Chrissy Teigen Suffers Miscarriage After Pregnancy Complications | TODAY

Model Chrissy Teigen is recovering after she and her husband, singer John Legend, shared the sad news Wednesday that she had suffered a miscarriage. Natalie Morales reports for TODAY, and family and clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein joins the show to talk about the emotional impact of miscarriage.
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Chrissy Teigen Suffers Miscarriage After Pregnancy Complications | TODAY

98 comentarios:

R Z:
It’s always sad when a miscarriage happens. So, why would they feel the need to take pictures and publicize in this manner. I dislike this couple so much.
Big Jesus
Big Jesus:
She deleted thousands of tweets joking about abusing children. She doesn’t deserve a child.
MW Tich
MW Tich:
She didnt forget to add filters though.
Stan blackpink and don't be toxic
Stan blackpink and don't be toxic:
Why would she take a picture of herself during the miscarriage.... gurl
Gayle Greene
Gayle Greene:
Chrissy teigen makes pedophile jokes.
Local Asian
Local Asian:
She is the woman who tweeted saying "Seeing little girls do the splits half-naked is just … I want to put myself in jail."
Kendra Onorato
Kendra Onorato:
I had a miscarriage 2 months ago... and it was the hardest thing I've ever been through.
Necessary Evil
Necessary Evil:
"How many likes did we get, bae?"
Crazy part is she has time to use snap chat..went through this but didn’t feel up to all that.
Daniela C
Daniela C:
“Take a pic of me crying and in pain so I can share it on ig” and even if it wasn’t her idea no normal person thinks is okay to take a pic/video of a person that just lost her baby... or am i the weird one bc I just don’t get it
Gayle Greene
Gayle Greene:
Why is there a video of Luna singing a song about blood and babies? Google it.
Josh P.
Josh P.:
How can anyone take this seriously with the filters and obvious social media attention seeking... How sad and tragic. Loss, Love, and clicks... smh...
Slanus Greenstreet
Slanus Greenstreet:
"Honey, I think I'm having a miscarriage....grab the camera"!
Certified _AC
Certified _AC:
RIP Jack😢
Justin Case
Justin Case:
Miscarriage is very sad. But seriously this is NEWS? Something is wrong with you if you feel you should blast this out to the world. Take comfort in your family not your millions of fans.
Ken Sim
Ken Sim:
hard believe that this sort of event makes "big news" on U Tube. most of the time a miscarriage is a private family matter. But this is the sort of world we are in.
Tish RN
Tish RN:
I tried for 5 years to get pregnant, suffered 5 miscarriages and was finally blessed with my miracle baby. My son is now 14 and I thank God every day for blessing me and my husband. I can relate to the grief and devastation, but can’t relate to broadcasting all over Instagram.
yall are so mean I literally can’t-
Erika With a K
Erika With a K:
There's "publicly grieving" but then there's FILTERED PHOTOS FROM A PHOTO-OP. I am not saying her grief is invalid; I just find it interesting that, while grieving, one of the first things they made sure to do was get carefully posed photos AND then had the time to carefully select the proper filter for them. It feels very ingenuine. All for some internet points.
Karen Hardie
Karen Hardie:
How was she allowed to have breast surgery and not know she was pregnant. Don't they test for that before surgery.
Pedo Teigen
Lady Devastating
Lady Devastating:
They missed them 60,000 erased TWEETS??...
I lost my baby in march, from the moment we found out we were pregnant we named him Lucca Jack . I had placental and amniotic fluid leakage

☀️ Rest In Peace sweet babies
Charles Amaral
Charles Amaral:
Why is this girl posting everything in her life. Somethings are just Private.
Unaffiliated Person
Unaffiliated Person:
I'm confused I thought the left was pro-choice. I guess in the words of Eminem," now it's a tragedy now it's so sad to see".
Baby dies.

“Quick! Take a pic and post it on social! Gotta milk this somehow.”
Mike Jones
Mike Jones:
This is the universe telling her to stay away from kids. She’s a creep pervert. Look up her deleted tweets.
No class , at all.
The last thing you do, is broadcast your troubles to the world.
Especially losing a baby.
Attention seeking at its very worst.
Cheryl Ferry
Cheryl Ferry:
who is thinking about posting on social media during this situation? Can't anyone deal with their lives privately anymore?
Halfman Halftree
Halfman Halftree:
Wow such profound national news. I don’t know how we will recover as a nation from this tragedy we must come together as a nation.
Love how all these people watched the entire video after reading the title and then came down to the comments to say, “Nobody cares!” Sad little forever-aloners.
Lindsay Schilling
Lindsay Schilling:
So sorry! I've been through this 6 times; i was never able to have children. It IS a painful process! Your children, and husband, are a complete joy and love; draw them closer with lots of hugs & kisses. Prayers to you❣
Yaymarie Nieves
Yaymarie Nieves:
So sad!! RIP Jack. 🌈🙏
Miguel De Avalos
Miguel De Avalos:
God Bless Them, In This Time Of Sorrow✝️
Gent H
Gent H:
IDK. Once you've watched a few episodes of Black Mirror, a lot of this stuff sounds and looks like bulls#it. The bs isn't that she had a miscarriage. The bs is that she wrote thousands of suspect-pedo tweets, deleted them, and now its drama after drama with these people. Why are all these pictures so pretty? Why is she wearing makeup, and using filters?
Josh Franklin
Josh Franklin:
The timing of this is odd to say the least
Dexter Justice
Dexter Justice:
Yes, most of us have experienced this..we don’t choose to make it a photo op.
Minh Pham
Minh Pham:
Klondike Blame
Klondike Blame:
These people over share
Miss J A
Miss J A:
What sad news! Lots of strength to Chrissy, John & family. Rest in peace little Jack
God works in great and mysterious ways :). Wonder if they are going to try and get some andrenochrome out of their loss?
Kisha Lewis
Kisha Lewis:
Jim Barr Official
Jim Barr Official:
I don't understand this obsession with social media, airing all the gory details about very personal matters like this. Maybe I'm too old, but this looks slightly narcissistic to me. I feel for the couple, but if this were me, none of this would ever see the light of day.
I feel for your loss because I've gone through it before also
Clifton M. Uhl
Clifton M. Uhl:
1:50 I quit my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Travis Garnett
Travis Garnett:
Ximena Niemeier
Ximena Niemeier:
Terri Taylor
Terri Taylor:
Sooo sorry for yall's lost I know how you feel I've been there,my prayers are with your fan.
Tacita Morgan
Tacita Morgan:
Chitra Adkar
Chitra Adkar:
Grieving photoshoot 🤣🤣🤣 FO
What a 'heartbreaking' filter😂
Mabel Idehen
Mabel Idehen:
May the almighty lord be with you guys.
jhoni gupta
jhoni gupta:
0:47 I stopped my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Norma Cierra
Norma Cierra:
Our sincere condolences, this is a very difficult moment, we know the pain, we lost our son (Miguel) a long time ago, again our sincere condolences
Barbara Drtina
Barbara Drtina:
Thank you for sharing... I love how open and vulnerable you both are in service to others.
K It
K It:
classic white bread
classic white bread:
Apparently, beggars can be choosers too.
Nduka Mba-Uzoukwu
Nduka Mba-Uzoukwu:
josh moore
josh moore:
Nice to see they had time for the photo op.
What do they do on Epstein's island? We all know how they loved Epstein island!
Karen Wright
Karen Wright:
John just goes along with Anything...
Just the Albrights
Just the Albrights:
So sad. How far was she? Wasn’t this a stillbirth? Praying for them! I’m sure she was still in shock and disbelief during her time in the hospital.
Amani W
Amani W:
Karla Garner
Karla Garner:
Whose in there taking photos of this "private" moment? That's weird.
Why would a grieving couple crave attention for this? It's macabre. Please, this should be a very private moment.
Una Nina Nine
Una Nina Nine:
And? Get her off social media. We want genuine people with genuine hearts to sympathise with.
Joy Ful
Joy Ful:
And make sure you have pics of me and my man a perfect photo op! Please
made you look
made you look:
Mommy loves booze, so so much 💕
Frances Bowen
Frances Bowen:
My heart felt condolences go out to The whole family. May you be lifted up during this time of great sadness and loss.
Regina Germano
Regina Germano:
Loni Min
Loni Min:
Awwww 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson:
LEGEND FAMILY(OHANA)(Love u guys like my own FAM) I'm deeply saddened for your WHOLE family😭......🙏....we LOVE YOU baBY JACK LEGEND ♥️🌹💋💯
Seth Reynolds
Seth Reynolds:
1 in 5 pregnancies are ending in miscarriage's. Incredibly sad...idk what causes it.
Arctic Fox
Arctic Fox:
Very strange how she has a photo shoot for such a serious situation.
kevin milner
kevin milner:
My heart goes out to them both . I wish this on no one ..
mrsC Mac
mrsC Mac:
Of course a message would have been enough...picture was not necessary.
Finally some good news 😊
Been thru that before. I know a few people also. Gotta keep trying it’s part of life. 🙏🏻
Tammy Breuker
Tammy Breuker:
Barbara s brown Brown
Barbara s brown Brown:
Sorry about lost baby! You still have blessing children & your husband @😍🙏🙏🏽
Karen Acton
Karen Acton:
I don’t think I could share something like this with the very hard.
Gloria Ramos
Gloria Ramos:
We love you lil Angel Jack
💞 🙏 🕊️
andy Joshua
andy Joshua:
A fatal case of TDS can apparently be passed in utero. Thank goodness there were photographers on hand to document this medical development.
Cheriea Hines
Cheriea Hines:
I am so, so sorry for your loss. God give you comfort and peace.💔🙏❤
Rocket Surgeon
Rocket Surgeon:
As pro-abortion supporters, why are they sad? Is it the loss of the baby’s life or the desire to have another baby? Honest question.
lyd x
lyd x:
God works in mysterious ways
Bruce Bessler
Bruce Bessler:
So let me get this correct. If a Liberal supporter of abortion has a 'miscarriage' it's an 'unborn baby' but if a person gets an abortion it's not a living thing? Don't get me wrong as I'm just trying to understand the hypocrisy of the left. I feel it's the woman and only the woman's choice. But when far leftist want to have it both ways that's when the chaos sets in.
Cube Tube
Cube Tube:
*SHARING* their PRIVATE pain??? Hmmm sounds not so private when *SHARED* LMAO
Laura DiClaudio
Laura DiClaudio:
Sending love and strength. Everyone handles life’s challenges differently. Bless them and their children.
April Gales
April Gales:
I lost a baby at 20 weeks and no way would I have wanted a camera in my face snapping photos for social media. It's a very hard thing to go through.
Strong lady and mom! 💚
Michelle Glick
Michelle Glick:
My heart goes out to them.
Peggy Joseph
Peggy Joseph: