Cinderella Guitarist Jeff Labar Passes Away At 58

Longtime Cinderella guitarist Jeff Labar has passed away at the age of 58, according to his son. Jeff Labar was a beloved glam guitarist and played with Cinderella for more than 30 years.

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100+ comentarios:

R.I.P. Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone definitely springs to mind here
Garden of Serenity
Garden of Serenity:
I met Jeff as an extra in the Nobody's Fool video. I was only in the 8th grade. He was nice and was the only one who approached us. Nice memory. RIP Jeff.
Corky Cobon
Corky Cobon:
This truly sucks. My deepest condolences to Jeff's family and the members of Cinderella during their time of grief.
Roy Eappen
Roy Eappen:
Underrated 80s band.
Dennis Perin
Dennis Perin:
RIP Jeff, Such a great tone that band had, Shake Me…All Night Long…
Ryan Moore
Ryan Moore:
Underrated guitarist, unfortunately most ppl only know their hit songs , but they have some amazing guitar 🎸 filled songs!! Rest easy .. another one of the guitarist from my teenage years is gone!! It's funny " Don't know what you got" was one of the only ballats from the 80's l never got sick of!!
We all need a little shelter, and now Jeff Labar has found that Shelter in the Arms of God. RIP
ABAD9999 ABAD9999
ABAD9999 ABAD9999:
A very underrated guitar player from a very underrated band. Many people dismiss Cinderella as just another 80s metal band, but nothing could be further from the truth. Labar and Kiefer brought a blues sound to that era of metal that stands the test of time. RIP Jeff, your musical contributions will live on forever.
L. Salisbury
L. Salisbury:
"Long Cold Winter" (1988) proved Hair-Metal could be musically creative and lyrically intelligent!
Oh man, come on. All of our Rock and Roll heros are passing away lately. R.i.p. Jeff ☹️.
Weird Story. I was in the car listening to the radio this morning and a song by Cinderella came on, and i was curious as to who they were and I looked them up and listened to a couple of their songs and I loved them. Well next thing you know I learned that the guitarist passed away
RIP ❤️
Pip Tyson
Pip Tyson:
Thanks Jeff for the music and memories. I'll never forget the first time I heard you and Cinderella play, it really hit me. R.I.P.
Joe Rico
Joe Rico:
Jeff was dealing with demons and unfortunately they caught up with him. I met him once at a show and he was very down to earth. It was right after their set on the Long Cold Winter tour and he just walked up to me and a bunch of my friends and started talking to us.
Anthony Rosenthal
Anthony Rosenthal:
I guess I was just 11 years old when Night Songs was first played on the radio.... I was blown away and became an instant Cinderella fan. I've been a fan ever since. I am deeply saddened to hear that yet another of my heroes, another great who made me want to play guitar, has left us. Rest in peace Jeff LaBar, and thank you for so many great years of great music.
S. Bradley
S. Bradley:
My condolences to his family, Jeff was an incredible guitarist!
He's on the Gypsy Road, taking him home. Rock in peace 🤘🏻
One of the main reasons I started playing guitar was this guy, RIP
Eric Gorman
Eric Gorman:
One of the best hard rock bands of that era. R.I.P. Jeff. Your music leaves behind a legacy never to be forgotten.
Sad news. I was always impressed how he could swing his guitar around his shoulder and it never falled off! Such an amazing player. The Night Songs record is an amazing record. I lost my best friend to Alcholisim. I know the loss. My deepest condolences to Jeff's family.
Nick Diaz 2021 Return
Nick Diaz 2021 Return:
Seems so many have fallen since 2017 - how tragic! RIP
Vito Hall
Vito Hall:
One of my all time favs guitarist..Cinderella is one of the reasons I started playing music..R.I.P
Alex Torres
Alex Torres:
Oh man! I was just watching "Push Push" live in Tokyo. They had great moves!
What a tragic loss. Glad I got to see him with Cinderella, they were amazing. Those early albums were so great.
M Heberling
M Heberling:
Such a good band from this era. In my opinion, the best. Even had Cinderella posters on my wall as a young metalhead. Rest In Peace Jeff.
Karen Gustad
Karen Gustad:
R.I.P. Jeff - My condolences to the family. I have many fond memories of Cinderella’s music. 😔
Slap Nuts
Slap Nuts:
Too young RIP 🙏 Cinderella was a good band back in the day
Anthony Rosenthal
Anthony Rosenthal:
I guess I was just 11 years old when Night Songs was first played on the radio.... I was blown away and became an instant Cinderella fan. I've been a fan ever since. I am deeply saddened to hear that yet another of my heroes, another great who made me want to play guitar, has left us. Rest in peace Jeff LaBar, and thank you for so many great years of great music.
Joe Gay
Joe Gay:
Had the pleasure of seeing Cinderella live and what a show. This guy was spot on with his playing. Seems like anymore we are reminded more and more just how fragile life is. RIP JL
Broke At Best Music
Broke At Best Music:
Nothing For Nothing remains my favorite 80s riff. RIP
marvel harris
marvel harris:
Jeff's guitar playing was a perfect match to Tom's.... that tight sound has never been the same since he left. rip jeff
Thomas Wilde
Thomas Wilde:
This hurts my heart. TY for the tunes and great concert memories! Twirl your guitar with Eddie.
T Rope
T Rope:
always a shame too lose anyone at such a young age, cinderella was def one my favorite 80's bands growin up(born in 87). i didnt listen too anythin out of the time frame of 65-89 until i was probably 13 years old! my dad was a huge influence on me musically, as i only had his tapes as guides, an since i love my dad so much, i kept his taste in music, along with his theory that modern music sucks :P, up until i actually heard/seen the bands tantric and staind on mtv late at night, which made me stray outwards, an actually start listening to modern music ! my dad had 2 cinderella albums that i remember, an i played the crap out of them, along with acdc on road trips to slc for school clothes shopping, and to bear lake for out annual summer camp out! RIP Labar, an peace be with your family!
Little Suzi86
Little Suzi86:
So sad to hear Jeff Labar is gone.😢 Prayers to his family & friends💙 I’ve Seen Cinderella many times and they rocked the house every time🤘Legend of the 80’s.😪
Mister Ma55h0l3 617
Mister Ma55h0l3 617:
Another musical rock hero sent on to greener pastures, and a truly devastating loss to the rock community. R.I.P. Jeff Labar....😔🙏🏼
Rowena Ellison
Rowena Ellison:
I spent almost two hours jamming out to Cinderella last night. He was one of my favorites. Rest easy Jeff. Prayers to the family and friends 🙏💖
He was and will always be one of my very favorite Guitarists. This guy is what I picture when I hear the words Rock Star!
Lawrence Cabrera
Lawrence Cabrera:
Great guitar player, one of the best bands from my youth! RIP Jeff you will be greatly missed.
Billy C
Billy C:
I just can’t say enough about the guy.
A true human being. Much love to the family.
This is sad. Always hate to hear stuff like this. He was still young. We need more music like the 80's hair bands on the radio. Best stuff ever.
Bernard Mulligan
Bernard Mulligan:
I worked with a guy who used to be friends with Jeff when they were teenagers. As much as he talked about him I felt like I knew him.
T M:
I saw Cinderella many times in the early days in Philly. He was great live and Night Songs was an awesome debut album. He was always appreciative to the fans in the clubs and was a genuinely nice guy. Thoughts and prayers to his family. R.I.P
The Mechaniacal
The Mechaniacal:
Thoughts and prayers for Jeff and his family. Rest in eternal peace.
Ches Lee Pack
Ches Lee Pack:
Jeff has walked the last mile. R.I.P. Jeff. Your legacy will live on.
RL Willow
RL Willow:
This is a sad day in music history. I remember buying the album Night songs and listening to songs like Nobody's fool on my record player. It was magical. Cinderella changed the world and Jeff will be very much missed.
Carlos prata Prata
Carlos prata Prata:
CINDERELLA, was a band that accompanied me in my adolescence POISON, WHITE LION, was the bands I listened to, even today when listening to them it is like traveling in time. rest in peace JEFF LABAR .
Damn that sucks he was a killer guitarist. Watch some of their live performances and you'll see it. Keep rockin down that gypsy road
Cathy Cavanah
Cathy Cavanah:
I'm in shock. Such horrible news, so sad!!! R.I.P. 💔
Rob Schultz
Rob Schultz:
I was lucky to meet Jeff back in the early 90's at Thoroughbred Music in Tampa. He was so very cool, and appreciative of his role in the band. If my memory serves he told me that Tom auditioned him very early on and the proceeded to audition like another 100 guys before deciding on Jeff. Sweet dude, R.I.P. He was forever grateful to Tom.
William Gainford
William Gainford:
Back in the 80s we were all obsessed with shredders - attempting to progress into something more creative/bluesy / thoughtful - jeffs intro to long cold winter was the one we all gravitated toward - he was directly responsible for me and mates of mine maturing as players -and going back and discovering cream /free/mountain etc - i owe him a hell of a lot - hell be sorely missed - seriously underrated - very sad news - r.i.p jeff
David Jenson
David Jenson:
My brother got their first album when it came out. About twelve years ago, we were in a second hand shop, and he bought the album there, too, because he lent his first one to a friend who never gave it back. Just thinking of that while watching this.
Rich Kendra
Rich Kendra:
Jeff Labar’s guitar defined 80’s hair metal like Johnny Rotten’s sneer defined punk ……RIP bro…sad day for us people who grew up not only listening to the music but actually feeling it…
Eugene Perez
Eugene Perez:
I grew up listening to the growl and metal-infused timbre of Cinderella. Even bought a CD later on when I could afford one. Definitely one of my axe slinger influences from the 80s. RIP
Michael Batts
Michael Batts:
I always dreamed of being in a flashy hard rock/heavy metal band in my younger years. Brilliant musicianship, football field-sized stages, ridiculous stage shows with lasers, mascots, etc. Influences like Cinderella, Prince, Motley Crue, Tigertailz, etc. I always dreamed of playing lead guitar like Jeff. Thank you for the ambition and the dreams, brother! Rock In Peace.
Ed Kramer
Ed Kramer:
One of the greatest live shows I have ever seen sticking to the album sound and feel. Never a bad show period.
R.I.P Jeff you will be missed. God speed.
Tracy Snow
Tracy Snow:
OMFG! I feel this one. To his family, I send you out all my heartfelt wishes in your time of loss. He was amazing. Such an amazing artist. Listened to him from the start and will continue to always listen. This is how we keep him alive!
D Wade
D Wade:
Those Cinderella tunes from '87 to early 90's helped so many teenagers get through tough times. R.I.P. Jeff.
Jav C
Jav C:
RIP-Talented guitar player and part of a great band. "Long Cold Winter" is an underrated record from the late 80's glam rock era.
Howard Weingard
Howard Weingard:
I love Cinderella… Jeff will be missed, my condolences to the Labar family and his Cinderella band mates.
Chris Pulido
Chris Pulido:
RIP brother thanks for the memories you Rock n Heaven...
felic sitepu
felic sitepu:
Another heartbreaking moment in this damned pandemic, RIP Jeff.
Metal Meister
Metal Meister:
Such an amazing musician and shredder. Jeff, your music will always hold a special place in my childhood and life. RIP Brother.
Bill Flick
Bill Flick:
The hardest glam band you'll ever hear.
Adrian Holland
Adrian Holland:
R.I.P. Jeff, condolences to his family, and the band.
I had the chance to see Cinderella several times in the late 80s. They had unbelievable live energy. They tore every arena that I saw them in apart. As a band, they deserved a longer career and a better fate. I hope Jeff is at peace.
Fantastic guitar player... played some of my favorite 80's songs.. he will be missed. Rest easy, Sir....
Pride Of The Wicked
Pride Of The Wicked:
Of all the shows I've been to in my life (scores of them), Jeff's live solo on their LCW tour is by far the most memorable. Highly underrated guitar. My regards to all who survive him
Ray Quintal
Ray Quintal:
My prayers are with the family and friends of Jeff. May you Rest In Peace.
J Owyong
J Owyong:
I've got all their albums. Fave hair band by far! Utterly shattered by the news...58 is too young mannn. My next stop? Heartbreak Station...😪
Daniel Flaherty
Daniel Flaherty:
This really hit hard when I heard this News 4 hours ago breaks my heart one of the best bands that I loved in the 80s and actually met him and Tom Keifer wants down in Disney Springs in Orlando Florida, rest in peace Jeff you be sorely missed
Jula Lavalley
Jula Lavalley:
Saw them in a little bar back in the 80's. Always loved Cinderella. RIP
dazza Nomas
dazza Nomas:
My first festival back in 1987 the Monsters of Rock Donnington Park With Jovi headlining, i had never heard of Cinderella yet with in minutes of them walking on stage i was blown away, been a fan ever since. Very sad news to hear of his passing.
Old Friend
Old Friend:
God bless you Jeff, we all thank you for your absolutely amazing musical blessings you gave us. We love your music sir. Time to watch Moscow Music Peace Festival 1989 and Cinderella live in Detroit 1991 again.
Daniel hansen
Daniel hansen:
Such a great guitarist, Rest In Peace my brother and thank you for decades of awesome music.🙏🏻🎸🤘😎
Saw Cinderella at Janus Landing in St. Petersburg, they were absolutely incredible. So sad to hear of his passing at a very young age. Here in Florida people die in their 100’s. RIP
Joseph Frager
Joseph Frager:
R.I.p. Jeff I was lucky to see Cinderella on the Long Cold Winter tour with Bullet Boys and Winger 🙏
The Creative Collector
The Creative Collector:
Those guys put on a helluva show back in the day. Jeff rocked!
Julia Dove
Julia Dove:
I have been fortunate enough to see so many great bands live back in the day, Cinderella stands out as one of the best live bands I have ever seen. RIP Jeff Labar.
Dave Rucci
Dave Rucci:
Rip Jeffrey. Will miss your amazing guitar spinning. You were the first one I think I ever saw do that and you were the master. Not to mention being a terrific player and dude 🤘🏻
Kenneth Di Leo
Kenneth Di Leo:
As a fellow guitarist myself, playing the saloons back throughout the 80's, I sure enjoyed jammin' to Cinderella tunes. Thanks Jeff, thanks for the great tunes, rest in peace buddy. 🎸
Carla Stead
Carla Stead:
"Don't Know What You Got Till It's Gone" true,anthem for alot of things happening now..
Mark Soi
Mark Soi:
Damn this is sad . Cinderella were amazing , Heartbreak Station remains my favorite record , maybe of the era . The first 3 Records built one the best foundations of any of the bands from that scene. I saw them in Houston around 2012 I think , HOB , they were still phenomenal. — Ask to the heavens above , I’m coming home .. I’m coming home .
Anonymous Google
Anonymous Google:
I was never into Cinderella music, but I respect their musicianship and creativity. RIP, and God bless the friends and family left behind.
scott oconnor
scott oconnor:
Always been a Cinderella fan. One of the first bands that got me into hard rock. Night songs in heaven for the angels tonight!
I had ‘Gypsy Road’ cranked in my car earlier today and now I see Jeff is gone....WTF
R.I.P., bro 🤘🏻😢🤘🏻
This one hurts. One of my favorites. This band was part of the soundtrack to my youth.
Terrence Connor
Terrence Connor:
My prayers fo out to Jeffs family. Thanks for all that extremely great guitar playing you left behind for the world to forever hear.
Chris Clark
Chris Clark:
So sad. Thank you for the great music throughout the years, Jeff. RIP
I'm at a loss for words. Loved his guitar work. My deepest condolences to his family and members of the band. May be Rest in Peace with the rest of the great guitarist. He was truly a force in rock!!!!
JR Rosalez
JR Rosalez:
On the Moscow Peace Festival, Jeff looked so cool, jamming so excellent too! Ripping those leads, he had those Russians mesmerized with his beautiful guitar sound and Keifer was superb too!! I'm waiting for a Long Cold Winter to play my Night Songs forever baby!!!!!
Ed Barr
Ed Barr:
RIP Jeff. Seen Cinderella in concert about 5 times, always great.
Kaitlyn Lee Hagar
Kaitlyn Lee Hagar:
One of my favorite bands of the 80s. So sad to hear this news. May he rest In peace.
James Adair
James Adair:
as if it wasnt bad enough losing eddie van halen and alexi laiho now jeff labar ? damn what the fuck is going on ? rip jeff prayers for your friends family and fans
Chris Wright
Chris Wright:
So very sad , my thoughts and prayers for his family.
Always enjoyed watching him and his band play!!!! Definitely part of the best part of the 80s and metal!!!
RIP !God bless 🙏
Adrian Lyord
Adrian Lyord:
Night Songs was a fantastic album front to back due in part to Jeff Labar and his great guitar playing with Cinderella! Sorry to hear about his passing, my condolences to his family and the other members of Cinderella. RIP Jeff.🎼
Good ol’ Jack Burton
Good ol’ Jack Burton:
I was jamming to Cinderella just now on my way from work. RIP Jeff!
Jack Osman
Jack Osman:
Incredibly sad. Very underrated guitar player on an extremely underrated band. One of my favorite rock bands from the 80s.
Chad Owen
Chad Owen:
I saw Cinderella with Slaughter and Poison over 20 years ago...Cinderella stole the show!

RIP Jeff...Between your lead and Tom's vocals it was sure bliss!
CP Musico
CP Musico:
RIP. My deepest condoleances to the family. Thanks for the great music!
Kenny Dresden
Kenny Dresden:
Rock in Peace Jeff! 🤘🏼 You left a mark on the world of rock and roll forever, and you’ll never be forgotten!