Chrissy Teigen reveals she suffered a pregnancy loss days after hospitalization l GMA

The model and author, who is married to John Legend, shared her grief on social media just after she was hospitalized for bleeding and opened up about her pregnancy complications.

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100+ comentarios:

cheri Montana
cheri Montana:
I have suffered 7 miscarriages. Most were in early second trimester. God had a plan for our little angels. I am truly blessed to have 2 grown sons and 5 grandchildren.
Snausages Mcgee
Snausages Mcgee:
"Honey, I lost the baby. Time for a photoshoot!"
LaToya Taylor
LaToya Taylor:
Bless her heart. I went through the same in August 2017. Prayers for them. I got my rainbow baby. They will also
If you never had a miscarriage you don’t understand the pain. 💯💋😞🙏🏼👼🏼
Appearing through dimensions
Appearing through dimensions:
I could not imagine in a million years I would feel the need to post anything about losing my baby on the internet. Later on most likely but the timing? These celebrities have sick minds. Plain and simple. And there terrible examples for humanity.
Amethyst Angel
Amethyst Angel:
I have had so many miscarriages and don’t have a child. I really feel their pain. Praying for them and their family.💔😢🙏🏻
Mike D
Mike D:
The most important thing it seems was to inform social media.
T boogie wit Da bun
T boogie wit Da bun:
My heart goes out to ANYONE who has lost babies due to miscarriages, this is not just their story- this is millions of people’s story. 🥺🥺🥺.... difference is, you all don’t get seen or heard for you loss. your little ones aren’t forgotten either. I see you all in the comments. This is dedicated to you all! 👀😢
remember the tweets broda
Amie Hampton
Amie Hampton:
So sad Chrissy is going thru.Senting prayers for her and John Legend.
Im not a fan of chrissy and john but i know how they feel.went through a miscarriage 5 years ago.its the most devastating thing to go through as a mom.i wish her all the best
A Clem
A Clem:
Sad for them. Happens to many. First child miscarried. Never understood her appeal though.
Jason Lamb
Jason Lamb:
Remember which swamp doney teigen bullied a teenage girl
Books I Like
Books I Like:
I ask conservatives to not lower to their standards! Wish them well! We are not haters like them! Even though she has a "filthy mouth" i wish her and her husband to find peace and to stop the hating towards conservatives! Peace
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*
*MisS* *TriNiDaD*:
I thought they had 2 girls.... Now im seeing a boy and girl in the fam photos. 🤷🏽... But losing a baby... No matter what stage of pregnancy... Is very heartbreaking.
It is heartbreaking but I believe the child is in a better place, Heaven.
in other words she sacrificed the baby or this is her karma
Judy Gilbert
Judy Gilbert:
My heart goes out to her. Rest up and heal, Chrissy and John. 💔
Maya Uzzell
Maya Uzzell:
I am a mother of two and haven't ever gone through this but to see that they'd lost a 👶 it hurt me to soul i will continue to keep them in my prayers💖💯🙏💕😔
John Roberts
John Roberts:
Hi GMA , I just want too send my condolences to Chrissy & John on the loss of their baby , R.I.P. Sweet Baby Angel !!!! 😢😭👶🍼🙏🌷🌸💐🌺🌹🕊🤧
Lorann Williamson
Lorann Williamson:
We are so sorry for the loss of Mr Legend and his family my prayer is that they take time to heal , because God is a healer in his own house. We love you all blessings and honor
This Charming LoveHound
This Charming LoveHound:
Oh it's a baby now? 0:07
My heart goes out to them, but taking photos and posting them right after is too much for me. Social media is good, but oversharing can be a turn off for most. Hey, I guess everyone is different.
Jennifer Dolson
Jennifer Dolson:
Bless them, my goodness that's so hard. Sending love and comfort.
Anita Cook
Anita Cook:
I know exactly ur pain as I lost my son. The pain is unbearable. My love and prayers r with them
Loved By You
Loved By You:
That picture of her sitting up in the bed. BREAKS my heart.
So sad, my sister had a misscarriage aswell, it hits so hard 😭
Roch O
Roch O:
How heartbreaking!
Wishing them solace and love!
Thank you for sharing your story. We need to shed light on this. So many of us suffer in silence. I did. Society needs to learn to navigate grief and the loss of babies during pregnancy.
Vanessa Olson
Vanessa Olson:
So sad. Prayers for their family in this hard time. 🙏
🙏🏽 I pray healing to the Legend family
Jamie Gillette
Jamie Gillette:
So sorry to hear about the lost of baby number three sending lots of love and prayers and hugs to u and the whole family and may god watch over him and luna and miles r so sweet rip baby jack
Barbara Bascom
Barbara Bascom:
I am so sorry, I have gone through four of those. Try to Support each other as much as you can. It help my husband & myself at the time.
The Emma
The Emma:
This is news how exactly this happens a lot to mother's but you don't see them doing this
Dalton Pelham
Dalton Pelham:
Hired a photographer when she was in pain?? Seems staged!! Will use anything for money!!
Reyanna Madray
Reyanna Madray:
Omg i am so heart broken😭😭😭RIP JACK ❤
Claire Baichoo
Claire Baichoo:
jade lou
jade lou:
So she went through a hard time but didn't forget to film everything wow she is in South much pain
Shirley Elam
Shirley Elam:
God Bless 💕You Chrissy And John💕
Youre in my Prayers All The Time
Youre A🌹Awesome Family🌹Your Sweet Precious Children🥰
I Love 💖Jack 💖🙏❤ Too
Caroline West
Caroline West:
I am so sorry
I remember loosing my twins at 22 weeks
Angela Q
Angela Q:
So heart breaking 🥺
Darlene Vendryes
Darlene Vendryes:
My thoughts and prayers are with Chrissy and John thank you for sharing your pain ❤️
LDC Harper
LDC Harper:
❤ my heart is broken..
All my love goes out to Chrissy and John so sad and heartbreaking to hear the devastating news💔
Jill Gobin
Jill Gobin:
Thank you! So happy they didn’t get another to molest!
Sandra Feliciano
Sandra Feliciano:
Oh my god please give this family strength keep them strong in you lord.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Jovon Clement
Jovon Clement:
I was always told ,babies pick their parents ; just know he picked both of you out everyone else.
Nobu Wraith
Nobu Wraith:
Bruh their posing for photos and stuff, like I feel like this is a private issue
Lea Baltrenas
Lea Baltrenas:
My Heart goes to Chrissy and John,may God be with You and your Family.🌹
Regina Potts
Regina Potts:
My heart goes out to you ... ❤️🙏🏽
This happens to people every single day what makes her special
My condolence to the family my his soul rest in peace. I wish you a good deal of the loss of your son
David Money
David Money:
It's truely sad to hear. Exactly how i feel about abortion. Baby lives are irreplaceable. God Bless you guys in this difficult time.
Beautiful Deen
Beautiful Deen:
I'm so sorry for your loss it is truly heartbreaking 😢😢
My condolences to this family. You are so brave to share your experience. I’m sure it helped so many others. May your grief be carried for you by the Angels❤️
M2B mluvAndgrace
M2B mluvAndgrace:
I’m so sorry to hear that this happened because it’s devastating to anyone. Sending auntie hugs and kisses to
John Doe
John Doe:
Let’s get out in front of everything and try and normalize these demons
Benita Beaubrun
Benita Beaubrun:
They made a song today 😅😅 chrissy sing on it also baby lose"
this is what happens from domestic violence.
Pamela Hall
Pamela Hall:
God bless you your husband your family 💋❤
J.J. Daniels
J.J. Daniels:
Why would she make that my business, why would you make that my business..during her misery she just wanted to do a shout out?
Yuri Boyka
Yuri Boyka:
00:06 These abortion peddlers called an unborn life a baby in this video. Watch them recant and deny that it is a life in the future.
Eve Mcgrail
Eve Mcgrail:
Really sad & my thoughts & prayers go out to them
Debra Roo
Debra Roo:
Very heartbreaking. I pray 🙏 for healing for her and family😔
Mommitas we lost Brody Lopez Memorial day May 27th 2013 in Corpus Christi, Tx -hardest thing ever but God blessed us with 2 beautiful girls after we recovered. We never forget. Be strong.
Renee Roberson
Renee Roberson:
God Bless You and your family I pray that everything will be okay and that your family will heal ❤️❤️ healthy
Get out of their lives
Steve Stiffler
Steve Stiffler:
They trying so hard to rebuild her image...
Wicked William
Wicked William:
Question everything these people say. These are very sick people.
Pernell 12
Pernell 12:
Well that's what happens when you date NBA players 🤣
Brenda Ruiz
Brenda Ruiz:
So so sad keep learning on God we all love you
richie keki
richie keki:
I guess 60 thousand tweets weren't the only thing she deleted
G F:
Isn't she on the list of Jeffery Epstien guests that Ghislane Maxwell provided to the Feds ?
stephanie drayton
stephanie drayton:
My condolences and prayers go out to the family..🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
SC 25
SC 25:
I found the YT video from 2 weeks ago where she was doing a zoom call with the Hollyweird crew.. DIDNT look pregnant to me ... fast forward to 2:30-2:50
this algorithm sucks
this algorithm sucks:
She probably ate it..🤣
Mabel Idehen
Mabel Idehen:
My condolences to you both. My heart is broken for your family but it's going to be okay.
Carolyn Carrington
Carolyn Carrington:
My condolences to the legend family 🙏🙏🙏
Dean Brown
Dean Brown:
WHAT?? She lost her "baby??" Not her "FETUS??"

I thought according to progressives it wasn't even human until it was born and had an SSN.
Apple Tree
Apple Tree:
The saddest loss is the loss of a child. Children are blessings and a baby’s death is heartbreaking.
Randall Laue
Randall Laue:
Good sign can come home... sorry for loss❤️🙏
Molar Bear
Molar Bear:
at one point did she say, take a photo i can post it later. or ask someone to take the photo. wtf is wrong with her.
Alexandra Jean
Alexandra Jean:
Keeps the same energy for abortion !
James Griffin
James Griffin:
After all the hateful things they say about the president, I can still offer my sympathies. Now stay away from politics!
CSI Grissom
CSI Grissom:
She ate the baby, it was in her Now Deleted Tweets. 🤦‍♂️
G D - Angel
G D - Angel:
Chrissy, GOD wants me to tell you : HE LOVES YOU!!!
I watched this video around 7 or 8 this morning. And all my "head" wanted was to judge you , judge your twits, I was thinking about riding the tsunami of hate, the monstrous wave of hatred in this comment section. But somehow, I couldn't. I was struggling.
GOD, my "HEART" kept telling me :" no, not you... who are you to judge her, there are no big or small sins... you're a sinner just like her...
It took me 12 hours to surrender to GOD'S LOVE!
C H R I S - S Y .... you have CHRIST in you! Open your "HEART" to GOD and His LOVE!!!
Good luck with your new life with GOD ❤
Patty Cruz
Patty Cruz:
Very, very difficult thing to handle but why would you be so public about something do personal?
Evan McAuley
Evan McAuley:
My heart is heavy for you my dear
Marla Rodriguez
Marla Rodriguez:
Very saddened to hear this!
mike gager
mike gager:
so its not just a lump of cells now?
Lewis Leftwich
Lewis Leftwich:
God decided to NOT allow the child to endure what lied ahead!!!
Ah the bitter taste of Karma bitting back for being such a sweet heart all those years - couldn’t have happened to a better person IMO.
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez:
“But let me post a picture on Instagram”
Yousir Cantknow
Yousir Cantknow:
"Why am I craving Cherry Cobbler all of a sudden?" -- Chrissy Teigen.
THIS is news? What about the senseless m_rders of innocent people during these "peaceful" protests?
Why the 💔? I thought it was just a parasitic clump of cells.
what goes around comes around
Triple double262
Triple double262:
Damn they ate the clump of cells at the hospital? Couldn't even wait smh
Spartan 51
Spartan 51:
yea the first thing i want to do after such a loss is post about it on social media....what a bunch of clout chasing losers