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The Civilization VI – Maya & Gran Colombia Pack arrives May 21, 2020.

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The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.

ABOUT CIVILIZATION VI Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

ABOUT CIVILIZATION Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

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Sid Meier's Civilization
Sid Meier's Civilization:
Thanks for watching! Be sure to like the video and subscribe to the channel so you don't miss a single video.
What do you think of Gran Colombia? Will you lead them to victory as Simón Bolívar?
Philip II of Spain
Philip II of Spain:
I've got a bad feeling about this...
Juan Juri
Juan Juri:
"Uhh looks kinda OP. Devs?"
- Spain, circa 1825
Takano Ichikawa
Takano Ichikawa:
I've never imagined living long enough to see la gran Colombia in a video game. Awesome.
Queen Historia
Queen Historia:
I like how the civ Gran Colombia is beating up is Spain

Historical accuracy
AP Games - Chill Gaming Videos
AP Games - Chill Gaming Videos:
I get that additional movement is clearly OP, but let's not overlook the fact that promoting a unit doesn't end the unit's turn.
This means I can promote a unit, which heals it, move, and attack, all in the same turn. That's an OP ability by itself.
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez:
As a Venezuelan, it is great to have this Civilization that has a lot of our great independence history and with Simon Bolivar (Venezuelan Liberator and the person who dreamt this nation), La Campana Admirable (Huge campaign for the Venezuelan Independence from Spain), Llaneros ( Very important name in the Venezuelan folklore). Even though it is funny to see Jose Antonio Paez(Venezuelan Leader) at the 0:33 "Comandante General" because after he fought with Bolivar for the Venezuelan Independence he later led Venezuela to its independence from Gran Colombia (Nueva Granada, Panama, Ecuador, Venezuela), making this Bolivar dream to later fell apart.

Thank you for giving this part of Latin America a representation in this great game.
William Clement Stone
William Clement Stone:
I'm From Colombia and this is the most epic thing in this week time to play like Bolívar and La Gran Colombia ¡La Campaña Libertadora! Desde Boyacá hasta Pasto!
As a Latin American this is a dream come true, thank you Firaxis!
I like how in the video the developers are fighting Spain
So we have:
Great Colombia : Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Venezuela
Inca Empire: Peru, Ecuador, Chile
Mapcuhes: Chile

We need San Martin with Argentina and the South American Gang will be complete
Jaime Pe
Jaime Pe:
The narrator almost had an embolism saying "Campaña Admirable"XD.
"I am speed"
-Simon, probably
I am Colombian. I am literally cryining for this. Thank you!
Surasiกูเม้นเเรก Sansanga
Surasiกูเม้นเเรก Sansanga:
Everyone : Gran Colombia is op!
Me : finally I will not forget to promote my units when I already moved them now.
Andres C Neira
Andres C Neira:
1:07 Fun fact: If i'm not wrong, that plant in the front of the background is an Espeletia or 'Frailejon', which is only found in Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador. Nice touch! But that means that, as those plants only grow above 3000 meters from sea level, ...those cows are freezing!
Nicolas Andrey Rivera Huertas
Nicolas Andrey Rivera Huertas:
"Llanero the musical warrior" que hemos hecho para merecer esto
the raid was boring so now i have to do it myself
the raid was boring so now i have to do it myself:
The continent is nearly brought together
All we need now is Argentina
Holy crap, +movement to everything is *insane*, and haciendas look super sweet. Not generally a fan of military civs, but this looks great.
I love to see Simon Bolívar in strategist games like Age of Empires 3 and now Civilitation, is a very important person here in Venezuela, saludos amigos
Mr. Cub Fan 415
Mr. Cub Fan 415:
Personally, I’m excited to see some Gran Colombia vs Brazil interactions :)
Rome: "all roads lead to ro..."
Gran Colombia: *heavy breathing*
Rome: "aight iamma head out"
Gran Colombia technically was only what today is Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. However, I really hope for Gran Colombia in the game to have Peruvian and Bolivian cities, since Simón ruled those countries too.
Basically in the game he passed from a liberator to an oppressor
- Leader: San Martin (liberator of South America with Simón Bolivar; For his part, he released Argentina, Chile and Peru from Spain).
- Unic unit (two): Gaucho as a replacement for the scout with the advantage of using a bowler for the ranged attack.
Grenadier or Patricio; musket replacement with attack bonuses
- Natural wonder: Iguazú falls, Aconcagua or Perito Moreno Glacier.
- Bonuses: Agricultural or livestock production (similar to the city state of Buenos Aires, which should be removed)
- Scenario campaign: Simon Bolivar and San Martin liberating South America from the Spanish crown.
- Civilization song: Tango "Por una cabeza" instrumental.
TheGameLab /gaming
TheGameLab /gaming:
This is great and all, but all I’m hoping is that everyone on the team is staying healthy during the pandemic. Either way I’m impressed the dev team is able to release new content that doesn’t look or feel rushed during a pandemic, keep up the great work!
Julian Valencia
Julian Valencia:
I'm Colombian and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the way this civilization has been added into the game from the units to the powers well done, it's very special for me to have my starting city as Bogota since I was born there so thank you developers
Juan Antonio Colmenares
Juan Antonio Colmenares:
That's super cool for us Venezuelans! I hope he's two closest buddies also appear in the game, Antonio Jose de Sucre and Rafael Urdaneta
Blessings of Babylon
Blessings of Babylon:
A civilization that lasted, like, 10 years before falling apart.

Lucas Alvarado
Lucas Alvarado:
Comments: “Gran Columbia”
Nelson Andrés Tamayo
Nelson Andrés Tamayo:
As a Colombian I was expecting this Civ since the first time I ever played, and I'm really satisfied with the result. Gran Colombia looks quite accurate to the history of our nation, I cannot wait to play with the Libertador Simón Bolívar. Seems it could be one of the best Civs in all the game.
Ariel Isaac
Ariel Isaac:
As an Ecuadorian I am so happy 😍😍😍 My country! The country we were part of is finnaly being represented! Thank you so much Paradox! ♥️🇨🇴🇪🇨🇻🇪🇵🇦
Gil Cesar Pereira
Gil Cesar Pereira:
you know how people were like " australia is overpowered" or "the gathering storm civs are overpowered" well gran Colombia just turned that shit up to eleven. two unique units, a unique improvement, and benefits to movement. so op. but damn if I'm not hyped for this. good job civ 6 team foe keeping the game engaging. ( damn I did not expect my measly comment to get this much likes)
Ghastly Ghandi
Ghastly Ghandi:
Well their speed can’t outrun atomic blasts that’s for sure!
Nicolás Sánchez
Nicolás Sánchez:
Having Chile and argentina aswell would be so cool as new civs, i like this stream of south american civilizations !
James Gordley
James Gordley:
Implementing the Bard class was too interesting a puzzle for RPGs devs to have to themselves.
And this game is free now on "epic games"
Brainless Cactus
Brainless Cactus:
This is such an aggressive civ holy hell I can't even imagine how hard it's going to manage a deity game with him
Camilo Ramírez Gómez
Camilo Ramírez Gómez:
Por fin podré jugar con mi pais! / Finally I can play with my country! Hugs from Colombia!
Ali reza Gholami
Ali reza Gholami:
who is here just because that's free on epic store?🤣
I want a civ that will change the way it sees the tank. All civs cant just have shermans with different paint jobs
Andres Camilo Urrego Restrepo
Andres Camilo Urrego Restrepo:
Hi, I'm a Colombian, I'll just say, the presenter's Spanish language is great, bye :p
Seth Enno
Seth Enno:
"Oh no, he's hot!"
-Squidward, 20xx
No but really, Gran Colombia and the Mayans look super fun
Promoting, attacking, and healing in the same turn. Sounds perfectly balanced, but fun!
João Lucas Fraga
João Lucas Fraga:
Former colonies of Spain and Portugal in Latin America are both focused on great people, each in its own way. It's interesting, because it does seem to allude to a cultural habit we have of treating this or that person as some sort of a savior. Did you guys take that into account when creating Brazil and Gran Colombia? Or was it just a happy coincidence?
Alejandro Lalaguna
Alejandro Lalaguna:
Finally, since I was waiting for Bolívar to enter Civilization, now what is needed is to see how I make civilization vi work in an integrated graph xD (I play Civilization iv)
This gonna be patched, mark my words
Find the Beauty in Everything
Find the Beauty in Everything:
Wow... bonus movement for all units... that is absurd! I had to go back and listen twice to make sure 😂 That is what made Persia top tier in Civ V and their movement was only active in a golden age; this civ is immediately one of the highest tier military civs so far. Probably more broken than Scythia’s combat bonus honestly!
Rafael M Martinez
Rafael M Martinez:
Then when you reach the 2000s, everything goes to hell and the game get back to the 1800's.
The Impaler
The Impaler:
And now just check Spain and ask yourself if Spain doesn't need a buff?
Hi Sentinel
Hi Sentinel:
this game is free now on epicgames xD
Since childhood AOE has been one of my favorite games. However, that completely changed when I started to play Civ 6 since the pandemic started. To me it is the ultimate strategy game that requires extensive thinking and planning. The AOE just becomes a no brainer’s choice for me. The only complaint I have with civ 6 is that it killed too much of my time!
Chris Scott
Chris Scott:
People who watched extra history on Simon Bolivar: The Professional’s
Brando Batel
Brando Batel:
This looks like an amazing warring civ! I can;t wait to be a conquistador!
AngelLPS kun
AngelLPS kun:
Thank you very much, I'm from Venezuela and I've been waiting for this for a long time!!!!!
Johan Herrera
Johan Herrera:
awesome! i would have changed the Llanero for the Lancero, llaneros participated in the Venzuelan and colombian campaigns yet Lanceros Participated in the whole thing (exept the venezuelan campaign) down to Ecuador Perú and Bolivia.
still cool that they are "musical cavalry" thats actually so fun!
The music sounds amazing, I probably won’t be able to afford the pass until there are sales on steam but at least I’ll be able to enjoy the new civ themes
José Carlos Flores Saraiba
José Carlos Flores Saraiba:
You should add more civilizations with interesting leaders like:
Haiti: Toussaint Louverture or King Henry Cristoph.
México: Porfirio Díaz.
Argentina: Julio Roca or Eva Duarte de Perón.
Uruguay: José Batlle Ordoñez.
Chile: Bernardo O Higgins or José Manuel Balmaceda.
Venezuela: José Antonio Paez.
Cuba: José Marti or Carlos Manuel de Cespedes or Fidel Castro.
Guatemala: Cesar Sandino.
Yucatan: Jacinto Kanek.
james perez velasquez
james perez velasquez:
As a Colombian, I am honored to hear about the origin of my country and, even if only briefly, in this great game to which I am going to give your opportunity as a gamer
D. Geodrax Arehal 20 Golden BirdMaster
D. Geodrax Arehal 20 Golden BirdMaster:
Great to see more South American Civilizations!
JuanPablo__ AZ
JuanPablo__ AZ:
Yo soy real como Bolívar y su espada!!!
PD: I am real like Bolívar and his sword !!
The Optic
The Optic:
extra history fans: this looks like a job for me
Joe Bates
Joe Bates:
Holy crap. This is one of the most powerful domination civs you’ve created.
People be like "this is OP", meanwhile me, waiting for it to disolve.
Niko Heiskanen
Niko Heiskanen:
When does Finland become a playable nation, instead of just being a mod in Civ V? :^)
Please, we need San Martín to make the great Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata <3
John Curtin
John Curtin:
Some strong abilities but he’ll still be no match to the scientific advancement nation of Australia
Bryan Jean Ramirez
Bryan Jean Ramirez:
"Vuelvan Caras!" *La Vencedora and La Libertadora plays*
Andrew Burton
Andrew Burton:
Well, looks like someone will need to remove him from the Great Generals list
Dan Vernier
Dan Vernier:
Even the devs must see that this is too strong. I guess that they're releasing it to hype the DLC and then nerfing it as they did with Hungary.
Plague Doc
Plague Doc:
Dont mind me im here waiting for Humankind while they keep trying to eat cash with DLCs for CIV.
Emma Russell
Emma Russell:
I like the new civilizations that are being released! This just makes me more curious about the other civilizations in New Frontier Pass. I get the feeling the leader for Ethiopia is going to be Haile Selassie like in Civilization V or Menelik II.
That looks so OP that it needs to be patched before even coming out.
I feel this is going to be a bit too strong. Additional movement to all units is huge
Looks strong af... production UI and bonus movespeed for all units? Dayum
Awesome! I can't wait to see the other leaders they reveal, would love for another Viking civ to be introduced.
Banyar Naing
Banyar Naing:
Recriut Simon Bloiver while playin as Simon Boliver. My new Achievement
Phil Swift
Phil Swift:
I got this game for free from the epic games store and im in love with it!
Lucas V.
Lucas V.:
So strong tiles and attacking with guitares? Sounds like fun!
Agustin Martinez
Agustin Martinez:
Glad to see my country in one of my favorites games, and our greatest hero with a powerful ability thanks a lot Firaxis! And i am ready for this update
Probably going to be my go to domination-specific civ when this drops. The bonuses look insane, and you can snowball out of control super easily.
darwin n
darwin n:
This could easily been Spain's unique abilities and improvements
matías el apóstol
matías el apóstol:
por fin marico llevo años esperando que me representen al convive
Nicolas Arango
Nicolas Arango:
"Comandante generals" lmao. What's next foots? Tooths?
Tomás silva
Tomás silva:
"in a series of stunning campaings, Bolivar liberated much o south america from spain control changins the future of the continent forever" Jose de San Martin and Bernardo O´Higgins... Iam a joke to you?
Now we need Argentina with San Martín.
Ashley Cobb
Ashley Cobb:
You know you have been playing this franchise for a long time when you see this and think “This isn’t a new leader, has been in the game before” and then you realize he hasn’t been a Civ leader but he was a “Founding Father” in the original Colonization game!
Lucas V.
Lucas V.:
Finally an extra nation to fill south america on world maps!
Nick Millers
Nick Millers:
I hope one of the new civs are going to be the Huns
תומא Όχι δίδυμο
תומא Όχι δίδυμο:
Lol french translations changing "control" to "yoke". Anyway, the movement buff seems quite strong to say the least. Love to have another south-american civ, apart from Brasil.
Ulises Martínez
Ulises Martínez:
I like the fact that they had the care of hiring someone who can actually pronounce the spanish words correctly. Thank youuu
hOLY MOLY! First look: New civilization - gran imba!
Already looks broken... so OP for war
Mateo Tierno
Mateo Tierno:
Well, if you made Bolivar I really hope you're adding his ally San Martín, who liberated Argentina, Chile and Perú
Imagínense que ponen a Argentina y usan a San Martín.. sería EPICO!!!
Alex DeHart
Alex DeHart:
when was it ever stated in these that it would be pc only???
quick, play it before he gets nerfed!
Iván Montalvo
Iván Montalvo:
So great! And I love to see my beloved city Bogotá in your game!
The Spanish Inquisition
The Spanish Inquisition:
I’m so glad that they’re still making DLCs for this. Most game developers abandon their games after a few years.
Khoun Akthiphou
Khoun Akthiphou:
Damn I want that civilization that’s thing is powerful to beat those Europe.