Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier UFC 257 Press Conference | McGregor: "I'm richer than Dana"

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Jason Crownover
Jason Crownover:
Dana: “I’m so excited to catch you streamers!”

Us: “You’ll do FOOKIN NUTTIN!”
John Gladman
John Gladman:
I’m just gonna say it. Conor was too nice.
Nick Williams
Nick Williams:
28:58 is the part where Connor says he’s richer than Dana. Just to let you all know 🤟
Ki33a 83
Ki33a 83:
“Dustins ear is like a fookin NASA satellite dish!” - Conor Jr
zion brooks
zion brooks:
“I’d like to be mean now. Too absolutely nobody!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Y O:
"Everyone gets punched in the face until they have a plan" - Tony Ferguson
Krol Jola
Krol Jola:
26:25 wholesome moment
Lucas Bailey-Thomas
Lucas Bailey-Thomas:
“An octagon’s an octagon”
Glad these lads haven’t skipped geometry training
I just don’t understand why Dana says “who has the first question” because we know it goes to that cheeky chubby dude every time
I can’t wait to steam this event for free.
Michael Brown
Michael Brown:
Streamer vs Dana White = The people’s main event
Farshid Seddiqi
Farshid Seddiqi:
Wow! Khabib said he wants to change this sport “MMA is not about trash talk”
He really did that amazingly
MMA Fights
MMA Fights:
"I've lost my mind on this game like Vincent Van Gogh dedicated his life to his art and he lost his mind in the process. That's happened to me but fuck it. When that gold belt is wrapped around my waist and my mother has a big mansion, my girlfriend has a big car and my kids' kids get everything they ever wanted. Then it will pay. Then I will be happy. I lost my mind." - Conor McGregor
“Moik Toison’s Hoi Loits” - Connor McGregor
26:30 that’s a really good quote...holy shit that’s perfect
Garrett Coolidge
Garrett Coolidge:
Conor plugging Dustin’s hot sauce was a class move
misuyy fong
misuyy fong:
Dana: "I'm so excited to catch you streamers" Conor's voice: "You wont do SH!T !"
Andrea A
Andrea A:
26:27 I was actually about to cry a little
I saw the fight for free.
Every time you hear Chandler say "signed on the dotted line" I smack myself. I'm now in the hospital. IYKYK
Dana on streamers "turn it on you'll see what happens" half the world "FOOKIN NOTHIN"
Alex Riv
Alex Riv:
Conor very calm here, look like a good kid :D
Mac Bailey
Mac Bailey:
"ya my daughter will be swinging along with me" gotta love the kiwis
Hardcore Herbivore
Hardcore Herbivore:
Dana's got the UAE in his pocket. They've got whom ever they want, that's for sure. They'll go after those providing the stream...same as always.
Sox News
Sox News:
If McGregor ever fights Chandler he has to make a friends joke.
Julian XYZ
Julian XYZ:
Dana: go stream.
90% of the world: ok.
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
New title: 4 dads about to fight on saturday talking to journalists
“Who’s got the first ques......”

“Bring me Solo and the Wookie”
Can someone find footage of Conor saying "donate" in this video, it would be the last part to a funny video on Conor I plan on doing
francis itwika
francis itwika:
Dana: we got one, I can't wait to catch him!

ME(Conor voice) : This is a bout that really excites me
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wake up his wife to tell her he’s going to sleep.
Pretzel Head
Pretzel Head:
Danas face when he says “we got one” 😂😂
Tony Crossman
Tony Crossman:
Threatening streamers. You'll never stop it brother. Hahaha
Joshua Ball
Joshua Ball:
When asked why he was skateboarding around Conors mall
" It is what, what it is, it is "
- Max 'Blessio Magera' Hollaway
Daniels vision
Daniels vision:
I can't believe UFC is becoming a gentleman's sport. I'm actually starting to enjoy it..
Jason Wacome
Jason Wacome:
Oh Dana you're such a badass man... With your badass girl name
Tjalle den Ouden
Tjalle den Ouden:
"I got broomsticks thicker than that boy!"

What a character, haha
Metal 1
Metal 1:
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to wait outside an illegal streamer's house to stream the fight himself
"He (Khabib) didn't say that, Dana said that" - Honest.
Arthur Field
Arthur Field:
The camera is being operated by a bottle of proper twelve
Jay Benjiman
Jay Benjiman:
I wanna hear my shots whistle through the air had me in tears 😭
Nicholas Juarez
Nicholas Juarez:
4 different types of Fathers😂 I love it.
Unknown not applicable
Unknown not applicable:
“I Got broomsticks thicker than that boy” 😂🤣
Antton Hellsten
Antton Hellsten:
Love this respect between these athletes!
Jožko Mrkvička
Jožko Mrkvička:
The way Connor promoted Dustin’s hot sauce made a smile on my face. Connor is doing great things right now.
Mark Auger Creations
Mark Auger Creations:
He's getting more Irish with every retirement come back
Trevor Duncan
Trevor Duncan:
QUOTE OF THE DAY : " I want my Highlight Reel to be like a MOOOVIE" ~ The notorious
"I've got broom sticks thicker than him" hahahaha
Ba Lee Dat
Ba Lee Dat:
Dan Hooker popped up out of nowhere lookin like the genie on Pee Wee’s Playhouse.
Maximum Distress
Maximum Distress:
Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to host an illegal stream straight from the UFC Apex.
Sebastian Dean
Sebastian Dean:
i love all of these fighters, this is so good
Steve Parish
Steve Parish:
The new prime ministers of irland, collen McGregor. Hes the boss
Justin O'Connor
Justin O'Connor:
Dan hookers awesome huh. "I got broom sticks thicker then that boy." Hahahaha
Tommy R
Tommy R:
Tony is the type of guy to go to the beach WITHOUT sunglasses.
Dana: "I'm so excited to catch you streamers"

Conor's voice: "You wont do SH!T !"
Ron Hatfield
Ron Hatfield:
"Ol Charlie olives " lmao
Dana Black&White
Dana Black&White:
It's good to have a positive energy conor.
I really think at 27:06 Conor truly was moved by his old words, like he even seemed not prepared to talk right away
Yee Yee Ass Haircut
Yee Yee Ass Haircut:
Me: (Streams the Fight)

Dana: Send Me Location!!!
Dana's head getting 20% bigger each fight night
Kaiden Rodriguez
Kaiden Rodriguez:
The amount of respect from both of them in this conference was nice to see.
שאול יוסף
שאול יוסף:
conor: "he didnt say that. dana sayd that" look at dana face :D
Bobby Rondelet
Bobby Rondelet:
Get it done, enough moving backwards! Move forward!
First time to see a humble conor feels weird.. where is the show dude 😂🔥
Nick Osuna
Nick Osuna:
As much as I love the trolling side of Connor, this is nice.
The Irish accent makes words sound way cooler for some reason lol.
Per Pettersen
Per Pettersen:
Conor "i`m soooo fookin hoomble noow" McGregor !
Cristofer Montaño Zendejas
Cristofer Montaño Zendejas:
Jay N
Jay N:
See, this is the old Conor I've enjoyed watching. Its good to see him be humble throughout the press conference. Although, its also entertaining at times to do his entertaining of hyping fights up, but not to the point where he destroys any semblance of respect for himself. Going to be a great event Saturday.
Bardz Osiris
Bardz Osiris:
“Id like to take this chance to apologize, to absolutely everybody”
Love the mutual respect from all the competitors. It is great to see the professionalism
Sean Eagle
Sean Eagle:
Amazing Maturity in these Fighters, All World Class Athlete's, God bless all of you in this Competition...😎🙏❤️🦅
Game Style
Game Style:
What I like about Conor, is he said the truth, that it was Dana who said "Show me something".🤣
Valentin Hinojos
Valentin Hinojos:
27: 08 I felt that.
Al Pacino
Al Pacino:
Conor and dustin showin' love to eachother…
Dana white :
You weren't supposed to do that.
Fhawk yhuu Bish
Fhawk yhuu Bish:
Dana is always like a excited giddy puppy when Conor is fighting compare this preflight conference to the post fight🤣🤣🤣
Chet Oliver
Chet Oliver:
Conor so much more mature. I like this new Conor and I think this makes him even more dangerous than he already is
Randall Trantham
Randall Trantham:
"I love your hot sauce!" Watch for shoulder to chin.
I am sencing so much love and respect here.
Tony Ferguson the type of guy to flush his toilet with a spinning elbow.
420 Time
420 Time:
Nothing he can do about the streams on youtube 😂
How did you build it when you in all actuality came into it when it was well established.
David Wheeler
David Wheeler:
I like how Conor is being nice & giving Dustin the respect he deserves. Conor don't need to do what he used to to promote, it'll sell great regardless.
They all promoting each others bussinesses & charity lol I love it. Once I learned Dustin is part of one of my favorite charities I'll always wish him the best, such a great guy & ambassador for the sport
Sacred Teachings
Sacred Teachings:
damn im kinda scared to watch the fight now lol
Dana asking "who's got the first question" as if it could be anyone
Jitesh Bajracharya
Jitesh Bajracharya:
The most decent conference from mcgregor. Something must've changed him.
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden:
"i always go to fight the best..." fought the shadow of Cowboy Cerrone last time. Spoke about fighting Edgar or Sanchez...
Michael Jung
Michael Jung:
There's such good, happy vibes going into this fight. Feels refreshing to see this at a press conference. After a year like 2020, its great to see the respect from both sides. They're all in the same plight, may the best man win.
Luc St-amand
Luc St-amand:
Conor!!! good shit man! love it! keep up the positive mind set. much love!!!
Kelvin ktr
Kelvin ktr:
Meanwhile Max is out with his Skateboard
Ramen Musix
Ramen Musix:
this is so weird to see them being nice to each other
This is the McGregor I have been waiting for!! He seems to be more humbled and chill!! Excited to see him put work in and actually be the 1st fight of his that I will be on his side! Nothing against DP. I just like this version of CM!!
They've grown alot. It's all business now. Smart move on both their parts
Mohamed tlb
Mohamed tlb:
1st fight: Dustin had a shaved head
Conor ko'd Dustin
2nd fight: Conor have a shaved head
Michael Spoto
Michael Spoto:
Dana acting like he caught a streamer lmao. the biggest bluff in the history of bluffs.
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo:
it really feels like conor is starting again and im all here for it!
This is all so wholesome god bless these men
13:08 Dustin is like why the hell YOU filming me, film him !
vlad mash TV
vlad mash TV:
Connor “Money comes and goes”. Lots of must of already went for him to finally be back
Frank Stark
Frank Stark:
Ol’ Charlie Olives saying he can’t make the weight...I got broomsticks thicker than that boii 😂😂 love the Hangman