Colombia 2 x 0 Uruguay ● 2014 World Cup Extended Goals & Highlights HD

When the ball started rolling at Maracanã, in the farewell to the Rio afternoon, two feelings left each corner of the stadium and were so firm, so present, that they almost stopped being abstractions to become solid - objects that can be touched. The Uruguayans' rage was present in every countenance, in each Suárez mask adorning a face, in each stripe, expelling indignations against the punishment that had alienated the World Cup striker. And it was proportional to the outbreak of euphoria of the Colombians, ecstatic with a selection that allows them to dream a dream that was once utopian.

The presence of two such opposing states of mind left the game tense on and off the pitch. While the athletes argued, they shared each ball with a little more strength (especially the Uruguayans), fans challenged each other on the chairs, cursing each other (especially the Uruguayans).

On the pitch, what we saw was a much more talented Colombia and a Uruguay beyond its own obstinate limits - something that might seem impossible for a team that has had the claw tattooed on its soul since the world is the world. But the pro-Colombia difference in the first question is greater than the pro-Uruguay difference in the second. Not by chance, José Pekerman's team, on the ball, as a quality, jumped ahead in the initial stage.

And it was fair. Colombia proposed the game, proved to be faster, used the sides better. And there is a diamond on the field with the shirt 10. At 27 minutes, the ball seemed to teleguizar up to James Rodríguez's chest. He nestled her in the body and, in the fall, he mended left-handed. Touching the crossbar was the last act before the goal scream. Of great goal. Huge goal.

Colombia had 63% of possession, more outlets to attack and more than twice as many attempts at goal than Uruguay in the first half. But her superiority did not leave her immune to celestial attacks. Cavani, for lack, almost equalized. And then, from the top, he didn't deviate from his head for details - the conclusion would be fatal.

The start of the second half was not yet defined. After all, it was Uruguay on the other side: anything could happen. But it didn't take long for the ghost to leave the scene. On four minutes, Colombia exchanged passes from foot to foot. Armero, from the left, sent Cuadrado over the head, who left the round ball (pardon the pun) for James Rodríguez to complete for the net: 2-0, fifth goal of shirt 10 in the Cup, now top scorer, leaving Neymar, Messi and Thomas Müller back.

Uruguay did what it could to react. Óscar Tabárez removed Forlán (a sad version of the 2010 World Cup star) and Álvaro Pereira to replace Stuani and Gastón Ramírez. The celestial team even created some chances, usually with Cavani, but it never seemed like it could turn the tide - not least because goalkeeper Ospina was infallible. As time went by, the plow team still became excessively manly - as in Ramírez's unfair blow to Armero.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian fans started shouting “eliminated” to Uruguay and warning the next opponents: “Colombia, wait, your time will come”. But they paid little attention. They responded by singing: “If you live, feel, Colombia is present”.

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