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Watch Cobra Kai's Funniest moments of Season 2 here:

Funniest moments of Cobra Kai (Season 3) which is now streaming on Netflix!!

S02 E01 · Aftermath
S02 E02 · Nature Vs. Nurture

S02 E03 · Now You're Gonna Pay
S02 E04 · The Right Path
S02 E05 · Miyagi-Do
S02 E06 · King Cobra
S02 E07 · Obstáculos
S02 E08 · The Good, The Bad, and the Badass
S02 E09 · Feel The Night
S02 E10 · December 19

Miguel Diaz (Xolo Mariduena)
Robby Keane (Tanner Buchanan)
Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser)
Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler)

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100+ comentarios:

Mr Froot Gaming
Mr Froot Gaming:
It’s funny when Daniel walked in on Sam and Miguel kissing😂 and Daniel was like is that my drum and Miguel is like “Oh..”
Cristian Lucero7
Cristian Lucero7:
Nobody: “If I don’t pass trig, my dad’s gonna shit in my mouth”
Definitely got me 😂
Vidya Gopal
Vidya Gopal:
"If you died I wouldn't even attend your funeral"... damn lol
"Like KKK?" "Yeah that's probably a bad idea"
You know it's a bad idea if even Johnny sees what's wrong with it lol
Greedo Kenobi
Greedo Kenobi:
One of the funniest parts was when Johnny deleted the extremly long facebook message/ wrote a very honest and powerful new one, only to delete that one too and just type “not much, you?”... That was the funniest thing to me of the entire season 🤣
Grunt Man INC
Grunt Man INC:
“Eagles don’t actually have fangs...”*GETS SHIRT THROWN AT HIM”
Lord Yeetus
Lord Yeetus:
Its funny cause he actually does look like chris brown lmfaoooo
Gaminglegends 12
Gaminglegends 12:
Why is no one talking about Anthony losing tons of weight?
Adventure Life
Adventure Life:
Johnny : Theres only one animal that can kill a snake
Bert : A Mongoose?
Johnny : A real animal Bert........
Darth Lemon
Darth Lemon:
I like how the show kinda makes fun of political correctness.
Bryan Perez
Bryan Perez:
The episode where Miguel has to take pics of Johnny to impress Ali was funny😂😂.
Marcin Olszewski
Marcin Olszewski:
"Do you know what we called a manhole back in my day? A manhole"
"This is from your pale friend" ayo what💀
Enow Bate
Enow Bate:
"if i don't pass trig, my dad's gonna shit in my mouth" 💀😂
Chozen's laugh😂
Nathan Hills
Nathan Hills:
“ that my drum in your pocket?”
Tierra& Benny Reacts
Tierra& Benny Reacts:
"cool story. Try telling it to someone who gives a shit". That was the moment I knew that Robby was Johnny's son.
Carlou Espedillon
Carlou Espedillon:
Daniel was impressively calm seeing his daughter being kissed while on the floor
Trevor Gerard Frederick
Trevor Gerard Frederick:
"Why are you ok with anyone calling you Penis Breath?"

Chris has somehow become one of my top favorite supporting characters.
Chan Hehehe
Chan Hehehe:
Fernando Bermudez
Fernando Bermudez:
That lame eagle screech when Johnny showed the logo cracked me up
The man who bullies Kreese in the diner is played by Jesse Kove, Martin Kove's son.
Not Talske
Not Talske:
You forgot “Rehab? I’m not a quitter” that line killed me
joseph cantarelli
joseph cantarelli:
Yasmine: We were just doing study work.
10 years later
Dimitri: studying really payed off!
Yasmine: Shut up and kiss me!
4:07 The most Asian thing he could say
King Ash T.V
King Ash T.V:
I lost it when Chozen said "HONK"
Stephen Mohammed
Stephen Mohammed:
miguel: " what happen to your face"
Johnny: "i got into a fight with a paper towel dispenser"
Miguel: "da fuck?"
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez:
The pale friend got me the most
The honk made me laugh the most
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore:
"Why you are okay with anyone calling you penis-breath?" 😂
I’ve just realised Daniel’s cousins sound like mario and luigi. “Mama Luke.” And “Goomba.”
Rylie O
Rylie O:
When he said “if you died I would never attend your funeral” I was laughing so hard 😂
Joshua Born Again
Joshua Born Again:
7:54 - Forgive me, Father! 🙄🙏
•Peppa the Potatø•
•Peppa the Potatø•:
Miguel: "Are you writing a novel?"
liav hanegbi
liav hanegbi:
"if youre gonna bring boys over to the dojo please leave the door open"
"come on dad its not 1984"

"Just leave the door 3 inches open"- Stranger things season 3, set in 1984.

Anyone notice that Anthony was only in ONE SCENE!?
Hassan Baghlani
Hassan Baghlani:
The way assface said “who’s for a warm one?” And then got absolute demolished is very amusing
Jorge Alcocer
Jorge Alcocer:
Anybody else laughed when they were in the concert and they called Miguel a make a wish kid
Best scene when johnny punches those prisoners 😂😂 I guess Daniel looks more tougher than johnny😂
Dat Nigga
Dat Nigga:
He do look like Chris brown tho
Smooth and Creamy Italian
Smooth and Creamy Italian:
The first ten minutes of the first episode in this season is comedy gold!! Hidden humor in the crowd and it’s hilarious!! Very very very funny!
Raging Trollers
Raging Trollers:
Anthony lost weight, almost didn't recognize him 🤪
Kelsey Iddings
Kelsey Iddings:
I needed this after finishing season 3 30 min ago and having a heart attack like I'm still recovering
Braden Mayhew
Braden Mayhew:
The chozen part at the beginning feels like a gta cutscene
Heather Viani
Heather Viani:
“Anyone else feeling a little snug?”
“Do some more sit ups.” 😂
Sourav Choudhury
Sourav Choudhury:
Am I the only one who understood and laughed at the Seinfeld reference and how he said, "More of a friends guy, I guess." 😂😂😂
Jhanzoi Joestar
Jhanzoi Joestar:

“He just hit me!”

Cop: “Y’all see something?”
Yeetgod Lionsnake
Yeetgod Lionsnake:
Miguel:what happened to you sensie
Jhonny: I got in a fight with paper towel dispenser
Miguel :boi what the fuck
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine:
I don't know why, but the mongoose line gets me every single time
Maci Blackford
Maci Blackford:
why does Ralph still look good for his age (:
Conscious Motivations
Conscious Motivations:
When Johnny talked to the father in the public park, that was the funniest part lol
vegetathegoat555 j
vegetathegoat555 j:
Soooo we not gon talk about anthony losing a lot of weight
Giulia Ariano
Giulia Ariano:
" I've been here 5 minutes I already see 10 people I hate" describes my life to well
Karen Thomas
Karen Thomas:
Johnny: welcome to eagle fang karate
Mitch: um eagles don’t have fangs
Johnny: throws t-shirt
Me: 😂😂😂😂
Martin Andersson
Martin Andersson:
Another fun moment, was when Ali was talking about a time machine, Elisabeth Shue was in Back to the Future 2 and 3 ..
Domingo 2005
Domingo 2005:
Love the moment when Johnny talks about a swirlie and that it’s actually really funny😂😂
Kailyn Legg
Kailyn Legg:
*sam and Miguel kissing*
*Daniel walks in*
Daniel: is that my drum in your pocket?
Miguel: oh
Zain Mitcham
Zain Mitcham:
Dang one of the most funniest parts weren’t on here it was the one where there at the country club and Amy tells Daniel it’s just mills and he looks at Johnny 😭
Salman Khan
Salman Khan:
5:56 was hilarious man, I re-watched that scene so many times. It also shows how their relationship has grown as almost father and son. These 2 have been the heart and soul of the show.
A S:
“Yeah, don’t move”
*laughs* “I said don’t move”
Brayden Wormer
Brayden Wormer:
You really fooled me with the text from your mom
5:35 I love how he said dont move and hes in a wheelchair
Erwin Lii
Erwin Lii:
I feel really bad for actress Nicole Brown! Why did they have to written off her character in season 3? We didn't get even a proper goodbye to Aisha!
"After the events of the school fight, Aisha's parents disenroll her from West Valley High School. They transfer her to a private school up north, separating her from Sam and the rest of her karate influences." That's it?!
||Barcamessiful Productions||
||Barcamessiful Productions||:
7:22 “Webemmed” 😂😂😂😂
xd Dill Daddy
xd Dill Daddy:
you forgot the part when johnny slapped a random kid’s books out of his hand at school and goes “sorry it’s a bad habit”
liav hanegbi
liav hanegbi:
"If I don't pass trig my Dad is gonna shit in my mouth"

Lmao dat Asian life amirite
William Schou Nilsson
William Schou Nilsson:
The Best part is whenever the 2 little boys fight eachother, it’s always so funny😂
Anthony Campagnone
Anthony Campagnone:
Why is it that I laughed at each one of these moments
Colin Z
Colin Z:
Dimitri and Yasmine doing a study session was probably my favorite
Johnny: yeah I have photos don’t move
Also Johnny: haha I said don’t move
Facundo Gonzalez
Facundo Gonzalez:
I love that Jhonny's way of dealing with Miguel problems is basically "You do not have problems anymore!"
Panthers Cards 04
Panthers Cards 04:
was i the only one that didn’t laugh when miguel said that he felt like a giant baby i felt so bad
The only 2 parts I found funny was when Johnny slaps the books out of the kids hand and says "sorry bad habit" and also the "is that my drum in your pocket?" on the kissing part.
Amvr Rivera
Amvr Rivera:
Miguel: what happened to your face Jonny: oh I got in a fight with a paper dispenser
8:14 Gets on top of their car window. "That'll be 20 bucks" sheer disappointment... "DO YOU WANT THE FULL WAX AND WASH OR JUST THE WASH!?"🤣
Jacob Franklin
Jacob Franklin:
2:36 made me fall off my chair laughing the first time I saw it and it still does
"Forgive me, Father." Proceeds to kick Johnny in the middle of a sermon.
I love how Johnny didn't even return the caravan to the dealership. I guess he still has a bit of hate on Larusso
Isabella Heredia
Isabella Heredia:
literally my favorite two lines:

"come and get it dickhead"
"if you died, i wouldnt even attend your funeral"

nate and bert are the funniest rivalry on the show😂
Lol kyler funny asf when he says rhea
Max 4151
Max 4151:
“It’s like DARE but It actually works”
Oh you just ended it one moment too early - when the valet actually pulls up in the 93 dodge caravan...
poi30n 666
poi30n 666:
The look on Miguel's face when Johnny said he got in fight with a towel dispenser
Aubrey Ann Pineda
Aubrey Ann Pineda:
3:23 my favorite moment 😂 I just like how Daniel sees Sam and Miguel making out and immediately starts to apologize and then out of nowhere just asks “is that my drum in your pocket?!” 😅😅😅
Yo Mamma
Yo Mamma:
The funniest moment is when Bert was tossed through the window and Daniel’s house! The kitty was worth the purr. 😸
Epic Wolf
Epic Wolf:
I was half expecting Larusso to say “is that my drum in my pocket or are you just pleased to see me?”
Keevion Brown
Keevion Brown:
7:59 so you're WANG can still get TANG '' NiCe ''
Dennis Jimenez
Dennis Jimenez:
they could’ve atleast put stingray💀
Ika Hijrah
Ika Hijrah:
Kreese: your a feisty one but i like that.
Kreese :i-*GETS SLAPPED*
Greedo Kenobi
Greedo Kenobi:
“we’ll photomat it” 🤣
One of the guys do look like Chris brown lmao
Laps Dex
Laps Dex:
Who remember’s Daniel getting his ass kicked by chozen
Robert Weniger
Robert Weniger:
I love how the Dodge Caravan was stolen so many times that Daniel just stopped giving a shit
0:46 nah he kinda looks a bit like Cam Newton or Zeke from High school musical
Caleb Games
Caleb Games:
Dang johnny was ripped in those old photos
warforged 79 2.0
warforged 79 2.0:
This season needed more stingray.
Eshaan Simha
Eshaan Simha:
The funniest part is when the mom texts: LIKE THE VIDEO NOW!!!
when miguel said "OH NO, OH NO".. that was the funniest
dvsco Murphy
dvsco Murphy:
My grandma actually said he looks like Chris brown 💀