through to achieve your goals and it’s good motivation for me to work on my own goals! All the best with the next block of training and your road to future success! Chapeau!
Go Froomey!
andrew bessey
andrew bessey:
Your a Legend Chris, Love seeing you ride, your an inspiration, keep it up
Cancer to Kona
Cancer to Kona:
legend, trolls will be trolls and getting over that crash would always take time. Looking forward to seeing it click again
cyclonutter D
cyclonutter D:
Good onya Chris, you're working so hard and it's great to see that determination, go ahead and show all the doubters - you can do it 👍
Bravo for your courage, tenacity, strength of character. Have always been a big fan and now more so than ever. Champion always.
Your amazing Chris! Wow this tells the story of what you had to come back from with your injuries! Looking forward to watching you win another Grand tour!
Keep going Chris! I'm very excited to see you at your best level, blasting races
Neil Truswell
Neil Truswell:
I’m loving your honesty and lack of BS good luck on the continued recovery champ
andrzej plichta
andrzej plichta:
I'd love to see him competitive again, in final selections on big climbs, etc.
Sha Doc
Sha Doc:
Keep going you star. Positive thoughts to you. Good pedalling and stay safe. Doc
Kathleen Sullivan
Kathleen Sullivan:
You are such an incredible inspiration and tough as nails. I am so excited to watch you race. All in on the Froome train!!!
So great to hear Chris Froome. It's a real inspiration for me!!! Never give up, work hard, and prove to YOURSELF that you can always be better.
Pierpaolo di Lorenzo
Pierpaolo di Lorenzo:
Loads of respect for you Froomey, your commitment and determination in tough times are inspiring. You are a true professional.
A great video Chris- thank you for sharing and for being so honest. I can't wait to see you back on top again!
Cheering you on Chris. Thank you for sharing these updates.
Hey, thanks for shering your effort to come back, I wish you nothing but the best and hope you achieve your goals. Good luck
amani arman
amani arman:
Blessings from Kenya, we're rooting for you!
Studioz Personal Training & Pakenham Boot Camps For Women
Studioz Personal Training & Pakenham Boot Camps For Women:
Love hearing your passion Chris and drive to get back to that winning level. Inspirational mate! Let those haters keep hating and let it fuel your winning spirit!! Great video here, well done. Looking forward to watching you this year.
Dario Cardoso
Dario Cardoso:
I´m extremely happy with your improvement. Good to see champ!
You carry on Chris mate. Do what you know, love what you do.
Mark Walker
Mark Walker:
Great to see you so positive. Keep up the good work and reap the rewards
John Smithers
John Smithers:
Great work Chris, looking forward to your upcoming performances. Those tests you were doing looked incredibly hard, well done.
I hope you recover and you will become one of these legends who won Tour 5 times. are already a legend and despite your results, I am still your fan.
Rolf Lucas
Rolf Lucas:
Keep going Christopher 💪 next time you're in South Africa 🇿🇦 for some training, come down to Cape Town bro 😉👍
Y W:
Keep it going, Froomey, determination and dedication are key for your come back!
Paul Jump
Paul Jump:
Thanks Chris for a brilliant insight into you recovery and progression to your next big win.
Steve Long
Steve Long:
Keep pushing. I know from your starting off wanting to be a pro. You never gave up. it will be bitter sweet when you do start winning stages or even push for GC at the Tour. Good Frommy.
Tim R
Tim R:
Great effort! Look forward to watching your progress this season and fingers crossed one of the greatest sporting comebacks of all time in the making !