Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Fire Back Over False ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory | TODAY

The famous couple is considering legal action after being dragged into a widely discredited conspiracy theory by a Twitter user. NBC’s Joe Fryer has the report for TODAY.

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Chrissy Teigen And John Legend Fire Back Over False ‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory | TODAY

100+ comentarios:

Puritan Pictures Reloaded
Puritan Pictures Reloaded:
We know the truth. Pizzagate is real. Stop defending pedophiles and expose them. Fight for out children!
Paul B.
Paul B.:
Who’s here after Chrissy deleted 60,000 of her tweets ?
Connor Creech
Connor Creech:
for years you’ve been claiming it’s fake. The truth is coming out. They are being exposed for who they really are.
Niki V
Niki V:
Too bad you and your husband’s name was on the list of visitors to epstein island.
Spiritual God
Spiritual God:
I’m so proud with this comment section
wubbie cat
wubbie cat:
This didn't age well. Pizzagate is real. Tick Tock.
Dawn Carrasco
Dawn Carrasco:
If Chrissy wasn’t guilty then why is she removing thousands of tweets .
I love how instead of just a journalist she’s a “ journalist who supports trump” can you be even more open about your mind control?
Heather Nicole
Heather Nicole:
Calling all this conspiracy theory just proves to us it's real.
Lauren Pritchard
Lauren Pritchard:
don't think for one second #pizzagate is a conspiracy theory. the restaurant may be a false flag but the events are very real.
Sig Sauer43
Sig Sauer43:
Pizzagate was NEVER debunked, stop lying. Your covering for child abusers and people who fund you a part of it. People are waking up to the lies! 👀
PIZZAGATE IS NOT FALSE. All the information if there. This is so crazy that they continue to deny it
Uncle Creepy
Uncle Creepy:
Pizzagate was proven a hoax by the same people that tell you Epstein killed himself.
ST Glamz
ST Glamz:
What about all the Chrissy tweets about pizza and young children?? And she just deleted hundreds of her old tweets. Also both her and her husbands names on Epstein’s flight logs. 🤔 hmmmm?
Daniel Hood
Daniel Hood:
Pizzagate was never debunked. John Podesta was caught writing code in emails that is used by pedophiles. These text were identified as authentic and never explained by Podesta or anybody else.
joe gonzagaz
joe gonzagaz:
Teigen is cool with attacking Trump but, when she gets attacked, teigen does run in circles with pedophiles people. Teigen probably would help epstein get more victims.
Why did you put "false" in the title? We don't need your judgment or opinion on the situation.
Looks like they're actually disgusting people after all.
Pizzagate till this day never debunked. All emails are real, no one cant deny this existance.
Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez:
Of course they’re gonna say the “conspiracy” is “debunked”. Y’all funny. Y’all really think we’re dumb lmao
Jack Shite
Jack Shite:
"Journalist who supports Trump"... what has that got to do with Teigan's tweets that clearly expressed her excitement for pedophilia?
Tiffany Du
Tiffany Du:
The fact that Clinton’s daughter is in this, this video aged so well 😂 “Debunked” LOL
8bitflower :
8bitflower ::
This is crazy watching this in 2020 when she’s been deleting all of her Tweets again...
mel ·
mel ·:
Chrissy Teagan and her husband have their names written in Jeffree Epstein’s black book and have been to the island!!!!
"Self described journalist". She is a journalist. She was fired trying to take a stand. PIZZAGATE IS REAL.
Self described journalist??? She worked at the White House, she’s been in mainstream media since she was 17 at a lot of different organizations, she’s literally more qualified than you guys
a .f
a .f:
Chrissy teigen was on Jeffery Epsiteins flight list, so was her husband John Legend
Hayley Marley
Hayley Marley:
Dani Villegas
Dani Villegas:
"iT's dEbUnKeD!!1!"
*provides exactly zero explanation of their stance lol*
Eddie Rodgers
Eddie Rodgers:
Hit a nerve you normally get a reaction...... if pizza gate is fake, why then do these celebs try to distance themselves from such a fake story?
Corena F
Corena F:
Who else is here in 2020 with facts coming out. This woman knew all along.
Tee Bone
Tee Bone:
But how come they never sued anybody Chrissy Teigen is disgusting they all are
Self described journalist? Lol. Just like you. We don’t see you as journalists.
Your Neighbour
Your Neighbour:
Me: "I am not going to get into this pizzagate argument"
*1 Epstein later*
A. Fleming
A. Fleming:
The only thing FAKE is the mainstream media. Tiegen makes jokes about pedophiles and her very own tweets were suspect! Throwing out trigger words such as "debunked, fake news, conspiracy theory" only works on those who are asleep already!
Al Macala
Al Macala:
They guilty and owe this woman an apology. Chrissy is disgusting
Crystal Collingwood
Crystal Collingwood:
Why did she remove so many of her posts and I read some them... they are disturbing. Why would you say you want to smash a child!? That’s not normal.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump:
How was pizzagate debunked?... how about we found out that a James Alafantis the owner is actually a rothschild who has the walls covered in pedo art? ya hmm nothing to see there eh?
Joshua K
Joshua K:
Why always the media say “debunked pizzagate” every time
Couple screws Loose
Couple screws Loose:
James Alafantes, John Podesta, and Michael Podesta are all on Epstiens flight list. Pizzagate is very real and was never debunked
Mari C
Mari C:
If Chrissy was so innocent why did she delete all those tweets LOLLLLLLLL🥴
Who’s here after Ellen’s getting cancelled
Ci Hutt
Ci Hutt:
Well of course these two
“fired back”, they were on the Jeffery Epstein flight log list. Tuh please, everybody is catching on to what’s up. It took a while, but these evil, twisted elites are going down. By the Grace of God, I promise you. 🙏🏾
CMV Robison
CMV Robison:
PIZZAGATE IS VERY REAL! These people involved are so desperately trying to cover it up. They are scared! They will ALL pay severely! Including The Clintons!
The Breakfast Menu
The Breakfast Menu:
Every news outlet keeps calling it "debunked." How was it debunked? Epstein was arrested and very publicly assassinated lol.
No news outlet can even accurately source its origins or how it came to the forefront.
No news outlet talks about the specifics of the emails retrieved from the Podestas, or Weiner's laptop. The "insurance policy," the coded messages, the emails to Obama regarding specified locations, or everyone involved with Epstein. Why can't you provide the full story to people who aren't as savvy with following the goings on of the internet, CBS? Why can't you provide full transparent context?
Then you have the gall to have Cory Feldman on your show?
At least it seems most people believe it now, judging by the lovely democratic voting system that still works: The like/dislike ratio.
I'm just salty so many people like myself who knew about it years ago were called crazy
Angel Raee
Angel Raee:
Why was their names on the flight list then
john legend and his wife are monsters period.
Nelly Justice
Nelly Justice:
pizzagate is real. watch the documentary: out of shadows.
savan nah
savan nah:
wow they really trying to make it seem like it’s just a “conspiracy theory”. even got “false” in the title of the video. the news is fake and makes everything so political.
John Lardas
John Lardas:
‘She finds it alarming that Teigen jumped to this conclusion so quickly’ hahaha I agree 🇺🇸💯
Amiya Hunter
Amiya Hunter:
They’re getting mad because they know it’s true!
Latoya Jones
Latoya Jones:
This is very real and all of Hollywood and higher up are involved they have to do those things satanist
odd squad
odd squad:
Not so debunked now
Sarah handley
Sarah handley:
It’s not false it’s right in front of our faces!
Melanie Walden
Melanie Walden:
"Police and FBI declared the story false" 😂 well the police and FBI never investigated it so how could it be declared false?
Notice they said “ self described “ and “ supports trump “ see how the media tries to discredit Liz crokin off the rip?
Yeaaaaa.... “false” claims. I love how they say... “the debunked internet conspiracy theory...” debunked by who?? Hillary Clinton? CNN? Nothing was debunked just further exposed. As if Epstein didn’t get arrested...he was arrested for trafficking human beings.
David Wilt
David Wilt:
Pizzagate is absolutely real
Sally Andalon
Sally Andalon:
Isn’t it ironic that they may have been involved with Jeffrey Epstein?
Michael Carrasquillo
Michael Carrasquillo:
James Alefantes or “J'aime les enfants” in French means “I love children” 🤔
Esteban Jones
Esteban Jones:
Who is watching this on June 9th, 2020? Now it makes sense all their money bailing looters. Just destroy the Gov. That way we cannot be investigated
logan p
logan p:
This literally feels like a coverup, I’ve heard plenty of stuff on this over Twitter and other social media but never watched anything from the news on it and it literally feels like a coverup. Like chrissy literally said what she is doing by accusing the other lady of saying that in the tweet. Basically just putting herself
This was a failed attempt by the fake news networks to cover up the elite’s darkest secrets
Pizzagate is real
truth told
truth told:
There will be a judgement . Those who sing the loudest . Those who deny and defend have the most to hide . The truth will out
tar_ pit -
tar_ pit -:
Pizzagate is real. " The central intelligence agency owns anyone of any importance in the mainstream media " -- William Colby ( CIA ). Frazzle drip, hilary coughs green, issac kappy, seth rich, epstein RESEARCH
N H:
Stop saying that Pizzagate is debunked when it was never even investigated!!!
Remember when they said they were gonna eat a 4 year old pizza
LA Beef Piston
LA Beef Piston:
Why does the church of satan tweet to both Chrissy teigan and Chelsea Clinton and they have back fourth conversations? This is a FACT. Check Twitter.
Hongva Lucero
Hongva Lucero:
Notice how they haven't denied it, they just keep threatening to sue everybody.
Michael Lanham
Michael Lanham:
Sooo many more people involved in this stuff than i ever thought. ALL of these things were happening right under their noses at Epsteins Island and they didn't know?? The ultra rich ALWAYS threaten litigation use your wealth and crush the people trying to expose you.
Riya M
Riya M:
Look at the news trying their best to fool us, once again.
Don A
Don A:
MSM defending her. They are obviously part of it.
The most baffling part of this video is how Crissy is a "super model"
Remington Rhododendron
Remington Rhododendron:
imagine giving celebrities the power to unverify someone with contrary ideas. ya'll spooky.
Pop Plug
Pop Plug:
can't debunk what's never been thoroughly investigated but go off
plant love
plant love:
Debunked? Not debunked. Please explain what the creepy Podesta email code words mean and the Podesta art. Nothing has been debunked.
Sarah handley
Sarah handley:
It’s not false it’s right in front of our faces!
first name
first name:
super model is more reputable than an independent journalist? so much intellegence in being vain....
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis:
Media and hollywood are the real enemy... the evidence of everything is in front of our eyes... they’ve been running everything for years... Wake up... illuminati and pizzagate arent conspiracies, theyre very real
Tim Kourbo
Tim Kourbo:
Conspiracy theory is another way of saying "truth that is being denied by perpetrator"
stop them
stop them:
Pizza gate is real and the shooter was FRIENDS with the owner
notice how they feel the need ro write 'false' in every single title?
They ALL are a Part of pizzagate...
The Mighty Gooch
The Mighty Gooch:
lain inNH
lain inNH:
"Self described journalist? She's an actual journalist well respected and reputable
It's it still fake...?
Let me ask Jeffrey Epstein.
Bayleigh B
Bayleigh B:
Why all the deleted tweets Chrissy?
giulianna esquivel
giulianna esquivel:
their trying to brainwash us so hard
Travis Lane
Travis Lane:
federal agents are well aware of the use of the term "pizza" referring to pedophilia. Yet there's nothing to investigate? Money is cool and all, but is it worth all this? No. How do all these monsters sleep at night?
Barbara Marks
Barbara Marks:
R Kelly even called them out in his last song 😩
Skafut Nickfutnick
Skafut Nickfutnick:
CONSPIRACY THEORY LMAOOOOOOO Same ppl who call it conspiracy watch Woody Allen movies
Jae Ponafala
Jae Ponafala:
Funny because Chrissy supposedly made trips to Epstein’s Mansion 🤔
Aleshia Tisha
Aleshia Tisha:
Wasn't beyonce and jay z name on that list too ?
Nique Leone
Nique Leone:
They are apart of pizzagate!!!
Roberto Jr
Roberto Jr:
Pizzagate is real.... there is no one who can change my mind. It’s all coming to light just you wait.
Laila Marcell
Laila Marcell:
this video is 2 years old, why am i just seeing this now 😭
Everyone in the media is complicit.
Queen Lady
Queen Lady:
Two years later 🙄 30 or 60 thousands tweets deleted 🤔
Pizzagate is real. It's not about Comet's basement... it's about Podesta's emails. Specifically, playing dominoes on cheese/pasta and pizza-related handkerchief maps. I haven't watched Today in months... whatever happened to that Matt Lauer fella???