Cinderella Band Guitarist Jeff Labar Cause Of Death.??

Jeff Labar Has Passed Away at the Age Of 58. It was His Son Sabastian Labar who Broke The News on Social Media.
Jeffrey Philip LaBar was an American guitarist most famous for playing in the glam metal band Cinderella, in which he replaced original guitarist Michael Schermick

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K Kwok
K Kwok:
RIP brother. May Gods comfort be with your family and fans all over the world
RIP Jeff. Loved Cinderella, loved your contributions to Rock n Roll.
Oh man, what a great guitarist. Rest in peace, godspeed.
SWFL Motorsports Fan
SWFL Motorsports Fan:
Rest In Peace / he was a great guitarist 🎸
Brian Gingras
Brian Gingras:
I was a Cinderella fan and saw them play twice rest in peace Jeff this video didn't give the answer to what his cause of death was
Goodbye jeff... I will miss you...
Scott Woodham
Scott Woodham:
This is so sad he will be missed R.I.P 😰😨Jeff you will be missed
John Mcaulay
John Mcaulay:
A sad loss to the Metal Community.

Another great musician I grew up with gone.


R.I.P. Jeff.
RJC 72
RJC 72:
Was fortunate to see Jeff live with Cinderella in the summer of 2000 on a quadruple bill that included Dokken, Slaughter and Poison. At one point during Cinderella's set, he was playing a double-neck acoustic while a double-neck electric was slung across his back. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! God rest his soul!
Carsten Pankau
Carsten Pankau:
Prayers 🙏🏻♥️
RIP the great Jeff Labar.
N Jones
N Jones:
Fantastic talent ! 🎸🎶
Ingrid Royce
Ingrid Royce:
My sincere condolences go out to his Family, Friends and Fans. Great musician, another one too soon to leave us. Have a little awesome video of him that I shot at Vamp'd
in Vegas. R.I.P. Jeff. When I find it will post for Sebastian, Family and Fans.
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn:
So sad 😭 Rest in Peace Jeff 💞🕊️🙏
Dimas Herlambang
Dimas Herlambang:
RIP Jeff. You are my guitar hero.
Nathan McCartney
Nathan McCartney:
Bless you, Rocker!
Rip Jeff. Saw you guys in the 80s and one hell of a concert and night. Also Jeff deserves so much better than this Computer voice..Jeff was the real deal..
Brian Ellsworth
Brian Ellsworth:
Jeff had a lot of demons I hope he is in a better place prayers go out to his family
Андрей Муравцов
Андрей Муравцов:
Thomas Wolf
Thomas Wolf:
Gonna miss him
Robert L
Robert L:
Rest in peace. Jeff Labar
saw him with cheap thrill in downtown park cincinnati with my son and grandsons ~ what a show ~ we were in front row with Jeff right there, followed since
maria demers
maria demers:
Cause of death? Click bait. Rest with God Jeff, love you
Roger McGee
Roger McGee:
Julio C. Balbo
Julio C. Balbo:
R. I. P.
Jennifer Rice
Jennifer Rice:
Cause of death???????

I read he passed away peacefully at home due to cancer. I don't know how truthful that is, but, there you are. How could it be died peacefully if they found him unconscious?
Yes 🙌🏻 Rest-In-Peace Sweet Music 🎶 Man🪶🕊🕯✌🏻💗🦋
Martin Macdonald
Martin Macdonald:
Mazawma Pachuau Chawnglul
Mazawma Pachuau Chawnglul:
RIP 😢😢😢😓😓
Julio C. Balbo
Julio C. Balbo:
R. I. P.
Liam N
Liam N:
Noooooooo!!! =(
Wild-Irish Rose
Wild-Irish Rose:
WRONG!!...Check your facts!! His wife Debinique Salazar found him....🤨🤨🤨
Benard Ubert
Benard Ubert:
Cinderella and Bon Jovi concert was killer
Red Rocket
Red Rocket:
I guess He couldn't avoid the grim reaper and trade for Mike Shermick's life!
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson:
I liked cinderella when i was younger
Very tragic. So what did he pass away from? What is the latest?
Got roche
Got roche:
Robert Kaplan
Robert Kaplan:
Tom Kieffer was Cinderella!
phillip mckeown aka LUCIFER.
phillip mckeown aka LUCIFER.:
My god.... The news is horrible. Vinny paul passed away this month too 2 yrs ago.
Janet Mobilia
Janet Mobilia:
We all know what's up. Do you really need to hear it?
No cause of death. Thanks for wasting our time.
Erica Parker
Erica Parker:
Rip jeff
Very sad day
Clarksville Country Club
Clarksville Country Club: bad is your real voice? It can't be as bad as this robotic crap! RIP Jeff.
Ella McClanahan
Ella McClanahan:
Man don't do these bull shit tributes with a robot 🤖 voice have a person God damn this is so wrong on so many levels
Myles Aka TRM
Myles Aka TRM:
Please if you are going to report on someone passing away PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT INSTEAD OF USING JEF LABAR AS CLICK FUCKING BATE! 1 You didn't know him so you have no right to post shit like this! Debi found him HIS WIFE! So sad you make money off Jeff's passing! 💔 You should be ashamed of yourself! Please keep Sebastian, Debi, Mr & Mrs Labar in your thoughts & prayers! Rest In Peace Jeff Labar! Thank you for being a true friend, musician what you did fir rock and roll! 🤘🤘🤘 You did things your way! God Bless everyone. ✌
Fuzzy Butkus
Fuzzy Butkus:
Voice and announcer freaking me out.
R D353
R D353:
Jeff was not a good guitar player. Tom did most of the guitar playing.
Jeff even hurt the band and did not appreciate what Cinderella did for him.
diego edisson Garcia
diego edisson Garcia:
not answer the question of causes of death
Ghibli Nerd
Ghibli Nerd:
Don’t bother with the video. It’s clickbait and doesn’t give a cause of death.
Michael Huff
Michael Huff:
Why can’t you get a human to read these things???
click bait
R D353
R D353:
Cause of death, he screwed up his life and pissed off so many people. No respect towards other musicians.
Rob F.
Rob F.:
Toxicology results i bet will be overdose.