Conchata Ferrell, Who Played Berta On 'Two And A Half Men,' Dead At 77

Actress Conchata Ferrell, known for her role as the sharp-witted housekeeper Berta on the long-running sitcom "Two and a Half Men," died Monday at 77. Katie Johnston reports.

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Such a great actress and woman, R.i.p Conchata.x
Don Bon
Don Bon:
She was hilarious on that show....her punch lines were always on point....RIP 🙏🙏🙏
Darren Murphy
Darren Murphy:
Omg I'm shocked R.I.P. Berta!!!
Nthabiseng Lekota
Nthabiseng Lekota:
A very talented woman ⚘May her soul rest peacefully ❤
Uncle Ruckus
Uncle Ruckus:
Now all we got left is Zippy and Charlie RIP
We’re gonna miss her Christmas coffee
RIP Berta I love watching you on TV being a funny housekeeper
Eligio Gunthair
Eligio Gunthair:
Thank you for everything! Good memories after school 🤗 god Jesus in his hands .
SDN Mafia
SDN Mafia:
Loved her on two and a half men, always made me laugh! R.i.P queen❤
Godspeed Conchata. Thank you for bringing joy to my life. Rest in Peace.
She was on Who's the Boss as Frances in the first episode.
C. Carmichael
C. Carmichael:
I remember her in for keeps with Molly ringwald.. good actress
R. I. P
Trevor Panno
Trevor Panno:
Some of Conchata Ferrell’s TV guest appearances included “Becker” and “Night Court.”
Big Jay
Big Jay:
Man, my condolences to her family.🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾. She had me cracking up on two and a half men!💯 S.I.P.
Conchata brought many smiles to my face. I'll miss you darling.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
she was the best she was truly the star if the show!! 😭
Cameron Angel
Cameron Angel:
Easley the best part on the show she was so freaking funny. Rest in peace Berta
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst:
She may have been a lousy maid, but she was soooo funny on that show. She will be missed. Blessings to the Family for strength.
She was hilarious in Mr. Deeds.
Mopar_ Dude
Mopar_ Dude:
Such a great talent, she will be missed by many.
fahim salazar
fahim salazar:
😔🙏R.I.P great actress. will be missed.
Darius Armand
Darius Armand:
Damn she was a great talent
Paul Thoensen
Paul Thoensen:
RIP To a very funny and great actress.
Next to Charlie Sheen, she was definitely the funniest on that show. I continued to watch after Sheen left only because she was still on. May she rest in peace. But I mean damn! Haven't we had enough deaths in 2020 already??
Rip Berta 😢
DeadXSD Gaming
DeadXSD Gaming:
Sad this year has truly been a test
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez:
RIP I loved the jokes she would hit them with.
2020 bloodlust continues
Adrian Guynn
Adrian Guynn:
Enjoyed her work. R.I.P.
obow fetch
obow fetch:
Stormtrooper 2323
Stormtrooper 2323:
Hey deeds!!!!!!
Skyler loggins
Skyler loggins:
RIP Conchata Ferrell ! U be missed !
Ultimate Keyboard Warrior
Ultimate Keyboard Warrior:
Damn coronavirus
edward arsiaga
edward arsiaga:
Dam and I think they were bringing the show back.
Brian Vail
Brian Vail:
Sad; very talented funny woman. RIP
She was a good actress. RIP to Ms Ferrell.
Mr stupid orange television
Mr stupid orange television:
Steven McGlinn
Steven McGlinn:
2020 keeps getting worse
The Behemoth
The Behemoth:
May she Rest in Peace.
Natalie M.
Natalie M.:
How sad she was soo funny!!! May she RIP!!
donald voelkel
donald voelkel:
So sad to here this .
Damn 2020 is a bad year
Aeo the Food Dude
Aeo the Food Dude:
edward arsiaga
edward arsiaga:
Her role on two and a half men was so important she kept Charlie out of trouble the best she could and she also cleaned up after him. Mad respect! Rest easy. When Charlie gets up there you better keep him in check lol.
RIP Conchata
garcia adrian
garcia adrian:
She from Shelley duvalle fairytale theater thumbelina Mom
Jonathan F
Jonathan F:
Dam, she fell victim of the 2020 curse, who's next?
Frankly Frank
Frankly Frank:
Check out her wonderful body...of work.
she was funny.
John Smith
John Smith:
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