Coutinho's Best Performance & Lewandowski Brace I Bayern München vs. Werder Bremen I 6-1I Highlights

Coutinho and Lewandowski fire Bayern win 6-1 win over Bremen
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Robert Lewandowski’s hunt for goals has continued after a brief break and the Poland international has now scored 220 times in the Bundesliga, moving him up to third in the league’s all-time standings. Only Schalke legend Klaus Fischer (268 goals) and the great Gerd Müller (365) have scored more. Bayern’s goal machine netted twice against Bremen, but his Brazilian teammate Philippe Coutinho went one better with a hat-trick. It was his first in Bayern colours and included two stunning hits. Sit back and enjoy all the highlights from the Munich goal fest. Lewandowski is now on 18 goals for this season, so do you think he can top Gerd Müller’s all-time record of 40 in a single campaign? And do you believe Coutinho has now truly settled into the Bayern team? Let us know in the comments!

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100+ comentarios:

Odinnson VN
Odinnson VN:
Bundesliga has the best commentary
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
And now he punishes Barcelona with 2 goals and an assist for treating him like garbage.
Marco Barus
Marco Barus:
3 goals
2 assist
Valverde was sleeping
Tawan Momo
Tawan Momo:
Coutinho deserves a permanent transfer to Bayern Munich
LuftWaffe ME 109bf
LuftWaffe ME 109bf:
he didnt look happy , instead his face was saying something else , like when someone say you are a weak and you prove him wrong . in each of his goals he did that .
Lewy and Coutinho are back in their amazing form
II Exalted II
II Exalted II:
I haven't seen Coutinho more at home than at Bayern. Absolutely amazing hat trick.
Apostrophe FiveFiveThree
Apostrophe FiveFiveThree:
Don't you dare forget Thomas Muller's expert timing
Russian Bot
Russian Bot:
Me, a Chelsea fan
**sweat intensifies**
Coutinho Is an epic player!

Lewandowski also.

This is epic. I saw the match.
magic tricks
magic tricks:
Valverde would say:
What have i done
Enah Eleanor Laroza
Enah Eleanor Laroza:
I hope he unleashes his magic against Chelsea!!
dDBt 1634
dDBt 1634:
Magical brazilian
CJHockey96 Gaming
CJHockey96 Gaming:
You Pay
You Pay:
Phillipe Coutinho, if he keeps this up he'll prove every doubter wrong, In Barca he was a little u flattering but we all knew he had the quality
Couthino is on fire!
Yariel Hernández
Yariel Hernández:
Where do you watch this dudes commentary? I need to sign up!
This moment 3:52😍❤
Suwati Lowth
Suwati Lowth:
Thank the gods that Coutinho is back to his old self
Liverpool fans: HAHA we dont need him
COUTINHO Is a good player
Abdul Baten
Abdul Baten:
I'm just imagining that what if Hansi Flick was at place instead of Kovac, during the 7-2 trashing by Bayern. And what if Thomas Müller was playing in his form under Hansi Flick from the beginning of the season. What a volcano would have erupted. Mia San Mia 4ever.
Marly Jáuregui
Marly Jáuregui:
1:59 Berni celebration is so heartwarming 🐻❤
Khutatso Khumalo
Khutatso Khumalo:
This guy is so good when his wearing the colour RED. His red hot in that colour
Even though the Brazilian magician hasn't scored much, he is getting his fantastic form back. Bayern is the club for him
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Lewandowski is one of the greatest strikers of all time, that guy is amazing 😃
BangBran gg
BangBran gg:
3:04 song name :
Emerald dream - niklas johanson

Pin me
weird alien
weird alien:
Somewhere Valverde is crying in a room
Josh Mc
Josh Mc:
Omfg from flopping at Barcelona to 3 goals and 2 assists at at the Allianz arena

Please stay coutiniho
Jarrade Curry
Jarrade Curry:
*Bet barcelona regrets trading him* 😂
John Wack
John Wack:
Lewandowski breaking his three game goal drought😂
Kyle Dimetri
Kyle Dimetri:
I wanna see a coutinho, Thiago and tolisso midfield
I miss football :(
Weird Dude
Weird Dude:
Barca: What have I done !?!?
This man is just the best midfielder a team can have
Isaac Tshiu Tsotetsi
Isaac Tshiu Tsotetsi:
I always come back just to watch Coutinho hatrick
Divano Jrv
Divano Jrv:
Rashica's goal is amazing .. hope to see him in milan nxt season 👏👏
Ferdi Laode
Ferdi Laode:
Coutinho is back bravo👍👍👍
1:27 les duró poco la alegria xD
Rafin Muhammad
Rafin Muhammad:
That kick...❤️❤️❤️ It's Cuttinho Special
Erick Henrique
Erick Henrique:
Monstro 💪🇧🇷
SWAT 1611
SWAT 1611:
That is some good control by Lewandowski. He has definitely worked on controlling the ball in air.
Manchester City fan
Manchester City fan:
Barca:Hello Mr Coutinhio we would love to call you back from loan and we have informed Bayern Munich

Coutinhio:Too late suckers already signed a permanent deal fools


Coutinhio:F*** off

Barca:fine we’ll sign Neymar
Zaahid Mahommed
Zaahid Mahommed:
Football is Life
Football is Life:
Great goal by Milot Rashica
Too bad Bremen got destroyed
Da Slayr
Da Slayr:
Just buy him already
Genna Jr Jenkins
Genna Jr Jenkins:
Coutinho deffo deserves to be on a permanent deal at Bayern Munich he’s a beast for us Bayern he’s actually carrying our team n with him in our team we r deffo solid up front 💯💯👑
Hey, that's pretty good!
Hey, that's pretty good!:
Other team: *Scores first*
Bayern: so you have chosen death
Jeremy Makokha
Jeremy Makokha:
Barca always fools...Take Coutinho loan ...remain with Dembele hahaha
Rollox RA
Rollox RA:
Countinho-Lewandoski-Müller ❤️
Ótimas assistências! Bons passes, principalmente os de profundidade! Muitos chutes a gol com boa parte finalizada! Busca jogo assim como ataca o adversário para estruturar a jogada ou contra-ataque...enfim, só evoluindo e fico feliz por encontrar uma posição e grupo capaz de se ajudarem em prol da EQUIPE! Infelizmente o Barça na observou isso! Desejo muito sucesso no Bayern!
rajeev sherly
rajeev sherly:
flivez the goat
flivez the goat:
Nah remove boeteng Is too slow
Jamal Givens
Jamal Givens:
#MiaSanMia 🔴⚪⚽
lamin darboe
lamin darboe:
I just love watching Kimmich, he is good
Brave Knight
Brave Knight:
wow barcelona really miss treated coutinho. its crazy how underrated this team is . like how often do you see a laliga team doing this
Matheus Bossa
Matheus Bossa:
Coutinho plus lewendoski = 🔥 (striker)
Muller plus gnabery = 🔥 (assist)
milion mc
milion mc:
What a hattrick 🔥🔥🔥🔥
sayonara sayonara
sayonara sayonara:
😆 I was like this till the full time..... and I sleep well..... Bayern 💚💚💚
Dan DA little Man
Dan DA little Man:
Now Bremen just beat Köln 6-1 to still have a chance to stay up :)
Raju Gole
Raju Gole:
Coutinho love u my brother.
Rxz Rusher op
Rxz Rusher op:
Coutinho... nice😍😘😘
Bayern, please signed sealed delivered Coutinho!
Mai Nguyen
Mai Nguyen:
I Love soccer Game / safe time to watch sport game..
jendral perang
jendral perang:
Coutinho permanent
jurgen klopp
jurgen klopp:
The magic has come back
kids love
kids love:
Great job you deserve more respect
Priyanshu Das
Priyanshu Das:
MiaSanMia ❤
vinny vasilev
vinny vasilev:
I really wanted coutinue to stay at liverpool ans gerrard a Suarez :(
Mohd Refenddy Bakri
Mohd Refenddy Bakri:
Philip Coutinho best goalsss...first hatrikkk...🤙
Samad Said
Samad Said:
He deserve win league cup every year from now
Those dislikes are Werder Breeden fans
Juice Melon
Juice Melon:
This guy is just an iconic commentator
ViraL 24/7
ViraL 24/7:
Bremen scored first and Bayern replied with six!
Judith Anderson
Judith Anderson:
3 goals
2 assists
0 smiles
S Eton
S Eton:
Great commentary 👌
Se Coutinho mantesse o Nível em todos os jogos...
Rajah Khona'i
Rajah Khona'i:
Brilliant Coutinho..
Mochammad Amirudin
Mochammad Amirudin:
Wooww Coutinho
Lewandowski melhor atacante do mundo
Both are my favorite team...
Les J. Suli
Les J. Suli:
Coutinho is one of the players in the world
Victor Felipe
Victor Felipe:
Sarrada fatal 1:27
Akhil Das
Akhil Das:
: Rijaro
: Rijaro:
Boatang was so slow in the first goal
Septian Rishal
Septian Rishal:
Back to barcelona Coutinho, We miss you!
Shaky Nevada
Shaky Nevada:
All it needed was him to wear a red shirt
Gamer Dream
Gamer Dream:
Daphene Chan
Daphene Chan:
Great goal Phil Couthino
Gabriel Nobre
Gabriel Nobre:
Never underestimate the golden son of VASCO DA GAMA!
Brian Kiilu
Brian Kiilu:
me playing with bayern in fifa .
Isiah JahGlenson
Isiah JahGlenson:
Puskas! Coutinho.
Blend Krasniqi ;D
Blend Krasniqi ;D:
No one here talking about this goal 1:06
Fraksi 69
Fraksi 69:
Valverde what have you done ?
Sassysushimi 007
Sassysushimi 007:
The rock music you guys 😂😂😂 Bundesliga has the best vids
Sassysushimi 007
Sassysushimi 007:
The rock music you guys 😂😂😂 Bundesliga has the best vids
Hyperbolt 10
Hyperbolt 10:
Coutinho performs best in red
Timon Stoppe
Timon Stoppe:
wat does the background musik call?
Marcin Czechowicz
Marcin Czechowicz:
Coutinho better stay at FC Bayern Munchen. That is his new home now.