Chrissy Teigen reveals she suffered a pregnancy loss days after hospitalization l GMA

The model and author, who is married to John Legend, shared her grief on social media just after she was hospitalized for bleeding and opened up about her pregnancy complications.

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T boogie wit Da bun
T boogie wit Da bun:
My heart goes out to ANYONE who has lost babies due to miscarriages, this is not just their story- this is millions of people’s story. 🥺🥺🥺.... difference is, you all don’t get seen or heard for you loss. your little ones aren’t forgotten either. I see you all in the comments. This is dedicated to you all! 👀😢
Im not a fan of chrissy and john but i know how they feel.went through a miscarriage 5 years ago.its the most devastating thing to go through as a mom.i wish her all the best
If you never had a miscarriage you don’t understand the pain. 💯💋😞🙏🏼👼🏼
cheri Montana
cheri Montana:
I have suffered 7 miscarriages. Most were in early second trimester. God had a plan for our little angels. I am truly blessed to have 2 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.
Javier Aviles
Javier Aviles:
As a father whose wife suffered a miscarriage with our first child, I feel her pain and offer my condolences to them both. But in my situation, everything happens for a reason. We now have an amazing 14 yr old son, whom we couldn't be more proud of.
Thank you for sharing your story. We need to shed light on this. So many of us suffer in silence. I did. Society needs to learn to navigate grief and the loss of babies during pregnancy.
LaToya Taylor
LaToya Taylor:
Bless her heart. I went through the same in August 2017. Prayers for them. I got my rainbow baby. They will also
Patricia Simmons
Patricia Simmons:
Chrissy is a strong lady and I admire her and John sharing their most vulnerable and painful moments with us. I will pray for strength, peace and comfort for you and your family. Your fans are sending all the love we can muster . We will respect your private and be here for you when you are ready. 💙
Condolences to both of them.
Maya Uzzell
Maya Uzzell:
I am a mother of two and haven't ever gone through this but to see that they'd lost a 👶 it hurt me to soul i will continue to keep them in my prayers💖💯🙏💕😔
I wish people in this comment section would research grief, and how it manifests differently for each person. It's also not uncommon for parents to take pictures after a stillborn, because they only get a small window of time to hold their child.
My condolences to this family. You are so brave to share your experience. I’m sure it helped so many others. May your grief be carried for you by the Angels❤️
Judy Gilbert
Judy Gilbert:
My heart goes out to her. Rest up and heal, Chrissy and John. 💔
David Money
David Money:
It's truely sad to hear. Exactly how i feel about abortion. Baby lives are irreplaceable. God Bless you guys in this difficult time.
Roch O
Roch O:
How heartbreaking!
Wishing them solace and love!
Jennifer Dolson
Jennifer Dolson:
Bless them, my goodness that's so hard. Sending love and comfort.
stephanie drayton
stephanie drayton:
My condolences and prayers go out to the family..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Queen Me
Queen Me:
My condolences to this beautiful couple, my prayers that god heals and lifts some of this pain you all will go through in your journey through life. Continue to love the family you have, and trust in god that baby Jack is home looking over his family waiting to unite yet again. Blessed
🙏🏽 I pray healing to the Legend family
Darlene Vendryes
Darlene Vendryes:
My thoughts and prayers are with Chrissy and John thank you for sharing your pain ❤️
Vanessa Olson
Vanessa Olson:
So sad. Prayers for their family in this hard time. 🙏
Claire Baichoo
Claire Baichoo:
Regina Potts
Regina Potts:
My heart goes out to you ... ❤️🙏🏽
Mabel Idehen
Mabel Idehen:
My condolences to you both. My heart is broken for your family but it's going to be okay.
Jamie Gillette
Jamie Gillette:
So sorry to hear about the lost of baby number three sending lots of love and prayers and hugs to u and the whole family and may god watch over him and luna and miles r so sweet rip baby jack
My condolence to the family my his soul rest in peace. I wish you a good deal of the loss of your son
Vivien Mcnaul
Vivien Mcnaul:
Thank goodness you have 2 babies at home a a caring husband to see you through. You have been through a loss like no other. 💚
Carolyn Carrington
Carolyn Carrington:
My condolences to the legend family 🙏🙏🙏
My heart is breaking for them both...sending them healing energies...
Debra Roo
Debra Roo:
Very heartbreaking. I pray 🙏 for healing for her and family😔
Lorann Williamson
Lorann Williamson:
We are so sorry for the loss of Mr Legend and his family my prayer is that they take time to heal , because God is a healer in his own house. We love you all blessings and honor
Deborah Collins
Deborah Collins:
No need to be unkind. It’s obvious that few of you have suffered such a loss. I don’t understand why people follow celebrities on line, but this woman has many followers who think of themselves as her friends who were wondering what had happened. This is the way she chose to inform them. It’s not what I would have done, but having lost three babies myself, I don’t judge any mother’s grief.
Lea Baltrenas
Lea Baltrenas:
My Heart goes to Chrissy and John,may God be with You and your Family.🌹
Beautiful Deen
Beautiful Deen:
I'm so sorry for your loss it is truly heartbreaking 😢😢
Felicia R
Felicia R:
😭😭😭I’ve cried myself....I love there family.....the best in your healing journey
Sandra Feliciano
Sandra Feliciano:
Oh my god please give this family strength keep them strong in you lord.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Susan Malafa
Susan Malafa:
My prayers to her and her entire family
Anita Cook
Anita Cook:
I know exactly ur pain as I lost my son. The pain is unbearable. My love and prayers r with them
Jennifer M Davis
Jennifer M Davis:
I had one miscarriage and a rainbow baby afterwards. Almost to the year of getting pregnant the first time, I found out I was pregnant with my Wyatt. I was so fearful until I could hear him, see him growing, and finally feel him move. But you always love the baby you never got a chance to raise. All of her grief is all of our grief. I thank her so much for showing anyone can suffer infertility and loss, and it doesn’t matter how rich or poor, we all bleed the same, and we all hurt. Love you Chrissy & John...and jack
Victoria Medugno
Victoria Medugno:
God love you chrissy and john and to your 2 beautiful children you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you go through dark time in your life my heart breaks for you...thank you for sharing this very personal time in your life...god bless you and your family
It is heartbreaking but I believe the child is in a better place, Heaven.
You are suffering unfathomable loss, my heart & prayers are with you. May you find comfort knowing you did all humanly possible, with unconditional, infinite love for Jack. I believe his precious Spirit will be with you always & forever. Love Surrounds You & Your Family.
John Roberts
John Roberts:
Hi GMA , I just want too send my condolences to Chrissy & John on the loss of their baby , R.I.P. Sweet Baby Angel !!!! 😢😭👶🍼🙏🌷🌸💐🌺🌹🕊🤧
Cailin Price
Cailin Price:
I tear up every single time I hear or read about this. Many blessings to the entire family
Jozalyn Sewell
Jozalyn Sewell:
Prayers going out to them both
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton:
So sad Chrissy is going thru.Senting prayers for her and John Legend.
Rosie Walker
Rosie Walker:
So sorry for your loss. You're not alone. My prayers are with y'all.
So sad, my sister had a misscarriage aswell, it hits so hard 😭
Court H
Court H:
The reason many people do these hospital photo sessions is because you won’t ever get those moments in the future as they grow to get photos so you want something to remember them by because this is all they have. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep is a wonderful organization that takes photos free of charge while you’re in the hospital during and after a loss/stillbirth. It’s a wonderful healing thing to be able to have in such a hard time.
Bee B
Bee B:
I am so sorry for their loss. Let's hope their openness helps others.
Angela Q
Angela Q:
So heart breaking 🥺
Eve Mcgrail
Eve Mcgrail:
Really sad & my thoughts & prayers go out to them
Just Jessy
Just Jessy:
It's Sad baby Jack will never experience the love the family had to give. Iive been pregnant 5 times. They didn't all survive so my heart breaks for the Legend family. I understand her pain as a mom losing that previous life after carrying it & nurturing it inside you & it's a blessing she's sharing her story cuz i felt all alone even though i had my family's support. It's not the same but i thank Good for my 2 son's i have today so just know this is Gods plan even when we don't understand it. HE will never give us more them HE knows we can handle. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💜💜💜
Soar Queen
Soar Queen:
I'm so sorry Chrissy, may God comfort you and your family.
Mike the Mechanic
Mike the Mechanic:
As a guy I don’t really care for her. But I am glad she shared what happened to her. It’s never talked about. My wife had IVF and we lost twin boys at 6 months. They lived for an hour. It took 6 miscarriages to get my twins who made it and are 7 now. People only talk about loosing children when someone else has and it’s brought up. Same with IVF. It’s always the people who want kids and make sure they have a good marriage and careers and a loving home.
Beautiful family....god keep you chrissy
Jeanene Gioia
Jeanene Gioia:
I’m soooo sorry to u all. Life isn’t fair sometimes. I had 2 miscarriages , terminated a pregnancy due to sickness and it’s horrible. Just when u r happy , things change in a second. Thank goodness I have my beautiful 8 yr old lil girl. Your family is beautiful. Try to stay strong and focus on your babies cause I know mine makes me smile every time I’m sad 😢
Chrissy love
Chrissy love:
I will be praying for you Chrissy teigal and John legend I'll be praying for you guys I know you lost someone special I know how that feels I went through it too but I will be praying for you guys my prayers goes out to you guys much love God bless 🙏🙏🙏💓
My heart goes out to them, but taking photos and posting them right after is too much for me. Social media is good, but oversharing can be a turn off for most. Hey, I guess everyone is different.
Catherine Bramante
Catherine Bramante:
So so sorry. You do have a beautiful family. Rejoice in this
Heidi Avera
Heidi Avera:
Prayers for the family
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia:
OMG !! This news is so heartbreaking !!!! Be strong Chrissy & John ! Love you guys soooo much !!
Loved By You
Loved By You:
That picture of her sitting up in the bed. BREAKS my heart.
Mommitas we lost Brody Lopez Memorial day May 27th 2013 in Corpus Christi, Tx -hardest thing ever but God blessed us with 2 beautiful girls after we recovered. We never forget. Be strong.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones:
🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 For Chrissy,John and the children 💔💔💔💔💔💔 stay strong
Jennifer Hansen
Jennifer Hansen:
This is devastating news. I'm very sorry for their loss.
Lauren Compton
Lauren Compton:
A loss of a baby s the saddest thing anyone can go through and my heart breaks for her but this is far from the first baby she has lost. This one was just full term and she actually wanted it. She abuses IVF and the gift of life it brings to people to get a baby she wants and who knows maybe this is just karma.
Retired Old Man
Retired Old Man:
The most important thing it seems was to inform social media.
Evan McAuley
Evan McAuley:
My heart is heavy for you my dear
Leonor Perez-Rodriguez
Leonor Perez-Rodriguez:
I'm so sorry about this, God bless you & your family. Take care of yourself.
My heart aches for the loss of their baby. What I find ironic this family supports abortion, saying it’s just a “fetus”; however, when they personally experience the loss of their “fetus” they refer to it as their “baby”. Hopefully, they will have a change of heart and see it was a baby upon conception. My sincere condolences!
Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall:
God bless you your husband your family 💋❤
Adam Hunter
Adam Hunter:
My ex wife and I lost my 1st and only baby boy musa on 9-11-2016 it hearts me every day I will never get over him. I will never be the same.
Gabriela Montes de oca
Gabriela Montes de oca:
I'm sooo sorry for your loss
Chrissy and John legend
I know the pain you and your family have in your heart

The worst pain in the world
Is losing a child !!!
That's just my opinion

Ten years ago my sisters baby boy died. The baby went to heaven 9 days later. Problem with his lungs
My sister couldn't go to the cemetery for one year

Two years later
My sister had a baby boy then two years later another baby boy
I mean no disrespect
jade lou
jade lou:
So she went through a hard time but didn't forget to film everything wow she is in South much pain
Kristen Beaty
Kristen Beaty:
I agree this should NOT be news, there are so many things going on in this world that affect us all as a nation. But prayers for her family, regardless. I have been in her shoes and it's gutwrenching to experience.
Caroline West
Caroline West:
I am so sorry
I remember loosing my twins at 22 weeks
Boo baby
Boo baby:
So sad...God be with them...
Ally Morgan
Ally Morgan:
Omg. I would die if the loss of my baby made it onto GMA. But, she was the one feeding the news to the press. Good lord.
Kim MacRae
Kim MacRae:
Oh for god’s sake, many people suffer from this and they don’t spread it all over the internet. Why don’t you both lay low and grieve quietly.
Thanks for sharing someone else's personal tragedy.
LDC Harper
LDC Harper:
❤ my heart is broken..
Mabel Idehen
Mabel Idehen:
May the almighty God comfort you and your family. It is well with you.
Lee Carmon
Lee Carmon:
I’m so sorry for the loss your family has just suffered. Maybe take time away from social media or media of any kind and grieve. Spend time with your family and support each other. The public doesn’t need and I’m sorry again, want to know each detail of your life. This maybe your coping mechanism, but it seems so unhealthy for you to have cameras in your face recording or posting on social media while you go thru something so heartbreaking. Just my opinion.
Randall Laue
Randall Laue:
Good sign can come home... sorry for loss❤️🙏
I can’t imagine how they will be able to explain this to their kids.
Sophia Herarte
Sophia Herarte:
Man I was so excited to see that hahah grow with his brother and sister. Am I was excited for them to have a growing family. Man, i am sending love.❤️
Veronica Hendricks
Veronica Hendricks:
God bless them
Olivia Turner
Olivia Turner:
So sad. Prayers go to her and her family. God comfort them! The most horrible experience.
Barbara Bascom
Barbara Bascom:
I am so sorry, I have gone through four of those. Try to Support each other as much as you can. It help my husband & myself at the time.
Luke P Sanders
Luke P Sanders:
African Hope
African Hope:
In my culture you don’t share your pregnancy news, it is sacred. There is too much negative energy from people that can affect the baby. I’m not saying it’s the case here but live your sensitive details to yourself. This is why I’m changing my YouTube channel’s niche. I’m just gonna start focusing on fitness and food because I noticed that lifestyle was just too much of my business out there.
These comments are absolutely appalling. What is wrong with people? The loss of a baby is the loss of a baby. No one has any business saying otherwise. Life is not quantifiable to a pregnant mother and she has every right to call her baby a baby regardless of age. To those saying “karma” because of an unproved and alleged involvement in anything Epstein related. I feel sorry you live your life with such negative energy. Absolutely appalling honestly where is your compassion?
Brenda Ruiz
Brenda Ruiz:
So so sad keep learning on God we all love you
Kelly M.
Kelly M.:
This is terrible! I'm so sorry for them! Nobody deserves that OMG. 😥😰
A friend of mine just refuses to post ANYTHING related to her pregnancy when she is expecting because she's so afraid to explain shit if anything goes wrong she keeps everything thing under wraps until the baby is here....I definitely get it. I can't imagine what they're going through right now with the world watching them. My condolences 🖤
Shirley Elam
Shirley Elam:
God Bless 💕You Chrissy And John💕
Youre in my Prayers All The Time
Youre A🌹Awesome Family🌹Your Sweet Precious Children🥰
I Love 💖Jack 💖🙏❤ Too
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*:
I thought they had 2 girls.... Now im seeing a boy and girl in the fam photos. 🤷🏽... But losing a baby... No matter what stage of pregnancy... Is very heartbreaking.
Reyanna Madray
Reyanna Madray:
Omg i am so heart broken😭😭😭RIP JACK ❤
Heidi Walker
Heidi Walker:
I would never want pictures taken of me during such a horrible time!
Mary Enos
Mary Enos:
It is so sad to see these comments regardless of who they are...They are very public people and wanted to share their sadness...Hopefully some of you do not suffer this ordeal!