Conor McGregor's DEAD LEG Leads to Knockout at UFC 257 - Doctor Explains BRUTAL Leg Kicks!

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Conor McGregor was knocked out by Dustin Poirier at UFC 257 after a flurry of brutal leg kicks caused McGregor's leg to go dead and weak. Poirier ultimately won by knockout to defeat McGregor, but the leg kicks were really the star of the show to help give Poirier the victory. In this video we'll review the leg kicks and explain the anatomy that makes them so effective in MMA!

EDIT 4:45, these are NOT dermatomes. Dermatomes come from the spinal nerve root levels, these are just the distributions from sensory peripheral nerves.

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Brian Sutterer MD
Brian Sutterer MD:
Will the UFC 257 performances be enough for Khabib to come out of retirement??
EDIT: 4:45, I mispoke in the moment, these are NOT dermatomes. Those are related to nerve root levels and not peripheral sensory nerves, which is what I am actually showing in the video. Just a difference of describing the cutaneous innervation from the sensory nerve (pictured) or the nerve root (L4, L5, etc)

Also, bonus points for those that caught my orange/green background colors
Never ceases to amaze me how quick Brian is with these. Kudos.
Jethro Sub
Jethro Sub:
I need someone to explain to me how the doctor has faster editing skills than that kick.
Leg kicks are underestimated on how useful and painful they are
Phillip Moss
Phillip Moss:
This doctor never sleeps and somehow watches more sports than me.
Ricky Rozay
Ricky Rozay:
Doc was running fast as hell looking for his ufc shirt to put in the background he didnt even put it on its just sitting on the body I respect the hustle fr fr
Conor in 2019: “my foot was a balloon”

Conor now: my calf was a balloon 🎈🤣
Ok Dude
Ok Dude:
"we're here for a good time not a long time" conor's calf
Sutterer stays ready so he doesn't have to get ready
Kevin Aguilar
Kevin Aguilar:
Posting this late and right after the fight shows your true dedication on YouTube, thank you for your hard work 🤝
Tyson Curtis
Tyson Curtis:
He filmed, edited, and uploaded this in like less then two hours. That’s insane
"Hold on I'm crying brother"
- Dana White
King Terk
King Terk:
Your work ethic is crazy man, shout out to you for always finding time to do these videos.
White Duck
White Duck:
My ex-wife always kicked me on the outside of my lower leg. I thought it was pretty weird that she wanted an anatomy book for our first Christmas together.
Franzus Gütlus
Franzus Gütlus:
The medical term for the state of his leg is: DEAD
J G C:
That’s some really nice anatomy software that he’s using!
That must be why when you scratch the back of your knee, and then move it in a certain way, you get pins and needles around the top of the calf muscle.
Rob W
Rob W:
I found your channel after the KC game. I really enjoy your break downs of injury's it really helps to understand the servarity of what happened.
Zhan Tumagan
Zhan Tumagan:
The speed of the upload. Legend
Sean Your Hero 17
Sean Your Hero 17:
Damn bro what a quick turn around on this vid
The breakdown kinda reminds me of Robert Downey Jr in Sherlock Holmes, or Donnie Yen in Wu Xia, using medical knowledge to fight
C Orange
C Orange:
“Without me, this whole ship sinks!”
-Conor’s Leg
Sithembiso Khumalo
Sithembiso Khumalo:
Connor : I didn't come to take part, I came to be taken apart.
Nolan Hura
Nolan Hura:
Dude this channel is awesome it makes scary injuries very interesting, keep up the work
Morrise Perez
Morrise Perez:
All MMA fighters taking notes!
Kavon Silas
Kavon Silas:
This man is flash with these videos I swear!
My man’s making more on YouTube then being a doc. Good job👍🏼😉
Boomer Dan The Man
Boomer Dan The Man:
Kick to the knee is just as deadly as a jab. Totally underrated move..
And as always, extremely informative, quick and the dedication is amazing. Keep up the high quality work!!
Stephen Tosh
Stephen Tosh:
I think he lives in his studio waiting for sports injuries to happen. You're the man!
Anthony Szoke
Anthony Szoke:
Hey Brian just want to say I’m a huge fan on your Channel! I recently watched the tiger woods documentary on HBO I was wondering if you could do a video on him playing with torn acl
Wasn't able to watch the fight so I learned the outcome from this vid lol thanks Doc
Greg Segura
Greg Segura:
Wow always amazes me on how accurately fast you are with the details 👌🏼
I like to have that part of my leg massaged, right on the nerve. It tickles and hurts at the same time lol. Also gives a weird static feeling on top of my foot.
Vegeta Launched Final Flash
Vegeta Launched Final Flash:
I see an upload from the doc, I watch. Simple.
Just got done watching the fight and this videos already up. Brian's the real MVP.
That program is sick. I wish I had that while I was taking anatomy last semester
Erik Williams
Erik Williams:
Damn, science y’all!!!
Lolan Cruz
Lolan Cruz:
I didn't get to watch the fight so I was waiting for this!
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor:
Idk why I watch these types of videos, anatomy makes me so squeamish but I wanna learn
Ik it’s mad late but you should do a video on Margaritos face lol
Jacob Black
Jacob Black:
UFC 257 has left a lot of questions in the Lightweight Division (if Khabib comes back)
Dirt Life
Dirt Life:
"My foot was a balloon"
"My leg was a football"
He must come from the future with the speed he uploads and edits his videos!
Samuel Concha
Samuel Concha:
Love your expressions on the thumbnails. Keep up the good work Doc. 🤓
XD I was feeling my leg the whole time while watching this and finding every muscle and nerve he was talking about
this is the kind of stuff Batman thinks about while he's fighting
3rd Year, deciding between PM&R or EM. Love your videos!
Nice to see Benny Bones wearing a UFC shirt!
Jack Mooney
Jack Mooney:
Always love these UFC breakdowns. Thanks doc.
Itachi Uchiha L Clan
Itachi Uchiha L Clan:
Brian “breakdown the anatomy” Sutterer
Joe Were
Joe Were:
I love the minor detail of the skeleton always wearing a different shirt for the sport
Dominador Larosa
Dominador Larosa:
wow! Great job! With this detailed explanation i remember those things i’ve learned in my preMed school(haven’t gone to MedSchool Proper due to financial Constraint)😂😂😂😂 keep up the good work doc kudos, Salute my man!!! 👏👏👏👏
shout out on your video doc hahaha!
Love the information,
And the delivery.
There is something strange about teaching us all how to kick each other though.
* I should have put my smart azz font on my the last comment.
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe:
My man, I was waiting for you. You so fast
Tom Behnke
Tom Behnke:
Just a cool channel!
I really enjoy these videos.
Shirt, informative and pretty unique on YouTube.
Best of luck, brother!
laskin riubn
laskin riubn:
I see an upload from the doc, I watch. Simple.
Ivan Castro
Ivan Castro:
As a chiropractic student, I love these explanations! Thank you
Mr Snurp
Mr Snurp:
This guy is quicker than me in bed
satria. ramadan
satria. ramadan:
wow that was fast for the upload with this quality of the video
Tenuun Tamir
Tenuun Tamir:
Damn what a breakdown 👏🏻👏🏻 amazing 💯
Oki Mitchell
Oki Mitchell:
This is so damn interesting 👍thanks
buck benson
buck benson:
Been following you since 10k. Love seeing you grow ❤
Xavier Reigneau
Xavier Reigneau:
Great and informative breakdown- thank you!
Zac Horne
Zac Horne:
My god Brian at it again with the incredibly quick uploads, keep it up man your content never ceases to amaze me
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
Wasn't able to watch the fight so I learned the outcome from this vid lol thanks Doc
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum:
Bro! How are you so quick with this! Love these vids 🤤
Texas Pride
Texas Pride:
I learned that Connor McGregor got knocked the fudge out 🤣😂
The Femboys
The Femboys:
Congrats on the sponser, glad youre getting recognized more and more!
Nathan Diaz
Nathan Diaz:
Hello good sir. I’m a student preparing for my medical entrance test (this fall maybe). And i’m a huge mma fan as well. So i kinda relate to you in some ways haha.
So i just wanted to let you know i love you your videos. I learn a lot from them. Thanks for everything sir. And I hope to become somewhat like you in the future maybe, Godwilling.
Gerardo Mata
Gerardo Mata:
The hustle this man has 🔥
As always, dr. Sutterer brings the best information. So glad that finally he got some sponsors! Keep it up doctor!
Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad:
Thank you for informing me about greenchef. I needed to know about such a service so bad right now. Thank you doc!
Evans Dogbe
Evans Dogbe:
I stayed up to watch this fight. It's refreshing to know that I have something in common with Conor

We all fell asleep at the same time.
I swear he heard me all the way from home as I kept screaming "DONT STOP HITTING THAT LEG"
Who would of thought I would learn anatomy by watching UFC. Loving it
Jeffrey Palmer
Jeffrey Palmer:
Great video, Brian! Thank you for your time in explaining all of this stuff to us common folk lol. Would it be possible for you to make a video explaining the Jaylon Smith injury? Did he injure that Common Perineal n. or a branch of Perineal n.?
Yes, that's what i was thinking while watching the fight...
Stevo Canuck
Stevo Canuck:
i hope this doc gets everything he desires in life. His knowledge is profound and seems to have worked for everything he ever wanted.
I saw the same technique used by Daniel on John in Cobra Kai Season 3!
Kahless the Unforgettable
Kahless the Unforgettable:
With the quickness! Great way to cap off this fight! Thanks Doc!
Justin Raphael
Justin Raphael:
You make me question the validity of all sports, these videos have to be recorded in advance. 😅
M. Milla
M. Milla:
So happy I found your page. Super informative and interesting. Thanks
Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera:
Posted this video lightning fast !
I appreciate you 🙏🏼
Armiyanto Muhamad
Armiyanto Muhamad:
Where else that your Chanel can answer for any question about damage body need for results doc, thanks for your explanation on this fight
Love Unlimited
Love Unlimited:
You have a brilliant mind, great presentation. Subscribed. 🙌🙌🙌
Branden Rowe
Branden Rowe:
Im a new follower but you’re easily becoming one of my favorite you tubers to watch. Love the content!

Can you do Aaron Rodgers knee injury vs the bears a while ago 2018 I think
Jeremiah Laguerre
Jeremiah Laguerre:
Thanks doc I thought he had to get his leg amputated orators for him🙏🏾
Timely upload.
Jon Vadmand
Jon Vadmand:
Keep it up, great video.
I love all the info and your thoughs on the cases
Marcus Perry
Marcus Perry:
Smart fight on his part.
Dark Game Master
Dark Game Master:
The science behind the fight.. I love this video. Thank you!!
i feel smarter just by listening to him talk 🤓
Joyleen Strozier
Joyleen Strozier:
Hi Brian Sutterer, I like your content. I love watching your videos.
Paul Fuller drum study
Paul Fuller drum study:
That being said how do I fix my sciatica for good so I can go back to normal 😣I've had symptoms for 4 months!
YesSiRr!! Thankz Doc!! U never let me down!! Always a good watch!! Thankz!!
Mohamed Nabeel Khan
Mohamed Nabeel Khan:
what a nice explanation sir! exactly what i was looking for, thanks buddy
Landon Ellis
Landon Ellis:
I hurt this nerve over ten mouths ago and I still have hardly any movement out of my foot
Damn doc dont sleep! 😂
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty:
My ex-wife always kicked me on the outside of my lower leg. I thought it was pretty weird that she wanted an anatomy book for our first Christmas together.