Chris Noth dropped from CBS show after sexual assault allegation l GMA

The actor, 67, has been fired from "The Equalizer" and reportedly dropped from his talent agency after sexual assault allegations made by two women became public last week.

'Sex and the City' stars issue statement on Chris Noth allegations:

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These are allegations. Let’s prove them before we ruin someone’s life and career.
I’m starting to get concerned about people being fired before arrest or convictions! And I’m not even saying he didn’t do it
How can anyone "prove" anything after such a long time? Nobody should be pre-judged due to accusations only.
irish buttons
irish buttons:
There's no such thing as innocent until proven guilty anymore. There's also no such place called America anymore either.
Yolie Bear
Yolie Bear:
What's up with people when we're judging before we even know the truth. Let's not destroy another man's life and career. 🤔👌
El Pequeno
El Pequeno:
Another day another allegation without any sort of proof, imma go back to bed until I see sum proof
Karma Fairy
Karma Fairy:
America is so backwards these days. You can accuse someone of sexual assault without any proof whatsoever and everybody will believe you and treat it as a fact. Way to go, America!
Mary Done
Mary Done:
Allegations not yet proven. Sarah Parker stands with the accusers. It is very disconcerting that now you are guilty unless you prove you are innocent.
Kerry Teodori
Kerry Teodori:
Isn’t “innocent until proven guilty” wonderful? Oh wait, that doesn’t exist anymore.
Mila Sophia´s Melody World
Mila Sophia´s Melody World:
It's frightening how fast some man's life can be ruined without any further proof .
America Divided
America Divided:
Allegations + no proof=fired ,makes sense lol
Miss Gigglebox
Miss Gigglebox:
What happened to innocent until proven guilty. The man hasn't even been charged!
'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' means that there is no greater anger than that of a woman who has been rejected in love or who has been romantically rejected or betrayed.
I’m just saying this could be a possibility. It certainly was the case with Beverly Johnson.
It is so important to report crimes when they happen.
Karyn Vandewalker
Karyn Vandewalker:
I don't think it's fair that his name is shared to the public, but the 2 women get to have their names kept private. He seems to have already been found guilty without solid proof. Sad how fast his career got ruined...I just don't understand why women wait so long after the incidents supposed to of happened to come forward??? Why wait for years???
Chloe Bream
Chloe Bream:
So seeing him for a few scenes on sex and the city was triggering but not on any of the other shows he’s on?
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi:
That's a damn shame women who worked with him, knew him, thought they were friends with him sided against him instantly.

That's cold.
yolanda neely
yolanda neely:
Unfair he has not been convicted yet!!
That One
That One:
It took one 17 years and the other only 6 years to be triggered enough to come forward with allegations.
Christopher Law
Christopher Law:
Allegations of an encounter in 2004 and 2015 now then want to bring it up ?????? Only in USA

Innocent until proven guilty is no more… sad. It’s all screwed up
James Miles
James Miles:
Well SJP & her two friends have certainly shown themselves to be disgusting individuals, turning on Chris North like that before he even gets his day in court.
Cheryl R Leigh
Cheryl R Leigh:
Since we allow the court of public opinion v Due Process to resolve sexual misconduct allegations; neither the accused or accuser(s) are being properly served.
Wowww, where is the justice system gone? Allegations of sexual assault can get you fired in an instant? You are condemned without getting a chance to prove yourself innocent?.. Social media is the judge, the jury and the prosecutor. . scary times indeed..
Shonda Smith
Shonda Smith:
I never liked the "Show Sex In The City" And it was very overrated in my opinion, And for giving his character the name Mr. Bigs wasn't a smart move it was a turn off.
Daphne Sinicropi
Daphne Sinicropi:
I find it impossible to believe that he might have been involved. I hope not. 🙏 He was a favorite of mine.
Accusations & allegations should not be published till proven. Anyone can say anything, for any reason.
Gracie Saccardo
Gracie Saccardo:
Why? Didn't these ladies come out before this unfortunately, I don't know the truth !!! Hopefully, everything will come out soon 🙏
Edwina Green
Edwina Green:
But these are simply allegations. Really we can't go on like this. A situation where one's career ends because another person is accusing him or her of a misconduct. It's not been proven yet if he's guilty. This is wrong on all levels and very dangerous. We can't live in a society like this.
twoweeled soto
twoweeled soto:
Wow. All it takes is an allegation.
Joe Scambait
Joe Scambait:
It's pretty pathetic when big companies can ruin your life over allegations. Have we not learned yet ?
Tashaela Gray The Opportunistic
Tashaela Gray The Opportunistic:
You know what I hate? When people judge the wife of the accused & just shame her just for being married to him.
Lexus Mittell
Lexus Mittell:
I'm standing up for chris noth the man for a change!!
Edward Parkhurst
Edward Parkhurst:
Thank you for bringing up to date news.
Dee Dee Winfrey
Dee Dee Winfrey:
Yep, all you got to do is be accused and then your reputation is ruined forever.
Mark Mcalpine
Mark Mcalpine:
Nothing like being guilty until proven innocent. I hope it's not true so he can sue them all even the actresses
Janille Gendron
Janille Gendron:
So no proof? Just accusations?
Angie Coers
Angie Coers:
I don't understand why victims wait until the person has a high-profile engagement, and bam they file allegations from 10 years ago. If I get assaulted, believe me, it will be reported. It is the responsibility of the victim to address it immediately, so it can be handled. Accusations this serious need to be dealt with immediately. If the intent was to ruin his career, they should have said something while he was filming the original SITC.
bobby mathew
bobby mathew:
Sex and City where u glorify sex and violence… what an oxymoron
Alexandria Winter
Alexandria Winter:
He'll get his time in court to prove his case. It just appears when some of those men start getting older they start losing their dignity or maybe they never had any to begin with. Their lack of dignity becomes more predominate as they age when women are less interested in their advances.They seem to become angry and fearful.
Regina Corrigan
Regina Corrigan:
Can someone please explain how the system in America works..How the hell can two anonymous women just come forward and a guy's life be turned upside down without any proof??There has been no charges brought against him..
king kong
king kong:
Just in case you didn't know but anyone of us could be next without any form of evidence.
Emma Bateman
Emma Bateman:
There are no convictions or arrests, and yet he’s still fired! Cancel culture has gone TOO FAR!!! I’m so angry! He NEEDS to sue the women ASAP because they were young when it happened. It’s weird that the accusers didn’t name him during the #MeToo movement, and now people are getting canceled left and right without any proof. I will continue to support him, innocent until proven guilty!
#NoMoreCancelCulture #JusticeForChris
Toni Abad
Toni Abad:
in 2004 and 15?? took them this long to report?? Common, SJP and friends, innocent until proven guilty, why come out with a statement like that right away?? I think Kim Cattrall is right all along. So sad.
Mary Miller
Mary Miller:
I am so tired 😩 of these women 😭 coming out lying on all these men messing up there life . these men should do them the same . these women do the same thing to men . just because a man don't want you . here you go lying on them enough is enough . they trying to get money 💵💰
Adam Hall
Adam Hall:
It seems that in the era of "#Me Too" Innocent until proven guilty is a thing of the past.
Damn! Damn! Damn! I'm going to miss him on the equalizer.
Rachael Malandrini
Rachael Malandrini:
How can you accuse someone of something like that when you won’t even show your face and say who you are. I myself have been a victim of sexual assault. You don’t just get to give a name and that’s that. It’s really disturbing that even an accusation can ruin your life
Maria S
Maria S:
No such thing as innocent until proven guilty! Not saying he didn't do anything but before ruining a person's career and life they should at least be found guilty first... at moment it's just allegations
Phillips Mom
Phillips Mom:
I hope he sues the 💩 out of all of them. Ruining his career before anything is proven. Crazy
Kathy Hodges
Kathy Hodges:
Just because someone say something you lose everything even if it has not been proven. Whatever ever happen to due process. Give me a break.
Angel Angel
Angel Angel:
If it is true, why not show their faces. What happened to due process?
J rocs
J rocs:
I don't want it to be true.
But it does happen.
People do change .
But they need to be held accountable.
Zee A320
Zee A320:
2 “victims”..who just happen to remember in2021….how they were assaulted in in 2004 and 2015 and are doing this for other women ……(but want a couple of million along the way, and they must remain anonymous)
Retired Stitcher
Retired Stitcher:
And “Just like that” his career is over. So sad
Adeyks can krsf
Adeyks can krsf:
Yeah, until I see any evidence, he’s innocent.
*Shahadah Azizah*
*Shahadah Azizah*:
I thought we were in the USA…innocent until proven guilty. This makes me so sad. I love his work and he’s a great actor and seemingly a gentlemen. I always wonder about the timing of these alleged allegations surfacing.
Bob Mohr
Bob Mohr:
I thought you were innocent until proven guilty. The world is a mess and these ladies just crushed this man’s career and life. Looking for some money. Sick and Sad state we live in today.
Randall M
Randall M:
I'm totally against it but Women stop doing this, speak up when it happen, don't let someone violate you unless you want them to then cry about it years later . Was it not as important then as is is now? SPEAK UP WHEN IT HAPPEN, ITS WRONG ON BOTH SIDES.
Wade David
Wade David:
If it’s TRUE,okay! But STOP waiting 10,15,20 YEARS to say ANYTHING!
Yen Dang
Yen Dang:
Is it my imagination or Chris Noth looks sexier as he aged. Sarah Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristen Davis look a lot older compare to the last movie in 2010, but I find Chris Noth more attractive now than when the series first started 20 years ago!!!!
timothy carter
timothy carter:
I wish I could work up the outrage that you people feel. For someone worth $16 million. Who cheated on his wife.
Still Raven
Still Raven:
The show will explain his disappearing from the show like a hundred women beat him to death with his permission.
If ‘Zoe’ has to protect her identity then it’s a lie. Sure throwing yourself at a metro sexual icon ‘Mr Big’ may seemed like a dream come true at that time.
Lena Lev
Lena Lev:
22 and 25 years old, slept with an older guy because he is a superstar. They were not mature and didn't know what to do with this info (the chat with Chris was left on one of the victim's phones). Now they want money and publicity. And by the way, I am not sorry for his wife. She also was a Hooters girl before she met Chris, and his money:)
mark campbell
mark campbell:
Innocent until proven guilty.
Soft Pink
Soft Pink:
So where are these women now? After posting they were harassed suddenly they're gone. They destroyed a persons life
Kathryn O'Neill
Kathryn O'Neill:
This seems real to me. He says it didn't happen but he seems a kinda an obscure person to be targeting for false accusations not saying that super famous people can't be predators but why would anyone try to ruin this guy's career? The way he said that's a line I did not cross that's a werid statement.why not say I would never ever harm anyone in this way or something like that.
Italish Girl
Italish Girl:
Anonymous accusations!?!?!? Whatever happened to the constitutional right to face your accuser!?!?!?
Linda Fogel
Linda Fogel:
This is America right ? You are innocent until proven guilty I am tired of this cancel culture any woman can say she was assaulted and her word is gold
I have had the honor and privilege of meeting Chris on 3 different occasions and I have seen him dining at restaurants when he lived in NYC that I have been too as well and n my NYC days. He NEVER acted inappropriately and was a kind and complete gentleman! I never saw him act inappropriately towards anyone. I used to go his bar which was a very cool 😎 bar and there was never anything out of whack there as well. This cancel culture is complete bollocks!! Why not wait until he is proved guilty like you know in a court of law instead of the court of the media!! What I wouldn’t have given for Chris to say to me that I was beautiful…. Wow! The man was so drop dead gorgeous he could have had anyone!! I would need a cigarette after just looking at him! And what kind of a wife/person is that Tara whatever her name is that won’t stand behind her man (that she desperately wanted while working at his bar and eventually snagged) when these allegations came out and she’s already hitting the door! Well don’t let the door hit you on the arse on the way out you trifling *****!! I don’t believe any of the allegations of people claiming something that may or may not have happened 20-30 years ago!! And for SJP, who I never liked, Chris has always stood up for and had her back when she has had troubles with her marriage and with Samantha from SATC, now she repays that kindness and support by throwing him under the bus!! Oooohhhh!! 🙀😳😡🤬
Vito Mcsween
Vito Mcsween:
And a sexual accusation hunts Begin again
linda sapiecha
linda sapiecha:
What happened to Innocent till proven guilty
If a man accused a women of the same thing would she be fired ?
Extreme Lube
Extreme Lube:
Hopefully he'll win his lawsuit against CBS in this nonsense will stop.
Viona Hohaia
Viona Hohaia:
Zero tolerance for that behaviour
Mia R.
Mia R.:
Allegations that happens not once but two? That lady most really like her attacker!!
They should keep this behind closed doors. I'm aware of his allegations but this exposing culture has a negative effect on the accused, as in suicide.
Dewi Lew
Dewi Lew:
Wait, these women were 22 and 15 THEN? or NOW? Because of those re their current ages, they would have been children when this happened...
Lexus Mittell
Lexus Mittell:
They don't even know anything about the so called victims but yet they r standing by him
Marc3lina 1969
Marc3lina 1969:
Well … we’ll see how this plays out 😐
i’m soo sick of these tight lipped, over decade long secrets!!!
Kim's Place
Kim's Place:
I can't believe it!! Mr big?
Guilty before having been proved innocent. Unbelievable. Anyone can say anything they like and completely ruin your life. Total BS.👎🏾
Annamarie Fennell
Annamarie Fennell:
If these allegations are true, then he should of course be in jail,but it seems that it is usually the custom to investigate this ,gather facts etc,and not just assume he is guilty,and certainly not by news outlets,thats really a problem these days, news outlets accuse,then convict before a person has even defended thenselves or any proof has been offered.fireing him on a accusation is not at all fair.
I wonder what Chris did to anger TPTB ? His legacy is tarnished and career ruined.
At least they pronounced his name right.
Just Mona
Just Mona:
Chris Noth's career is ruined but yet he's not been charged with any crime? I feel for women who have been sexually assaulted; although, I do feel for the men who have been blamed, life ruined even though the women won't file charges. This is a Catch-22 situation.
How strange neither woman filed charges but both found their way to The Hollywood Reporter (9 & 6 years later)!?!
Njabulo Ncube
Njabulo Ncube:
And he has been dropped from a TV they never gave him a chance to defend himself
WTF with all the sexual assault everywhere?!!!
JB Cali
JB Cali:
Wow just an allegation and hes blacklisted
Lexus Mittell
Lexus Mittell:
They waited long enough whats with that!
Eric Von
Eric Von:
I hope he sues the production company for his termination
Dale de Vernon
Dale de Vernon:
Sadly, cancel culture has proven to be more damaging to someone's career and reputation, even before the justice system has proven someone's inocence or guilt.
Leticia Ruelas
Leticia Ruelas:
I think they should come foward! Why keep anomimous?? There something more to this? Seems off...
Njabulo Ncube
Njabulo Ncube:
This is nonsense how can you believe those woman how you know he did it. You can't automatically take the side of those woman come man.
Jacob Laughbon
Jacob Laughbon:
'After allegation...' Not how the legal system is supposed to work. I'm not going to argue his guilt or innocence, since that's for courts and juries, but in what other circumstance do people wait to report crimes? If you get car-jacked, do you wait a couple years to report it? No. If someone walks-up and punches you in the face, do you wait to report it? No. I refuse to hear the excuses of why people don't report sexual abuse. Report it. Now. Act. Now. I raised my daughters with one notion, above all else. If someone does, or tries to do something to you, act. Retaliate immediately. Don't wait. Take a piece of them. A piece they will miss.
so anyone can be fired by accusations .
Lexus Mittell
Lexus Mittell:
If this happened why now and not then to ruin him!!
Lindsey Carribean
Lindsey Carribean:
If it's true, sooner or later, you pay for your wrong doings.
Jason E. Graham Sr.
Jason E. Graham Sr.:
Yo not saying if it's true or false, but if you are having a concentral relations with someone get a video agreement, especially if it's a one night stand.