CLASSROOM SET UP DAY 1 | Over 12+ Hours in My Classroom!

Welcome to today's video! My name is Kim and I'm a third year 5th grade teacher in West Michigan. On this channel, I share a variety of teaching and lifestyle content. Thank you for joining me! If you enjoyed this video, please take a moment to subscribe and turn on the notification bell so you don't miss future videos!

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99 comentarios:

Jackie Stephenson
Jackie Stephenson:
I’m not even a teacher and I love watching your teacher videos - especially the classroom set up ones 😊
Suzy's quest for Yahweh
Suzy's quest for Yahweh:
Hi Kim loved the video. I'm a retired teacher from Philadelphia. Retired after 35 years of service in January. Teaching my one and only job I absolutely loved my job had to retire early because of illness started teaching right out of college. Wishing you a wonderful and safe school year. Can't wait to see more of your videos 📚🖍✏🖋
Bethany V.
Bethany V.:
I had to break up my library one year like that so I did non-fiction on one side of the room and fiction in the other. It worked out pretty well!
Devin Hartl
Devin Hartl:
Your classroom is looking so good already!! I love how positive you stay even after having to switch rooms/schools (I feel your pain, that was our room the last 2 years). Also I’m definitely getting that jumpsuit! Thank you for sharing your journey! 🥰🥰
jenny austin
jenny austin:
I soooo enjoyed watching day one of your classroom set up..... I loved that you were able to put up your wall paper all by yourself - soooo very cool!!!! 💪❤️ Can’t wait for day two...... ☺️
Eva Delgado Rodríguez
Eva Delgado Rodríguez:
Hey Kim! I already love the changes that you are making in your new space. I feel like you always make everything shine and thats an awesome accomplishment!
Book Goblin
Book Goblin:
Wow the classroom looks so great already. I always love how you and other teachers on youtube put so much effort into your classrooms.
Love from Germany
Terry Wright
Terry Wright:
Welcome to 5th grade, Kim! I look forward to you sharing your ideas with us throughout this school year. I am a 5th grade teacher, too. Cute and comfortable jumpsuit! I love it!! You are blessed to have all of the things that you have. I know that you will be able to organize it into a classroom that will feel like home to the students and for yourself. So glad to see your happy spirit!! The wall looks fantastic!!! I am so excited for you to get your room together. I look forward to seeing your classroom tour!
The Game Plan Educational Solutions
The Game Plan Educational Solutions:
Classroom Set up I think really helps us mentally prepare for the year, it's almost ceremonial--- (and exhausting! Let's face it! lol) but it's always fun to transform a bland space into one that gets kids intrigued! Thank you for sharing!
Ana Alvez
Ana Alvez:
Hi, I love the space in your classroom and you did a wonderful job! Love the library wall and the fact that you have a sink. Enjoy your beautiful classroom! 😍
Kalsy Meyer
Kalsy Meyer:
I’ve been so excited for this video 💕 it really looks like you’ve got this classroom setup thing down! Haha! Do you have any tips for setting up a new room from scratch? Where to start, what doesn’t really matter, and how to not be overwhelmed? xx
Amanda Penn
Amanda Penn:
You did SUCH a great job! The room looks awesome already - can't wait for more vids!
Awesome did a great job...I can’t wait to see the rest of the process😎
Its Just Us Joneses
Its Just Us Joneses:
I just made my first classroom setup vlog ever and it is surprisingly fun! Thanks for sharing! I'm loving the clean/rustic feel of everything.
Laura Heitman
Laura Heitman:
Maybe you could make a library “niche” by turning the shelves into an “L” shape. You could use the back of the shelves as display for your small group area. Just something I do in my classroom. Good luck in your new school!
Kaylee Abbott
Kaylee Abbott:
Love how your room is turning out! 💛
I love your set up videos! I am going into my third year and am moving my classroom for the third time too! Fingers crossed next year we both can stay put!
Connie Millstead
Connie Millstead:
I love watching your set up videos. I can’t wait to see more!
The Learning Ladder
The Learning Ladder:
The room is looking great! You are doing a fantastic job.
Tay Stew Fitty
Tay Stew Fitty:
The wood wall looks awesome! You did a really good job-especially by yourself! How lucky were you though that they had a roll at Hobby Lobby!! I need to also try that peach ring drink because peach rings are one of my favorite candies for sure! I can't wait to see your room when its done and the rest of your classroom set up videos! You are so dedicated for staying SO LONG! OMG! Your classroom library will turn out great!! Don't worry about it too much! :)
Meagan Genco
Meagan Genco:
I’m going onto my second year teaching and love your videos! Any tips for me on how to stay as organized as you are with all you things especially your teacher area?
Aaron Lanier
Aaron Lanier:
YAAY! I just finished Good Shepherd at Home for today and I’m excited to see you put the work together!! 😍
Ember Michelle
Ember Michelle:
You got so much done!!! It is looking great!

OMG! I could never stay at school that late by myself!! I would be so freaked out! Haha!!!
Courtney Bailey
Courtney Bailey:
Great job Kim! The wall looks great. I had one similar in my classroom.
Teacher LikesBooks
Teacher LikesBooks:
Love your wall! Your teacher area looks like it will be perfect for getting work done!
Jenni Barrels
Jenni Barrels:
I AM SO EXCITED! Your set up videos are my favorite and it’s how I found your channel. Good luck this year! I’ll be cheering you on from second grade!
Tatiana Nichole
Tatiana Nichole:
I’m also a 5th grade teacher coming from 4th grade. Have to say that I end up loving 5th grade a lot more than 4th grade. Hope you will have a great experience in 5th grade as well!
Rebecca May
Rebecca May:
Hey, Kim! I'm starting year 24 of teaching elementary and during my time, I have moved classrooms/buildings 9 times! Phew! I understand and can sympathize! Hang in there! Your room is looking great! Remember to practice self-care so you are ready for your kiddos and have a fresh mind when school starts. Also, I have bookshelves in different places around my room. This way the kids aren't all in one place, even with my procedure of 1-3 kids at the "library", I still like having them spaced around the room. I did like how you put the picture book shelves around the small group white boards. Looking forward to the next video!
Reads and Eats
Reads and Eats:
Great video. Love the way you are setting up your new class.
Enjoy your new space.
WOW! Kim you rocked. Your room is looking super cute. I have anxiety for you knowing that wall is collapsible. I was like I really hope the other teacher doesn't try to open it , lmao. My first year of teaching we had a wall like that and the other teacher liked to open it. But love the way it's turning out.
My So-Called Teacher Life
My So-Called Teacher Life:
Look at you go, rockstar! I would have struggled with that! Looks so great. Can't wait to see how the room progresses :)
Nishat Nguyen
Nishat Nguyen:
Glad I’m not the only one who is obsessed with just... eating lunchables as an adult.
Morgan Grassi
Morgan Grassi:
Exciting!!! I love a brand new room
Michelle Gay
Michelle Gay:
Each classroom you move to is better than the last one. The wall turned out great!!! Blessings sweet friend!
Karen Palmer
Karen Palmer:
Hi Kim! Your room is looking really good girl! Question: How do you get such free access to your classroom/school where the custodian is gone and you are still there by yourself so late at 11 pm? Especially during this time of Covid-19 I'm surprised they would. My building service people have a fit if I'm still in my room after 7 pm.even though our handbook says we can be there till 9 pm. Anyway I can't wait to see more!
Emelda Bonilla
Emelda Bonilla:
High school English teacher and I still watch your videos and think “my juniors might like that too” 😂 love it all
Sharon Tesi
Sharon Tesi:
Wow! You accomplished a ton! So glad your friend Melissa has permission to help-- I think that speaks to how much they value you! Keep shining brightly!
A Cute Brown Girl
A Cute Brown Girl:
I love the jumper/ romper. It’s sooo cute. Just ordered me one. 😊
The wall looks amazing!!! Great job!!😍😍😍😍😍
Karina Lee
Karina Lee:
I think I actually cackled when you said pookture book lol! I love watching your videos while I’m setting up because you given me so much motivation!
Heather Paschall
Heather Paschall:
Great set up video! Are you going back virtually or brick and mortar? I jealous of able to have a fridge and microwave in your room too! So many limits with public school, also you have so much storage! Cute outfit! As far as a class library 📚, how are you going to do that safely? Need any recommendations you have! Have a safe and happy covid year!
Aaron Lanier
Aaron Lanier:
Oh, since your new front door is like really far away, you should put a doorbell outside of your room and sanitize it like everyday afterschool at some point into the year or so, so you and everyone know that someone’s at the door!
J W:
Looking great so far!!
Teaching in Pearls
Teaching in Pearls:
Nothing sums you up more as a person than the fact you said "oh well, what are you going to do?" when you heard a creepy noise at 10pm in an empty building 😂😂love you, even though you scare me
Shannon Lee
Shannon Lee:
Just a thought, if you are able to move your teacher space to the other side of the whiteboard I would do that. Then you could put your library in the corner where your teacher space is now? Then all of the bookcases can be together? Not sure if your space has to be there because of tech set up, but if you can move, I might consider moving it?
Karen Jones
Karen Jones:
WOW!!! What a huge classroom...I could only wish!!!
Brandy Hutzler
Brandy Hutzler:
Great job! I put some shiplap paper on my desk and that was hard enough to do alone. Haha.
Allie Warren
Allie Warren:
I would put the library up by the front board where your teacher area is! I think it would fit perfect & look super cute. Then you could but your small group area/ teacher area in the back corner where your library currently is!! Your room is looking SO cute already!
Olivia Young
Olivia Young:
KIM!! How long did that take you to transport everything from the one school to this new one!? All day?!
Hailey Teaches
Hailey Teaches:
5:52 is a mooood 🤣Also obsessed with the storage in your stage!!
The Dennis Crew
The Dennis Crew:
I'm so proud of you with that wall! I saw your victory on Instagram!
fuxk it's ally
fuxk it's ally:
i wanna ask was it hard becoming a teacher? and how did you know you wanted to be one. I'm in 9th grade and I'm trying to choose a career path for my future I really wanna be a teacher I just don't know if I can also is it expensive to buy all those things for your class or do you do it over time
Samantha Hammett
Samantha Hammett:
Omg I’ve never seen the sparkling ice + caffeine. I love the normal sparkling ice. Those would be awesome!
Kim you dont ever have to use the door to the other classroom or they dont use the two rooms to open up do they? i would hate for you to put in all that work for them to want to open up the divider wall.
Kristen Delah
Kristen Delah:
I’m so excited I found ur teacher vlog videos!!
Kimberly Norton
Kimberly Norton:
Your classroom is huge, how cool!!!!! Mine is not that big, but I sure would love it!
Adalee Bradshaw
Adalee Bradshaw:
Soooo cute you are such a insperation!!!!!! I am 11 and plan on being a teacher and i watch teacher set up vids you too
Ms. Haider's Teacher Tales
Ms. Haider's Teacher Tales:
So excited to see what this new classroom will bring! Is better than paper like wrapping paper or wallpaper?
Tiffany Morgenweck
Tiffany Morgenweck:
I’ve had to move 14 classrooms and 7 schools in 17 years. I’ve got to keep the same room 3 times. This year was one of them. It’s a lot of work but you don’t become a teacher hoarder.
Bonnie Dasher
Bonnie Dasher:
I just moved to 5th (again) and had around 35 boxes. I feel your pain!
Kayla Gibson
Kayla Gibson:
Love the vid always makes me smile 😊
Hope your doing well
#AussieSub 🇦🇺💜💝💖
Melissa Keller
Melissa Keller:
I love watching you videos I am only 9 but I want to be a teacher and this is giving me so many ideas for my future classroom. Also I want to teach 3rd grade
That Girl With The Coffee
That Girl With The Coffee:
Is the block of 3 shelves beside the drawers one big block, or can it be broken up? Because you could move the tallest and one smaller to the other side of the whiteboard, and then put the remaining one and the small picture book display at the top of the room beside the window? (Framing where you currently have the picnic table)
Christine Pleiman
Christine Pleiman:
Move your desk over by the windows and put your shelves/library area in the corner where your desk is currently.
Joyleen Strozier
Joyleen Strozier:
Hi, I like your content. I love watching your videos.
Music In The Meadow
Music In The Meadow:
Looks great. I can’t staple in to my moveable are lucky there, I have to tape everything to mine.
Morgan Grassi
Morgan Grassi:
I agree with the colors but I do love those bins
chloe peters
chloe peters:
that classroom is huge!
What school do you teach? I just finished 5th grade in western Michigan! I may know your school :))
Victoria Llaguno
Victoria Llaguno:
Partition Wall looks great. It's coming along.
Agus tina
Agus tina:
You should try to put the library in the corner where you have the picnic tablee
Lisa Vega
Lisa Vega:
When you say “new building” does that mean that the name of your school stayed the same but 5th grade is another building on the same campus?
You did great.
Mckayla Hodges
Mckayla Hodges:
i’m a teacher tuber too!! i’m in person AND online this year 😅
The second I saw that jumpsuit i had to have it LOL
Hydee Greig
Hydee Greig:
Are you required to do social distancing of your desks?
Shannon. Duley
Shannon. Duley:
Curious about your stage. Were did you get it and why do you have one? I am in 4th grade Northern Indiana.
Melanie Shaw
Melanie Shaw:
You could try rubbing a tiny little bit of dish soap on those binder pouches so that the zipper slides!
Carolyn Haines
Carolyn Haines:
I forgot to comment on the last video. I have that same cart from Michael’s and one of the wheels broke off on mine, as well. Definitely something wrong.
Ashley Lowery
Ashley Lowery:
The red, clear, and blue tubs that you said you might use for student supplies where are those from?
I Love You and your videos
Shelly Gradin
Shelly Gradin:
Will you have to wear gloves to sharpen pencils? Weird question, I know! Just curious. 🤷‍♀️
Regina O
Regina O:
Try putting one book shelf on top of the other.
Payden King
Payden King:
this is the biggest classroom i’ve seen
Kayla Youngblood
Kayla Youngblood:
Name tags and bins for supplies all them
Yu Ling Zeng
Yu Ling Zeng:
The green spots are “moss” 😂
Jennifer Lynn
Jennifer Lynn:
Makenzie Hamilton
Makenzie Hamilton:
Hi I am from Michigan where do you teach at
Michelle Morrison
Michelle Morrison:
Will you be doing face2face , onlne or blended modlity, this semester.
Tahlia Prior
Tahlia Prior:
What about if you open the doors to co tech
Ellie and Hannah
Ellie and Hannah:
who else lives in Michigan? We do!
your smile is really pretty
Bryson Criss
Bryson Criss:
Remember God Loves You ❤️
i live in the U.P!
Why is there green screens in ur room
Marguerite Cox
Marguerite Cox:
That was a lot
Leonardo santillan
Leonardo santillan:
Hi mrs. huls its Nate
Tell me your school has money without telling my your school has money
Cass Plays Minecraft
Cass Plays Minecraft:
I hope to be a teacher when I’m older. But it may be hard for me to get a job, A; cause I’m most likely not cisgender, B; I am gonna have a service dog so.....