COBRA KAI Season 3 FULL BREAKDOWN, Season 4 Theories + Karate Kid Easter Eggs!

The awesome ending of Cobra Kai Season 3 explained, Season 4 theories, who Kreese called, plus all the Karate Kid movie easter eggs revealed!

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Season 3 Ending Explained Miyagi-Eagle-Do 0:16
The Kreese Generation Game 4:00
Smashing Fight Scenes 6:45
Season 4 Villain Silver Twig 7:56

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COBRA KAI takes place over 30 years after the events of the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament with the continuation of the inescapable conflict between Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka). Season Three finds everyone reeling in the aftermath of the violent high school brawl between their dojos, which has left Miguel in a precarious condition. While Daniel searches for answers in his past and Johnny seeks redemption, Kreese further manipulates his vulnerable students with his own vision of dominance. The soul of the Valley is at stake, and the fate of every student and sensei hangs in the balance.

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100+ comentarios:

Flicks And The City
Flicks And The City:
Happy New Year everyone! 🎆🎆
How quickly did you binge the new season of Cobra Kai?! 🥋😀🥋
Jerry Huang
Jerry Huang:
Thumbs up if you watched all 10 episodes in 1 day 🐍
American Paisa Returns
American Paisa Returns:
“We won’t just dominate the tournament. We’ll melt this whole snowflake generation.”

- John Kreese
I loved the ending so fucking much
Biggest surprise wasn’t Allie, or Robby, it was hawk, he had gone so far down.. but somehow he pulled through
Never seen a show revive and full fill so many old characters. The character development in this show is beyond insanely good. Chozen and Ali didn't feel like they were brought back out of nowhere. Kreese you now understand why he is the way he is and only can hope he can still change one day. THIS IS HOW IT'S DONE HOLLYWOOD, PAY ATTENTION!!!!!!!
Kris Fleming
Kris Fleming:
Just finished season 3 and feeling like I want to punch all the doors in my house
_Untitled _
_Untitled _:
I like how Tory was the only one who wasn’t finished
Hamad Ali
Hamad Ali:
Johnny's offence
Daniel's defense
Let's see how their students do
Louis DellaLucca
Louis DellaLucca:
I loved how Chozen became the new Miyagi character.
I just noticed Daniel was about to do the same move to Kreese (Just before Samantha interrupted him)
That Sato was going to do to
Mr. Miyagi until they got interrupted.
He was legit getting ready to kill him
Moo Moo
Moo Moo:
It’s going to take more than episode 10 for me to forgive Lip for all of his awfulness
Antony Harris
Antony Harris:
Plot twist, hawk is just playing good so he can spy
Damion evans
Damion evans:
we’re definitely getting silver that guy in the flashback literally has the same hair and mannerisms
The guy that bullies kreese at the diner is driving Daniel's yellow car, he says hes gonna scrap this junk for some muscle... looks like mr miyagi picked up the car and cleaned it up
Akshat Verma
Akshat Verma:
My prediction in season 4 is that Robby will 99percent beat Miguel and then during the break between rounds Daniel will teach Miguel how to do the move that chosen taught him
I just wish they would have made more episodes on this season. With so many characters there wasn't enough time to develop their stories in 10 episodes. But really enjoy the series.. Can't wait for season 4
Diego Salazar
Diego Salazar:
I love how the writers can easily go on to a fifth season and make a remake of the remake in 2050
Silver, Barnes and Robbie Juve mates will join Cobra Kai.
Chozen will help out Daniel.
Kreese was homeless and did not ask his war buddy for help... but he asked for help for an under - 18 karate local tournament !
Gary L. Street
Gary L. Street:
Maybe my favorite moment is when Hawk reunited with Demetri.
‘You keep for your collection’.... my favorite Easter egg of this season
P K:
It’s kind of dumb logic that the parents of these kids still let them practice Karate and not file police complaints, despite them coming home with broken noses and fractured bones 🤣
Zach I
Zach I:
As soon as his military buddy that he saved said he owes him I immediately saw the resemblance between the similarities of him and that guy that helped him in the third movie
Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon:
Robby and Tory are now my two favorite characters
Yash Malla
Yash Malla:
My prediction is Robby accepts Johny as his father and he will willingly lose to eliminate cobra kai
Tim Georgiadis
Tim Georgiadis:
Season 3 was awesome...can't wait for season 4. Would love to see Chozen come back to balance the scale since Kreese is reaching out to Terry Silver
Matthew brilliant
Matthew brilliant:
Can't wait to see Terry Silva return 😂
Sean Amaral
Sean Amaral:
I want Chozen to show up & help Daniel & Johnny take on Kreese & Silva👍
Raghu Seetharaman
Raghu Seetharaman:
The callbacks to Karate Kid Part 2, 3 this season for Cobra Kai was amazing. I enjoyed the score from Karate Kid Part 2 especially during the soccer scene with Samantha and her team because that same score was used for the bet scene with Daniel having to destroy the Ice plates a bet that Chozen had put in place. Then the training sequence with Chozen and Daniel was awesome and seeing the re-enactment of the final scene with the roles reversed as Chozen almost tries to severe Daniel's trachea only to pinch his nose with a honk noise lol. The best thing about season 3 was the backstory to Kreese and how he became Sensei Kreese and the origins to Cobra Kai with that pit of Snakes nicely brought everything full circle. I actually thought the bully played by Jesse Kove (Martin Kove's real-life son) was going to play young Kreese but loved the switch with the actor playing Young Kreese. Seeing him start out as this kind, sensitive human being and then the twist to him becoming ruthless was a nice switch.
A 3-on-3 face off between Kreese, Silver, and Barnes and Daniel, Johnny, and Chozen would be epic AF.
Gérann Gerber Channel
Gérann Gerber Channel:
What I would like to see in Season 4, is the following:
Chozen helps Daniel and Johnny with their Miyagi dojo and helps them with more Miyagi Karate techniques.
Terry Silver and Mike Barnes returns to help John Kreese with the Kobra Kai dojo.
Jessica Andrews makes a cameo appearance like Ali did.
Julie Pierce makes a cameo appearance like Ali did.
Daniel helps Johnny with employment.
Robbie realises John Kreese's true intentions and returns to the Miyagi dojo.
Kumiko and Yuna makes an appearance again.
Daniel with Johnny and Chozen teaches the students the wax on, wax off and other teachniques like Mr. Myagi did with the painting, the floors, the buildings etc.
Bring the music in that Ichiro plays in Karate Kid Part 2 at the Shinto Shrine.
Anything relevant that could make the series good.
jason Longoria
jason Longoria:
Watched the whole thing in one sit down (5 hours)
Adrian Kumar
Adrian Kumar:
In the last episode of season 3 Kreese says to Robby, "Come one son" Robby: "yOuR nOt My dAd"
Jessica Morcos
Jessica Morcos:
Who else noticed, (btw if you haven’t seen the last episode then don’t read this lol) in the last episode, Tory was wearing a skeleton jacket, just like Miguel and Johnny when he was in high school!
Sharon Pigue
Sharon Pigue:
I liked how chozen helped Daniel by showing him pressure points, and how the girl daniel saved saved his business
Jason Chen
Jason Chen:
Season 3 really took the fighting choreography to a whole new level
Jessica Vickers
Jessica Vickers:
Daniel and Johnny’s clothes could be symbolise that they both need each other
Royce L
Royce L:
Next season 4 guys I can't wait 😁😁
Rhodso Yt
Rhodso Yt:
I can’t wait till season 4 😁
Ted Johnson
Ted Johnson:
So happy Miguel and sam got back together.
Maverick Gonzalez
Maverick Gonzalez:
Jade Clausell
Jade Clausell:
What I want to happen is for Tory to change her ways and I want her mom to recover
Kiersten Coats
Kiersten Coats:
If Silver comes back then Chozen should come back and help Daniel and Johnny train the kids miyagi style. With his style the kids can easily defeat Kreese. Chozen would be like another miyagi and with him on their side, they can’t lose.
Future Trunks
Future Trunks:
Johnny and Daniel standing together as sensei's

They came along way ali was so right about them

I almost shed a tear 90's baby here
Celeste Soto
Celeste Soto:
I would like to see Sean Kanan as Mike return in season 4 with Terry Silver. I’m also curious who’s Miguel’s father. Some Theories suggest Miguel could be either Terry Silver’s son or grandson.
Ok so it currently 1 :30 in the morning and the new season is so friggin amazing
Isah Mohammed
Isah Mohammed:
I like it, The Miyagi Eagles
I hope they don't forget Julie Pierce, Miyagi's other student, who taught the art of letting go. Plus there is another group that is not fond of Miyagi.
Becky Hankins
Becky Hankins:
I loved watching it. I watched it again last night. Before season 4 begins I am going to watch it again to get caught up. I love watching the karate kid movies and cobra Kai. I grew up watching it. And I wondered what the guys were up to since the movies. They all look so good.
Young Son
Young Son:
Reece is ex Special Forces, he sent Hawk to spy on Johnny and Larusso
Just finished season 3 today, it was awesome!!
bigpoppa 1967
bigpoppa 1967:
Johnny vs. Kreese
Chozen vs. Silver
Daniel vs. Mike (originally I wanted Johnny fight against his darker version....but I'm not convinced Daniel has truly gotten over his fear of Mike).
we all bouta wait another year for season 4
Haashim Nisar
Haashim Nisar:
I just want that Robby redemption arc like when Daniel was at cobra kai during KK3
jude wicking
jude wicking:
i noticed in the first flashback of Kreese
the bullies rid in a car that looked a lot like the first car daniel got
Really hoping to see Mike Barnes return with Silver in the 4 season..
I think that Julie Pearce is coming back to the cast of season 4.
Zany Zara
Zany Zara:
This was such a magnificent season.
It's clear now who's coming back :)
Great season, would love for Daniel and Johnny to go to Japan for chosen to teach them more techniques, as Kreese and silver grow more in power, would be good if chosen comes to America and teaches Daniels/Johnny’s students
Vinnie Koch
Vinnie Koch:
They never ACTUALLY said that it was Terry Silver at the end, who told Kreese that “I owe you. Anything you need for the rest of your life”. I wish Kreese would have said something like “Ok, Silver”. So I’m not 100% sure that it was Silver.... but guess we will see
Beezy B
Beezy B:
I think chozen will come to the states to help daniel and Johnny if kreese calls his friend up
Ivan Moody
Ivan Moody:
Everyone forgets that Johnny Lawrence was a bully in another movie called Just One of the guys he played Greg Tolan almost identical to the Johnny Lawrence role
bigpoppa 1967
bigpoppa 1967:
Bring back Silver and Mike. And another appearance of Chozen, Kumiko (don't know if I got the name right) and Ali for Season 4.
Stella Meacham
Stella Meacham:
What if the letter sent to Kreese in Vit Nam, wasn't about his girls death as the captain said before their fight but a letter saying she was pregnant? That could have been seen as enough of a distraction to not tell him. If she never heard back maybe she moved away, had baby adopted or married some-one else so not not to be a shamed single mother....could be some kinda redemptive arc for him
So in season 4 kreese called terry silver and then terry silver got mr miyagi-ed by Daniel-san and then johnny made kreese knuckles bent by using a sai lol
Matt Hamlin
Matt Hamlin:
Guarantee when they end the series will find out Kreese girlfriend is still alive and that will change him
smokey 55
smokey 55:
Hope we see Ali again in season 4, cause she just back to west valley bc a holiday, and and I think Ali daughter ava will involved in next season too
Tx. Hunter
Tx. Hunter:
This season was amazing, and the team up was amazing and really fun to watch
Why did the creators of cobra kai make each episode only 30 min long? Why not make it 1 hour long just like most every other show on Netflix. The show has gotten real popular and I’m sure everyone would love an extra 20-30 min more!
Stefan Marvil
Stefan Marvil:
The guy who kreese saved in Vietnam (ponytail guy) is terry silver and at the end kreese calls someone and is looking at the photo of terry in Vietnam, they are teaming up against Johnny and Daniel, potentially Mike brands comes back and then chosen helps Daniel and johnny
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
As soon as his military buddy that he saved said he owes him I immediately saw the resemblance between the similarities of him and that guy that helped him in the third mo
Binged the last half last night and I LOVED IT!!
Alex tepe
Alex tepe:
I eagerly await the triumphant return of Terry silver in season 4. Im sure he’s eager for some long overdue payback.
Drippy monster
Drippy monster:
I saw the ending and All the episodes I just wanna know what will happen in season 4
Dr Ajitroy Mom
Dr Ajitroy Mom:
Lewis Barrett
Lewis Barrett:
I can see Johnny and Daniel fighting kreese and silver's cobra kai's and miyagi do bringing Chozen back from Japan to teach their students the "real" miyagi do karate, to counteract Kreese and Silver's aggressive/dirty fighting.
Joshua Lucero
Joshua Lucero:
I have a prediction that there will bee a appearance by the girl Miyagi trains in the next karate kid. An also Miyagi brother who trains chozen can make an appearance 🤔 that would be awesome
Xue Xiong
Xue Xiong:
I think that Miguel should have recovered like this. Johnny takes him to the pool and pushes him in.
I really liked how Daniel and Johnny teamed up in the end. In season 4 I hope there is perhaps a bit of tension in the way they teach their students, but not too much, and this gets resolved for them to focus on training their students. I hope somehow that Sam fights Torry, Miguel fights Robbie, hawk fights Kyler in the tournament. I really hope that for the majority of season 4 Daniel and Johnny work together to defeat Krease..
Dee Dykes
Dee Dykes:
Add more episodes it more time to explain everything!!
Al Cruise
Al Cruise:
It’s as if Kreese is Palpatine and Robby is Kylo ren, then we have Daniel as Luke skywalker finding his balance once again through his mistakes in the past to be able to defeat Palpatine, don’t really see Johnny as much of a Han Solo but eh give or take
Stay Curious
Stay Curious:
I was very pleased to see Hawk rejoin Johnny. I hope he remains there... we will see some conflict in the marriage of those dojos.
Emperor Constantine 1.
Emperor Constantine 1.:
I think in the end of season 4, even if the tournament is in the good guys favor, I think a true final battle will happen afterwards, where absolutely every lesson and skill learned will be put to the true life/death battle.
Ellis Brown
Ellis Brown:
When you see Michael fall off the balcony in season 2 school fight, it looks exactly like when kreece pushed his army trainer into the pit of snakes
Himawari Nine9
Himawari Nine9:
I can’t wait for season 4
Double Features
Double Features:
Thanks for this New Year's gift of a video!
Dan Warner
Dan Warner:
I got feeling that Tory is kreese actual granddaughter cuz he stated that his mum died from strange illness too. I don't see why they hide her face. That woman is kreese long lost daughter, who survived all these years -theory
Hear me out
Tori, Miguel and hawks on the same team
I just like how cobra kai was back in the season 2
mike davis
mike davis:
Right on, Mr. Falcon.
Videostream 02
Videostream 02:
Cobra Kai.....

Will now die 😩😔😭
nafisa desai
nafisa desai:
Love to see all the old characters comeback for daniel n Johnny, as that will help them to defeat keese n Mike as both rival will work together to show there students that they have the ability that they can work as a team even after what had happened in the past
I have a really good Easter Egg possibility of the whole franchise if anyone is interested😁
Remember in KK1 when Ali and Daniel finished their date and the come outside? A guy called Eddie pulls up in a White car alongside Ali and says Hey Good Lookin.. could this be the UCLA footballer she later went on to fall for????😮😮😮
I really want the people from the other movies to appear as at least a cameo like Julie Pierce from Next Karate Kid, Mike Barnes from Part 3, Dre Parker from the 2010 movie as well as Mr. Han from that movie.
Ika Hijrah
Ika Hijrah:
The 4th season i hope terry meets kreese and it will be a 2v2 fight between johnny and daniel vs terry and kreese
Kreese called Silver is also my assumption who he calls at the end.
Gary P
Gary P:
Nice job, good call 📞👏 Awesome
Toby Flenderson ,
Toby Flenderson ,:
[SPOILERS!]. Glad that hawk chose the right choice And how much more character development kreese got this season with how he joined Vietnam and his flashbacks I think he’s very troubled he was bullied when he was younger and he was breed into this heartless monster in Vietnam even when the helicopters came to save them he could’ve saved his captain but he didn’t he’s dug so deep down his emotions that it’s gonna take more than talks and discipline to change kresse. What do you think?
who else cried when kumiko read that letter to daniel
Ben Jensen
Ben Jensen:
Man season 4 either needs to make there episodes longer or give us more then 10 episodes I watched season 3 and it was so short with the episodes being half an hour long, in my opinion they should be an hour long