Cleopatra was what? Woke Twitter drop outs fail at canceling Gal Gadot!

Gal Gadot has been casted as Cleopatra by Patty Jenkins! The two behind Wonder Woman 1984! Predictability, Twitter is very upset about this, and WRONG! Enjoy the tears!

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YellowFlash 2
YellowFlash 2:
How many more L's can they take over on Twitter?
Ben Dover
Ben Dover:
Isn’t it racist to assume everybody on the continent of Africa is black?
They say Cleopatra is getting white washed (she's not, she was white) but I don't remember these people crying when Norse mythology got black washed with Valkyrie being played by a black woman.
Shinkai Atusya
Shinkai Atusya:
Whoever says Cleopatra should be black needs to slapped by a history textbook.
The CrimsonFox
The CrimsonFox:
This reminds me when Rami Malik was playing a Egyptian pharaoh, I think King Tut, and people got mad. Funny thing, Rami Malik is Egyptian.
SJWs literally don’t know anything about history. Gal’s skin town is pretty close to a Greek person which Cleopatra was. These SJWs thinking she is supposed to look Ugandan or something.
Real Badman
Real Badman:
I'm a North-African Berber ( one of the ethnicities that was majorly present in Ancient-Egypt), and i have no problem at all with Gal Gadot playing Cleopatra. The reason for this being is because i already have been in Greece, and she looks exactly as what a greek women would look like. The only issue i have is that they haven't casted someone uglier, because according to historians and ancient findings (such as coins), she wasn't exactly a pretty women, and according to some even ugly. But i think that's just Hollywood's habit of generally casting people that are enjoyable to watch. I can't wait for this movie since i'm a big history buff, and will watch it with great pleasure.
The DankStream
The DankStream:
Egyptians weren’t and aren’t black. They actually get offended when black people claim Egyptian history as their own.
Kennard Lang
Kennard Lang:
All the people saying Cleopatra was black have never seen a North African before.
Richard Wall
Richard Wall:
Funny these people yell white washing over a historical fact , Yet the bbc made king Arthur black
I don't see why this is even a big deal -_- No one really knows what Cleo looked like, but here we are, threatening an actress for taking the job of a role someone gave her for a woman know one really knows what she looked like. SMH. How is that not hate crime? How progressive we are
"cleopatra was black"
ughh i can hear a historian cringing by that.

so what next Julius caesar is an attack helicopter???
Jeanette Mashburn
Jeanette Mashburn:
She was Greek. Also the lighter the skin was a sign of Royalty, meaning you did not work in the fields.
Admiral Bahadurahjit
Admiral Bahadurahjit:
I tried looking into Egyptian history, but it was all Greek to me.
Yugo Amaryl
Yugo Amaryl:
Cleopatra wasn't even a woman, they were an apache attack elephant
Hermit Card
Hermit Card:
I hope Gal Gadot never forgets those people attacking her, ARE the VERY SAME WOKE PEOPLE she has been trying to pander.
Stupid kids these days don't know history that goes back 20, 30 years, let alone two thousand years in some foreign country.
Tony Marino
Tony Marino:
Twitter: “You ruin everything I hate!”

Wait a second, isn’t someone ruining what you already hate what you want?
ENK 64
ENK 64:
It's scary how anti-semitic the woke left how become.
Dragon Hunter Isaac
Dragon Hunter Isaac:
They seriously believe Egypt was predominantly African? 😂
Aline Gosselin
Aline Gosselin:
I think for those that are trying to rewrite history, I think they're confusing this Cleopatra with Beyonce's foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers which is not the same thing
Lefties: 'It's disgusting how people can say such horrible things to actors on the internet for starring in movies they don't like.'
Also Lefties:
Mr Greek
Mr Greek:
Who is trying to mess with Cleopatra? I take this personal to this the left are try to Black Wash a Greek women's origins
Sherlock Holmes: "His ignorance was as remarkable as his knowledge."

The woke people is amazing, they show us clearly the stupidity of this era lol
The Grey Jedi
The Grey Jedi:
The real irony is she likely WAS Greek in origin, and we’ve seen Gal can play Greek perfectly.
Even.Ways Music
Even.Ways Music:
There's far more blackwashing going on if you just look around... And I'm a "POC"
This is what happens when in high school, instead of reading history books, you read Harry Potter, The Handmaid's Tale and The Communist Manifesto.
Athul Nair
Athul Nair:
Remember when Idris Elba played a NORSE god and that was okay?

That being said, I don't want another Cleopatra movie.
News: "Gal Gadot plays Cleopatra in new movie!"
Me: "Oh, Okay. Are they going to release this one to theaters? No? Should I care? Is this one going to be any better than any of the last dozen Cleopatra movies made in the last 30 years? We already know how the story goes, and how it ends, so how will this one hold my attention?"
Twitter: *Spits out more anti-semitism than three weeks-worth of bit chute comments*
Me: "Wow, very progressive, anti-fascist, and inclusive of you."
Angel Phoenix77
Angel Phoenix77:
Here's an idea for hollywood. Stop casting black wo/men for white characters.
Carl Wells
Carl Wells:
Let's hope that at some point someone finds a way to sue twitter out of existence.
Indy J
Indy J:
So much drama around this thing... fortunately, I have the solution: cast Jackie Chan as Cleopatra!
Manohar Rajan
Manohar Rajan:
Sooo black liberals say Egyptians weren’t “black” until they want an acting position?
Scott Butler
Scott Butler:
Black hair, black eyes and olive skin...sounds perfect to me.
"Twitter is completely wrong."

And in other news, water is wet.
JC Horta
JC Horta:
Do they even know that Cleopatra was of ptolemaic descent, that her native language was greek, and even who Ptolemy was?
Ptolemy was one of Alexander the Great companions (if not general, to be honest I don’t know), and became Pharaoh of Egypt after it was conquered by Alexander.
Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt of the Ptolemaic Dynasty, and reigned nearly 300 after Ptolemy I.
Some of this information I already knew from school (that she was of ptolemaic descent), the rest I looked up on the internet.
Even if some of the previous Pharaohs may have had a persian or darker skin color (more to the side of southern Egypt nubian tribes), I doubt that may have been the case with the Ptolemaic Dynasty pharaohs.
V.W. Singer
V.W. Singer:
The historical ignorance is shocking. The funny thing is that the Ptolemaic dynasty were basically colonisers founded by one of Alexander's conquering generals. I just hope they don't make Cleopatra a super sword wielding ninja.
Encore Baby
Encore Baby:
They call "Blackwashing" empowerment. When anyone else does it, it's called whitewashing or cultural appropriation.

Watch the video "Bow down to these Disney princesses reimagined as Black Girl royalty l GMA Digital"
A woman takes princesses from different cultural tales around the world and says they represent "Blackness."
Chris Darbonne
Chris Darbonne:
Something is seriously wrong with people on Twitter. The world would be better off if it would disappear.
George Rady
George Rady:
Oh, two months ago, before “WOKE Womens” BOMBED
E-th0rSy Raps
E-th0rSy Raps:
It’s pretty crazy how Anti Semitic SJWs have become
Sebastian Ramirez
Sebastian Ramirez:
Gal Gadot isnt literally pitch black so they dont care, in fact, these people only care about black people for convenience
Michael C.
Michael C.:
This is what happens when you stop properly teaching history because "it might be traumatic" or whatever.
ThatBitch OnTheHorse
ThatBitch OnTheHorse:
Just stay off twitter, it will improve your life 100% Gal is perfect for the role.
Braden Hatch
Braden Hatch:
don’t pronounce the t at the end of her last name...
But they're totally fine when they cast black actors to play fictional, historical, and mythological white characters....
Tom Forge
Tom Forge:
Isn’t a bunch of black people “claiming” non-black people as black quite literally cultural appropriation?
Minecart Mark
Minecart Mark:
they need to black wash everyone, even from history
P St
P St:
GLM (Greek Lives Matter) I am Greek and Gal Gadot has my blessing, a beautiful strong woman playing a beautiful strong woman, what is the problem?
Vlad de Brancovan
Vlad de Brancovan:
I am a bit confused... looking at those tweets’ content, how do these racists are or think they are anti racist?
John G
John G:
Well they remade Ben-Hur and look how that turned out
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf:
6:20 They're being every ignorant word with an "ist" at the end of it and don't even realize it...
evren pilge
evren pilge:
"Sofia Boutella" would be an amazing choice. You should look at her.
jose garcia
jose garcia:
A middle eastern woman getting attacked for playing a role as in Egyptian queen. Am i missing something here lol.
I'm old enough to remember a great time when you had to actually proove yourself and show knowledge before being published. Twitter allowed all the ignorant fools to just spew ther idiocy. It's time to just ignore them and go on with normal projects like we used to before the snowflake takeover.
N7 Tigger
N7 Tigger:
sjw's are proudly anti-semitic.
Bill H
Bill H:
As long as Octavian is a billionaire real-estate developer, I don't see a problem.
Fox had to close down temporarily until Cleopatra made
some money. The love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton was a big help
Teven Vii
Teven Vii:
I just want to know how would ppl feel if Cesar was played by somebody like Denzel or Jackie Chan
White washing baad. Black washing so stunning and brave.
We all need to go out and show this movie some love when it comes out.
Cory Ower
Cory Ower:
Imagine being so emotionally fragile...woke folks are entertaining clowns
Maurice Barnett
Maurice Barnett:
It's absurd they speak is if though she's related to them like she's an ancestor
John Shepard
John Shepard:
So history is telling me she was Greek, mainly Macedonian based closer to mountainous region? Thus lighter in skin tone?

The answer: history is racist lol
ulf schack
ulf schack:
”Controversy” ... you sure you got the right vowel there.
They preach diversity by discrimination.
Emcee Squared
Emcee Squared:
Northern Africans have the same skin tone as everyone else bordering the Mediterranean. The skin color that develops depends on the amount sunlight at that latitude. It’s ultimately a silly thing to obsess over and the ancients certainly didn’t think about skin color the way prone do today.
George Sclauzero
George Sclauzero:
The twitter mob is clueless. Dont bow to their hatred and vitriol.
Don't those woke people know basic history?

Oh wait, they don't
Maybe she should sing John Lennon’s Imagine and everything will be fine 😂😂
Bobby Z
Bobby Z:
The only thing worse that twitter getting up in arms is YellowFlashes pronouciation of Gal Gah-Dat's name
Patty Jenkins will be in for a rude awakening when she finally directs something that doesn't have a pre-established fan base.
Like Hollywood, “The Twatts of Twitter” are used to failing! They have to keep up appearances.
Blue Haired Lawyer
Blue Haired Lawyer:
The Planet Earth: Something happens
michel Guevara
michel Guevara:
the internet : "shut up twatter"
Remind me again why Hollywood keeps repeating the same stories in his story?
da Bunnyman
da Bunnyman:
You just know some of them think this is a remake of the blaxploitation film Cleopatra Jones.
p sal
p sal:
Cleopatra was Greek.. Dont know if they ever seen a greek before.
Furrion 17
Furrion 17:
I couldn’t help but giggle at this. Guess no one looks up history anymore 😂
John Smith
John Smith:
All this has done is make me want to see the movie
I've never twitted so I was shocked at the venom spewing from these vile people.
Sardonic Spartan
Sardonic Spartan:
They always eat their own.
ScottTheKnuckleDraggingMouthBreather Kaiser
ScottTheKnuckleDraggingMouthBreather Kaiser:
Hahahahaha, he said she's a very good actress!😂
Paul Nolan
Paul Nolan:
They may cancel it, when they realize that Cleopatra had slaves! 😂
Dustin Box
Dustin Box:
Lmao this reminds me of when people freaked out on Robert Downey JR playing Dr. Doolittle
Matt Stanford
Matt Stanford:
"Basic, boring woman."

Aren't these the same people that worship Brie Larson? Who's *maybe* a step above Kristen Stewart in emotional range?

At least Gal Gadot is attractive.
i hope some human resources managers see these people's accounts when they do their hiring, this type of twitter language is not good and shows poor character
Just Another Buckethead Fan
Just Another Buckethead Fan:
Twitter is completely wrong?
Wow, who would have thought, that usually never happens, right?
Trej Rha
Trej Rha:
Awww you made it to 10min I'm proud of you.
Mr HappyFace
Mr HappyFace:
Re: the movie … *🥱😴*
I Slay Goblins
I Slay Goblins:
It's funny how they have no issue casting a black actor to play a character who has been predominately white, but when the reverse happens, even though they were completely wrong, they immediately turn against people.
CASE Mueller
CASE Mueller:
I wouldn't bet my life on Wikipedia if I were you.
Lego Games and Movies HUB
Lego Games and Movies HUB:
her audition was from the imagine song!
Wonder how many of these Twitter people liked Gal Gadot before she was cast as Cleopatra
windy ellis
windy ellis:
Oooh I hope this is good!!! I love historical dramas!
MMO Archives
MMO Archives:
she'll be perfect for the role, just like scarlett was perfect to play in ghost in the shell that everyone lost their shit over as well
"You ruin everything I hate!"
I'm confused.
The old classic Cleopatra movies are just that classic! I still watch them when they show up. Elizabeth was stunning! Screw twitter!
Oldman Pasia
Oldman Pasia:
was kang's
RySev 700
RySev 700:
Spoiler alert: cleopatra will take on the bad orange man