Chris Wilder | Aston Villa vs Sheffield United | Match Reaction Interview

Sheffield United manager gives his reaction to a 1-0 defeat for the Blades at Villa Park in the Premier League. John Egan was sent off early in the game for a foul on Ollie Watkins, before Konsa scored the only goal of the game.

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UTV! Wilder is a class act. Even though I support Villa I can see his point of view.
Shaun Walsh
Shaun Walsh:
I'm a villa fan but I totally agree with wilder's points except the penalty being a sending off. It's not an attempt to bring the man down he's just made a good run in behind and got to the ball first . I don't think Egan should have gone off for that foul either as they have both got a hold of each other at certain times as well. Unfortunately I think the standard of decisions is somehow going to get worse then last seasons abomination (var and rules included). I think sheff u can feel hard done by in the last couple of visits to villa park from that goal line technology to the 3-3 madness in the championship!
Phil Whelan
Phil Whelan:
Kids forget... starting 90/91 season we went 16 games without a win. Still avoided relegation. We’re in the games & things will improve .. at ten men after ten minutes, many sides would crumble in the last 15 minutes. We could easily have drawn it. Adding Brewster or Balogun, we’ll be absolutely fine. Probably survive okay without either too.. fitness & mentality are in Wilder’s DNA. The season is a marathon
If Egan hadn't of grabbed Watkins, Watkins wouldn't of been holding him off. Simple

He was last man and stopped him getting to the ball- OFF EVERY TIME!!!
The Viewer
The Viewer:
He couldn’t be more right and speak more sense if he tried. He sees the game like a real football man, I’m so proud that he’s the manager of the club I support when I listen to this type of analysis. The refereeing in the premier league is just a disgrace, week in week out. If it isn’t a match defining decision it’s decisions throughout the match which are soft or simply wrong which impact a team’s rhythm and spoil the game. In terms of our performance it was exactly as he explains here - good defensive shape, no real big chances conceded but poor concentration levels at a set piece. We have to show more composure going forward also - the one time we did Burke picked the right pass and we won a penalty. We need to find the final ball more often because the runs are there and the build up is good a lot of the time. Nothing to panic about though and I think they should be asking more questions of themselves than we should after that - disappointing to get nothing from such a winnable game against a side who are going to be right down there at the end of the season though.
Theo Wilson
Theo Wilson:
Always a top top interview after every game with our manager. Unbelievable 👍🏼
D H:
Spot on in his analysis. Referee Scott back to his old ways.
In wilder we trust.
5heff Paul
5heff Paul:
Spot on yet again! In CWAK we trust. UTB!! ❤
Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson:
The guy wears his heart on his sleeve a lot of the time with regards to his team.
But there’s no denying the negative actions of the referee with regards to visiting the monitor to check his decision.
Not just in this game but throughout the premiership
Barry Simpson
Barry Simpson:
Wow what an honest interview..
Jake Weston
Jake Weston:
Never change Chris Wilder not worried about relegation at all with an addition up front we will do very well. 2 losses but played decent in both games if we had Egan today would've won comfortably I feel
dave deth
dave deth:
Defensively i reckon we outdone ourselves they had a 1 man advantage for nearly all of the game and only scored once. Yeah we maybe could have done more to prevent them from being around our box so often and we should have been more pro active in keeping the ball down the other end. I agree we paid too much for our keeper as its looking but time will tell if he improves. We need an attacking mid and a fast clinical finisher who can get the job done. We need the club to pull some cash from somewhere so we can get the player/s we need or we will be playing the wendys nxt season
Chris Lemuel Paz
Chris Lemuel Paz:
Even though We lost in 2nd Match, We still Believe in wilder For His Honesty ⚔⚔⚔ Bring On Leeds!!
Betty Holmes
Betty Holmes:
Keep smiling Chris you’re the best under pressure we trust you Chris keep cool stop moaning they will only laugh at you
Pandemic Prisoner
Pandemic Prisoner:
Disappointing to conceded from a set piece after all that effort. Shows strength in the unit. Need to start quicker, we dont seem to be out of the blocks in these first two games.
As a Villa fan I was surprised with the sending off, really thought it was 50 50 and a yellow at most. The penalty was right, but it wasn't a sending off at all, I do not think there was an intent to play the player and no malice. I like Chris Wilder, he's an entertaining guy! I think blades will be fine this season, they might not win lots of games but I don't think they'll lose too many..
Love his honesty
Come on guy we can do this, remember the filosophy, the promise i belive you
bubblegum crisis1394
bubblegum crisis1394:
A Level in Football.
Mitch Simpson
Mitch Simpson:
Again just what we expect honest till the day is long, we got u Chris
So glad Wilder has stood up and told the truth here with that red card. Both players as bad as each other. So many deluded Villa fans out there.
Anyway, great defensive performance, we move on ⚔
Kieran Harriman
Kieran Harriman:
Villa fan here. I have the utmost respect for Chris Wilder and Sheffield Utd. But he’s thrown his teddy out the pram on this one. Egan tried to pull Watkins back who obviously tried to break free. Clear goal scoring opportunity. No matter how the decision was made it was the right one! I agree ref should of viewed monitor 100%. But the decision would of stood. As for Targett it was the slightest of touches. Clumsy not intended. A sending off would of been harsh. I feel Chris is whinging as Sheffield have had a poor start. He made less fuss over the ghost goal which was a travesty!!! Sheffield Utd are an awesome team and played brilliantly despite the 10 men. Wonderful defending. Surprised how he reacted. Penalty was well taken but brilliantly saved. I believe we deserved the win.
Conor Walsh
Conor Walsh:
Villa fan here, Have to agree with Chris for the most part.. I feel like Egan gave them a desicion to make but equally target might have seen red.

Bitter one to take.
Simon Rodgers
Simon Rodgers:
I hear what ya saying Chris and get your total frustration but you need to be complaining more about how lunds came to take that shit spot kick. He's come out this term looking off the mark since the new contract saga / rejected by him.! Burke looked dangerous tonight and perhaps he should have been told to step up even. Easy in hindsight of course... but it was a half hearted penalty take in my eyes he made the save easy... Perhaps also..
as you quoted a week ago... that things have now been left with the Board /Ceo to get a striker over the line... Perhaps they should start coming out and saying wtf is happening on that front? We clearly can't expect to progress with what we got up front... Too much pressure now on the back line without Henderson between the sticks. I will hold judgement on Ramsdale this first half of season but I can feel Deano not coming back will be the defining moment . I want to be very wrong but I'm feeling its going to be a tough time this time around... VAR Refs whoever.... all well and good but if we can't put balls in the back of the net we are on a hiding to nothing... In Chris we trust... Come on fella!!
If I was Wilder I’d be more fuming that Basham didn’t just score the tap in instead of looking for penalty.
c4trick massacre
c4trick massacre:
Everytime I see wilder he's crying blaming bad decisions, good team but u can't get your own way in this league kinda embarrassing watching there interviews.
Wolvesfan 1980
Wolvesfan 1980:
He’s just gone right up in my estimation.. Top Top Bloke... the game is getting worse ....
andrew savage
andrew savage:
Villa fan here, thought the sending off was harsh, ultimately though that’s really poor positionally from Egan, thought the penalty was one of those subjective ones, if it weren’t given would VAR over rule it? I ain’t sure, I like Wilder and he makes a lot of good points here.
Fahed Al-ajmi
Fahed Al-ajmi:
Failure to convert the penalty killed the blade.
Ben Harrison
Ben Harrison:
I think hes going over the top a little, the red card was a denial of a goalscoring opportunity, they looked at it and thought watkins would of got there.
PAUL Brunton
PAUL Brunton:
It's not an honest interview, if Target had got sent off for that we would end up with nine, eight players per side, Leeds gave away 2 pens last week for God sake, Egan was unlucky.
Bang on Chris keep at em mate all will be good up the blades ftr
Robin Sherlock
Robin Sherlock:
A player with Watkins speed when running at goal does not grab the defender, the defender grabbed Watkins and he then had to try and free himself. That is why it's a red card.
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman:
Lol, drone, drone drone - I've never seen a foul that lasts 7 seconds before. They'd already kicked every other Villa player twice each by that time
Geoff Sutton
Geoff Sutton:
Does Wilder always whinge? I think its demeaning to complain this much.
When ever i see Chris Wilder i always think he is someone from Coronation street
Declan McHugh
Declan McHugh:
Villa fan here, Targett got away with that one. Wilder is absolutely right!
Don't get me wrong, will happily take 3 points
Wolvesfan 1980
Wolvesfan 1980:
He’s the Next ENGLAND manager by the way ........
Shaanyyyboyyy YT
Shaanyyyboyyy YT:
10 mins of pure salt😂 🧂
Josh Booth
Josh Booth:
‘These boys got too close to our top 6 lads, let’s make it even harder for them this season and get them down the table’ fucking joke!!
24 LLED:
UTV. Target is a yellow card all day. Egan had a dificult choice once he was wrong side but Ref should have viewed the replay before a red card decision. Blades defended superbly tho. Wilder excellent as usual. GREAT SAVE.
Oliver Gwynne
Oliver Gwynne:
Can't really complain about anything today, great performance all things considered and let's be honest great save for the penalty. Bring on Leeds.
Apologies for the minority of knucklehead Villans in the comment section. I think you'll find most Villa fans have huge respect for your club.
Just wanted to say that Chris Wilder is a brilliant tactician who adapts really quickly to changes in the game. Overlooked by the media but in my opinion one of the top managers in this league. I have no doubt that you should be in for another top 10 finish.
Gav G 89 II UKTV II:
Class 💎
Blades 4lyf
Blades 4lyf:
Happy Birthday to our gaffer ⚪🔴💯 utb
R97 GG
R97 GG:
All I can say is well said wilder.
WWE Today In History
WWE Today In History:
I don’t hear him say the referee gave them a penalty and they missed it? Should have took your chance when you had it. Also, Eden was aware he would not beat Watkins in a foot race and wasnt goal side when the race began so had 4 arms on him. Yes it’s harsh but you can’t deny Watkins would have got to the ball before Eden and would have been one on one with the keeper for a goal scoring opportunity.
Chris Hayward
Chris Hayward:
UTV, Sheffield always blaming the officials cause they can’t admit they’re shit
New season and already the Prem Lge Officials are making up ways and means to shaft us.
Kevin Simpson
Kevin Simpson:
Tough ain’t it ! The bloke was all over Ollie Watkins like a rash !
Andre Tirta
Andre Tirta:
man of the match: VAR
Sufc 1889
Sufc 1889:
Awful referee decision let us down again, positives Burke looked class full of energy and a real hand full him and didzy looked class together but regardless of if we get a striker or not i did not feel our midfield was creative tonight but maybe they havnt adapted to burkes style of play yet.
Paul Stevens
Paul Stevens:
Go go gadget legs 🤣🤣🤣
Why didn't he mention that Egan was an idiot to get involved in that type of challenge?
Justin Turner
Justin Turner:
Absolute joke!!! Ref should get a 3 match ban!!! 🔴⚔⚪
Juicy Lmao
Juicy Lmao:
2nd season syndrome for Sheffield lol
Its always dodgy when we play Villa. Prem is corrupt.
Rich x
Rich x:
Go go gadget legs 🦵🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣
KIRK wilson
KIRK wilson:
Ramsdale not a save to make really against 11 men v10 for 80 min UTB we played well
Kevin Thornton
Kevin Thornton:
Stop crying Chris wilder 😂🤫
G L:
Be back in championship next year.
george de'athe
george de'athe:
I prefer Wednesday. luv AVFC
Ross Milton
Ross Milton:
Beat leeds on sunday please they think there worlds best now cos they beat fulham and won the we scored 3goals at anfield trophy
John Hallam
John Hallam:
Villa only kept their Premier league status because of the goal that we scored being disallowed even though the ball was clearly over the line in the GKs hands! I rest my case!
MC Brodz
MC Brodz:
Not rly honest, Watkins didn’t grapple Egan and Targett barely deserved a yellow let alone a red.
Poor officials again, ruining more games.
Charlie ___
Charlie ___:
Dont cry
James Williams
James Williams:
If we lose againts leeds. I think we will be in trouble
Avfc Utv
Avfc Utv:
You're team lost because we were better, stop making excuses to many deluded Sheffield United fans tbh.
Leigh Hadley
Leigh Hadley:
Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz this bloke is the type to get a birthday card of his kid and then complain about the message inside.
I didn’t think I lived near the ocean...This salt is bad
The performances will defiantly improve as I’m sure wilder will be at the players.
What I can’t get my head around is how we’ve paid 18.5 million for a goalkeeper of that quality.
Just look at Martinez, better in every way
Over seven minutes out of nine going over the card decisions, the red was harsh imo but Egan is all over him and the foul was without doubt a deliberate attempt to stop the striker from getting to the ball in a goal scoring opportunity, last man and all so can see where the ref is coming from tbh
The penalty slightly different in that it's not deliberate, so yellow card and a penalty.
Straight red for Egan, if wilder is so sure its wrong he'll appeal and it'll be overturned but somehow i doubt it.
Sweet Karma
Sweet Karma:
Come on Chris, you're a good guy but the way managers who've lost don't accept the referee's decision nor VAR is a bit sad. The authority of the refs is constantly being further and further undermined by comments like this. It was clearly impeding Watkins by Egan, with hands, elbows and everything but the shoulder, as used to be lawful, those were the days! Watkins was doing his best to break free from the arm lock he was in! Guilty players always throw up their hands innocently, what me ref? Laughable.
Aymen F
Aymen F:
You will never win at Villa Park 😂😂😂😂
nathan_idk _
nathan_idk _:
Take the defeat and stop crying Jesus Christ
Darren Hancock
Darren Hancock:
Salty just cry wilder know u want to lol
Jim Coney
Jim Coney:
Salty or what. As for the red card, both initially grappling so I agree 50/50 but then there’s a clear shirt pull on Watkins. The only debate then is distance to the ball, it is the opinion of the ref or var that if Watkins wasn’t pulled back he would have got to the ball before the keeper. I agree the ref could have checked the monitor just to confirm it was his decision. The penalty decision for me looked like the player went down without contact. VAR inconclusive.... stay with on field decision, penalty.
Bill Billy
Bill Billy:
Same old same inconsistency of the officials yet again how long before they get a grip that’s probably just cost us 10 th spot 😳😂UTB
Frank steer
Frank steer:
Frick VAR
MC Brodz
MC Brodz:
Just admit that you’re gonna lose when you park the bus for 60 minutes
shariq J
shariq J:
The red card is definitely debatable, but to say it wasn’t even a foul by Egan and it was 50-50?! Grow up.
Harry Gregory
Harry Gregory:
Not sure how he can complain about the red card but agree that Targett could be up for a red. UTV
Nate 85
Nate 85:
Saying it’s not even a free kick, what a joker. I agree with the trained official red card. The guys just sour as he’s starting to get found out. Hopefully he’ll Cheer up soon cus I think they can stay up
Andrew Henry
Andrew Henry:
Cry baby
Jonathan Sabga
Jonathan Sabga:
Thanks for the free three points maybe try taking your strikers out of center back
Johnny B
Johnny B:
the sending off was harsh in my opinion but its definitely a foul on Watkins and if the ref thinks Watkins is getting to it then it is a red card ( as seen chelsea vs liverpool). re-watch it all you like yes Watkins did grab a hold of Egan but Watkins was running and Egan made the first contact and pulled him, Watkins then tries to fight Egan off him. targett flicks his foot out for the ball and its such a nonsensical claim to say hes purposely giving the pen away and just taking a player out.
alan g
alan g:
Thought both card decisions were fair to be honest, but on another day with a different ref the red's a yellow and the yellow's a red, or they're both reds, or they're both yellows; who can tell? It's the inconsistency that rankles. Bit surprised Martinez feet weren't checked a bit more closely too; looked a bit iffy at full speed. I expect it was checked 'upstairs'. I hope you take your understandable frustrations out on Leeds on Sunday and give them the stuffing they so richly deserve. Don't fret, there are a lot more than three teams in this league worse than you. Up The Villa.
Pitsmoor Owl
Pitsmoor Owl:
Not been Funny But shouldn't Aston Villa be in the Championship & AFC Bournemouth should still be in the Premier League all because the referees watch didn't work. ( How Sad! )How can this happen in this day & from Englands 4th largest city of steel SHEFFIELD. SWFC
Henry Harbottle-Day
Henry Harbottle-Day:
Haha keep crying
Leo James
Leo James:
Naww, nevermind. UTV
Pitsmoor Owl
Pitsmoor Owl:
I CAN'T Understand why Lots of SUFC Fans are Panicking when were Only Two games in. ( SWFC Fan )
James Muncaster
James Muncaster:
Wilder is such a cry baby😂😂
Itz Wraggy
Itz Wraggy:
the worst cheating team in the prem, he is such a poor loser just accept defeat and it was definitely a straight red. I’ve watched it back myself..
Gaz Snaith
Gaz Snaith:
Still missed the pen get over it. Moaning blades again
Tony Lawlor
Tony Lawlor:
It was a stone wall second yellow card, get a grip Wilder.
Harry Thomas 🇫🇰
Harry Thomas 🇫🇰:
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Seeking Jesus Ministries:
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Will .S
Will .S:
Small clubs chase refereeing decisions,reminds me of warnock when Cardiff got relegated-clutching at straws