Colombia vs Argentina | Matchday 8 Highlights | CONMEBOL South American World Cup Qualifiers

Argentina got out to an early lead with goals from Cristian Gabriel Romero and Leandro Paredes doing his very own impression of Lionel Messi, but Colombia never gave up and in the last minute scored an equalizer at home and came away with the draw.

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5 comentarios:

Tamayn Werdna
Tamayn Werdna:
Thanks for the highlights, but wow. That was one of the most poorly-edited highlights videos I've seen in a long time. Hopefully that's a one-time mistake/glitch? If not, please take a look at how other sports networks edit highlight videos.
Aston Villa's greatest goalkeeper right there! Pleased Arsenal got rid of him.
karl villa
karl villa:
Bravo Colombia
edy paquiao
edy paquiao:
But Colombia is way much better that Central/North America teams a Trillion times indisputably
A precious point at home how ridiculous. In south America only Brazil and Argentina are strong and scary. Everyone else is a joke, uruguay from time to time is also scary.