Cole Sprouse Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube | GQ

On this episode of "Actually Me," Cole Sprouse goes undercover on the Internet and responds to real comments from Twitter, Reddit, Quora, YouTube, and more. Does he approve on pineapple on pizza? Is he a secret ASMRtist? Cole Sprouse reveals all!

Check out Cole's accounts here:


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Cole Sprouse Goes Undercover on Reddit, Twitter and YouTube | GQ

100+ comentarios:

Diya Patwa
Diya Patwa:
This guy is 26, looks like 16 and has the maturity of 46
Ron Case
Ron Case:
Cole Sprouse : "Don't yuck other people's yums."
Five seconds later : "...But anchovies on pizza. That's disgusting..."
Sayesha’s World
Sayesha’s World:
i don’t care what anyone says. Cole sprouse is the most charming man i’ve ever witnessed. i would love to be around him.
So Official98
So Official98:
This dude personality , choice of words, and expressions. Make him really interesting. This Dude is smart , misterious , challenging , funny , logical , extroverted , genius , is like he is kind of like a perfect human .
M. H.
M. H.:
I know he’s Ross’ son, but he sounds like Chandler.
Duckii Boo
Duckii Boo:
He's right, his humor and wit does make him more attractive.
Vinithra K
Vinithra K:
Cole: "It's this light pink shirt"
Mr. Moseby: "IT'S SALMON"
Is Cole Sprouse a good person?


Cole Sprouse 3 minutes later: AnD I bEcAmE a GoOd PeRsOn
Cookie Smarts
Cookie Smarts:
Not a single soul:
Cole: WhY dOnT yOu HaVe BrEaD iN pOcKeT ?!?
You gotta do Cole Sprouse 🦋✨
x anyellow x
x anyellow x:
Cole sprouse gives me “NoT LiKe OtHeR gIrLs” vibes
Emmie Carter
Emmie Carter:
Is it just me or is Cole literally the only celebrity crush anyone ever needs? I’m literally dying of how amazing and hilarious 😂 this guy is.
"Why is cole sprouse attractive"

Me: why isnt cole sprouse attractive
Cassie Pohorecky
Cassie Pohorecky:
“Don’t yuck other people’s yums.” Literally 5 seconds later: “but anchovies on pizza? It’s disgusting!”
Random girl
Random girl:
When you realise he's 28 now 😮😮😮
02:11 Cole: *Looks down*

Me: *Immediately thinks of something inappropriate*

Cole: It's this light pink shirt

Me: Oh...
“What makes Cole Sprouse so attractive?”

Cole:”AHAH it’s the wit, it’s the charm, It’S tHiS PiNk ShIRT”
Cole: don’t yuck other people’s yums
Also Cole 10 seconds later: anchovy’s on pizza *YUCK*
Wilma Lp
Wilma Lp:
Nobody literally nobody: ...
Cole: bAdA bInG bAdA bOoM

Cole: “don’t yuck other people’s yums.”
Daizy Brahmane
Daizy Brahmane:
Is it just me or did he call himself Dylan Sprouse.
Keya Shah
Keya Shah:
I hate how they cut out the part of him talking about his excavation, like he's just a pretty face.
Alyssa Timp
Alyssa Timp:
"our voice is the most identical thing about us..... bEsIdEs OuR NiPpLe SiZe" I'm wheezing cole😂
arya c
arya c:
cole: "I hate asmr"
madelaine: 👁👄👁
casey Hooper
casey Hooper:
This man is legit the best human created...
Sparshita Sahu
Sparshita Sahu:
He definitely is Ross's son with his interest in archeology
July W.
July W.:
“they make more money than me, that’s the most upsetting part”
StrangerXX ThingsXX
StrangerXX ThingsXX:
Cole: don't yuck other peoples yums
also Cole: *continues to say how disgusting anchovies on pizza is*
addie linde
addie linde:
" its the whit, its the charm, its the *looks down* l-light pink shirt."
18 Brianna Keene
18 Brianna Keene:
Why is Cole Sprouse so attractive?

Me : Because he keeps bread in his pocket.. duh?
Sara Ramon
Sara Ramon:
When he was explaining his archeology i just thought “ he still has la little bit of cody in him”
Kate Shaw
Kate Shaw:
Cole sprouse studying acreology just proves that he really is Ross Geller's son
is Cole Sprouse a good person?


-Cole Sprouse 2019
Why do I feel incredibly shy when he looks at the camera with his flirty eyes...
Chiara Siouclis
Chiara Siouclis:
he is the weirdest person and it’s literally iconic
Diannne Badolato
Diannne Badolato:
I know he’s Ross’ son, but he sounds like Chandler.
Sãîlør Møøñ
Sãîlør Møøñ:
I literally almost cried when he said

"Don't yuck on other people's yums"


That's so adorable..
But that's probably because I love him in a celebrity crash way 🥰🥰
Safeer Saadiq
Safeer Saadiq:
Who is here after watching 5 feet apart and before that didn't know about him but still knew him?
Adri Santillan
Adri Santillan:
Cole: dont yuck other people’s yums Also Cole: anchovies on pizza, that’s *disgusting.*
Robyn Lee
Robyn Lee:
“Two shirtless men running down the hall it’s called ROMANCE”😂😂
Sonia Bounine
Sonia Bounine:
Cole Sprouse explanation of ASMR : People getting really close to the microphone and eating
Cole Sprouse: why would people do that
The amount of times he called himself "Dylan Sprouse" is killing me. I don't know why it's so funny.
Génesis Casasus
Génesis Casasus:
His sense of humor, his wit, his sarcasm, his intelligence, his answers, all of it makes him soo amazingly hot!! He can be whatever he wants, mature and inmature at the same time and I love that about him!!🔥🔥😍
Diana Iskandar
Diana Iskandar:
me: literally commenting anything in hopes of him seeing it and replying.
Ayy Khay T
Ayy Khay T:
He is the type of guy i would like to see in my class everyday. He's so full of energy and i would love to be around him.
vanessa 0031
vanessa 0031:
"don't yuck other peoples yums" inspiring words by cole sprouse
Mariana C
Mariana C:
No one:

Cole: “Donate 3 dollars"
Ghgg Rhfgy
Ghgg Rhfgy:
I died when it said “is Cole a good person” and he says “absolutely........................not” 😂😂😂😂
Sienna Leibbrandt
Sienna Leibbrandt:
When u realize today is his birthday
Lipi Shetty
Lipi Shetty:
Cole Sprouse played Ross’s son but he’s such a Chandler
Ana Juárez
Ana Juárez:
"What makes him so attractive?" The wit, personality, style, sarcasm and sense of humor.
D͙a͙r͙k͙ M͙o͙o͙n͙
D͙a͙r͙k͙ M͙o͙o͙n͙:
People: What makes Cole Sprouse so attractive

Marie Nicole
Marie Nicole:
Cole: don’t juck other people’s yums ,cole a second later : anchovies on pizza are disgusting😂i love him
S B:
Cole Sprouse is the only person who understands my dislike for ASMR 😭
stephaniee e
stephaniee e:
cole sprouse: don't yuck other peoples yums

also cole sprouse: like anchovies on pizza, that's disgusting
Arii Editxs_.
Arii Editxs_.:
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Me writing an email to Cole Sprouse
itzme 23
itzme 23:
bruh nobody understand the fact that cole is actully halarious
Kaya Morell
Kaya Morell:
His personality is even the same as Cody’s
ok since his suite life days, his voice hasn't changed one bit. (except for when he was 12)
Im glad he still has a touch of Cody in him.
Ava Jara
Ava Jara:
Cole sprouse gives me “NoT LiKe OtHeR gIrLs” vibes
“Why do you have bread in your pocket”

“Ive answered this question why don’t you have bread in you pocket”

Cole and his bread... still a better love story then twilight
Viola Win
Viola Win:
the fact that he learned archeology in university just proved that he was/is indeed ross' son. ross geller approved.
1:01 Why is the way he says that so satisfying?
Sofia Flynn
Sofia Flynn:
Is cole Sprouse a good person?
Paola Alcocer
Paola Alcocer:
Lo que callamos los que no sabemos inglés.....

Y los subtitulos!? 🙈🤘😫
I don't tend to say this kind of things but I'm oficially in love with his personality
Lynne Prewitt
Lynne Prewitt:
It’s weird but I honestly don’t believe that he was part of my childhood but still is because I’m still a child but I also watched sweat life of Zach and Cody with my sister a lot but I also watch Riverdale now that I am 10 I don’t understand help please
{ xitlaliii }
{ xitlaliii }:
why is cole sprouse literally the best human being ever like wbadifosorkdheo
june moore
june moore:
"Why is Cole sprouse so attractive?"

He really is so attractive though...
Ashley Bee
Ashley Bee:
Anyone notice how at 3:51 he highlights “Actually Dylan Sprouse” and says “it’s actually me!” Hm... gonna go think that one over and contemplate life
Arwen Eybers
Arwen Eybers:
“Don’t yack other people’s yums “

I’m dead🤣
Rebecca Vos
Rebecca Vos:
Cole: don’t yuck other people’s gums!
Also Cole: anchovies, that’s disgusting
Ashley Siefken
Ashley Siefken:
Him: even tho u know u shouldn't, do rate 3$
3$ Donated to Wikipedia
Doink it's LEAH!
Doink it's LEAH!:
Cole Sprouse's personality is litteraly golden
He says “it’s actually me” over and over again but it’s not very convincing when he literally said he was Dylan Sprouse
humpty dumpty was pushed
humpty dumpty was pushed:
what makes him attractive is the way his mouth just exists, like the position its ALWAYS in
Kanye Fuller
Kanye Fuller:
Colesprouse: I would go undercover in internet.
*Types Roomie while creating a youtube account*
Mama Njie
Mama Njie:
When he said “hello, I’m cole sprouse” tell me I’m not the only one who wanted him to say “and you’re watching Disney channel” 😂
Jalene Berry
Jalene Berry:
"ItS pRoBaBlY tHe MoSt IdEnTiCaL pArT aBoUt Us...
ExCePt OuR n I p P l E sIzE

Said no one except Cole sprouse..
Btw he is my favorite Hooman in the whole world he is so bootiful and...

But he doesn't even know I exist TwT

My favorite person is now 💛Conan gray💛 U3U
Mocha x Tea
Mocha x Tea:
“ god created all humans equally “

Cole: 👁👄👁
Betty Cooper
Betty Cooper:
Me: watches this for the 100th time... on all my accounts
Icy B
Icy B:
"Yes... when they pay us."
-Cole sprouse
Eva Yoee
Eva Yoee:
"We like to be referred as Cole and Dylan Sprouse, not the other way around"
Me: dead
Helen Nouri
Helen Nouri:
I just fell in LOVE with Cole. He is so insanely funny I can't 😂😂😂
Bored Pest
Bored Pest:
Alternative title: “The secrets of the universe explained in less than 10 minutes”
Sofia Alderete
Sofia Alderete:
6:12 q suerte el pavx al q contesto ❤
thskg neizf
thskg neizf:
02:11 Cole: Looks down

Me: Immediately thinks of something inappropriate

Cole: It's this light pink shirt

Me: Oh...
"Why don't YOU have bread in YOUR pocket?"

Literally Jughead.
Elkanah Dixson
Elkanah Dixson:
I've always thought Cole Sprouse was a nice guy.
Andrea Morris
Andrea Morris:
asmr is actually a assortment of things mucbang is when the get close to the mic and chew ( just saying )
Qutub Kothari
Qutub Kothari:
Sometimes he talks like the oldest child in “good luck Charlie”
Aliah Gaming
Aliah Gaming:
I like how Cole irl is a joyful and funny person and in Riverdale he is serious and calm
Aleesa Alarcón
Aleesa Alarcón:
What makes Cole Sprouse so attractive??

Cole: “.. Haha it’s the wit, it’s the charm, it’s this..... this pink shirt”

I love cole😂
Ruby Beavis
Ruby Beavis:
2:05 “that sounds like a them problem and not a me problem” lmaooo 😂
Paige Baker
Paige Baker:
Cole Sprouse is seriously the best, he’s absolutely hilarious and I love it😂
Eric Saunders
Eric Saunders:
2:28 the way he keeps a straight face 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pink ice cream
Pink ice cream:
Istg Cole is just like me. loves pineapple pizza, has dark dark brown hair, asks WHY DON'T YOU HAVE BREAD IN YOUR POCKET I'm not saying I say that ALOT HEHEHE
Azul Seijas
Azul Seijas:
Nobody is going to talk about that he said “Its actually me, Dylan Sprouse” instead of his name?
Tiffiany Alden
Tiffiany Alden:
Reading through the comments... Why is no one else noticing he says It's actually me... Its actually Dylan Sprouse????? At the end