Coutinho's First Match for Bayern - FC Schalke 04 vs. FC Bayern München I 0-3 I Highlights

Robert Lewandowski bags hat-trick as Coutinho makes debut
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Bayern München returned to winning ways when they downed FC Schalke 04 3-0. The German record champions had Robert Lewandowski to thank for the win, as the Pole scored all three goals away to Schalke. Lewandowski's show coincided with the debuts of new signings Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Hernández and Ivan Perisic. Striker 'Lewy' demonstrated his versatility, proving he is an absolutely complete forward. But see for yourself. Which of Lewandowski's goals did you like best? And will Coutinho & Co. defend the championship title? Let us know in the comments.

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Mr. Meme
Mr. Meme:
Everyone talking about Coutinho, but no one is talking about Ivan Perisic!
Alec Kusabs
Alec Kusabs:
Title should be lewandowski hat trick.
Markús Einar Orrason
Markús Einar Orrason:
This channel is turning to the official Coutinho YouTube channel
Camera: *is focused on Coutinho 75% of the time*.
Lewandowski: *am I a joke to you?*
Kai Zach
Kai Zach:
Lewandowski is too deadly man
Valente Aispuro
Valente Aispuro:
Countino finally playing his position now he will be boss like in liverpool
Jay Football
Jay Football:
He got shafted at Barca so hopefully he can get his career back on track.
This is quality content!

Why can't the Premier League do this on their channel?
just some guy without a moustache
just some guy without a moustache:
Coutinho will get bac his magic
Mat J
Mat J:
lewy stole the show
Sinom Bongol
Sinom Bongol:
Thanks Bayern for taking Coutinho. He was great at Liverpool. As a Liverpool's fan, I was not sad when he leave Liverpool, but I was sad because the way Barca's fan treated him. He is great and a world class player. I hope Bayern's fan will support and appreciate him. He will make your club greater.
Alexander Hikmala
Alexander Hikmala:
The only accomplishment that Coutinho achieve since Leaving Liverpool FC : More Tattoos and Hair Highlight🤣
5000 Subscribers With No Video
5000 Subscribers With No Video:
*Coutinho making sure his hair is perfect lmao.*
Abdullahi Musty Mohammed
Abdullahi Musty Mohammed:
Lewandouski is the most brilliant and consistent striker that one cannot ever compare him with any other striker within a decade of footballing..This guy deserves better than a world best player...
Mat J
Mat J:
2:37 lol, Coman trying to put his hand in Sules mouth
Abdallah Aljomele
Abdallah Aljomele:
To see coutinho and thiago in the same midfield is a dream come true💯
Um Where's coutinho?? Should be lewandowski highlights
Death Master
Death Master:
Coutinho come Back 😎👊
seema paudel
seema paudel:
Missed countinho love from Barcelona 😍😭❤️wish you best countinho ❤️
Mad Mots
Mad Mots:
Coutinho has always like the colour RED, hopefully he goes well at FC Bayer.
Мих Мих
Мих Мих:
2:15 Coutinho hair is perfect 🤣🤣🤣
but this video was about Lewandowsi, smh
Coutinho back in red colour
IBZ!! 369
IBZ!! 369:
They try talk about to Coutinho but in the end its about Lewandowski.
Austin Cower
Austin Cower:
Title: Coutinho's first match
Me: Lewandowski's amazing hat trick
Nathan Nguyen
Nathan Nguyen:
Robert Lewandowski is absolutely top class
Michael Padilla
Michael Padilla:
Lewandowski still incredible. Good for him!
This is the best Highlights video of a game i've ever seen. All game highlights should be like this 🔥
Voet Football
Voet Football:
Bayern will have LFC Coutinho! Not the Barca one!
Nikhil Jain
Nikhil Jain:
I'm a Barca fan and I have nothing but love for him. It wasn't his fault that it didn't work out at Barca. I hope he shines again at Bayern ! I wish him the best !
yap men
yap men:
hope countinho play a incredible matches in bayern..
miss him in barca♡❤💕
forever fcb(football club of barcelona + football club of bayern now)
Many players come and go but Lewandoski 😍 ..... Shining in bundesliga for dortmund and bayern !!
I'm happy for coutinho hope he get back his confidence but I'm excited to see perisic since i admire him as a player. #barcafan
Clutch Kazzy
Clutch Kazzy:
I feel like torisso dived in 2:19
Medaziz Mgadmi
Medaziz Mgadmi:
2:05 wow that looks exactly like pes 2020 wooow
Joe G
Joe G:
"Coutinho's First Match"... Showed Coutinho touching ball only once.
Fawad Bhatti
Fawad Bhatti:
Lewandowski !! The man is an absolute beast in front of goal !!!
Mbongeki Starboy
Mbongeki Starboy:
I'm proud of this guy❤❤🙆🏽‍♂️
Gallo thierno SALL
Gallo thierno SALL:
What a good recruitment for Bayern
Coutinho,Perisic,Cuisance,Lucas and Pavard 🔥🔥🔥
Petar Dobrev
Petar Dobrev:
I've always liked the German football. The only problem I see in the Bundesliga is that there is only 1 dominant club - Bayern München.
Tyler Davison
Tyler Davison:
He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly

He got his magic bacc
Garrett Mitchell
Garrett Mitchell:
Is nobody gonna talk about how he pronounces Lucas Hernandez's last name.
Dipak Sarma
Dipak Sarma:
0:25 turn on captions and watch
Chakraborty. B
Chakraborty. B:
Didn't know lewangoalski could take fks
You were supposed to be a legend now in Liverpool having two european trophies 🏆🏆
Emmanuel King
Emmanuel King:
The big mistake of Real Madrid is not signing Lewandoski
0:20 Are you sure?😂
Spongebob Squarepants
Spongebob Squarepants:
Who’s here from them winning the champions league
Justyna Hazard Lewandowska
Justyna Hazard Lewandowska:
Lewandowski the best ❤️🇵🇱
The sound is sickk!!!😍
sarad matthew tigga
sarad matthew tigga:
Naughty Munich has been going quietly about their business , they look good these season.
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12
Aᴋɪғ S.ʀᴀʜᴍᴀɴ12:
Just beginning ✨
3:34 does anyone know the song?
Turn on subtitles on 0:29 lol
Wissem Azzouzi
Wissem Azzouzi:
0:29 turn the captions on, it says the n word😂
Fancy signing someone for 140milloion and not know what to do with him.
I prefer Dortmund but I hope he shines at Bayern
Star Quake
Star Quake:
I hope he plays like he played when he was playing for Liverpool, dribbling, giving passes and shooting from outside the area. But not I hope he doesn't play like he played for Barcelona.
As Ab
As Ab:
You should really write your own subtitles. Check 00:28 to find out why...
Joshua Sneh
Joshua Sneh:
Every player has a role that best suits the person. Misplacing a player role with no regards to their abilities,weakens that player to some extent. I stand to be corrected.
Aayan Taragi
Aayan Taragi:
jerome cooper
jerome cooper:
Lawandowski the best st in the world atm. Change my mind
Mohamed Ahmed Sheikh Ali
Mohamed Ahmed Sheikh Ali:
Came from the team i support in England (Liverpool) to the team which was the first team i support Bayern.
Prakash Rahul
Prakash Rahul:
Finally coutinho has found his 2nd home😊
Lewandowski though🔥🔥🔥
Tomy JM truss
Tomy JM truss:
big contender for winning UCL 2019
I think the thumbnail was Couthinio's only touch the whole game 😁
John Blaze
John Blaze:
Amazing quality and production value here! Bundesliga for the win!
wildan m irfan
wildan m irfan:
Coutinho is Liverpool 🌈🔥
David Blair
David Blair:
With Coutinho, Bayern Munich will win UEFA Champions League 2019/2020
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Ramon Miguel Pangalilingan
Ramon Miguel Pangalilingan:
Sad that he didnt went back to lfc , hopes he does well in bayern
Isaac Hassan
Isaac Hassan:
Bayern: we just signed coutinho, we gonna win the CL
Lewandowski: am i a joke to u
0:29 captions 😳
Chill Streak
Chill Streak:
People : *talking about coutinho*
Lewandowski : hold my 3 goals
d. v.
d. v.:
when you come to watch coutinho's debut but just enjoy in lewa's magic :)
What a perfect free kick man
Sanchez's channel
Sanchez's channel:
Plz give weird girl ÙwÚ a shout out
jos pyngrope
jos pyngrope:
Seeing coutinho in another jersey other than Barcelona makes me sad.
Nana Yaw
Nana Yaw:
We still love you Couti
Aleksandar Vuksa
Aleksandar Vuksa:
I hope Counthino stays there for a while until his loan expires. After that, he returns to FC Barcelona.
World Government
World Government:
Oops I thought I'd subscribe to the Bundesliga channel turns out to be the coutinho channel 🤣😅😂
mr. red
mr. red:
That lewy free kick😍😍😍
Pratham Thapa Magar
Pratham Thapa Magar:
2:25 this is how you prey
Lewandowski is literally a monster
Adesile Kazeem
Adesile Kazeem:
Omg! 2:26lewandowski's look just before he hand threw it into the net
Riley K
Riley K:
Turn on captions at 0:28
Oman Marwein
Oman Marwein:
Coutinho full joy in Bayern now , and now coutinho he was a boss's or captain in a team, coutinho these days call him a masterpiece playmaker, attactker
Cristian Comanici
Cristian Comanici:
First of all, this is the kind of Highlights I would like to see for every match.
And secondly, Lewandowski is the best striker, no doubt.
R .D
R .D:
Klopp made such world class players:
Trent Alexander Arnold

Anyone else?
Ultra X
Ultra X:
2:24 really good dive
Love these highlights
I am Cyclone
I am Cyclone:
I deadass can’t wait, the Bayern youth team here I go, I’m getting looked at already 😭😂 imma make my mom proud 🙏🏼🔥
The Tube
The Tube:
Damn dis looks like a movie
Shoaib Hamid
Shoaib Hamid:
Goal Machine lewa💥
Danny Vasquez
Danny Vasquez:
hopefully Coutinho will find his talent at Bayern munchen
Connor Bawden
Connor Bawden:
Valverde ruined his career by playing him at left wing
Vala 1384 VAM 10xZ
Vala 1384 VAM 10xZ:
1.penalty 2.freekick 3.head goal
What a hattrick and what a player at +30 years old
Turn Subtitles on from 0:27 it's says bullish something.
2:06 look on top that guy is cheating
Abhi Sinha
Abhi Sinha:
Thank God Countinho will be happy There and Score More goals
thauany De Melo
thauany De Melo:
Omg ❤️🤩🤩