Compared: iPhone SE VS iPhone SE 2020 -- What A Difference!

The 2020 iPhone SE is a huge upgrade from the original 2016 iPhone SE. Here is how Apple has upgraded the phone over four years.

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20 comentarios:

Deals on Apple's iPhone SE ➡️
10% trade-in BONUS at Declutter with promo code INSIDER10 ➡️
6% bonus on everything else with code INSIDER6 ➡️
Moo Moo
Moo Moo:
Still watching on my old SE
I A M R:
‘12 Megapickles’ :)
Mike S
Mike S:
Old one is good for people who like it and don't do a lot of things on their phone. The new one is good for people who want more from their phone but don't want to spend a lot of money on their phone. They are totally different phones with similar name. Totally different phones.
Shaun Hayward
Shaun Hayward:
Perfect video, exactly what I needed. I'm still using an original iphone SE and happy with it, but it's starting to get worn down and i'm due for an upgrade in August so i'll be sure to grab the new SE. Cheers!
David Fernandez Ortiz
David Fernandez Ortiz:
I love both phones. iPhone SE are always fantastic phones!
Dusti Folmar
Dusti Folmar:
Thanks for this! I am so sad that my original SE is too tired to work well for me, and was disappointed when I saw complaints about the new one. But since an SE is all I've had, comparing the new SE to an 11 doesn't make sense. I've been able to make a well-informed choice, thanks in part to your review.
Allan Dyck
Allan Dyck:
I miss the small size. I have an ipad when I want to do serious internet stuff. There are soooo many other options for people who want the larger size phone... nothing recent for us who want something that actually fits well in a pocket.
Jeremy Shearer
Jeremy Shearer:
I never really cared for the Original iPhone SE myself not that I hated it I had gotten use to the bigger iPhones at the time I really love the new iPhone se it is a total beast 😁
Lori CH
Lori CH:
If you want to be hit by the hypoxia-causing 5G (60GHz) when the 4G is upgraded (which will be very soon), there's no difference, actually -- both will kill you.

And your hypoxia and your dying pets from the 5G will likely be blamed on a "mutated COVID-19."
Ray Carter
Ray Carter:
The old one looks so much better
Brent Smithline
Brent Smithline:
Purchased 128gb Product Red 2020 iPhone SE to replace iPhone 6s. Love the home button. In fact would like to see home button return to all iPhones in the NEW NORMAL that is COVID-19 and face covering. Thing is put in both on the high end phones and you could now login three ways. In fact could in even put in option for two factor like FaceID, and TouchID to unlock iPhone.
Upgraded from the old one to the new one the day it came out, and yes, wow what a difference! the difference in performance is insane, I didn't think my old one was that slow but after using the new one... yes it really was. I even ended up buying an apple watch because i was so impressed with it, the original feels like a toy now, it's so tiny! seriously used to do my nut in trying to type on it sometimes
What about the speakers? Is the new SE louder /fuller?
Jason Sims
Jason Sims:
Id like to see if you could fit into a C or D cup bra
Emiliano Leon
Emiliano Leon:
Can you post a video how to pair a Zagg keyboard?
Catfish Cave
Catfish Cave:
Dumb question from a dumbphone user; how is the sound quality of the actual phone?
Rétro Gaming83
Rétro Gaming83:
iPhone Se first gen is so nice, perfect form factor, so sad of this new iPhone se 2...
I’ve already ready retired my original SE for the SE 2020. Cashed out my Upside app ($300+) and Purchased my SE 2020 through Visible which they will award me a $200 gift card. So I got my SE 256gb for almost free. Another plus is that a lot of IPhone 7 and 8 accessories are CHEAP, I bought a Mophie Case, 2 Griffin Cases, and Invisible Shield Glass+ all for under 50 bucks. For the most part I am happy with the SE 2020. Only minor grip I have is that I wish it had the metal bezel as the original SE did.
Questions Answers
Questions Answers:
I’ll stick to my original SE till the day it dies or if they make another 4inch.