Coutinho's First Bundesliga Hat-Trick - 3 Goals & 2 Assists in One Match

Philippe Coutinho's 3 goals and 2 assists in 6-1 Bayern win
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One of the best midfielders in the world, Philippe Coutinho is a magician on the ball, capable of providing both goals and assists, as he demonstrated in Bayern München’s 6-1 win over Werder Bremen by scoring three and setting up two more. The Brazilian has truly announced his arrival in the Bundesliga and has now had a direct hand in 11 goals in 13 games, yet one of his strikes against Bremen was the best yet. There were also assists for Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller. Simply check it out for yourself. What do you think Coutinho can achieve with Bayern? And what’s your favourite highlight from the Bremen game? Let us know in the comments!

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49 comentarios:

Faze hector
Faze hector:
He just needed his color red back
Oliver Ransley
Oliver Ransley:
That chip was higher than Shane warn on Australia day
David Turkstra
David Turkstra:
1:22 - gnabrys reaction to completing the hat trick ahaha
Zze Umbara
Zze Umbara:
Red colour jersey is good for you Coutinho ;)
Vintage Kakashi
Vintage Kakashi:
Has an amazing passer (kimmich)
Has an amazing player who can play in both midfield and defense amazingly (Thiago)
Has a full back who is a winger but plays a left back giving his best in all (davies)
Has one of the best keepers of all time and known as the sweeper keeper(neuer)
Has a *mixture* of both a goal scorer and provider (gnabry)
Has a super sub who comes to help at any moment (Mueller)
Has a little magician who really does his magic! (Coutinho)
Has a goal scoring machine who scores literally every match (lewandowski)
All they need is just good Central backs
That lob was magisterial. The magician looks like himself again.
Eliseu Willians
Eliseu Willians:
Vamos Bayern ᴰᵀ
Vamos Coutinho ᴮᴿ❤
Michael M
Michael M:
Really hope we can sign him on a permanent deal for around 70 million seeing Barcelona are determined to ship him out the club.
Am happy to see coutinho back on top of his game pls stay at Bayern ❤
FHaze ES
FHaze ES:
I hope he will help bayern many more times to win bundesliga title again and in Champions League. Number 10 suits to him.
Leigh Duxbury
Leigh Duxbury:
Valverde is stealing a living
KEY 21
KEY 21:
Look at gnabry’s reactions
dDBt 1634
dDBt 1634:
Magical Brazilian
Jojo Dentu
Jojo Dentu:
Finesse specialist indeed😂🔥🔥
Sleepy Joe Biden
Sleepy Joe Biden:
Coutinho is a MAGICIAN in BUNDESLIGA last season was James next Season SOMEONE FROM LA LIGA that is a FLOP SIGNING and Bayern will make them good again
Javan Martin
Javan Martin:
Aaron Mooney99
Aaron Mooney99:
He is back
moses walker
moses walker:
Germany loves getting views off coutinho
Love how they keep slapping him in the face
Sebastian Siahaan
Sebastian Siahaan:
Now bayern has to do what they always do, *buy him*
Samwell Santos
Samwell Santos:
Zulfikar Thariq
Zulfikar Thariq:
Seeing him in red is a very familiar sighting for me ❤️
Nicholas Fairbairn
Nicholas Fairbairn:
I'm just happy Alphonso Davies was in this
J Chow
J Chow:
Both the sec and the third goal of his were absolutely amazing
PBY Games
PBY Games:
Coutinho is My Favorite Player in Football I just hope When He Go Back To Barca he is as good as right now 😁
Amritansh Pandey
Amritansh Pandey:
Looks thinner and fitter. Improvement.
mohammed ali
mohammed ali:
three the best hes made them pay and that completes a wonderful hat trick

fifa references hahahahaha
Sayful Isalm Emon
Sayful Isalm Emon:
Always love to see the little magician in red..... And his beautiful smile.... ❤️❤️❤️
Pawel B
Pawel B:
C R I I T I C A L G:
James who👀?
M. Bison
M. Bison:
Amazing what a little love can do
Mr Voice
Mr Voice:
Coutinho please come back barca needs you
Riley Conlon
Riley Conlon:
This is the start of a legacy
juscelino silva
juscelino silva:
Best goal ever
Hat trick , omg
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit:
Pleased for Coutinho. He needs to be in a side where he gets freedom to drift and also act as a no.9. At Barca the main man is Messi and so he should make his move to Bayern permanent. #YNWA
Franco Manrique
Franco Manrique:
Este lo hubiera fichado el Munich no el tronco de Sane
R4Y Foong
R4Y Foong:
Give Coutinho time to settle in and he will be back at his best. He is showing it already. If Bayern dont buy him in the end of the season then its their loss.
Weird Dude
Weird Dude:
That chip was higher Than Someone That drank 3 Bottles of Vodka
it's a shame for barca that valverde can't use coutinho right, look how well he's doing at bayern
Titansnake Historic
Titansnake Historic:
WAIT! I HAVE FOUND THE CURE! all you have to do is put a red shirt on coutinho, then he'll play well
Oliver Werner
Oliver Werner:
The kids jersey is good for him
Keelan's Football News
Keelan's Football News:
Liverpool fan here just want to thank you againn Phil for getting us the money to buy vvd and fabinho
Shubham Tayal
Shubham Tayal:
how on earth is greizman better than this guy ?
Gilles Delhaye
Gilles Delhaye:
At Barca they most be feeling so stupid for letting him go
(i know he is on loan)
Ebna Reza
Ebna Reza:
Coutinho is the best.
Hitesh Kukreja
Hitesh Kukreja:
Coutinho was great in that game.But did anyone noticed muller’s goal.It felt like he foresaw that coutinho is going to cutback.Not called raumdeuter for no reason
حواديت عمو باسم
حواديت عمو باسم:
I think Bayern Munich should sign Phillipe Coutinho this winter.

If you did not know he was not signed by Bayern Munich, he went there on loan