Control Z | Official Trailer | Netflix

When a hacker begin to reveal all of the students' secrets, El Nacional turns into a disaster. If the only way to protect your own secrets was to betray a friend, how far would you go?

Control Z will be released on May 22, only on Netflix.


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Control Z | Official Trailer | Netflix

When a hacker begins releasing students' secrets to the entire high school, the socially isolated but observant Sofía works to uncover his/her identity.

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sawako lucia
sawako lucia:
I tell you some of these highschoolers looks like they were married, had a child, build a house, and divorced
Mitesh Kumar
Mitesh Kumar:
My name's Sofia and this is my school, where everybody is 30.
Unapologetically Makayla
Unapologetically Makayla:
The trailer really makes the show seem like its not as good, I loved this show, they really need to make a season 2, Im hooked
Brian Brooklyn
Brian Brooklyn:
why is everyone complaining how the cast looks like they are almost 30 , ummm have you seen Riverdale or teen wolf or gossip girl?
Neil Patrick
Neil Patrick:
This show is a cross between Gossip Girl, Elite, Pretty Little Liars, and YOU. The trailer doesn't give this justice tho
Akshay Jumani
Akshay Jumani:
"You must have younger siblings, you have a kitten sticker on your backpack."

Or maybe, I just like cats.
You guys judge this based on this but the trailer doesnt give justice on how good this series is. You must try it
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan:
Just finished the show and imo it's really good. I like how they gave us a whole episode to know why the hacker did what he/she did. Hope there is a season 2. Definitely recommend 10/10. Oh and it kinda gives off pretty little liars + [email protected] + elite vibes!
Jennifer Abule
Jennifer Abule:
Am I the only one looking through the comments to see if this show is good or not,cause all I see is a bunch comments complaining about the actors looking 30

Thx to all the ppl who replied back to my comment and all of your opinions about the show, it helped a lot and i will definitely start watching the show.
Fat Amy
Fat Amy:
‘You’re tanned, so that means you spend a lot of time under the sun’ wow, someone get Sherlock a medal !
It’s not bad at all. I hope they make a second season.
Maca Garcia Source
Maca Garcia Source:
When the cast is older, it means the plots are too harsh for actual teens to play them, its not that hard to understand. Its a 16+ show they wont put 16yo to be on the hands of pedos, like America loves to do it
Vale Zetina
Vale Zetina:
An amazing show. The end is not predictable, the characters are well written and acted, it's surprisingly original, the villain is perfect, it's entertaining and it deals with present issues. I loved the plot twist and I loved the end and the final episodes. Definitely one of my favorites
Allyssia P
Allyssia P:
am i the only one who really liked it and hopes for a season 2 🤔
BSA 悟:
When did highschool kids start looking like kids that just finished uni
Emmanuel Lawal
Emmanuel Lawal:
This was dope, definitely recommend, hope they get another season.
Im on episode 6 and when I tell youuuuu I am shockkkkeedddddddd this show turned out way better than I thought it [edit] yall watch this shit I just finished everything omggggg I want a season 2
Everyone’s talking about how the high schoolers look 30 and that this show isn’t original, but I just got done watching it and honestly this is so good and entertaining !
Idk why y’all r complaining that they look older, I’m mexican and I can tell that there are a lot of 15 years old girls that look like 22 or more. It’s very normal here teenagers looking mature, we just grow up too soon. I’m 19 and I’ve been told since middle school that I look like 25-30. We usually get comments like that from people from another countries and we think that’s offensive. We look mature before time. We can’t control it. If you study here or you have mexican friends u will notice.
Nyamh Wolf
Nyamh Wolf:
In a world where everyone in high school is 27 and oddly attractive, two smart, likable teens who are inexplicably outcasts will find love while fighting the system and those damn iphones
Am I the only one who seen the Billie eilish in her????
Alejandro Galvan Avalos
Alejandro Galvan Avalos:
This Trailer is bulls***, the show is actually FREAKING AWESOME LOOL
drowning 在想法
drowning 在想法:
damn, this is so good. i just finished watching it. i'm so hooked every episode!! love it.
Damaris De Leon
Damaris De Leon:
La verdad yo soy de Mexico y voy en preparatoria, la apariencia de algunos de estos chavos es bastante normal, no entiendo como muchas personas dicen que se ven de 30 años 🤷‍♀️
Strawberry Stefani
Strawberry Stefani:
This is a good show I recommend y’all watch it it’s basically about the whole school getting exposed and a lot of blackmailing and also if your into mysteries then I definitely recommend you to watch this.Its a good show it’s not that bad 💕
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed:
Just finished season 1, and for those that are unsure on whether to watch. I would say it’s definitely worth the watch. Similar to Èlite each episode ends on a cliffhanger to make you want to binge. In terms of storyline its really interesting. It’s mad the things the people get exposed for. The last two episode’s is what made the show worth watching. Fantastic plot twists. Only problem for me is that you don’t get a connection with many of the characters, like you would have in Elite. I think that’s due to the pacing of the show and the fact the characters personalities are very different. Regardless it is worth the watch 100%.
Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez:
En mi país llego a ser trending desde que salió, en lo personal no me lo encontré nada mal, me esperaba el típico cliché mexicano y me sorprendió mucho el giro de trama.

Aprendan apoyar series que no sean de España o gringas 🤦🏻‍♀️
Salina Hussain
Salina Hussain:
the main girl is only 23 chill y’all, there’s so many teen shows that actors are above 20+
Yazar Ali
Yazar Ali:
Every second movie or series of Netflix is about high school.
Tridev Tamil
Tridev Tamil:
why are people complaining about them looking 30 when the main characters are 23-25. Also the shows is really good
Citlaly Rosas Andres
Citlaly Rosas Andres:
why is everyone is talking about the ages of the cast ages y'all know the real ages of people from Riverdale , Elite etcc
Héctor Alejandro Vargas Rodríguez
Héctor Alejandro Vargas Rodríguez:
Váyanse a la verga, pusieron el teaser una semana antes, no le hicieron publicidad y al chile esta bien chingona. Un saludo
Cielo Manguba
Cielo Manguba:
Released may 22. Finished watching may 23. Waiting now for season 2
Youngin Ballin
Youngin Ballin:
Im watching this after I watched the whole show already and I want to see what other people thought of it and they just saying how the cast looks old i mean they aint look old to me 😳👉👈
x x
x x:
why is everyone complaining how the cast looks like they are 30. just search it on google and you'll see the the whole cast is under 25
Ꮪ Ꮋ Ꮖ Ꮩ Ꮩ:
Just finished watching this. And I agree with the comments that this trailer doesn't do justice to the series. They could've done better. The suspense is great and I liked that they didn't give any stupid reason for the hacker to do it. Definitely needs a season 2.
Christina Sampanoglou
Christina Sampanoglou:
The main character Sofia looks like Billie Eilish...
I watched the whole show in less than one day...
Asmaà Qc
Asmaà Qc:
I really loved it, mind blowing and very entertaining. The trailer does not do it justice.
No fuera una serie española porque si no: WEY NOOOOOOOO ESTÁ GENIAL 👌😭👊😔
fira hz
fira hz:
I watched this without watching the trailer and honestly, im so pleasantly surprised. It was so good! You definitely need to watch it. Def needs season 2! I want to see more Sofia and her love interest... Whichever it was lmao.

Also this is the first time i shipped the fl not with the supposed male interest iykwim. I just cant connect with javier.
safan maknojia
safan maknojia:
Looks like every country is getting their own highschool drama series
Emi Goutaudier
Emi Goutaudier:
I thought this was going to be some dumb Serie or movie about boring highschool. Turned out to be not at all what i expected! I am going to watch that!
Camille Boudville
Camille Boudville:
Honestly don't judge this show by its trailer. I cannot stress how GOOD this series is... I was hooked from start to finish. The show is a MUST WATCH. I can't wait for season 2!
just binged this show and lets just say its WAYYYY better than I expected, watch it y'all, you won't regret it.
ande e
ande e:
y’all this is binge worthy tbh, i literally spent my whole day watching it ...😳✨
Dddm Ddm
Dddm Ddm:
it’s definitely that new guy
Diviértete pzp
Diviértete pzp:
La mejor serie del mundo, pero porfis no maten a Javi
bboghy wot?
bboghy wot?:
I was really hoping for a Luis and Gerry friendship but oh well that was fun to watch I need season 2 now
Lahh 17
Lahh 17:
I just finished season 1.. my goddd please tell me there's season 2 because if there isn't then what the f*** whyyyyyyy 😭😭

P. S i just saw your comments and yeah they do look older to be some kind of high school students but i didn't even think about it and just watched all of the episodes and it was pretty good, but i still want them to make season 2 😭😭 i wish that scene wasn't the end
Suriel Parra
Suriel Parra:
Ohh yeah , a Mexican show , all I need
I wish high school is actually this entertaining.
The protagonist seems soooo daaamn cliche.
Stryder Hiryu
Stryder Hiryu:
If this goes well, they would release the prequel:
Control C
Control V
D Logos
D Logos:
The show is acc not that bad 🤷🏻‍♀️❤️
Jaziel Jhos
Jaziel Jhos:
No mames esta de poca madre , felicidades mexico, 🤘🔥
Pranil Dahibaokar
Pranil Dahibaokar:
i like how netflix has their ORIGINAL series, but it doesn’t have ORIGINALITY
Ximena Zamora
Ximena Zamora:
I see people complaining about the kids looking older but is anyone in riverdale or any teen drama actually 16, chill people
The ending has me like: 😭😭😭😭😭
Ernesto Dévora
Ernesto Dévora:
Fue mas de los que esperaba 🇲🇽👏🏼
Johnie S
Johnie S:
That was actually Great show...I saw 8 episodes in a row
TheEmojiFamily YT
TheEmojiFamily YT:
The ending has me in shock solid 9/10 will recommend that it
Tamanna Yasmin
Tamanna Yasmin:
The show is actually good
chole hill
chole hill:
this show is actually rlly amazing i absolutely loved it,, amazing rep, intriguing plot and storylines, and a CRAZY plot twist!! i would give it a try if i were you
Pues la vdd me sorprendió mucho pensé que iba a ser predecible pero nel ni de pedo me esperaba ese final, solo esperó qué no la cagen con la 2 temporada ✌🏻
Nikos Stath
Nikos Stath:
Her name is Sofia Herrera (S. H) and she has the same 'Abilities' like Sherlock Holmes (S. H). Coincidence right?
This was so good they need to make a second szn!
Isn’t the new kid from “Como Dice El Dicho”🤣🤣
Tomas O.V
Tomas O.V:
For anyone thinking this is not an accurate representation of high schoolers you're wrong, they look like every private school teen you can find in Mexico, Netflix really did research on this one, they got everything spot on, looks, behavior and even social problems, As a Mexican they all look pretty average to me, this are average Mexican lookin guys from a private school, when I was in high school all my classmates looked like this
Brenda Mejia
Brenda Mejia:
this show was good wtfff
No Love
No Love:
Wey lloré con el final ♡

Quiero una 2da temporada
i just finished it and oh my god! IM SHOOK! WE NEED A SEASON 2 😭
Carlos Gómez
Carlos Gómez:
I really liked it I recommend it does not look like elite the drama is very different I love the ending I do not exaggerate when I say that it is much better than elite I am waiting for the second season excelente México🇲🇽❤️👌
karan pal singh
karan pal singh:
No one

Literally no one

Le netFliX "here's another high school series"
Esta serie si que me tuvo adicto. Espero para temporada 2!
Defne Ekinci
Defne Ekinci:
I just watched all the episodes. And I like it. I'm definitely recommending it.
blu vodka
blu vodka:
The show is actually good...give it a try
Based off the movie “ Assasination Nation”. Good show’!
Airam !
Airam !:
You say the students don't look like high school students, but that has never mattered to you. What about all the series or movies where they put 30-year-olds to play 17-year-olds? I've never seen them talk about it, they only do it when it's a foreign show.
spooky ho
spooky ho:
I just finished the show and honestly, I kinda love it. It’s far from perfect, like the lack of character depth, as someone in the comments already mentioned, but I really enjoyed it otherwise.
And I don’t care that the actors look 30 or whatever, we really don’t need like 500 comments about that.
so I’ve watched the show and it’s so good! the English dubbing is so good, it’s the best I’ve watched from any other show I’ve seen. It’s really good and it’s entertaining throughout. 10/10
Ana Lú02
Ana Lú02:
I'm Mexican and proud of this awesome serie, waiting for the second season!!😃
Nour Tariq
Nour Tariq:
This show is so good but I’m heartbroken about Luis 💔
Ashley Bialek
Ashley Bialek:
I justed finished watching it and i gotta say IT WAS AMAZAING!! but that cliffhanger tho
Maksura Maria
Maksura Maria:
I can't wait
I need season 2 now
Please season 2
Enserio Notemientó
Enserio Notemientó:
90 percent people on the comments being smartasses.

45 percent people talking how the cast looks 40 and how attractive they are.
Tito Ramirez
Tito Ramirez:
Damn, it was really good.
It's like 13 reasons why, but 13 times better.
of of
of of:
Let me guess, y'all are here in the comment section if it is worth it watching this show. 😁
Carol M
Carol M:
I’ve watched in one day, soooooooooo good.
(It’s basically Scream + Elite + another Netflix series that would totally give a huge spoiler away it I would to say the name)
Ciara Bella
Ciara Bella:
the trailer doesnt give this show justice, its really good
Fun fact: No brown people are aloud at this school even though it’s in Mexico
Madhu Mitha
Madhu Mitha:
Can we expect season 2 ????
The best series ever....❤
Natorïë Aíkö
Natorïë Aíkö:
Nómada Maya en Cancún
Nómada Maya en Cancún:
Para cuándo la 2da temporada?
cristi perez
cristi perez:
Omg Luis character made me soo sad, I couldn't stop thinking about him. Truly unfair what happened to him, I feel so bad
This is like high tech Élite, everyone’s pretty😭
Michaela Bald
Michaela Bald:
Me reading the title: Control Z, are there zombies involved??
Me seeing the trailer: never mind
Mya xoxo
Mya xoxo:
It’s so good I hope javier and Sofia end up together:(
Toderai Vans
Toderai Vans:
Thank you Netflix!
watched the whole episode in one day