Conor McGregor's DEAD LEG Leads to Knockout at UFC 257 - Doctor Explains BRUTAL Leg Kicks!

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Conor McGregor was knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 after a flurry of brutal leg kicks caused McGregor's leg to go dead and weak. Poirier ultimately won by knockout to defeat McGregor, but the leg kicks were really the star of the show to help give Poirier the victory. In this video we'll review the leg kicks and explain the anatomy that makes them so effective in MMA!

EDIT 4:45, these are NOT dermatomes. Dermatomes come from the spinal nerve root levels, these are just the distributions from sensory peripheral nerves.

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Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Will the UFC 257 performances be enough for Khabib to come out of retirement??
EDIT: 4:45, I mispoke in the moment, these are NOT dermatomes. Those are related to nerve root levels and not peripheral sensory nerves, which is what I am actually showing in the video. Just a difference of describing the cutaneous innervation from the sensory nerve (pictured) or the nerve root (L4, L5, etc)

Also, bonus points for those that caught my orange/green background colors
Never ceases to amaze me how quick Brian is with these. Kudos.
Jethro Sub
Jethro Sub:
I need someone to explain to me how the doctor has faster editing skills than that kick.
Leg kicks are underestimated on how useful and painful they are
King Terk
King Terk:
Your work ethic is crazy man, shout out to you for always finding time to do these videos.
Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar:
Posting this late and right after the fight shows your true dedication on YouTube, thank you for your hard work 🤝
Loving your breakdowns doc! there was another baaad UFC injury in November. Ramiz Brahimaj had his ear torn almost completely off from a strike, I'd love to hear how permanent an injury like that could be. Keep up the great work 🤜🤛
Eddie Jones
Eddie Jones:
Again Brian, quite a good summary of the local anatomy and the effects from direct trauma of kicks to the area. Not only a good introduction to casual observers, but a good review for pertinent medical staff. Thanks for your contribution to the field of sports related medicine, and good luck in your career..
Rob W
Rob W:
I found your channel after the KC game. I really enjoy your break downs of injury's it really helps to understand the servarity of what happened.
That was beyond informative. Like I knew from watching for so long how those leg kicks could be damaging but all it took was a 5 minute video to really understand where exactly they are placing those kicks and why it can be so damaging. Like I'm almost blown away. That was really good and so very well explained.
Uriel Perez
Uriel Perez:
Great job doc! First off, amazing how knowledgeable you are to be able to comment on these events right away. Secondly, you’re killing it with the sponsor choices!
Keith Mikell
Keith Mikell:
Almost 1m views. Almost 500k subs. Congrats on your channel, Briain. Ive been here since the beginning. Im happy to see you grow like this.

Also, what do you think about these kicks and long term damage to the knee and other structures? Do you think they are too debilitating? Should they be looked at?

This is coming from someone who has had 5 knee replacements and revisions. I know pain. It sucks. CTE sucks too, but you only get one set of wheels too.
And as always, extremely informative, quick and the dedication is amazing. Keep up the high quality work!!
Josiah Mckendree
Josiah Mckendree:
Great video. I’m on the boxing side of combat sports myself so when I see lower leg injuries I’m not too sure what is happening. But videos like this really help out!
Phillip Moss
Phillip Moss:
This doctor never sleeps and somehow watches more sports than me.
Samantha Deshon
Samantha Deshon:
I can't wait for your analysis of tonight's fight about Mcgreggor breaking or severely injuring his ankle. Did his dead leg problem lead to a broken leg problem?
Dude thank you for doing this, kind of new to watching MMA and now I understand the importance of kicking someone in the leg. Really educational, keep this stuff up. Awesome.
Jack Mooney
Jack Mooney:
Always love these UFC breakdowns. Thanks doc.
I once suffered from the same injury many years ago and it was due to a soccer match. Some novice footballer took a swipe at my calf and that's when I knew something was wrong. My calf swelled up twice its size, to the point where I couldn't walk for at least a month, and it healed within two months.
Ricky Rozay
Ricky Rozay:
Doc was running fast as hell looking for his ufc shirt to put in the background he didnt even put it on its just sitting on the body I respect the hustle fr fr
When i first saw this recommended to me, I thought, “wtf, why would I need a breakdown of the fight by a doctor, when its very clear that repeated leg kicks on the nerves and calf muscle will cause a lot of problems to a fighter.”

Then I watched.
Great video man, educational, informative, right on the money. Awesome work! Leg kicks were underestimated for years, crucial part of the game now. Interested to see what would happen in a trilogy finale.
Jeff Palmer
Jeff Palmer:
Great video, Brian! Thank you for your time in explaining all of this stuff to us common folk lol. Would it be possible for you to make a video explaining the Jaylon Smith injury? Did he injure that Common Perineal n. or a branch of Perineal n.?
Thomas Snook
Thomas Snook:
I had L4-S1 fused ALIF, XLIF and PLIFS so I know a thing or two about this dead leg thing. Along with the deep PTSD inducing sciatica pain. BLECH. I think the best defense is somehow avoiding the impact. Conor seems to think he can just get used to it. Nerve pain doesn't work like that.
Stevo Canuck
Stevo Canuck:
i hope this doc gets everything he desires in life. His knowledge is profound and seems to have worked for everything he ever wanted.
Tyson Curtis
Tyson Curtis:
He filmed, edited, and uploaded this in like less then two hours. That’s insane
Xavier Reigneau
Xavier Reigneau:
Great and informative breakdown- thank you!
Human Station
Human Station:
Masterful analysis and making it easy for a non medic to understand. Much appreciated.
First time on this channel and thank you doctor for such a beautiful way to explain and show your work. With that being said idk why anyone want to hurt their beautiful muscles and nerves 😭
DJ _S:
Just imagine if we have you in every UFC fight breaking down what happened and how its going to impact the fighter, it'll be amazing
Chris Bates
Chris Bates:
This match, and many others in 2020, highlight just how game changing calf kicks can be. Good video, Doc!
Mohamed Nabeel Khan
Mohamed Nabeel Khan:
what a nice explanation sir! exactly what i was looking for, thanks buddy
Straight to the point, no BS, and completely educational while using words that people can understand. Thank you for not trying to hit some "ad-minute mark" and string us along for 10 minutes when the video only needed to be six and a half like you posted. You got yourself a new subscriber. This type of information helps people who watch sports like fighting, which use tactics to debilitate opponents, come away from it knowing more about the fighter's gameplan. Again, thank you. Great video.
Michael MacRae
Michael MacRae:
Dr Brian would be such an advantage to any mma fighter's corner in particular. Imagine having him watching your fight live and be able to point out any particular injuries your opponent has.
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro:
As a chiropractic student, I love these explanations! Thank you
The Femboys
The Femboys:
Congrats on the sponser, glad youre getting recognized more and more!
Kevin Zhao
Kevin Zhao:
Hey Doc in a scenario like this how much risk is there for permanent damage to the nerve? Also have you ever thought about doing a set-up tour?
alex marques
alex marques:
Hey Dr. Sutterer, terrific anatomical breakdown! Really enjoyed it. Do you mind letting me know which anatomy app you use? I teach a anatomy lab for first years and that app looks better than the ones I use and would be super helpful. Thanks in advance!
Dez Playz
Dez Playz:
Conor in 2019: “my foot was a balloon”

Conor now: my calf was a balloon 🎈🤣
Branden Rowe
Branden Rowe:
Im a new follower but you’re easily becoming one of my favorite you tubers to watch. Love the content!

Can you do Aaron Rodgers knee injury vs the bears a while ago 2018 I think
Dhruv Rajnish
Dhruv Rajnish:
I have been watching you for a long time but I will subscribe to you now! This is an amazing breakdown 🔥
Juan Manuel
Juan Manuel:
Great work! Do you think McGregor is experiencing foot drop at the moment? If so, how long do you think it will last?
Víctor Álvarez
Víctor Álvarez:
Been calf kicked a couple times myself while sparring, there's a little bit of tingling first and a whole lot of pain when putting weight on it later, foot may even give on you - great vid Doc
Terrance Adrian
Terrance Adrian:
Excellent channel for people like myself, who are combat sports fans, to gain a perspective on common injuries fighters have to bear not only during fights but also injuries through training and sparring etc. Subscribed immediately! 😁
Those kicks have been all the rage in MMA for the past 3 years or something. It's crazy to me that McGregor wasn't prepared against such a common weapon
Boomer Dan The Man
Boomer Dan The Man:
Kick to the knee is just as deadly as a jab. Totally underrated move..
Ok Dude
Ok Dude:
"we're here for a good time not a long time" conor's calf
Zac Horne
Zac Horne:
My god Brian at it again with the incredibly quick uploads, keep it up man your content never ceases to amaze me
As always, dr. Sutterer brings the best information. So glad that finally he got some sponsors! Keep it up doctor!
Is there a possibility of a blood clot on the lower leg from all the calf kicks ? Does age and general physical condition play a part in blood clots forming for MMA practitioners ?
Great Channel !
Stevo Canuck
Stevo Canuck:
these were all the stuff dustin and his coach were going through before the fight. pretty insane, technical stuff to win the fight
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus:
The medical term for the state of his leg is: DEAD
I love how Dustin Poirier effectively used low calf kicks to neutralize and eventually finish Conor McGregor. I'd really love to see Dustin Poirier fight either Michael Chandler or Charles Oliveira for the undisputed UFC Lightweight Championship if Khabib Nurmagomedov stays retired. As for Conor McGregor, a fight with Tony Ferguson next will be really interesting
Cliff fff
Cliff fff:
Could mcgregor have used his knee to block any of those kicks? Was the lateral delivery of the kick what made it so deadly against mcgregor's calf? Can someone explain?
C B.
C B.:
Excellent video explaining in detail. I learnt a lot in 5 minutes than 30 years!!!
That must be why when you scratch the back of your knee, and then move it in a certain way, you get pins and needles around the top of the calf muscle.
Bilal Bilal
Bilal Bilal:
The pain was definitely not due to common peroneal nerve damage. If it was he would have muscular weakness like foot drop as happened to Sean O' mally and to Triple C (amid very briefly) in the DJ fight. There is no room for fluid accumulation in the lower leg as a result compartment syndrome is very common here. Listen to Dustin in one of the interviews where he mentions it.
T Eugene
T Eugene:
thank you for this video.... clear and without too much technical jargon... very informative.
Kris Topher
Kris Topher:
Great video, as always! Just a comment about your sponsor, 90$ off your first box? That's considered affordable? For who, the upper class? Not all of us are on a doctor's income there Dr Brian! 🤣
New Age Cinematics
New Age Cinematics:
justin did exactly what he had to do, mad respect, i love connor McGregor but that dude really got so much better! he took the leg tactic from connor, which is smart, slow him down and don’t allow him to give those deadly kicks.
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe:
I stayed up to watch this fight. It's refreshing to know that I have something in common with Conor

We all fell asleep at the same time.
greg thomas
greg thomas:
I had a left knee injury in 1981, which stretched my peroneal nerve. As a result, I could not lift my left foot. The nerve didn't regenerate and I had to have a second surgery (tendon transfer) so that I was able to lift my left foot again and function without a leg brace.
Shawn Shivers
Shawn Shivers:
Thank you for all your videos. I am an athletic trainer and I also teach Sports Medicine in the secondary school setting. What program do you use to highlight structures in your videos? Some videos you will highlight the superficial structures then you are able to remove the to expose the deeper structures.
Curious how the kicker is able to basically kick, but not break his foot in the process of hitting all of those hard areas on the leg he's aiming for. That's why they're trained athletes of course, but when you see the anatomy of the nerve area in question, makes it even more impressive. Fast, awesome video, as always.
Tenuun Tamir
Tenuun Tamir:
Damn what a breakdown 👏🏻👏🏻 amazing 💯
“Without me, this whole ship sinks!”
-Conor’s Leg
Realistic Fighter
Realistic Fighter:
Great breakdown showing the anatomy of the calf kick! That's exactly what we are creating our dummies for, to not only target these specific areas of the anatomy but understand the science behind why the strike affects the opponent.
So a lot like the other UFC fight. instead of attacking a bit higher at the lateral side of the knee, he went after the calf. What’s the pros/cons to striking the two places that are ultimately attempting to achieve the same outcome?
Gerardo Mata
Gerardo Mata:
The hustle this man has 🔥
Tom Behnke
Tom Behnke:
Just a cool channel!
I really enjoy these videos.
Shirt, informative and pretty unique on YouTube.
Best of luck, brother!
XD I was feeling my leg the whole time while watching this and finding every muscle and nerve he was talking about
Headkick Ko
Headkick Ko:
I always go for the lower legs first. I just put everything I have in the first 2-3. Once the tingling sensation starts, its already to late, damage done.
A Casual Human
A Casual Human:
This is definitely prove to those that compares Conor with O’maley that they are nothing alike.

Conor accepted that calf kicks lead to him getting finished. Sean O’Malley is still undefeated in his mind.
Star Gazer
Star Gazer:
I truly respect both fighters, especially conor man. I mean it was all about pure respect that was showed. Trilogy is gonna happen.
Ronit Gurung
Ronit Gurung:
Man, gotta give credit to Dustin's coaches. Shutting down Conor's agility which he is really good at by throwing those low kicks is a plan well executed.
No Name Milla
No Name Milla:
So happy I found your page. Super informative and interesting. Thanks
Stokes Fitness
Stokes Fitness:
Why would anyone give a 'thumbs-down' to such an excellent and detailed video you obviously went out of your way to make soon after the fight (about 1am), when most of us were sleep?
Nico Corrales
Nico Corrales:
Dude pumps out content like his life depends on it
Jonathan Weisman
Jonathan Weisman:
Connor has always had a fast and powerful advantage.

He still has yet to show experienced adaptions. In all his losses. His opponent has had enough time to adapt.

I have yet to see Connor adapt to win. He's awesome for sure. But he can't be in the pound for pound conversation.
Can you explain his dead leg in Ufc 264?.....
Chris R
Chris R:
I’m in med school. I should be studying for step 1 but I had to look at this and I can say I don’t feel guilty at all. Thanks for the lesson!
Logan B.
Logan B.:
Dustin Poirier, the home town hero!!! I love that guy, I hope he doesn't call it quits yet, he's come so far.
Bourne Jason
Bourne Jason:
What could Connor have done differently or if someone attack us with that kick, how should we defend?
Wasn't able to watch the fight so I learned the outcome from this vid lol thanks Doc
Jinxo 2020
Jinxo 2020:
Is this nerve on the outside or can you explain if it changes sides based on which leg it is. Trying to understand the disadvantages of certain fighting stances
Devon Crowell
Devon Crowell:
I hate that so many fights just come down to effective leg kicks. I get that it’s a legit strategy and that they should be checked, for me personally it takes away a lot of the potential for a great lengthy fight.
Is this the same problem you can get if you sit with your legs crossed for too long?
I stupidly made this mistake during my zoom lectures and couldn’t lift my foot up and it felt numb and tingly all down my lower front leg
I think I felt them nerves my leg legit went dead well watching this video. I was sitting on my leg now it's tingly feels like there's a bunch of beads in my foot. Very good video I like the break down of the leg.
Yuriel Cundangan
Yuriel Cundangan:
Everyone who sincerely still loves Conor Mcgregor:
buck benson
buck benson:
Been following you since 10k. Love seeing you grow ❤
Gary Wilkerson
Gary Wilkerson:
If the nerve is located on the inside of the leg, how does outside kicks cause so much damage?
Albert Charron
Albert Charron:
I'm glad to see your Channel go so big and fast , I was one of the first 100k . Keep up the great work and I look forward to your next Diagnosis
I was kick there while playing football in school, the moment I got kicked I dropped down, I couldn’t stand on that leg super painful, and my leg remained constrained for a month. I couldn’t stretch my leg.
Lmaoo even doctor Brian is milking this, i respect the hustle man you re always quick with these
Bear Down
Bear Down:
I think he lives in his studio waiting for sports injuries to happen. You're the man!
Hello good sir. I’m a student preparing for my medical entrance test (this fall maybe). And i’m a huge mma fan as well. So i kinda relate to you in some ways haha.
So i just wanted to let you know i love you your videos. I learn a lot from them. Thanks for everything sir. And I hope to become somewhat like you in the future maybe, Godwilling.
Roy Rodgers
Roy Rodgers:
Both my legs were crushed by 1500lbs of glass on the job. That’s basically where it hit me. Crushed my femur and tibial plateau shattered my knee. My nerve was smashed so bad I couldn’t walk for 3 months.
White Duck
White Duck:
My ex-wife always kicked me on the outside of my lower leg. I thought it was pretty weird that she wanted an anatomy book for our first Christmas together.
Just got done watching the fight and this videos already up. Brian's the real MVP.
My man’s making more on YouTube then being a doc. Good job👍🏼😉
Any long term damage possible from this fight to that leg area?