Chrissy Teigen Shares 'REALLY SCARY' Updates From Hospital

Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter on Tuesday to share her ‘really scary’ morning in the hospital after suffering a ‘huge’ blood clot. The 34-year-old television personality, who is expecting her third child, has been hospitalized since Sunday dealing with pregnancy complications.

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A I:
The fact that they lost the baby is heartbreaking BUT why make it so public in the storm of accusations against them regarding... You know what 🙄 is this a way to gain simpathy ?
ilaali Ali
ilaali Ali:
Why y’all don’t report on the pizza gate allegations concerning Chrissy Teigan and her husband??!!!!
Laura McQuade
Laura McQuade:
Does that mean no more pizza for her or is it noodles?
Mysterious Mysterious
Mysterious Mysterious:
I think God works in mysterious ways and in someway she kind of deserved this for the stuff that she says inappropriately about children!
Mackenzie Lynn
Mackenzie Lynn:
i’m praying for her and hope she can get through this,
Mailroom Clerk
Mailroom Clerk:
"completely fine" pahahahahahahaha
So heartbreaking and devastating news this is hard to process💔
Ms. Ellis
Ms. Ellis:
Best to you and your family! Prayers and healing!
Taryn Brown
Taryn Brown:
:( rip poor baby. Prayers for John and chrissy.
Just heartbreaking to hear about your loss!! My prayers are with you both!!😓
Magdalena Castro
Magdalena Castro:
Hope she gets better prayers out to her and her family. Women that struggle to get pregnant and have a baby knows more than anything the struggle.
Miche True
Miche True:
I am so very sorry for the loss of Jack my deepest condolences to Chrissy & John 🙏
Lady T LTW
Lady T LTW:
Sending love and support to you guys at this time I am a huge fan love yall at sorry to hear bout the loss ♥prayers
Juanita Vargas
Juanita Vargas:
Praying for you and your family
My heart goes out to you
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa:
I truly hope she feels better. I went threw something similar with my son. I get infusions every month still bc of this. Shit sucks. May god look over them and keep them safe 💜💙
Katey Pike
Katey Pike:
RIH Sweet Baby. Prayers for mommy daddy and siblings
Jules Osaz
Jules Osaz:
Sad that she ended up losing the baby 😥. Prayers for you sis
Claire Byrne
Claire Byrne:
Thoughts go out to her family at this sad time
Andrew Mathis
Andrew Mathis:
🌞🙏✝️❤, "EASIER SAID THAN DONE, BUT HANG IN THERE, SWEET 💛", that's all I can say!!!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF'S, B SAFE ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!! ☹💔🙏✝️❤🙏✌
☆°ITS Kiara°☆
☆°ITS Kiara°☆:
2020 is not the best year. I am so sorry that this happened to you. This is so devastating. 😢😭😭😭😭😰
Jo Taylor
Jo Taylor:
God bless little baby, you're safe now🙏xxxx
David Wyatt
David Wyatt:
A time to be humble
Paivi Project
Paivi Project:
You sure have a good sense of humor 💗 Sending positive vibes 💗
Tracy Symington
Tracy Symington:
Does it remove proof of Adrenochrome addiction
Flower gal Power
Flower gal Power:
Hope all goes well -
Sara Ortiz
Sara Ortiz:
s a
s a:
Rest In Peace
R o
R o:
*I am sorry for your loss* . Sending out prayers for you, John, and entire family. *Dear God* , please embrace Chrissy , John, and their family. Please give them continuous comfort, so that they know that you will always be by their sides, and that they are loved. *Amen* .
Silly Goose
Silly Goose:
T Y:
lagi nakahubad etong babaeng toh
Typical celebrity.. more concerned about posting an update to make themselves feel better.. just had a miscarriage “ hey honey... get the phone and let’s post to Instagram.. make sure I look good”
All Lies BStrong
All Lies BStrong:
Moises Lopera
Moises Lopera:
Logical Man2121
Logical Man2121:
How do you normally ingest Adrenochrome Chrissy? Do you usually drink it or is it always by IV?

Since when do you get a blood transfusion because you're spotting when you're pregnant? How do you get a breast reduction when you're pregnant? Why did I just see you in a video with Brad Pitt and you weren't pregnant at all? Why did I see a pic of you "pop your tuck" on a yacht?

The question I think we all want answered is… WTF is wrong with you? I mean what is seriously wrong with your head???
For someone who calls it a fetus and pro abortion why is she crying it's not a baby yet isn't that what they preach? So is it a baby or a fetus?
Talliho Hitsu
Talliho Hitsu:
She just posted 2 hours ago on twitter that she lost the baby due to complications. My heart goes out to her, pregnancy is scary :( Prayers for her and her family.
Liana Soares
Liana Soares:
So the baby couldn’t breathe when it was born? I’m confused. Anyways, I feel so bad for John Legend, his wife, & their 2 kids. Do their kids know about their younger brother’s death? I know they’re young but he’s their sibling so I think they should tell them both. So they officially named him Jack? I hope on Google when you look up John Legend & says they still have 3 children. I think it would be very respectful if they put the 3rd child’s name on the list. I am the eldest of 2. I have 2 brothers. Savion & Serano. Savion was born 2nd & Serano was born 3rd. Serano was a stillbirth so my mother gave birth to him via C-section. My mother’s placenta was almost white. When I was born, mine was completely white & I didn’t get enough oxygen in my brain which caused me to have a seizure in the womb (not the kind where you shake. It was a kind where you’re blinking a lot & looking around) which caused me to have a cognitive learning disability (specifically Aspergers which the level I have is on the lowest spectrum of Autism)...I literally got it from a lack of oxygen in my brain which triggered a seizure which lead to my learning delay. It also gave me a lack of short-term memory. But get the hint: My mother’s placenta was ALMOST white (very little blood) when she had me & this is how I mentally turned out to be. Serano’s was COMPLETELY WHITE (no blood) & he died. He was born on May 31, 2004. If he was alive today, he probably would have been more mentally delayed than me. Hell, he probably would have been delayed just like Arnie from What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1993). He is buried in the cemetery next to my house & in a separate coffin (of course) next to his is my uncle’s (who died in a car crash at 21 years old in December of 1991 because he didn’t wear a seatbelt). So did John & Chrissy’s baby die right when he came out of her or did he die while still inside her (stillbirth)? Are they going to try again for another baby or are they scared that a miscarriage might happen or even have the same kind of death as Jack’s?
J. Blake
J. Blake:
Life is so precious and unpredictable. Sorry for your loss Chrissy and John! RIP baby Jack...🥺
This is the worst pain any mother and father can feel. Prayers to your family and any other woman who went or is going through this pain.
Junita A S
Junita A S:
Sending love.... stay strong
Hispanic Lovin
Hispanic Lovin:
God Bless😇
Mandi M.
Mandi M.:
I hope you feel better. Prayers to you and your baby.
Olivia Prewett
Olivia Prewett:
She lost the baby they named him Jack. Prayers to her and John in these awful times. 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Kari Bennett
Kari Bennett:
Sad. He passed. Life is crazy.
Shakur Dt
Shakur Dt:
They gave their baby up as tribute to the elite that baby is alive and in the hands of the devil !!!!!
Tony Torres
Tony Torres:
Her and John are multi millionaires, They can save a child during birth nowadays easier than ever😑🧐something weird about this.. the way she talks about the blood too(andrenachrome deficiency??) They creepy af tbh.. don’t believe what u see on 📺
Terry Manning
Terry Manning:
She kept the camera's rolling and social media updated. Well done. She didn't miss a day. What is it with these Hollywood people who crave attention? This shouldn't be used as a social media moment.
Kelsie Spencer
Kelsie Spencer:
🤣🤣 I love her!
Evan McAuley
Evan McAuley:
Glad she and baby are ok. It real tough to be strong during the scary
Elle H
Elle H:
Hope you feel better.🥰
Mukuni Mulundika
Mukuni Mulundika:
Shame... She's so strong and trying to stay positive. I pray for her recovery and for a safe and healthy delivery...
m f
m f:
Rip baby Jack
Little House on The Hill
Little House on The Hill:
“It kinda feels like I have someone else inside of me....” news flash. You do. A baby
Lou B
Lou B:
You have a lot of support from your ...,FANS....... just continue to express your feeling ......thoughts..... Sharing your feeling will definitely help other Women.......Bless you and your Family......
andy Joshua
andy Joshua:
She said she hopes there is no blood transfusion between her and a "maga" person. As a "maga"person myself I'd just like to say I feel for u and I hope u guys try again. See the difference
C S:
Ali Huebner
Ali Huebner:
not one single soul at this time wanted to be born as her as a mother. God, you done good.
Summer Lopez
Summer Lopez:
So sad💔💔
Feel better Chrissy
Doubt if she was ever pregnant, the announcement came after her tens of thousands of pe-do tweets were deleted and she needed sympathy, now she needs to end the charade so she can get on with her sordid selfish life - I don't know any good mother who would elect to have a breast implant removal operation during pregnancy, this woman is vile
lll LOUIS:
🙏🏿 She is so awesome!
Gary Glitterbomber
Gary Glitterbomber:
Perhaps her candy ass husband can write a song about it.
This isn’t a really scary update btw. It’s just an update
I thought they where moving out U.S.A. THERE IS A GOD
Zoë Rudolph
Zoë Rudolph:
I feel so sad for her !! Hope the family is okay !! Praying for them 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌😥😥😥😭😭 God is able 💗💗
Glutamate Sulphate
Glutamate Sulphate:
There is something very bizarre and creepy about her posts
Joseph Christenson
Joseph Christenson:
Oh my! How are you gonna pin it on Trump this time?
Unknown MV
Unknown MV:
Now her baby is gone.. 😢
K A:
Why is she not wearing a hosp gown? You know what? Stay off social media and rest up like a normal human being. Geez!
andy Joshua
andy Joshua:
They have hospital gowns available
Oh please there are people that have lost their lives during the pandemic... I wont say anymore
She misses cooking huh
Danny G
Danny G:
what goes around comes around
maddie hall
maddie hall:
seriously? y’all more focused on a damn conspiracy than the death of a baby😐 imagine if it was your own mother was going through this same situation, let’s see y’all keep this same energy about drugs when it come to your own mother.
kevin riley
kevin riley:
Adrenochrome withdrawal
Fok Julie
Fok Julie:
She just had to mouth off about politics. Who cares, lady 🙄
Liana Soares
Liana Soares:
Why did she do a blood transfusion?
Celestial Knight
Celestial Knight:
She kept publicizing her still born child's birth, its sickening and its an outcry for attention
Tyna D'Arco
Tyna D'Arco:
What does she mean by “save worthy “???
Joan Holland
Joan Holland:
The problem with transfusions once yu take the transfusion yu also take on that persons life experiences.
marianne rogers
marianne rogers:
Your odd for filming any of this.
Freddy B
Freddy B:
So it’s only sad when someone loses a wanted baby/fetus? But not when millions of babies/fetuses are aborted yearly??
Gabriela Montes de oca
Gabriela Montes de oca:
I'm sooo sorry for your loss
Chrissy and John legend
I know the pain you and your family have in your heart

The worst pain in the world
Is losing a child !!!
That's just my opinion

Ten years ago my sisters baby boy died. The baby went to heaven 9 days later. Problem with his lungs
My sister couldn't go to the cemetery for one year

Two years later
My sister had a baby boy then two years later another baby boy
I mean no disrespect🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
Jimena Uruenas
Jimena Uruenas:
HYPOCRITES, when it is a miscarriege it is a BABY but when it IS ABORTED it is just a bag of cells, "A PRODUCT"
Dannielle Altadonna
Dannielle Altadonna:
Enough about this damm
Gina B
Gina B:
We believe the children are our future ...🍕🍕🍕
Marianne Snead
Marianne Snead:
Just be careful with the pregnancy
Mockavel Velli
Mockavel Velli:
Oversharing. I would not be able to be active on social media during something like this. So they asked a professional photographer to take pictures of them during this? BIZARRE.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
Way too personal
she ate the baby 😔
Mabel Idehen
Mabel Idehen:
May the almighty God be with you and your baby.
Justice Williams
Justice Williams:
She sacrificed that baby she is sick
Linda Williams
Linda Williams:
I don't get it. WhaWhat's the purpose of doing this??? This should be between you, your husband and your doctor. She's addicted to attention.
Elite Elite
Elite Elite:
haha that jerk
Dude Love
Dude Love:
J Kennedy
J Kennedy:
I pray to god you repent soon
Sally Syrup
Sally Syrup:
Probably eating too many babies.