Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Fire Back Over False ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory | TODAY

The famous couple is considering legal action after being dragged into a widely discredited conspiracy theory by a Twitter user. NBC’s Joe Fryer has the report for TODAY.

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Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Fire Back Over False ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory | TODAY

100+ comentarios:

Eddie Rodgers
Eddie Rodgers:
Hit a nerve you normally get a reaction...... if pizza gate is fake, why then do these celebs try to distance themselves from such a fake story?
Dawn Carrasco
Dawn Carrasco:
If Chrissy wasn’t guilty then why is she removing thousands of tweets .
I love how instead of just a journalist she’s a “ journalist who supports trump” can you be even more open about your mind control?
Heather Nicole
Heather Nicole:
Calling all this conspiracy theory just proves to us it's real.
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez:
Of course they’re gonna say the “conspiracy” is “debunked”. Y’all funny. Y’all really think we’re dumb lmao
Klara Kesov
Klara Kesov:
Paul B.
Paul B.:
Who’s here after Chrissy deleted 60,000 of her tweets ?
You know the cop who was forced to say “false and reckless conspiracies” even knows 90% of what’s happening is true.
Thank you to that journalist at the time. It’s a hard thing to defend yourself when everyone’s telling you it’s wrong. We need more people like her speaking out against these corrupt celebrities. Beyond disappointed in Chrissy and John
Tim Kourbo
Tim Kourbo:
Conspiracy theory is another way of saying "truth that is being denied by perpetrator"
Why did you put "false" in the title? We don't need your judgment or opinion on the situation.
Hongva Lucero
Hongva Lucero:
Notice how they haven't denied it, they just keep threatening to sue everybody.
Love how they always say “debunked conspiracy theory” smh
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:
That fact Chelsea Clinton tweeted her on it just confirms it. 🍕
projektz beats
projektz beats:
i love it how when things get exposed they call everyone conspiracy theorists.... it just shows that they have been exposed for what they are and they use conspiracy theorist as a shield to make people think your crazy.
Timmyboy Larsen
Timmyboy Larsen:
And the fact that they got all upset over it and had a twittle battle back and forth really makes them look guilty.
CEwindsSaxes Saxophone
CEwindsSaxes Saxophone:
Amazing to see how everyone’s eyes are open on this. I went to read the comments thinking they’d be protecting comet pizza and the celebs but it looks like almost every comment is calling out today show for this bogus report. Awesome
Self described journalist??? She worked at the White House, she’s been in mainstream media since she was 17 at a lot of different organizations, she’s literally more qualified than you guys
It's it still fake...?
Let me ask Jeffrey Epstein.
Rose Bud
Rose Bud:
They are two of the absolute worst people in Hollywood. Liz 100% spot on & accurate.
Tiffany Du
Tiffany Du:
The fact that Clinton’s daughter is in this, this video aged so well 😂 “Debunked” LOL
Keyshling Raspaldo
Keyshling Raspaldo:
This makes me so sad. This is real when are we going to do something about it?
Abyss Reflection
Abyss Reflection:
The fact that media is in it as well and tries to make it look silly to have those theories is proof enough for me !
John Lardas
John Lardas:
‘She finds it alarming that Teigen jumped to this conclusion so quickly’ hahaha I agree 🇺🇸💯
This literally feels like a coverup, I’ve heard plenty of stuff on this over Twitter and other social media but never watched anything from the news on it and it literally feels like a coverup. Like chrissy literally said what she is doing by accusing the other lady of saying that in the tweet. Basically just putting herself
Luck Perfect
Luck Perfect:
Way to silence a journalist for being honest and simply stating her thoughts.
Re Fra
Re Fra:
Who else is here in 2020 with facts coming out. This woman knew all along.
Lavender Town
Lavender Town:
I love when they say "debunked" as if that dismisses the mountains and mountains and mountains of evidence. Too funny!
Dani Villegas
Dani Villegas:
"iT's dEbUnKeD!!1!"
*provides exactly zero explanation of their stance lol*
Al Macala
Al Macala:
They guilty and owe this woman an apology. Chrissy is disgusting
your mother
your mother:
"Pizza gate has been proven false by the people responsible for pizza gate"
Funny they cut Chelsea’s comments off and never once mention her posting with “The Church of satan”
This is crazy watching this in 2020 when she’s been deleting all of her Tweets again...
michael alwood
michael alwood:
God bless Liz Crokin
Andrea Daniels
Andrea Daniels:
WHO THREATENED THE CHILD??? What a CROCK! Liz did NOT THREATEN HER.. NOR did she abuse Chrissy...
Notice they said “ self described “ and “ supports trump “ see how the media tries to discredit Liz crokin off the rip?
Melanie Walden
Melanie Walden:
"Police and FBI declared the story false" 😂 well the police and FBI never investigated it so how could it be declared false?
Based Prismo
Based Prismo:
The most baffling part of this video is how Crissy is a "super model"
Dan Mernyak
Dan Mernyak:
You know it’s true just by Chelsea Clinton trying to defend them
Sarah handley
Sarah handley:
It’s not false it’s right in front of our faces!
The most strange part about it is they don’t even deny it? You would think that would be the first thing they would do, not just threaten to sue, and not even end up suing
I don't understand how there can be all these emails, accusations, and then just the art on the walls at comet should have been enough to at least open an investigation. This is truly sickening and I pray its brought to light soon.
Well this just shines a whole new light with chrissys recovered pizza tweets that have now been brought to the surface!
imagine giving celebrities the power to unverify someone with contrary ideas. ya'll spooky.
Why introduce it as debunked..can’t people find out for themselves
Michelle Ingram
Michelle Ingram:
Those kids deserve justice.
truth told
truth told:
There will be a judgement . Those who sing the loudest . Those who deny and defend have the most to hide . The truth will out
peter march
peter march:
She got caught lol
Never liked these two to start with. But I am scared to imagine what other celebrities that I actually like could be involved with this.
Ava Craig
Ava Craig:
if you saw her tweets youd know with out a doubt she is so so guilty.
Her old tweets really make me question if she was actually involved
Fatma Taib
Fatma Taib:
I can see right through their lying eyes...
lain inNH
lain inNH:
"Self described journalist? She's an actual journalist well respected and reputable
Not so "discredited" now, is it?
Your Neighbour
Your Neighbour:
Me: "I am not going to get into this pizzagate argument"
*1 Epstein later*
Chrissy Teagan and her husband have their names written in Jeffree Epstein’s black book and have been to the island!!!!
Sarah handley
Sarah handley:
It’s not false it’s right in front of our faces!
Dawit Fekadu
Dawit Fekadu:
I no longer look at celebrities the same. In the end the hidden will always comes to light, people are taking their power back and waking up.
Tim’s other Secret Channel
Tim’s other Secret Channel:
who ever debunked PIZZAGATE?
domino d
domino d:
Never debunked you defend it your the same as them
Why did she remove so many of her posts and I read some them... they are disturbing. Why would you say you want to smash a child!? That’s not normal.
Isabel Cruz
Isabel Cruz:
The more you look into this the dots connect I love Chrissy but I find it interesting that the media so quick to shut the roumos... the truth always comes out !
Alyssa Angelina
Alyssa Angelina:
The fact that they didn’t deny the “claims”, and just responded threatening legal action... SAYS EVERYTHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE #disgusted
I have never been prouder of a comment section! Nice to see all of you know the truth!
Liv y
Liv y:
How was it debunked exactly?
Jaron Bascom
Jaron Bascom:
We know you're lying. We know you pay for privilege. We know you slander this as conspiracy to look good. Look how defensive they got.
“Threatened to take legal action”..... but did they?

I've seen James Alefantis's Instagram before he made it private. He's definitely a creep, I'm 100% certain of it.
Sherry T
Sherry T:
The like/dislike ratio on this video speaks volumes
Connor Hart
Connor Hart:
I hope everyone involved gets exposed. This can’t stay hidden
Michael Noneofyabusiness
Michael Noneofyabusiness:
It has NEVER been discredited. FACT.
I love that they probably read these comments and know that we finally know
A hit dog will holler... John Legend and his wife actually made themselves look/sound guilty.
Mari C
Mari C:
If Chrissy was so innocent why did she delete all those tweets LOLLLLLLLL🥴
Жанна Бердникова
Жанна Бердникова:
So many ppl are going down. It’s about time‼️ #pizzagate
100's of highly paid ceo's stepping down for some reason. . . .
charlize branon
charlize branon:
everybody keeps saying it’s debunked but who debunked it ? i keep seeing ppl deny it not debunk it 🤷🏽‍♀️ just saying
Dang I didn’t think John Legend was apart of it I’ve listened to him since I was little
Sassy W
Sassy W:
Adriana Duran-Malave
Adriana Duran-Malave:
if these celebrities claim it’s not real but try so hard to push themselves away from the name claiming it’s fake, then they are lying. Pizza gate is real. What’s wrong is wrong
But they're extremely rich & famous... if lies are being said about them, wouldn't they most definitely hire some lawyers ASAP?? Just wondering why not one celebrity that has been accused of these accusations haven't sued folks yet?
Tee Green
Tee Green:
Remember when Beyonce Had on that pizza outfit after she claim she was vegan
cazza Australia 🦘
cazza Australia 🦘:
The tweets this woman wrote are disgusting and scary thing is the amount of people who defend her
a .f
a .f:
Chrissy teigen was on Jeffery Epsiteins flight list, so was her husband John Legend
Jack Cameron
Jack Cameron:
Children need to be protected from the creeps that want to exploit them. Anyone that is against questioning pedophiles are creeps and need to be exposed.
Ofcourse they’re gonna deny it. I don’t believe them at all.
"Pizzagate has been declared false by the police that didn't do any investigation on the matter". Cool I'm convinced then.
Under dog
Under dog:
We cannot forget about pizzagate. Keep telling your friends and family about these horrible atrocities. Do not let this die and get swept under the rug like some videos that are hard to find on YouTube
Erika ahc
Erika ahc:
and look who popped up in her defense! lol! she's so into it!! disgusting!!
My Fathers Business
My Fathers Business:
We know that its real. People are getting smarter by the day. Keep exposing and keep praying.
Jamie Krieger
Jamie Krieger:
Not Debunked
Mukund Shivakumar
Mukund Shivakumar:
2:03 But that's not what they said. She didn't talk bad about Chrissy's daughter, she was talking about the pizza emoji and the fact that Chrissy jumped to the conclusion herself. Notice how they cleverly framed it to discredit the person that made the initial accusation?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
Won’t be ducking declared false in September when they’re on trial
Deborah Dobbie
Deborah Dobbie:
The guy Joe at the end - was awesome. He’s right. Someone should check on him. 🙏🏻
XoRosey Gold
XoRosey Gold:
Saqar Khs
Saqar Khs:
There’s a reason so many people believe in this theory. Have u seen chrissy’s tweets?? They’re disgusting and disturbing. No normal person would tweet those. Even if u say she was joking that’s still not funny and it’s inappropriate and disturbing. Just letting herself tweet those inappropriate contents explaining a lot
L C:
That man shot up pizza gate cause he awoke and saw the truth and knew what was going on so he took action we all need to wake up stand up say no this needs to end now these disgusting ppl need to be punished for there crimes
Pop Plug
Pop Plug:
can't debunk what's never been thoroughly investigated but go off
Jessica Harvey
Jessica Harvey:
This has been going on for a long time. Scary
Inspired nails & Beauty
Inspired nails & Beauty:
Tiegan deleted over 60,000 tweets relating to kids and pizza and jail. She’s vile and doesn’t like it now she’s being outed!