Coronavirus Pandemic Update 91: Remdesivir Pricing & Disparities in Drug Availability

The pricing and limited supply of COVID-19 antivirals such as Remdesivir and Favipiravir may make them difficult or impossible for some people and countries to access. Roger Seheult, MD of discusses recent articles that highlight the limited supply of certain COVID 19 medications and interesting vaccine developments. Coronavirus infection data from several countries and states (Brazil, India, Russia, Arizona, California, Florida, Texas) is also reviewed (This video was recorded July 1, 2020).


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- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 84: Key Questions to Ask if in the Hospital for COVID-19 (Part 1 of 2)
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 83: High Fructose, Vitamin D, & Oxidative Stress in COVID-19
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 82: Racial Disparities with COVID-19 & Vitamin D
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 81: New Data on Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects & Prevention of COVID-19
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 80: COVID-19 Retractions & Data (Hydroxychloroquine, ACE Inhibitors)
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 79: COVID-19 Vaccines to Keep an Eye On - mRNA, Antigen, Others:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 77: Remdesivir Update; COVID-19 in Mexico
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 76: Antibody Testing False Positives in COVID-19

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Roger Seheult, MD
Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine.
Associate Professor at the University of California, Riverside School of Medicine

Media Contact: [email protected]
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- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 90: Assess The Quality of COVID-19 Info With A Validated Research Tool
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 89: COVID 19 Infections Rising in Many States; Dexamethasone Cautions
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 88: Dexamethasone History & Mortality Benefit Data Released From UK
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 87: More on Dexamethasone; Do COVID-19 antibodies last?
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 86: COVID-19 Testing & Cases Increasing but Daily Deaths Decreasing
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 85: Dexamethasone and Key Questions to Ask if in The Hospital (Part 2)
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 84: Key Questions to Ask if in the Hospital for COVID-19 (Part 1 of 2):
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 83: High Fructose, Vitamin D, & Oxidative Stress in COVID-19:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 82: Racial Disparities with COVID-19 & Vitamin D:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 81: New Data on Hydroxychloroquine Side Effects & Prevention of COVID-19:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 80: COVID-19 Retractions & Data (Hydroxychloroquine, ACE Inhibitors):
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 79: COVID-19 Vaccines to Keep an Eye On - mRNA, Antigen, Others:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 78: Mask Controversy; Vaccine Update for COVID-19:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 77: Remdesivir Update; COVID-19 in Mexico:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 76: Antibody Testing False Positives in COVID-19:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 75: COVID-19 Lung Autopsies - New Data:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 74: Vitamin D & COVID 19; Academic Censorship:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 73: Relapse, Reinfections, & Re-Positives - The Likely Explanation:
- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 72: Dentists; Diabetes; Sensitivity of COVID-19 Antibody Tests:
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- Coronavirus Pandemic Update 35: New Outbreaks & Travel Restrictions, Possible COVID-19 Treatments:
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- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 33: COVID-19 Medication Treatment Trials, Global Testing Remains Limited:
- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 32: Important Data from South Korea, Can Zinc Help Prevent COVID-19?
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- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 20: Misinformation Spread, Infection Severity, Cruise Ship, Origins:
- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 19: Treatment and Medication Clinical Trials:
- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 18: Cellphone Tracking, Increase in Hospitalizations, More Sleep Tips:
- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 17: Spike in Confirmed Cases, Fighting Infections with Sleep (COVID-19):
- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 16: Strengthening Your Immune Response to Viral Infections (COVID-19):
Tim Mulrine
Tim Mulrine:
To save Remdesivir treatments for others, please give me or anyone I know Hydroxy/Zinc, vit c,d drip. I'm willing to sacrifice for others
Sounds like the Chinese may be using the Army for their “phase 3” study.
Kevin Morgan
Kevin Morgan:
On behalf of the world, thanks for all your hard work...
Eric T
Eric T:
Wow an expensive drug that barely does anything . How fitting for big pharma.
Vladimir Olegovich
Vladimir Olegovich:
This test just as good as online covid-19 test. They should also make test for chances to win 1 billion in lottery.
This channel is wondeful keep up the good work.
GP Racer
GP Racer:
Starting 6/30-7/1/20, WHO to resume Hydroxychloroquine trials *AGAIN*. Remember, that the HCQ "gun" must be used with ZINC "bullets" to work.

Science is now mostly politics. HCQ research was started, stopped, was cancelled, declared harmful, described as "poison" by the media, and now trials are being restarted again? A dose of HCQ (plus zine) is around $1 or so but the Remdesivir price has been set at $550-$600 per dose. Hmmmm....
MSNBC reports benefits!!!
Robert Wall
Robert Wall:
NIH panel stopped the clinical trial of Remdesivir and changed the end point from a mortality evaluation, to a how fast Covid-19 patients recover. This clinical trial was on the way to prove that Remdesivir was not going to show that any or a very small mortality advantage over the control arm which did not take Remdesivir. A big China study of Remdesivir showed virtually no advantage in mortality. Many NIH scientists realized that this was fraudulent manipulation of the end point, and changes were made so know one would know how little advantage Remdesivir really offered; several prominent scientists sent messages to the NIH panel stating it was highly irresponsible for them to stop the mortality evaluation because now we will not know if Remdesivir saves lives, which was the objective of the clinical. By stopping the clinical trial, NIH changed the deck of cards in a multi million dollar poker hand where Gilead, the manufacture of Remdesivir, was going to lose hundreds of millions of dollars, so by giving Remdesivir to all patients in the clinical trial from that day forward, that allowed Remdesivir to win by default after a NIH panel with 6 of 15 on the panel employees of Gilead voted to stop the use of hydroxychlorquine to treat Covid, which many studies show if HCQ + Azithromycin Zinc Sulfate, if given within 2 to 6 days of the Covid-19 victims first symptoms offers a 95 to 98 % successful. Google Dr Anthony Cardillo, Dr Vladmir Zelenko w, Dr Robin Armstrong ( he treated 37 nursing home residents who recovered after a week) and Dr Ban Truong who was successful in 69 out of 72 patients, 18 from one Russian Church in Battleground, Washington. Also google Dr Harvey Risch, Yale epidemiologist, who on May 27 wrote a block block buster paper that was published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, that shows what that early treatment of Covid outpatients with HCQ + Azithromycin + Zinc Sulfate of hi-risk persons (elderly, diabetic, overweight, minorities), is the way to end the Pandemic. Treatment within 4 days or 5 days of first symptoms (dry cough, fever, chills, headache, malaise) will prevent most outpatients from getting sick; early treatment works because the viral load it at its peak at 5 to 6 days after first symptoms.
Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden recently presented a study showing that 30 percent of all blood donors in Stockholm have COVID-19 specific T-cells. They also found that many asymptomatic family members of COVID patients showed T-cell immunity. A much higher figure than the antibody tests indicates. It seems as if twice as many people have developed T-cell immunity compared with those with detectable antibodies.
Quite interesting, but it also raises the question about the usefulness of antibody testing. T-cell tests are a lot more complicated to perform, but would provide a more realistic and useful overall view. Since antibodies, as previously mentioned here, also seems to vanish quite soon, while T-cells provide a long lasting protection, maybe it's time to consider changing testing method or at least massively ramp up the T-cell tests.
mooning tappy
mooning tappy:
Imagine being 100 years old on covid parameters at 22. 🥴
P North
P North:
Any information on “long haulers” people who have had symptoms and fatigue for months?
Kriss Sto
Kriss Sto:
Gosh, Dr. Seheult, I’m in love with your voice🥰. So soothing, so clear and so relaxing. Love to watch your videos for that reason 😊 You are my favorite. Why some people sound so good and others (like me) don’t? 😀
John Waugh
John Waugh:
Completely agree with discern. This site is outstanding
Mr Angelo
Mr Angelo:
The US buying up all the Remdesivir stock is scandalous considering GILEAD used and risked the health of patients from Europe and other parts of the world as guinea pigs in the trials, for those countries to not then get to use the drug through selfish greed is outrageous (thanks a million!) thank Fck for dexamethasone
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting non biased or politicized information. You are the single source of consumable data for me: The nervous family man, and layman. Your videos have helped me better understand the world around us in these trying times. If the COVID press briefings were just MedCram episodes verbatim, we would all be much better off. You're a national hero, Dr.
C _
C _:
Thank you for a reasoned discussion on medication pricing and availability.
Alan Page
Alan Page:
I noted from a news item (30 June 2020) that Dr Fauci's Gillead Remdesevir is to cost $US2,345 per treatment initially (intro offer?), and then rise to $3,150 for insurance hospital cases. Gillead did a publicity release. This compares with Dr Zalenko (NY) citing successful treatment of 650 covid patients with HCQ/zinc/azithromyacin for $20 each, back in April I believe. Follow the money trail to find the culprits working against HCQ/zinc treatment and world health.
Limitless FPS
Limitless FPS:
Dr. Seheult, can you do a video on the effect of Vitamine D on the Innate Arm of the immuun system and it's relation to SARS-CoV-2. Maybe also taking into consideration the research done in this studies: "The Possible Role of Vitamin D in Suppressing Cytokine Storm and Associated Mortality in COVID-19 Patients"
Is it true that there will never be a clinical trial to support this? Because you'd have to give a group a Vitamine D supplement and then give them the SARS-CoV-2 infection which would be unethical. Does this also mean that the scientific community will never attribute Vitamine D with this effect or is there another way that there can be evidence of Vitamin D lowering mortality in COVID-19?
Mr Doohickey
Mr Doohickey:
Great video. Had to smile at the idea of any hypothetical120y old having a 18% mortality risk with or without Covid. One tough old lady!!
Jacquelynn Booth
Jacquelynn Booth:
I want to know how many persons per country take HCQ and how many also add zinc? Of these, how many exhibit symptoms of CoV-2?
Thanks as always Kyle and Dr Seheult. I suppose unprecedented times bring with them unprecedented measures and skipping phase 3 is certainly that. We can but hope it proves successful and does not backfire as the consequences would be grim indeed.
Mary Prante
Mary Prante:
I've been wondering about risk assessment; the calculator is a good tool. Thx!
Phil Ernst
Phil Ernst:
So the Chinese military is the Phase 3 test population of the vaccine? No need to look for volunteers; killing two birds with one stone?
Randy Rick
Randy Rick:
Gilead has licensed companies to make 'generic' Rendesivir with sales in 127 countries. I recall an earlier mention of China having a license to manufacture as well, but its not mentioned here.
carl r
carl r:
Amazing you have time to produce any videos at all right now. I believe I read that Riverside is where you are, and that the hospital is nearly at capacity. Keep up the good work, when you have time, but take care of those patients first.
Barbara Duffell
Barbara Duffell:
Many thanks Doctor! Oklahoma watching!
guy grotke
guy grotke:
I think Tocilizumab and Anakinra look like they are a lot more useful that Remdesivir. They are interleukin blockers, so they are useful in the cytokine storm phase of serious illness. Even Gilead has said Remdesivir is only useful in the first few of days after infection, but to use it that way we would have to give it to everybody with any symptoms and a positive PCR test. It's just not going to work if we reserve it for people in the autoimmune phase of the disease.
What can you tell us about Ivermectin? Since I've read that it could help with SARS-CoV-2, and hence it's being used in some countries like mine for such effect.
(If there's already a video talking about Ivermectin in this channel (or any other respectable one), please share.)
RW WisdomFromAshes
RW WisdomFromAshes:
Loved learning about the calculator. Can't wait to try it out and find out how close to the edge I am.
Emah Edabus
Emah Edabus:
Nobody really looked hard on the cheap options. Create the disease and worldwide customers for tests, meds and supplies.
Daniel Côté
Daniel Côté:
Very interesting what is happening in Canada, we will have to follow closely as the vaccines will be released without passing phase 3. Salutations de Montréal.
Jack Zimmerman
Jack Zimmerman:
Been here since the first episode and I’m glad you are still making them.
Rose Sacks
Rose Sacks:
The thing that bothers me about remdesivir was that various YouTube videos were taken down earlier this year and one can only assume the reason why.
Now we know why it was so IMPORTANT to discredit HCQ/Zinc...10 cents a tablet vs over $3K per patient for Remdesivir. The whole thing is a disgusting scam on the American people...
Semi Veg
Semi Veg:
I am in stage 1 kidney disease. I am not on any medication or have any other issues. I still have to add 25 years to my age? That's quite depressing. Wouldn't that be more for people with stage 3 or 4 kidney disease?
helpinghand donotreply
helpinghand donotreply:
Thank you ever for your clear and comprehensive lectures on covid-19 that even I (with no medical background) find very understandable.
In you last lecture you showed us a calculating site indicating each persons risk and prognosis. I did note that the site does not take into account current medical advancement in comparison to 3 months ago. My guesstimate is that mortality is at leased halved if not even more. This minimizes the usefulness of the said tool.
Little Voice
Little Voice:
I would like to see the risk calculator include some lifestyle questions as we know diet, exercise and stress all impact immunity.
My COVID age is 88 (I'm in my fifties). :(
EZ Med
EZ Med:
Wow, your lectures are really informative. They really encourage me to make more videos for Medical students on my channel. Def subscribing
How about updating about Ivermectin, how it's being used in many countries, including US, and with better effectiveness than Remdesivir (which has dangerous side effects). Also, Ivermecting is very cheap and available right now in your local pharmacy
Yong Boone
Yong Boone:
Thank you so much for the work you put into the content here. I have shared your daily videos with friends and family and just shared the covid risk calculator with co workers. A close family friend passed away from covid yesterday. He was on remdesavir , zinc and vitamin on ventilator :(
Ademola Soyemi
Ademola Soyemi:
Hi Doc! Been following your series on Covid from here in Nigeria. I wanted to ask if there has been any updates on the drug Famotidine.

Thank you!
My apologies for missing the live Q&A a couple days ago.. I had a question regarding the preparation of Remdesivir.

I am a pharmacy technician in a hospital and have made several Remdesivir IVs. I have found that different techniques have a variety of results with creating air bubbles and/or foam inside the IV bag. For example, using a fluid transfer spike on the reconstituted vial creates so many micro bubbles, the solution changes from a clear to cloudy appearance.

Do you believe the introduction of air bubbles into Remdesivir during the reconstitution and dilution process can affect the drug adversely?
Timothy Keith
Timothy Keith:
Can you report on the analysis of COVID-19 contact tracing ? I've heard so much about why this data collection was so important, but why has there been no report thus far?
Can you talk about the "Swine Flu G4" they just found in China?
Paul Elliott
Paul Elliott:
If one assumes that all of the deviation from theory in the new infection curves is due to immunity, which does not show on antibody tests, what value does one get for the percentage of the population that is effectively immune? Why has no one asked this question before?
Dr Mahmoud Abdelhameed
Dr Mahmoud Abdelhameed:
Thank you so much you teach us the most updated ,validated and accurate God blessed you.
I'm NOT finding the link for the Everest Covid Assessment here, as others below have, or at their website..only a Vascular age assessment.
Robert Davies
Robert Davies:
Article in today’s WSJ opinion section about using the polio vaccine (OPV) to increase the innate immune system. Previous studies found that those receiving OPV reduced the flu by 3.8 times - better than specific flu vaccines. It’s cheap, safe and abundant, thoughts?
Diane Young
Diane Young:
Apparently the drug Remdesevir was developed with a $70,000,000 grant from the federal gov.
Sam Saraguy
Sam Saraguy:
Chuckling at the example that shows COVID age of 120 years. Plausible.
Richard Longoria
Richard Longoria:
What about abnormal megakaryocyte site populations popping up all over the body?
James Lynch
James Lynch:
Very little virus found in brains after autopsies, is their something in cholesterol that acts as a defense?
Weekend Warrior
Weekend Warrior:
I've shared that calculator as well. It's very good.
Jack S
Jack S:
Thank you, Dr. Seheult. What do you think of the drug Leromlinab to treat Covid patients?
Ev Sonelus
Ev Sonelus:
Hi, I liked this video as always. You do a good work.
I just have one thing to coment, though. "If the whole study would have continued to the end, it would too show significance (in reducing mortality, talking about remdesivir)". Im not sure on this one, because the study was interrupted. And no more studies about it are being made. Why they interrupt right when it was to show if the medication reduces or increases mortality? With others medicantions, they hadnt.... No, sorry to say that, but this is weird and I dont thrusth this medication at all.
alex angulo rojas
alex angulo rojas:
Is there any info on patients with hiv(untreated) and covid-19?
Sar Kar
Sar Kar:
Thank you. Can you predict from a medical standpoint, how long the pandemic will last?
Thanks for this info, however there is an elephant in this video that I think even my friend's two pugs could discern. That is, there is a strong sinusoidal variation in the numbers given in almost every single one of these graphs, and the time interval between adjacent peaks or troughs, whichever you want to compare, is about 6 days. It is particularly strong if you look at the death rates. Now I know you're supposed to try to avoid being stuck in the hospital over the weekend because the B team may be on duty, but surely that is not the reason deaths so strongly peak about every 6 days. Or is it? There must be some reasonable explanation. Now the question is, is it relevant?
mooning tappy
mooning tappy:
Dr Seheult how about the new swine flu strain that's starting to be rampant in China and has a pandemic potential according to WHO?
k Kwok
k Kwok:
As always, great stuff
Thank you sir and all your helpers
May God bless
L Luna
Fresno CA
prajwal mukatti
prajwal mukatti:
Hi sir , I have big question and confusion in my mind , I beg you to answer this please😭
I went ahead and bought n acetyl cysteine as you recommended and was going through some articles to learn more about it , I came across some research papers that said there was a research that was done in 2014 looking at the growth of existing tumors and they found that since NAC is a good anti oxident it does the opposite to tumors , it worsned the tumor and even more disturbingly it created new tumor cells in healthy individuals as the cell was not allowed to die at its natural time due to anti oxident supporting it!!
Could you kindly comment on it and I am healthy individual and there are lot of covid cases around me , so please suggest me can I take and what time to take!!
Even using the word "lotto" with any possibly life saving treatment makes me cringe and question our species. If it's proven to be the life saving key....I don't care about economics or anything else.....we need every possible manufacture creating the treatment. I don't think this one is the magic bullet so I'm not real worried but it does pose a question we should be answering before it happens.
So, I got 46 and 3 months, two weeks on this covid calculator. 4.1% for hospitalization, ICU admission of 1.1% and 0.14% for mortality. Considering I'm 43, I exercise 3 times a week, eat pretty healthy and take my vitamins - I feel pretty good about this.
Melissa Rabe
Melissa Rabe:
Thank you and your team for your tireless research on our behalf!
LILO Josefina
LILO Josefina:
I have been checking the death rate in Texas is (as of today) 2.75 vs recovery 97.24
Vs California, which death rate is 8.59 vs recovery 91.40
It would be good to look at Joe Varon Md protocol of treatment.
Sapele Steve
Sapele Steve:
Great update Doc! Keep up the great work that you are doing! Thanks for your videos.....
Lindy Adam
Lindy Adam:
remarkable...thanks yet again. going to try the covid age ranking...😬 oh my!! p.s. query. is lifetime asthma considered lung disease for purposes of the chart, even if asymptomatic for the most part? well..i see that asthma is designated a chronic lung disease, albeit varying significantly in severity from person to person. adds more years to my covid age...yeh, figured that!
Excellent content as usual. Thanks for the daily dose of med knowledge
So Canada co-jointly works on a vaccine that is then first used in China for their military. Sounds legit.
I believe the company going to let other countries produce the generic version so the cost will be lower.
Detlef Gerlach
Detlef Gerlach:
I suspect you are aware of the recent study (not yet peer reviewed) from the Karolinska Institute indicating that T cells most likely contribute to the COVID immunity and that the immunity based on antibody testing may underestimate the true immunity.
Fake science discredits a generic drug.

Only one incomplete study showing *any* slight benefit from the patented drug Remdesivir - hardly convincing.

FDA kills the generic, approves Remdesivir and the Trump Administration starts pouring money into Gilead.

Smells like corruption to me.

I don't think Gilead will be selling any doses outside of the US. The US is the only country corrupt enough to play along.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones:
There's a 2-3 week lag between new infections and deaths so it's not surprising that increased in the former are not immediately reflected in the latter statistics.
Sanjeev Kumar
Sanjeev Kumar:
Thank you Dr. Seheult. In India remdesivir each shot costs rupees 5000 available as "Covifor"
A S:
If Remdesivir is effective, surely it's in the public interest to compel Gilaed to work with other pharma co's to ramp up production worldwide..
the time line of covid is
1/ infection
2/ viral phase : the virus replicates durinG about eight days, the viral load goes up quickly , then goes down due to the immunity reaction
3/ the inflamation phase: the viral load is low but the cells contain billions of viral debris (inactive ) that cause a discontroled inflamation.
during the inflammation phase you need specific drugs (steroids) and also anticoagulants. what would do remdesivir, an antiviral drug, in that inflammation phase ?
Nishawar Justin
Nishawar Justin:
By inhaling the steam of eucalyptus leaves or oil for 'COVID-19' can decrease the 'DEATH RATE' by improving the respiratory system.

(we can save many lives)
Eucalyptus is also very helpful to avoiding other symtoms of 'COVID-19'.
Please test it.
Rick Angelico
Rick Angelico:
Thank you.🙏👏
Anil Jethwa
Anil Jethwa:
I see the age calculator more as a gimmick than being of real use. Also I fear it could give certain people a false sense of security and conversely a false sense of alarm. I think this sort of tool should only be used by medical professionals
Lew Google
Lew Google:
With the calculator, for the 120 year old person, how does risk of death (18%) exceed the lesser risks? It can't be 18% of the 12%, because that percentage would be too low.
F Picc
F Picc:
I dont understand the Angio defender part on calculator. How do you determine that with personal Dr. check up on your report? Also, my glucose is at 94mg, what does that come out to in percentage?
Saroj GC
Saroj GC:
I didn't miss any of the medcram episodes on covid-19. Can anyone suggest youtube channel like this which helps in better understanding of covid by using research article.
Michael W. Perry
Michael W. Perry:
[Insert tongue in cheek] We could do what Seattle did in the early years of kidney dialysis when the machines and funding were scarce. A committee was set up to decide who would qualify. The result upset many because those selected were almost a mirror image of those on the committee.
In 1962 the Seattle Artificial Kidney Center charged a committee of physicians, nurses, and community and civic leaders to develop an allocation system for dialysis treatments. The committee agreed that “social worth,” an assessment of the patient’s anticipated contribution to society, would be the primary criterion for determining who would receive the life-sustaining treatment. Those individuals deemed highly valuable to society would receive dialysis, ostensibly to facilitate their physical rehabilitation and return to their jobs, families, and civic duties. Social worth, however, turned out to be just as subjective as it sounds, and bioethicists immediately condemned the practice as highly discriminatory and derided the committee as a “God panel”
John E
John E:
Great fun with the calculator, but the %FMD is a bit dodgy. When you enter it's on 12.5, but if you touch it it adds years to your "age", and you need to slide it down to ~8 before you get the age penalty back to almost zero.
Phil Drewett
Phil Drewett:
So the Chinese military are effectively taking part in an 'informal' phase 3 trial it appears. I would guess there aren't a lot of old men or women in their military. It sounds like they can run a trial in Beijing. South America and India look like good places for phase 3 trials.

I would unfortunately estimate that the UK will have increased cases too starting around the end of July going forwards. I don't have much faith in our contract tracing and isolation system in comparison with countries doing quite well with it. The government here did too little too late going into lockdown and many feel too much too early coming out of lockdown. I'm guessing we'll be at 30 to 50% infection rate by the time a vaccine is approved, at least in the major cities. I think London is already at 20% and that low level is doing just enough to keep the transmission rate in London hovering around R1. I fear that for mild and asymptomatic cases evidence is emerging that any meaningful levels of 'immunity' will be quite short lived.
Isn't Remdesevir's big claim to fame shortening recovery from 14 days to 11 or some such nonsense? In other words, a whole lot of nothing?
Dan Robinson
Dan Robinson:
Great info!
Remedesivir is can cause kidney failure among other side effects. Also they paid off many researchers to produce fallacious studies against hydroxycloroquine and those results have influenced politicians and the WHO. Gilead are scammers and have blood on their hands
The Misadventures
The Misadventures:
Favif-ver-ifer-ivi-pir LOL
So China is testing on their military, could be good or tragic for them and/or the world.
Kay tee
Kay tee:

Kary Mullis - Was the PCR-RT test meant to detect a virus?
Mia C Crest
Mia C Crest:
Thank you so much!! Very informative!
james wright
james wright:
mRNA - has anyone tried Acyclovir?

If the blood is shaken - spun down - put into a centrifuge - does it express a strata of white? Not yellow [liver] not clear [plasma] - WHITE?

I still think people should use a nasal sanitizer - aka inhale aerosolized isopropyl alcohol - as a preventative therapy. Research ethanol therapy as a piggyback to O2 main.
The calculator is interesting, but no blood type?
G Galilei
G Galilei:
Best medical info on the web
Jose M Salazar
Jose M Salazar:
great info as always
Amazing Philippines
Amazing Philippines:
Thanks for the info and links.
Matthew L
Matthew L:
Seems to me the scientific and medical community is not working hard enough, or is being hindered by forces above their pay grade. It's been more than six months and a drug that barely helps is the best we've come up with???