Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis dead at 80

Lewis was an organizer on the March on Washington in 1963 and served in Congress for more than three decades.

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Kelly Black
Kelly Black:
Thank you for everything. Rest In Peace, Mr. Lewis. Rest In Peace
Tara Greenwood
Tara Greenwood:
A great American, Rest In Peace Sir.
Mario John
Mario John:
"We all live in the same house", is what he said. POWERFUL AND RESONATING WORDS... REST IN PEACE HUMAN RIGHTS HERO..
Snake Town
Snake Town:
Rest easy 🕊❤️
Reggie Davis
Reggie Davis:
Life well lived of a soldier in perserverance and fearlessness in fighting peacefully for humanity equality rights, 🙏🙌💪 may the creator of the universe FatherJehovahJesusChristsavor of humanity favor you thru eternity, in JesusChrist name, #Restinparadise John Robert Lewis
Nicole Cordova
Nicole Cordova:
💙🙏 RIP!
M2B mluvAndgrace
M2B mluvAndgrace:
A man who shed blood, sweat, and arrest for justice his whole life. R.I.P. good sir.
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer:
RIP John Lewis!
Give my regards to Martin!
May he rest in peace. Strong gentleman
Amy Chavez
Amy Chavez:
True American hero, Rep. J. Lewis, Rest in Peace 😑😞🙏💟
Kadeem Gomez
Kadeem Gomez:
God speed, John Lewis. Thank you for the right to freedom every day. A great legend in the Civil Rights Movement who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King. R.I.P.
Nassan Sousa
Nassan Sousa:
Nona Britton
Nona Britton:
Mark M.
Mark M.:
Nidia Luccioni
Nidia Luccioni:
My condolences to the family and my prayers are with you
Rest in Peace Rep John Lewis
So much History in this country like United States of America tough times civil rights movement
Maria Martinez
Maria Martinez:
That’s sad what a great men all the real ones are leaving
tom brady
tom brady:
What a decent man, dedicated his life for equality
Dr. D
Dr. D:
“We want our freedom and we want it now.” - John Lewis
A true leader, I met him at inman middle school in ATL when I was 12 years old I am grateful for everything you did for us. You made the world a better place
Isaiah da Track Killa
Isaiah da Track Killa:
R.I.P. John Lewis. You have done well and you have shed blood sweat and tears against racism and inequality. God would be so proud with you. The City of Atlanta will always remember you.
Karen Seefeldt
Karen Seefeldt:
When I was 8, I was watching a Arther episode and John Lewis was a guest on the episode and that’s how got to know him and a couple years later I knew a lot about him. I am sad that he is gone. And he died on my birthday party. Miss you John lewis😭
Jeri Cheatum
Jeri Cheatum:
Condolences to the family of Mr Lewis our American Hero. God Bless his Legacy
Jan Rovich
Jan Rovich:
He’s looking up at President Trump
A great human being - RIP John Lewis - All human beings on this earth salute you sir
Festa Fete
Festa Fete:
And the old guards die!! God Bless his journey on earth is over. A great man, a fighter till the end. R.I.P.
Jason Mendez
Jason Mendez:
A true American who fought for the real meaning of justice & liberty for all. "We are one people & one family" indeed. Rest in power John Lewis.
Julia Walker
Julia Walker:
I love this man! It’s a sad day. I love what he’s done and what he stands for he not only preached on equality but he lived it, fought for it. I truly believe he loved all for who they were because he didn’t see color, heritage or what gender they were he say the person for good that they should for. R.I.P. you were a giant for humanity and you will be missed and loved always! 🥺♥️🥺
rock starblow
rock starblow:
Omggg nooo he definitely gave his life for a good cause rip I know he's in heaven with his good brother Martin Luther king Jr and many others rejoicing now rip we will miss u John Lewis you gave a good fight in life and now it's your time your soul can rest easy and be at peace we love you and will certainly miss you tremendously and beyond what words can put into😢💔💔😢💕💖😘😇❤❤
What a great loss.. RIP Sir...Your memory...your works...your words will be with us...forever !!!
vexx con
vexx con:
May He Rest In Peace 🙏
Tuff G.
Tuff G.:
You can now rest in peace. Thank you!
Shandra Smith
Shandra Smith:
John Lewis Is An Iconic Legend!His Legacy Is Cemented& Changed The Course Of History!RIP🙏🏾
Josh Weigel
Josh Weigel:
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton:
Before, it was the counter-protesters and defenders of the status quo that shed blood. Now, it's the protesters themselves who are shedding the blood.
Jade Imy
Jade Imy:
Rest in Power, you have indeed fought the good fight. Thank you for all you have done.
A 1
A 1:
Rest in power king 👊🏾✊🏾
Shandra Smith
Shandra Smith:
May John Lewis&Rev.C.T.Vivian RIP🙏!My thoughts&prayers are with their families&friends!God Bless you for all your contributions to human&civil rights!Well done good & faithful servants!💔
Obama was the most CORRUPT Pres. in history!
Josh Dun
Josh Dun:
R.I.P Rep. Lewis 🕊️💔
I'm gone
I'm gone:
They say the good die young. 😶
John lived to the ripe old age of eighty.
Rest in peace, my friend.
The Long Road Home
The Long Road Home:
Rest in Peace...I'll say it is sad to see a man that fought so hard for just cause become so diluted by the machine of political agenda...
Moe Wilson
Moe Wilson:
Condolences from Canada.
Smell Good
Smell Good:
😪 Thank You Mr. Lewis and all civil rights activists for helping us start our lives in a less biased society. It would have been a nightmare of a world if we did not have leaders like you protecting our constitutional and civil rights.✊🏿

Now, you R.I.P Sir... we got this.

Thank you for your Sacrifice, your Patience, your Struggle, your Wisdom, your Experience and your Courage. May God bless you for being the statesman and elder to our new generation of Freedom Fighters for Equity and Justice. Even today as you stood during the 60s. You made "Us "Proud. Take your seat at the right hand of our Creator and we will remember you in "our" history books along with many others who sat down then so we can stand up today. Bless you Brother John Lewis.
Louis Delsarto
Louis Delsarto:
America did not need this now. First the great Elijah Cummings now John Lewis. This is not right. We needed them to help America heal once Joe takes over. We need unity, equality, righteousness, honesty, integrity and justice back.
Infinitely Abundant
Infinitely Abundant:
Patreon Sage
Patreon Sage:
Thank you, Sir. You are an inspiration. Your courage and forthright communication about the evil of Jim Crow and systemic racism in American is a model for young people to follow in your footsteps.
Lawanda Carr
Lawanda Carr:
Rest In Heaven Sir
Toussaint Louverture
Toussaint Louverture:
Just think. A junkie like Rush Limbaugh was given the medal of freedom. This countries standards are the lowest that they have been in 75 years.
Michael Law
Michael Law:
Two favorite quotes of mine:
"Le premier qui inventa les fossés était sans doute un homme faible, car la société ne profite qu'aux gens chétifs. Placés aux deux extrémités du monde moral, le sauvage et le penseur ont également horreur de la propriété"
La Peau de chagrin (The skin of sorrow) de Honoré de Balzac
Which means:
The first who invented the ditches was undoubtedly a weak man, because the company profits only from the weak people. Placed at both ends of the moral world, the savage and the thinker equally abhor property.
And for would have a revolution:
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.
by Alphonse KARR
(The more things change, the more they remain the same.)
Show a little gratitude for the sacrifices of many generations of your elders of all races and creeds that fought and died for your country and had worked to build the country you live in with far fewer rights and social protections than you enjoy. Spend a few minutes with a lady that came from out of Africa as a young lady, rose in Holland to be seated in the Dutch parliament, was targeted by Jihadists and found safety in America. Let her remind you of what America means instead of a bunch of crybabies would be revolutionaries pulling down every symbol of a nation whose history they do not know in more dimensions than only one.
The Case against Revolution with Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Ed Lo
Ed Lo:
I'll always remember him as a gentle lover.
Every time we lose a sincerely dedicated Leader to injustice and Civil Rights Advocate and Activist, some of the most vile comments come out of the wood work.

Rest in peace Mr. Lewis, your work and "Good Trouble" will forever pave the way for those who seek out Equality, Righteousness and Self Respect!! Your service to your country and it's people will forever surpass the hatred the world infects upon it!!

Thank you for YOUR Service!!
Daddy D
Daddy D:
Rest In Peace sir, your courage won’t be forgotten. A true hero, Ppl need to be more like him
Sound Mind
Sound Mind:
Great respect, appreciation and admiration for the life of the great John Lewis.
Amy Gentry
Amy Gentry:
Lewis was a potential good man until he became a member of the party that created the KKK. He was a racist against white people and he was a corrupt politician. Expect never ending news coverage of this 17 term member of the D.C. swamp
shantel elshabaz
shantel elshabaz:
RIP. Dear
When you stand up, ain’t nothing but things under you pulling down 🙏
Christen Ford
Christen Ford:
Rest in Peace, Rest in Power 🖤♥️✊🏾
RIP Mr John Lewis
A man I have admired from the other side of the planet for many years
Deepest sympathies to his family and friends
A huge loss for America especially in these turbulent times
Actually a huge loss for the world
It’s Angel
It’s Angel:
Rest In Peace John! Your Legacy Will Always Be Remembered. And Thanks For All The Love And Teaching You Gave Us. Salute And Prayers And Love Goes Out To The Family. Shalom Brothers And Sisters!!! 😇👼❤❤❤😘👊👊👊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Alvin Wright
Alvin Wright:
Wow, what a great man
Hector Plata
Hector Plata:
Richard Williams
Richard Williams:
My condolences to a very powerful Civil Rights Icon and a very important person in this country!!! R.I.P. John Lewis!!! You will be missed!!!!!
T L:
Ahhhhh damn damn damnnnnnn. 2020 is complete trash! I want a refund on this year.
Cruz Gustavo
Cruz Gustavo:
Seems strange especially during these times & his history. ):
Valerie Smith
Valerie Smith:
Godspeed, John Lewis; you fought the good fight. Thank you for leading the way.
Nerma Jackson
Nerma Jackson:
RIP Mr Lewis sir🙏🏽❤️
Santiago Ossa
Santiago Ossa:
RIP thank you for your service!
Raymond Fields
Raymond Fields:
RIP John Lewis🙏

#ADOS are a group with a specific justice claim. The #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.
Without specific measures being instituted, #ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

Let's honor Rep. Lewis by advocating for reparations!

#ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #DataMatters
Legend R.I.P
Sticky Moantain
Sticky Moantain:
Live with Jesus man in heaven 🕊✌🏻
Respect Mr.Lewis rest in peace now, your fight will go on.
Carol Farfan
Carol Farfan:
rip legend
Richard Jackson
Richard Jackson:
Rest in peace John. Thank you for service.
Aaron Austrie
Aaron Austrie:
Condolences to his fam 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Richard Cunningham
Richard Cunningham:
Rip ❤️😢
R.I.P JOHN LEWIS 1940-2020
Bill D
Bill D:
Fernando Robles
Fernando Robles:
2020 is the worst year so far that I can recall:( I actually had the honor to meet Mr.Lewis 3 years ago in DC. He’s a really good man who has principals.
Average Guy
Average Guy:
He will be missed 🙏🏼
America Icon .. Thank You Sir 💐
Robert Dillon
Robert Dillon:
R.I.P my brother and thank you for your courage
Tha Blunt Roller
Tha Blunt Roller:
god bless him 🙏
latino heat
latino heat:
Damn all these famous people are dying . goodnite
Micky Deloach
Micky Deloach:
I’m from Montgomery AL I watched the March! And listened to MLK’s speech and I learned! It’s not the color but his/her character! Saggy pants and not knowing how to tie boot laces or how to wear a baseball cap! 6 of my friends and I watched the march just before they got to the Bridge! And he didn’t even believe his own speeches! His mouth just runs without thought!!
Adrian F. Sanchez
Adrian F. Sanchez:
You are a huge inspiration and not just as an important figure in the civil rights movement but for being a benevolent human being. The vision for equal rights are still ongoing and despite physically not being here, your spirit and legacy will continue to march on. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼✊🏻
E Robles
E Robles:
Rest inn and peace 🙏💙 😭😭😭
Suzanne Schulz
Suzanne Schulz:
Made a Difference! A life well lived.
Sam Sung
Sam Sung:
R.i.p. , freedom fighter.
Val Mid
Val Mid:
*Rest in Peace John Lewis*
Jason Bachmann
Jason Bachmann:
Celbis Andrade
Celbis Andrade:
God bless his soul
M L White
M L White:
I salute you, warrior! Rest in Peace, sir.
Willie Cuffee
Willie Cuffee:
I celebrate you along with all people of Peace, your name is written in my Heart as it is in Heaven. Well Done Kind Sir, WELL DONE.
Mr pen pen penguin
Mr pen pen penguin:
Legend T_T
QueenLou 2U
QueenLou 2U:
Rest In Peace King.
You are missed & loved
claritza fleuristil
claritza fleuristil:
Rest In Power💕