Clippers/Suns, Giannis' injury, Chris Paul's legacy (6.30.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

▶ Who will win Game 6: Clippers or Suns? (00:00)
▶ Will Giannis’ knee injury shift the momentum back to Atlanta? (22:22)
▶ How would winning tonight impact Chris Paul’s legacy? (34:33)
▶ Like how DeMarcus Cousins is approaching his late-career playoff resurgence? (45:29)
▶ Chris Broussard joins to discuss the Hawks/Bucks series. (57:18)

▶ Chris Broussard returns to preview Game 6 of the Clippers/Suns series. (1:11:40)
▶ Chris Broussard returns to discuss Chris Paul’s legacy. (1:25:46)
▶ Have faith that Paul George will force a Game 7 with a big win tonight? (1:38:43)
▶ How much have NBA fans missed LeBron during these playoffs? (1:46:57)
▶ What will PG13’s stat line & the final score be in Game 6? (1:52:15)

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Clippers/Suns, Giannis' injury, Chris Paul's legacy (6.30.21) | UNDISPUTED Audio Podcast

Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

10 comentarios:

Listening to this while the Suns advance brings my heart so much joy 🤣🤣🤣 hey SKEEIUUP!
Since my Bucks have no chance without Giannis, I'll be rooting for the Suns in the finals. Not only do I want CP3 to finally get his ring, Ayton being number 1 overall pick would be more validated than it already is(always thought the Suns made the right choice with that pick) but more importantly I got a lot of respect for how the Suns organization came to this point. Just like my small market Bucks, Phoenix couldn't just rely on superstars knocking on their door in FA every year. They drafted 2 studs in Booker and Ayton, and then built a perfect team around them with an amazing coach in Monty. CP3 could have chosen the easy route and gone to 1 of the LA teams but he saw something special building in Phoenix. Massive props to that organization. Then again I always kind of liked the Suns, still have my Joe Johnson and Steve Nash jerseys from when I was in like 5th or 6th grade lmao
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson:
Suns are this years Bucs played a bunch of injured teams and advanced to the big game where they’ll potentially play another injured team 😂
Kenny Cole
Kenny Cole:
LeBron the Goat
Alex Rosenblum
Alex Rosenblum:
Suns in 6 hopefully
NFM *:
Suns n 7
Jesse B
Jesse B:
🅱️lippers in 7
Hold that finger boogie