Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass Developer Livestream VOD | Maya & Gran Colombia Pack

Civilization VI developers show off the new Maya & Gran Colombia DLC, available as part of the Civilization VI - New Frontier Pass. SUBSCRIBE for First Looks at other civilizations, leaders, features and tips from the developers of Civilization VI:

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The New Frontier Pass is a new season pass for Civilization VI that brings eight new civilizations and nine new leaders, six new game modes and more to the critically-acclaimed strategy game. Content will be released in six DLC packs delivered on a bimonthly basis from May 2020 to March 2021. Some features require either the Gathering Storm or Rise and Fall expansions to play.

Civilization VI offers new ways to interact with your world, expand your empire across the map, advance your culture, and compete against history’s greatest leaders to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Originally created by legendary game designer Sid Meier, Civilization is a turn-based strategy game in which you attempt to build an empire to stand the test of time. Explore a new land, research technology, conquer your enemies, and go head-to-head with history’s most renowned leaders as you attempt to build the greatest civilization the world has ever known.

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100+ comentarios:

Can you remove the vertical diamond requirement and same-city requirement for National Parks?
Also, maybe after Environmentalism is researched, we could also build them in Rainforest and Marsh and get extra diplomatic favor or something from keeping the Rainforest alive?
It's such a small quality of life change to an otherwise amazing improvement.
Lisandre Thériault-Brunet
Lisandre Thériault-Brunet:
Please tell that at some point we are going to have an Inuit nation, early civ capable to pass the ice caps with sleighdogs replacing the scout, able to navigate frozen ocean caps with a kayak special unit. Their hability to travel fast and over tile would give them strong start to expend and colonized thundra and snow tiles in the early stages of the game, and in the later part a greater chance of holding rarer ressources like oil and uranium. Specific building being the igloo replacing fams on the snow tiles offering a bonus in housing and food or an inukshuk replacing the monument boosting culture and faith . Coming along is the seals as a bonus ressources coastal on thundra and snow tiles with a base yield of plus one production and plus one gold once trade route is discovered. Like the Maori, unable to gain a great person in literature, but gains faster points for religious, artist and music great person.
Graham Turner
Graham Turner:
At least some broken exploits have been patched (infinite districts, pantheon).
Adam Dutch
Adam Dutch:
Make it work for Mac!
Alexia Apathmia
Alexia Apathmia:
I found a good strategy with the soothsayer is to levy a city states unit and use those to sacrifice to the gods!
Please can you give some real information on the mac version that you told us would be out yesterday? 'Soon' is all you've said and it's completely meaningless. People have bought this because it was advertised as available for mac and can't play it.
That soothsayer competition would be really good for scythia with their double unit spawns
They really need to overhaul all the older leaders abilities. Some are just useless compared to the newer civs
I want to ask if any of you have this problem or just an idea how to solve it.

I turned my computer on. I opened civ, it updated something. I have all dlc, but not this new Maya and Colombia dlc. I went to create a new game and then: none of my dlc or subscribed mods are showing up, i can olny play with standard rules. In the place where i can manage my dlc and mods, none of them are showing up, there is only some mods from Joe bob or something like that, descripion is: asd asd asd... i havent subcribed anything like that.

Does anyone know whats going on, tried reinstalling dlcs, restarting computer and such.
Firas Games
Firas Games:
The game is free on EpicGames
michael carpenella
michael carpenella:
Is there any chance of world builder coming to switch? I used to spend hours on hours trying to recreate historical scenarios
Adem Kula
Adem Kula:
Hello. When will the mac version be released?
Alexander Cooke
Alexander Cooke:
When is Mac support coming out, like a whole bunch of people brought it straight away on Steam, not even realising only available on PC...
Bersys The Free Wanderer
Bersys The Free Wanderer:
Hello, I noticed that in Civilization 6 there are no smooth borders of the fraction, strictly on the sides of the hex, when in Civilization 5 there is a smooth border that goes beyond strict lines to neutral cells, in the form of a cloud or shroud, fog. In General, this is quite nice, and the strictness in part 6 is a little annoying, and there seems to be a transparent color in this cloud, the color of the fraction.
Ryan Stallard
Ryan Stallard:
Can you get out of the last stage by running Carbon Recapture?
Neil Hamer
Neil Hamer:
Bought Frontier Pass on release - game constantly crashing while playing the game on my PC. Been playing Civ since the beginning - loyal customer and not a happy one at all and yes my graphics drivers are up to date
Cameron Willis
Cameron Willis:
Dude! We just had the bioluminescence in SoCal recently, it was incredible!
Jake Sandland
Jake Sandland:
I hoped Mayan civ was gonna be here.... *AND NOW IT'S HERE!!!*
29:12, Announcer and Tester: Looks like forest fire, yeah yeah(excited) it spreader 3 tiles, good, good.
Me as Californian: TOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOON. (Actually don't ever make that joke please) I think Brazilian and Australians will be with me on this.
Finally I can appease Carl.
Portugal, Denmark, Iroquois and one post colonial African civ is what I'm hoping for
Neat content but these civs seem a little overtuned. Also another 53$ for DLC? I bought the Digital Deluxe edition for 80-90$ back in 2016-2017 and it said I'd have the next like 6 DLC. But you release a bunch of single or double civs as DLC. You can't charge this much for content, it's messed up.
Those comets may make the game unplayable, if we can't disable them...
Jos De Lijster
Jos De Lijster:
Am playing maya.. never ever seen so much flooding.. it is frightning
Lord Baelish
Lord Baelish:
Bring back Economic victory!! Love you guys!!
Martin Witchard
Martin Witchard:
Hmm, the Bermuda Triangle is an imaginary phenomenon so to call it a 'natural wonder' stretches the credibility. I won't even go down the Soothsayer path. The introduction of quasi-supernatural units and features is a bit hokey. I also find the 'maize' resource icon a bit odd; yes, it's red maize, not exactly the most common colour of maize you'll ever see. Maybe it's a nod to the introduction of the Mayans.
So when will it be available for MAC?
Aaron Johnstone
Aaron Johnstone:
FIX CROSSPLAY! I just bought two copies to play with my friend and we can’t even play together because you release different versions for mac and PC 🤬
Huge True Earth map please
Fix bug where in large forests forest files make tiles 10 food and 10 production. Also fix using sooth sayers to get ridiculous faith.
oRaGaMi 1337
oRaGaMi 1337:
Mannnn, I wanna get into this but the theme just isnt right. BRING BACK ALPHA CENTAURI SERIES. I'd buy that at full price ASAP as long as it stays true.
Penghuni Warnet
Penghuni Warnet:
why i cant join multiplayer ? no lobby found
darwin n
darwin n:
I hope the switch patch be fixed soon. There's a lot of bugs right now in patch 1.2.3
ShortMovie Editor
ShortMovie Editor:
anyone else game not working, I cant host a server or load my old save online
I miss the war music; I miss those tunes from Civilization V, because when they played, you knew it was go-time...
Enraged Otter
Enraged Otter:
I could use a good Economic Victory for Civ 6... (Explanation down below).
Angel Boceta Guerrero
Angel Boceta Guerrero:
The game is so expensive, you are stealing us. First, the game (50€), then, the DLC's of rise and fall, gathering storms...(40€) and now "new frontier pass" (40€)
Total: 130 € for a complete game which is very nice but too expensive!! I agree to pay DLC's, but cheeper. For example: 40€ for all DLC's, or 10€, 20€ (as much)... For each one.
I am a PS4 gamer.
ampharos17 cake
ampharos17 cake:
Honestly my faveroute thing in this expansion is lahore and Nihangs as a unit from suzerainity
Reza Mochamad Diannagara
Reza Mochamad Diannagara:
Just got the update, and now it keep crashing on my pc. Btw, it always crashed when I load the game on dx12, work fine on dx11.
Note: it is not included the brand new dlc, just the gathering storm updated. An it is on steam.
Jordan VanVels
Jordan VanVels:
How much linger until switch version is fixed? The game has been unplayable since the update, and no fixes are in sight. Will we have to wait for the Ethiopia pack, or will Aspyr actually do something?
just fix the servers
FairPlay BestPlay
FairPlay BestPlay:
first of all, get your servers starting, so we can actually play the game
Jody Allen
Jody Allen:
Loving this Apocalypse mode! Frontier Pass is great, and this is just the first installment. I'm on console, and really appreciate that this was available simultaneously with PC. Well worth the purchase price!
Jacqueline Andrade
Jacqueline Andrade:
Why does the New Frontier Pass not work on Mac yet? How could you play me like that?
Abhishek Pradhan
Abhishek Pradhan:
Is there really an asteroid as disaster in new pass, if yes what's it's proper name, can't get it on the youtube
M Mm.
M Mm.:
We wan a mapa Creation on PS4 your maps are really bad . O love the Mayas an Colombia is perfect
Zbigniew Szafraniec
Zbigniew Szafraniec:
Purchased it but still waiting for Linux version.
Please do explain why Mac users didn't get the new content. You advertised that it would be available at the same time as other platforms and we paid for it. You owe us a candid explanation and not disrespectful silence.
16:10 aspect ratio?
Hrap Video Games
Hrap Video Games:
why me and my friends can not coneect to play together ?
Larger True Start map options would be awesome
when are the multi player servers going to be back up?
I might get it when you are not charging more then a expansion price on dlc for a game 4 years old and 2 expansions deep
Just have putting out a fire take up a worker action.
Mac support please
derek Chartrand
derek Chartrand:
I hope they add Babylon
Christian Gedet
Christian Gedet:
It would be nice to play but the f pass has broken civ and dlc for me :/
please add vlad the impaler
We Romanians deserv a little love
Epic Retailer
Epic Retailer:
i saw the game free on epic game store so i wanted to see if it was good and i dont like it
Why do consider Mac users to be second-class customers? Late deliveries don’t feed the bulldogs guys.
Jaqen H'ghar
Jaqen H'ghar:
I want this .... when its on sale
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe:
Since you guys have a penalty for capturing a civ capital, you should also give a bonus to civs that liberate other capitals.
Need better A.I pls!!! :)
Благомир Йорданов
Благомир Йорданов:
did ppl rly pay 60 euro for this?
Wild Potatoes
Wild Potatoes:
Wish there was a video for tips
Rahul Prof.
Rahul Prof.:
Civ 6 crash :- Unhandled exception
Theodor Dimitriou
Theodor Dimitriou:
Well people.. You ask about Mac's compatibility.. ok fair question.
What about Linux support? Is this planned anytime soon?
I'm mostly using Linux and purchased & installed windows 10 on an extra SSD disk just because of Civ and Photoshop! :D
Fix PlayStation 4 invite friends please
Does anyone know if this is available on Mac and Switch yet?
Pawel _09
Pawel _09:
i have questions . is it possible play in steam and apic games multy?
Hasan Sakib
Hasan Sakib:
Is it similar to age of empires?
Arief Rahman
Arief Rahman:
Can i run civilization VI for Intel core i3 5005u vga nvidia 920 m ram 8 gb?
MiH 2009
MiH 2009:
It is free on epic games so you can own it and can play
Garreth Goodworth
Garreth Goodworth:
Got the New Frontier Pass. Really enjoying The Maya! Hoping Isreal, Vietnam and Tibet are to come! <3 Keep up the great work, and please tell whomever designed the Camp for Honey that they did an amazing job!
Ishan Pandey
Ishan Pandey:
I was actually excited about the idea of comets hitting cities maybe not early but mid-game. Now that I know that it only happens in the apocalypse state, I am really disappointed. I am going to pass this expansion.
Duck off with your way overpriced battle pass, just trying to milk more money outta your players. Maybe $10-15 but that it!
Joe Masso
Joe Masso:
It looks cool! I wish I could play it on Mac!
Mike Holubowskyj
Mike Holubowskyj:
I completely agree with the comments from Mac users. Why is there no communication?
Edward Wong
Edward Wong:
It's now Free in Epic Games Launcher
Phoenix 1106
Phoenix 1106:
Who excited for Ethiopia after seeing this?
Just a suggestion. How bout a modern civ. Like leaders from ww1 and 2 leaders
Android Port please
When on macOS? Wtf? This week? Month? Refund or coming soon? Give some information PLS!
Queen Kristina
Queen Kristina:
Netherlands: The spice must flow.
Colombia: The drugs must flow.
Mad Matt
Mad Matt:
I wish the meteor craters gave a small production and like 2 or 3 science and you could stills move through it.
Der einzigartige herryoda
Der einzigartige herryoda:
The switch is still not playabel
Hakim Mohamed
Hakim Mohamed:
Vassalisation please!!!!!!
Vassals that do not have any power to declare war or peace,meaning once you weaken a civilization that is independent, you can vassalize them. Then ill buy this pack without hesitation.
ChanHong Kim
ChanHong Kim:
F1 key is not working. Please fix it.
loved it
loved it
Mr. Chicken
Mr. Chicken:
How is clash of clans 60$
Igor Gorbenko
Igor Gorbenko:
As a civ fan, I would appreciate Firaxis fixing an issue with MAC's game version. This DLC and following update basically killed the game for me. Why? Just because it doesn't work on MAC. I can buy it though, which I did. There was no mention of it. So I paid for it and I just can't use it. Apart from that, an update killed a multiplayer. Coz windows users got their update and DLC right on time with no issues (glad for them) but me, I just t been thrown away. 95% of my games were multiplayer, this game was the only one I ever played in a past 5 or 7 years, I was a loyal customer, bought everything they have, played 17+ hundreds of hours and now I am getting this attitude.
And let me say, it's not about game issues or money, it's about attitude. I know everything can happen in software development. But just admit it. Say something. Respond to it. You just keep silent as if everything's fine. There are more then 2500+ angry comments on STEAM in an official thread in 24 hours from MAC users about it. All facing the same. This is disappointing and very frustrating for the community.
EiJi Lee
EiJi Lee:
Question, why is Gold not in the game and not luxury? But Silver is?
Aloe should also be in the game.. it's used in alot mordern day stuff.
Want normal sea/coastal bridges too!
Also add auto select future final tech/policy. Hate having to keep choosing it at end game.
Give us more options in create games like no Wonders or A NEW POLICY to not allow other religions into your country like the music one. I declare war more often for holy wars..
MAJOR UPDATE NEEDED FOR OLDER CIVS, their bonus etc.. are far weaker compared to the new ones
If you buy this on xbox it doesn't work. Says not owned and new civilization leaders cant be selected. *Fix* I deleted the dlc, from the in game dlc purchase menu selected purchase, redownload the dlc. Now I can try new leaders. Visual error that says new frontiers not owned is still there. So dont know
cann Canzz
cann Canzz:
dll error help me pls
Simon Meier
Simon Meier:
Civ 6 is free at epic games so you all know it
The bugs in switch has been improved meaning it got worst.
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good video man