CLUB WORLD CUP! TUCHEL DEMANDS THIS TROPHY! | AL HILAL vs CHELSEA Club World Cup Semi-Final PREVIEW. Al Hilal vs Chelsea is the Club World Cup semi final. Abu Dhabi is hosting the delayed 2021 Club World Cup. Al Hilal vs Chelsea is the winners of the Asian Champions League vs European Uefa Champions League winners. Chelsea fC will be favorites going into this tournament but must respect Al Hilal from Saudi Arabia who won their Quarter Final 6-1. Chelsea are still without Reece James but are expected to field a very strong side in Chelsea's attempt to bring back the final trophy Chelsea need to win to complete the trophy cabinet. Let me know your Chelsea FC Starting XI vs Al Hilal in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

I want to see pulisic instead of odoi give him his preferred position and let's see what he can do.
Chelsea fan
Chelsea fan:
I’m from UAE and it will be my first time attending a Chelsea match 😍😍😍😍
I'd like to see Pulisic over Cho
 ??? The Creator
??? The Creator:
Cannot wait to sing 'WE'VE WON IT ALL'
joan benassar
joan benassar:
Havertz is amazing playing in his position and he deserves a chance, because until he arrived at Chelsea Lampard clearly preferred Mount instead of him and Tuchel has used him as a false nine or winger. Havertz has showed many times his talent and now with this system it’s time to shine for him💙
CHO is the only disagreement… 9 times out of 10, he’s more of a liability on the field than an asset.
Rosh S
Rosh S:
I live in Dubai and will be going for the game. Will be singing Champions of Europe we know what we are to Champions of the world, we know what we are! Beyond excited! Come on you Blues!
Ivan Varbanov
Ivan Varbanov:
Really love this lineup, I think playing Havertz behind Lukaku as a sort of second striker will suit both of them quite well
pk styll
pk styll:
pulisic over odoi, all things being equal, when both healthy, pulisic is better than odoi, if we are playing a back 4, let pulisic get his chance to win his place at lw like ziyech got his chance to win the rw place
Melissa Menéndez
Melissa Menéndez:
As a South American, I love the humbleness and respect you're showing champions teams that are not from Europe, George! Gotta love that. C'mon blues!
It’s refreshing to have a fellow Chelsea fan respect and have a desire to win this
crispin aleck
crispin aleck:
If we want to win just play Harvetz not Lukaku up front
Wanner De Leon
Wanner De Leon:
Kai Havertz masterclass incoming 👀💙
Chelsea pls make us proud and bring this cup home.
Eliud Ragae
Eliud Ragae:
I feel really nervous. I really want us to win this trophy so that our collection can be complete. Our players need to take the opponents seriously and play to kill off the game as early as possible. We can't rely on a penalty shootout.
This is our easiest chance to win Silverware. We need to go into this like it's the UCL final all over again. Stakes ain't as high as UCL but we demand a trophy every season and this could be that among perhaps more trophies this season.
Legendary Fish
Legendary Fish:
1000% Lukaku needs to stay on the bench. We play so much better without him. Start Havertz. Want to see Kennedy play.
elijah aywago
elijah aywago:
I will never forget what happened that day. Corinthians broke my heart
Richie's Hour
Richie's Hour:
Havertz & Werner Lukuku Should Be Drop
OMG, Al Hilal was only missing this cup to complete its championships. I really can't believe it
Aditya Patel
Aditya Patel:
Sarr has been the best withe game time he has had.. I was one of the only people who said he's a proper player given game time But we cannot make the mistake of handing him a start in important games like these. Alonso's calmness on the ball will do us a lot of good. Teams will focus on Sarr can't have that even in the ucl
Tahji Honnigan
Tahji Honnigan:
Actually got a glimpse of the Al hilal match on tv and saw the last three goals. They are not to be underestimated
Jono Red
Jono Red:
We have to take this seriously! This is the last one remaining so let’s go out there do a professional job and get to the final💙
Anthony Dsena
Anthony Dsena:
Chelsea needs a good winger like Chiese or Leroy Sane
Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo:
CHO are you serious? He has been so poor at finishing for months now and could not even get by League 1 defenders!

Pulisic scores goals when played in position, arrives in the box instinctively and being 2 footed is by far a more attacking threat.

Such a pity how little respect CP10 gets since Tuchel has come (from fans and manager). Tuchel has not used him correctly or improved him.

Sad, but he should put in a transfer request in the summer before Tuchel ruins his career and USA World Cup chances.
Ross Mason
Ross Mason:
I really want us to win this trophy. We can brag about being the best team in the world. Is there any other Chelsea fan as hungry as me for this trophy?
Prathamesh Raut
Prathamesh Raut:
Mount havertz ziyech is the best attacking trio
Frank Codrington
Frank Codrington:
Yes we have to get this Trophy 🏆
Robie Vilhelm
Robie Vilhelm:
I have to say George. I have completely had it with Chelsea for the last few months. But I missed your videos so here I am again.
Praneet Sateesh
Praneet Sateesh:
Logic is wayward. Chelsea are in this final only because of the blinders put in by Mount and Jorginho and evey other player on the pitch that day but the others can be dropped and not Havertz because he scored the goal? Not the right approach.
Ahmed Moh
Ahmed Moh:
All the respect to Chelsea, but I wish Al Hilal will win this game. It will be an amazing night
Umoru Afiz Oshiomole
Umoru Afiz Oshiomole:
I will love Kennedy to start because Alonso slow our attack
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
It would make this match easier for us 😊👍 if we could score more than one 😉😁 goal in a match for once
George Ariel Dreams-King
George Ariel Dreams-King:
I like Havertz and Mason Mount in Chelsea first line up.
In he final I want to see 3-4-2-1 with havertz in it
Hopefully they'll turn up for this one.
Challi Gènius
Challi Gènius:
We must change the forward 3 next time if we need that trophy,coz yesterday was really floppy😢😢
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
Chelsea are actually the only Club, that have entered this Competition, going in as the top Club and have not won it. To be fair, Corinthians were a great Side back then, but this year, Tuchel should not have to demand it, as long as Chelsea do not go into it with complacency and as badly as they play at times this Season, it should be a forgone conclusion that Chelsea will win it. If they do not, they might as well pack their bags and give up the Season now. Chelsea are a Club with a Player value of 795m, earning millions a year ffs, they had better win the thing. Having said all that, I have no idea why winning this Tin Pot should be "a massive boost", but hey-ho. It would be nice for Chelsea to complete the set, it is hardly a prestige Cup Competition. I mean, it is "two" Games ffs. On a footnote: I like Kepa and he is playing well and until he messes up, deserves to keep his place, even with Mendy back. I also agree with Dark (on here) Zouma has a lot of Bridges to mend and I bet every Chelsea Fan is glad he was sold and not a Chelsea problem. They have enough of that at the moment, without Zouma adding to it. I also cannot see Chelsea getting anywhere near £100m for Lukapoo, should they sell him. At the moment, the way he is playing, he is worth about 50p.
Marcello Dias
Marcello Dias:
Lukaku on the bench,That´s what Chelsea needs right now.
Curtis Moore
Curtis Moore:
Our goal came off a weak deflection. Tell me how Lukaku and Werner are an upgrade over Groux and Tammy Abraham. Mount and Pulisic should be on field all the time.
John Marshmallow
John Marshmallow:
Today Tony has been offered near to 200K wages, now the ball is in his court and if he still rejects, then we move on !
Don't idolize the players more than the club 🙏
BRAZIL 100% CHELSEA 🏆💙⚽✨🇧🇷
There’s no way havertz doesn’t start, I can’t have lukaku start another game for a while
Official rozay
Official rozay:
If we don’t win this trophy 🏆 then we might aswell just put all our forward players in the bin 🗑 if I’m honest.
Noel Fudge
Noel Fudge:
We definately don't need lukaku last Yr we won without him
Timis Tam
Timis Tam:
Come on the blues 💙
Nigel Bradford
Nigel Bradford:
I'm not convinced with Sarr. He's been average for what we want in most games & was really poor against Plymouth!
I would also prefer to see Werner & Havertz up front but I also understand why Lukaku may be the choice tonight!
The real blues will win today
A L H I L A L 😎💙💙💙
damion fletcher
damion fletcher:
We must win at all cost no joking around
Without The Mask
Without The Mask:
Chelsea are not gonna sell Lukaku. Why push that narrative. It's absolutely silly to be honest.
Callum Hudson odoi pains my eyes he doesn’t have a left foot
Ben Coat
Ben Coat:
Can chelsea please stick the bloody german up top for this one pls!! Go Blues
Still going with Odoi after that terrible last match, wild
Conor Lo
Conor Lo:
Where can I watch this game?
Carole King you've got a friend
Carole King you've got a friend:
Beware! Al Hilal is the Asian champion.
Earl Oruga
Earl Oruga:
Kai Havertz is a big game player unlike lakaka
BPJ Cauchi
BPJ Cauchi:
George, reply to me and Chelsea will lift their second trophy of the year
I support chelsea from an arabic country 🇩🇿🇩🇿☪️
Hi George, what’s your opinion on Gabaski?
Rajarshi Roy
Rajarshi Roy:
We'll play a 4-1-4-1
Surinder Devi
Surinder Devi:
Pulisic or mount over cho
لقد نسيت بيريرا 😂😂💙🤍
onyekachi nnamdi
onyekachi nnamdi:
COYB!! Thanks once again George.
Prabhat Bindal
Prabhat Bindal:
Where to watch this match in India?
Asian Champions VS European Champions .. exciting match !
juan sosa
juan sosa:
George i am a big fan of your channel but with all due respect i really disagree with your XI, lukaku and cho play every single game and dont do shit, no respect for werner, like who would blame him if he leaves chelsea this summer he is not playing even tho cho and lukaku don´t score or anything (cho sometimes does one good run a game) and everytime timo starts or plays he has some to do with the goals. i would even like to see pulisic instead of cho tbh, is like theyre not getting punished for playing bad, and when pulisic or werner play bad they are dropped right away
King Of Everything
King Of Everything:
We're gonna destroy these bums. This comp is ours!!
Spanish Empire Ball
Spanish Empire Ball:
Chelsea 1-0 Ah-Halil
We go to the final boys.

Chelsea v Palmeiras
Eliud Ragae
Eliud Ragae:
I would start Werner over Odoi
Anniobi Anyanwu
Anniobi Anyanwu:
Mendy have to start
frank o
frank o:
Is George covering his ass by not giving a good reason why CHO would be in the game?
Mutlaq jej16
Mutlaq jej16:
al-hilal saudi 💙💙💙
we have to watch out for Matheus Pereira, he is a great player as he proved at west brom
Imraan Davod
Imraan Davod:
I’m thinking Kennedy will play
Ben Baird
Ben Baird:
Still don't believe in Saar, he's not good with the ball.....Zouma-esque when dribbling.
uel musuka
uel musuka:
Hesi gorgeous
kyle growdon
kyle growdon:
How can we stream this game tonight
You need to go back to the UK, I miss the matchday vlogs
Someone who knows where you can see the match?
Wait is george in abu dhabi
Hey Benson, I'm in Indonesia too. Where are u gonna watch tonight? Cuz I have no idea where..
George, if you pin this comment, chelsea will win the champions league this season
callum Slater
callum Slater:
My lineup:

Gk- Kepa
Back 4 of Sarr Thiago Toni Azpi
Mids Kante Jorgi Hakim CHO
UpFront Timo x Can't stop the shine rom

May have Havertz over Hakim or CHO, but will probably be benched.

Pita Shaw
Pita Shaw:
does anyone know how to watch this game outside of england?
Natan Felipe
Natan Felipe:
I love you Corinthians 2012 💝
Omoregbee Ikponmwosa
Omoregbee Ikponmwosa:
Odoi again? You guys don't learn do you
Jimmy SpliffTV
Jimmy SpliffTV:
You have to make a FAKE EXCUSE why LUKAKU should start? FOH GEORGE dont be fake dude. LUKAKU is still our best FORWARD and good look relying on HAVERTZ or LUKAKU. They both have been a failure so far. I just dont wanna see WERNER.
Al Hilal are in my opinion better than Palmeiras if you look at the teams player for player, Chelsea have to respect them because they are a Champions League qualifying level team without doubt
These guys shoot from outside the box. Mendy would do better.
Oh look CHO ... how shocking np matter how poor his performances are of late.
Chelsea will have to beat the great green-white south american winner, Palmeiras. Good luck with that, but we want it as much bad as you do.
Astro Nutter
Astro Nutter:
Gr8 show as always! But u put in Flopelu Lakaka? 4EVRBLUE,¡
Thubelihle Zibula
Thubelihle Zibula:
ur most fav player in is Kai and least fav is Hakim
Fernando Costa
Fernando Costa:
Remember Corinthians ?? Shame again NO
matheus poli
matheus poli:
The man I became
The man I became:
Chelsea have to win 🏆, I’m Corinthians fan, and I hate palmeiras
Chalobah Silva Rudiger
Azpilicueta Jorginho Kovacic Alonso
Ziyech Havertz Hudson Odoi
Norhaslina Hasan
Norhaslina Hasan:
Get well soon
joseph emmanuel
joseph emmanuel:
Pin this comment 🥺 you’re the best