Conan Remembers Bill Paxton - CONAN on TBS

Conan shares a personal story about Bill Paxton, widely regarded as one of the nicest people in show business.

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100+ comentarios:

Bill Paxton was the only person to be killed by a Predator, an Alien and a Terminator
Illegal Poptart
Illegal Poptart:
Game over man, game over
Michael Chan
Michael Chan:
Nobody does tributes like Conan. Simple and heartfelt, just awesome
Wade Rogers
Wade Rogers:
Bill Paxton was in my hometown Van Buren, Arkansas making the movie Frank and Jesse. I was on set guarding him nothing big just keeping locals back during shoot. We became friendly in the
between takes and at end of production he invited me to wrap party. We talked most of night. Really a helluva guy and down to earth . God speed Bill and shoot for the stars
*Tombstone is one of my favorite movies too!* 😢

RIP Bill Paxton
Bill was an extremely underrated actor, it's a shame that he didn't get more large roles. The roles that he did have, he was great in. So tragic to lose him at only 61.
Bill Paxton is one of the best and most underrated "chameleon" actors ever in terms of being unrecognizable in all of his movies in a good way in terms of physical transformations being in everything and always consistently good great and amazing in everything
Victor Kong
Victor Kong:
Conan is taking after Letterman as the talk show host with the kindest, warmest eulogies.
Shyan J
Shyan J:
it's time to watch twister!
Breaking News
Breaking News:
Take us back to Titanic. We will never forget, R.I.P. Bill Paxton 😢
Ranadip Biswas
Ranadip Biswas:
such a great guy......may he rest in peace....😓
Nebraska Man Living
Nebraska Man Living:
My favorite movie he was in was 'True Lies.' R.I.P. Mr Paxton
Lorenzo Herbert
Lorenzo Herbert:
Bill Paxton was in True Lies and it's one of my favorite films and I never knew that. His son is in a really good TV show on USA called Eyewitness you should give it a watch.
Rick Deckard
Rick Deckard:
You all should watch "A Simple Plan"
Binky Stalls
Binky Stalls:
Game over man! Game over!
if conan wrote an autobiography. id buy it. seems like hes got thousands of interesting stories to tell
wow this one hit me hard, he was in all my favorite movies
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez:
RIP Bill Paxton, I always loved your performances and movies. Near dark is one of the best vampire movies ever, twister and tombstone are two of my favorite movies. And I also loved his Titanic performance. You will definitely be missed 😢
*Conan forgot to mention:* as Bill Paxton finished reciting his lines, he added, "Okay, that'll be 50 bucks." 😉
Juan Nunez
Juan Nunez:
| Conan for 2018 Oscars Host|
———————— ————————
Dizzy Blu
Dizzy Blu:
Bill Paxton, killed by the Terminator, an Alien, and Predator, fought with Wyatt Earp, chased tornadoes and found the Titanic. Rest in Piece, American Hero Bill Paxton.
let's not forgot Chet from Weird Science
Black Phillip
Black Phillip:
Bill Paxton death really upsets me. He was fantastic in every movie he played.
Cameron Davisson
Cameron Davisson:
Game over man, game over. :(
i keep coming back here because i do miss Mr. Paxton. the thing i loved about him was even though he was mostly just a supporting actor, he often gave the movies he was in that little need extra flavor! I miss you Mr. Paxton!
"You're stewed buttwad!!"
rip to the MAN Bill Paxton..
big love.
"Hey Jason, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"
The Lone Ranger: "Don't worry lieutenant, luck is my specialty!". RIP legend!
Black Pharaohs
Black Pharaohs:
God bless him and grants him paradise he was my favourite actor and I like his sense of humour
Bill Paxton: coolest, nicest guy ever in Hollywood. That awesome story Conan told proved it 100%. The world lost a truly good man and there will never be another one like him. May he R.I.P.
Thank you so, so much for this Conan. Mr. Paxton and Mr. John Candy are the only two celebrities I have ever wanted to meet and while I never got the chance, stories like this are a really great way to shed a little light on who they really were. Where ever you are Bill, godspeed.
fuh sac
fuh sac:
"Idk who in the audience remembers tombstone"
* audience cheers
also audience: "wtf is tombstone?"
Going to see the show taping his Wednesday can't wait
"Game Over," but game well played. Enjoyed all his scenes.
Carlo Von Sexron
Carlo Von Sexron:
So weird, I was just realizing how rad and underrated he was here recently. I sat through Twister like two and a half times one weekend this past month on TV and thoroughly enjoyed it. And from all accounts he seemed to be this hilarious, chill, friendly dude.
"Remember I was telling you about that light when you die? 'taint true. I can't see a damn thing."
Johhny D
Johhny D:
I'll always see him as the ultimate badass of the marines
Rastafarian Targaryen
Rastafarian Targaryen:
Funky Finger Productions
Funky Finger Productions:
You can't have performances that full of life without being someone so full of it as well. Check out the Aliens panel discussion from last year and he stole the show with only a few lines in it. I've never seen Bill Paxton phone anything in, and he both directed and starred in one of my favorites in Frailty.
Kyle Hillinger
Kyle Hillinger:
Paxton's passing got to me like no other public figure absence has, even now, I well up a bit.
Bone Machine
Bone Machine:
Love him in Tombstone & A Simple Plan. Great anecdote about him at the play.
Teofilatto Dei Leonzi
Teofilatto Dei Leonzi:
Rip Bill. It's been almost 2 years since his passing and I still can't believe it happened. Bill Paxton was very underrated.
This caught me off guard. Will miss you BP.
Time to revisit Big Love!
Was just thinking today about how I miss Bill Paxton. I don't really miss actors...but Bill Paxton, Robin Williams, James I miss those dudes. Seemed like such good guys and they really had an irreplaceable presence on screen.
Drink everytime Conan slaps his hand on the desk
bill was one of the greats frailty near dark.
Take It or Leave It Reviews
Take It or Leave It Reviews:
Saw Twister when I was 7 years old and instantly fell in love with the movie and the two main actors who were absolute unknowns to me. I attribute Twister as being the movie that got me hooked on movies, and Bill Paxton played a huge part in this and is one of my favorite actors to ever live, RIP Mr. Paxton and thank you for all your inspiration and for being such a kindhearted individual, you will be sorely missed
Rafid hassan oney
Rafid hassan oney:
Bill Was a legend! Rest in Peace man! One of the coolest of all time !
Ashley Morales
Ashley Morales:
Twister is one of the first movies I ever saw Bill Paxton in, and I loved every moment. RIP, Bill ;-;
What a great memory and retelling of a story!!
Thanks, Conan!
I've always liked Bill Paxton and I'm tearing up pretty good.
Giorgi Gudiashvili
Giorgi Gudiashvili:
I can't believe this. I was just watching Nightcrawler. An amazing actor.
Robert Lemieux
Robert Lemieux:
"You're the one Wyatt"
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo:
it's been three years since bill passed. crazy to think i was watching twister when i heard he had passed. i was absolutely heartbroken, truly under rated actor.
Drew Callant
Drew Callant:
"I am the ULTIMATE badass!"
RIP Bill. One of my favorite actors and people.
Gilbert Martinez
Gilbert Martinez:
A SIMPLE PLAN - one of the most under rated movies ever!!!! I loved Bill Paxton.
Darryl Carnell
Darryl Carnell:
that clip might be the best part of my day, and I am still hoping to get laid later, so that says alot.
If any audience knows Tombstone its Conan's audience! Love that film!
Classy guy, gonna miss seeing his work. He just gave a great interview with Marc Maron earlier this month on WTF, now he's gone 😔
Well, at least there's a small amount of consolation knowing that he was finally able to get off this road
Calibrations Required
Calibrations Required:
Game over, man 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Germain Barrera
Germain Barrera:
Loved him in "Frailty" (of course!), but also in "A Simple Plan"!! Stellar performance!!
African Drone Rookie
African Drone Rookie:
Tombstone is one of my favorite movies.
Krombopulos Michael
Krombopulos Michael:
It's weird seeing Conan being so sincere. I kept expecting him to switch and turn the whole thing into a joke.
Wyatt Edmondson
Wyatt Edmondson:
Bill Paxton was an Idol.. One of my personal favorite performances by him was his role in the Hatfields & Mccoys Mini-series.
Bobby B
Bobby B:
If bill had recited all of Hudsons lines from Aliens I would die a happy man!!! RIP Bill
Iron Fan
Iron Fan:
Rest in peace good sir.
Effin Casual's
Effin Casual's:
an amazing actor and person,he will truly be missed 😔😔
You know... I have seen so many movies, I know most of them by heart, almost every line of my favorite movies and I have my share of fav actors. But Bill, stands out. He may have done lesser roles, in most movies, but without those roles, his lines... I feel that the movies would have been... lesser, if that makes sense. Gonna miss him.
R.I.P. Bill Paxton, one of a kind.
Chainsaw Rosenberg
Chainsaw Rosenberg:
game over man ! game over ! rip man thanks for the good movie's you made ! :(
rest in peace good human !
Cory Looper
Cory Looper:
I feel like Andy is depressed. He'll be going off the deep end soon.
Bill Paxton is such a lovable whack job. We still had a good 10 more roles for him... :*(
The Ultimate Reductionist
The Ultimate Reductionist:
I love Bill Paxton in "Twister" and "Titanic" and "Terminator" and "Weird Science".
Philip Reed Wallace
Philip Reed Wallace:
I grew up in the same city as him and although I never got the pleasure to meet him I've heard from some of the older locals he was a hell of guy... RIP Bill Paxton :(
His art will live forever!! may he rest in peace!
*My heart goes out to the Paxton family - during this great tragedy.*
oh man nice tie andy! That's a really good one.
ford 2009
ford 2009:
Private Hudson...
Re-watched Twister today, great actor. RIP
Graeme L
Graeme L:
Very sad news Bill was one of my favorite actors....
conan, u the man.
I'm sitting here watching this video with this great story and I can't help but wonder how many chips, dings and dents are in that desk because of Conan's ring. Great guy Bill. He will be missed.
Brian Djordjevic
Brian Djordjevic:
What a great story Conan!! Rip Bill 👏
Adrian Maldonado
Adrian Maldonado:
Tombstone!! My favorite movie!!
"hey Vasquez you ever been mistaken for a man?"
I'm just now learning about his death.... I just watched Aliens YESTERDAY. wow.
Always liked Bill Paxton... RIP Bill
One of my favorite actors
Loved him on mighty joe young.
K C:
RIP bill 😢❤
Nanda Santos
Nanda Santos:
Conan, you Sir, are a really good person too. This little BIG amazing story is so simple and yet so heartfelt... What a beautiful tribute!
Susan Storm
Susan Storm:
Very nice tribute front Conan for a truly "great man". Well done! I truly loved all of Bill Paxton's rolls, he played them so effortlessly and convincingly. He will be missed. My deepest condolences go out to his family and loved ones.
Ali Blablabla
Ali Blablabla: starts...
Bob Dolemite
Bob Dolemite:
Such a sweet story. RIP Paxton!!!! ✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿✌🏿
Elijah Scott
Elijah Scott:
Just heard about Bill Paxton passing away. This is a sad, sad, day for me. I've always been a fan of Bill Paxton. I never thought this day would come. R.I.P Mr. Bill Paxton, you will be missed.
I love all of his movies, but Tombstone was my all time favorite. So sad he passed so young. Conan is such a class act. I love the kindness and respect he shows to actors and the people he meets.