Crazy fight including Maradona - Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao (1984)

Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao (1984) Crazy fight including Maradona
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Dembele got injured just by seeing this
Gregory Bryan
Gregory Bryan:
Who here after the legend died?? RIP to a legend
Neymar would have died in this event 😅
Armando Esteban Quito
Armando Esteban Quito:
After this match, the leadership of the fc barcelona sent maradona to napoli as a "punishment". It was a team that'd just saved from relegation, and had never won the italian league (at that time, the "Serie A" was the most competitive league in the world). With Diego they were champions in two of them, they won the italian cup, the italian supercup, the UEFA cup, and the UEFA super cup. He is amazing.
(Sorry for bad english)
This game Maradona was getting kicked around like crazy and the ref did nothing about it. Athletic was disgraceful. But I love seeing this fight lol
1:57 Epic moment 🤣🤣
Pape Ibrahima Mbaye
Pape Ibrahima Mbaye:
RIP Diego Maradona, one of the most influential in Football History
shoaib Shenasa
shoaib Shenasa:
Maradona is the best. He did the right thing. Love from Afghanistan 🇦🇫❤️❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Irimia
Daniel Irimia:
With that knee, Maradona took revenge for all those criminal tackles on him during the match. Not mentioning Goikoetxea's criminal attack 2 years earlier.
Flix Mincraft
Flix Mincraft:
notice how in the fight they were only doing jump kicks, footballers truly stay true to their careers
Black Sabbath1989
Black Sabbath1989:
Maradona was a short 5'5 dude and stood up against big 6 ft+ Athletic Bilbao players and landed some good hits. Legend!
Omar Llamas
Omar Llamas:
Man i would’ve done the same thing if I was getting cracked every other second. Rest In Peace D10S ❤️
John Roberts
John Roberts:
They wanted to kick maradona and they did...........then maradona kicked back 🤣
He who lives by the boot,
Will die by the boot 👍
RIP Diego Armando Maradona 🇦🇷🇦🇷
Paul Carreno
Paul Carreno:
I would have kicked the referee first....
"Don't worry they just are playing"
The kids next room :
Alejandro Basaldúa
Alejandro Basaldúa:
"wow, this a cool first row seat I get here" the referee, probably.
N W:
Imagine If VAR was around 😂
About Me
About Me:
1:32 ese lo salvó al Diego en el piso como Cabral a San Martín en la batalla de San Lorenzo jajajajaja
1:22 is just a perfection
TS Tiziano
TS Tiziano:
Creo que Messi ya se está pasando con los homenajes al Diego xD
Bill tsikismpoympis
Bill tsikismpoympis:
When football was a real sport
Chael P Sonnen
Chael P Sonnen:
As a fan of fighting, that knee MARADONA landed on the GK was clean and it 100% knocked the gk out
Izzat Rajabov
Izzat Rajabov:
1:39 🤣
Anthony Rodríguez
Anthony Rodríguez:
1:21 this is where the best part starts 😎
Oh sh*t Rest in paradise Diego maradona he fought like a f*cking warrior wonder what the crowd was thinking
Javier Cacao
Javier Cacao:
Andoni Goikoetxea, un tipo totamente sin escrúpulos. Siempre serás recordado Diego, que Dios te tenga en su gloria.
that is how me and my boys play football on streets everyday
Renjamo Tsopoe
Renjamo Tsopoe:
After watching this video feels like he's still alive💔.
Arif Fajar Ahadian
Arif Fajar Ahadian:
That's the fight I really want to see in EPL and el classico
P. De Bernis
P. De Bernis:
Just see the images of this match to understand who was the greatest: Messi with his body and his personality, would have finished his career in the third minute of this match.
Benedicta Tendeng
Benedicta Tendeng:
1:22 imagine that he forgot that this was his own physio or trainer 😂
Agustin Po
Agustin Po:
1:22 La rodilla de Dios!
Mo Haakie
Mo Haakie:
1:22 legends say the keeper is still sleeping
ivan calderon
ivan calderon:
Neymar ya estaria muerto jajajaja eden hazard en coma por multiples lesiones 🤣🤣😂😂
Manwlhs Outzhs
Manwlhs Outzhs:
Rest in peace legend🙏🙏😭
Pussy Ting
Pussy Ting:
And now this legend has passed away
RIP Maradona
In loving memory of the LEGEND!!
Diego Maradona!! RIP❤❤❤😞
Jonny Cortez
Jonny Cortez:
R.I.P Legend 😭 💪 ⚽️ 🏆 😞
The Knee of God!!
Swedish Kebab
Swedish Kebab:
RIP Legend 🙏😞
Beautifully executed scissor knee by Maradona
ajay saharan
ajay saharan:
Maradona was also a great fighter🤣
Dan Rotela
Dan Rotela:
Aguante los sudamericanos que tenemos los huevos para meternos con cualquier jugador
Amro Ahmed
Amro Ahmed:
The players were so much tougher back then.
MBlock Jayy
MBlock Jayy:
1:40 is where Jorge Masvidal got his motivation
Snaga Beloga Grada
Snaga Beloga Grada:
Rip Legenda❤️
David Krommenhoek
David Krommenhoek:
Rip legend❤️
drippy spaff
drippy spaff:
Rip legend
Rodrigo Valdivia
Rodrigo Valdivia:
El más grande de todos los tiempos. No hay discusión. Fútbol hecho persona. Grande Diego, te queremos desde Chile.
I love it, this is how football should be today, pure passion lol
Roma bekeshov
Roma bekeshov:
Rest In Peace, Legend
1:33 what a kick ❤️🤣
2 Random
2 Random:
Organic Kevin
Organic Kevin:
Maradona "putting the ARGY into ARGY BARGY", R.I.P. Maradona
Dylan Fowler
Dylan Fowler:
Neymar still rolling around the floor having been told about this event.
Trola 1
Trola 1:
Respect for this legend
mete ozberk
mete ozberk:
These period of times all refs forgot their red cards in the locker rooms
Juan Ignacio Volonté
Juan Ignacio Volonté:
Hazard seeing this: What a save
Nikki Nova
Nikki Nova:
Athletic Bilbao vs Fc Barcelona or Real Madrid
A Little Bit Of Everything
A Little Bit Of Everything:
wtf, most of the tackles are ankle breakers, no wonder he knocked someone out
Keño Escobar
Keño Escobar:
1:22 Maradona throwing a flying knee as Jorge Mas Vidal, mygodnes
Pritam Pandey
Pritam Pandey:
The reason we say, don't ever compare players from other generation. Dont compare messi and Ronaldo to pele and Maradona.

Edit :- Rip Legend 🙏 one of the Goat🐐🐐
pbjb 91
pbjb 91:
The only fight I have ever seen on a football pitch that was fully justified...this was not thuggery a la Keane, Jones, Ferguson et al, this was a man standing up for his heritage, his honour and his sublime skill as a player...vale Maradona....he was the best, the greatest of all.
Triple B
Triple B:
Me, Jokingly: "U R DED! Not big soup rice."
jaku t
jaku t:
Que grande el diegote💣💣💣👏👏👏
Lil_nig _jr
Lil_nig _jr:
Tbh they were aggresive yet no cards until the fight
Arxmn Mohd
Arxmn Mohd:
Its The real meaning of football 😍
Metao Jami
Metao Jami:
Ong Bak movie took inspiration from that Maradona's knee kick... Legend!!
hola susana
hola susana:
Que descanses en paz Diego.
R.I.P Diego Maradona,crazy genius.
Jonathan Östholm
Jonathan Östholm:
Rip in Pieces❤️
Rip iconic legend
gaurav roy
gaurav roy:
Maradhona just dislocated the keepers jaw with a kick❤️
Theresa Farrell
Theresa Farrell:
Who’s watching this after he died😔
Dorin C
Dorin C:
After all the abuse he took from opponents players, even people who were not necessarily his fans felt good when he did something about it... And the verbal abuse regarding his father's ethnicity, how disgraceful.
Neymar Jr
Neymar Jr:
R.I.P Legend🙏🙏
Henrik Bjørnstad
Henrik Bjørnstad:
Rip legend❤️
Alexandru p
Alexandru p:
Imagine Ramos or Pepe watching this.
Soumyajit Dey
Soumyajit Dey:
If Maradona ever thought of entering WWE he would have been a Hall of Famer by now , he's so multi talented
Just undo it
Just undo it:
That knee landed smooth 😂 rip Legend
spartan wanderer
spartan wanderer:
That moment when the football referee becomes a UFC referee during the same match.
Dylan Fowler
Dylan Fowler:
Athletico Coach; "Make sure you kick the f out Maradonna"
Maradonna listening in with his own trainer; "Hold onto my Coke, I've got this"
The Red Devil
The Red Devil:
RIP Legend
Aryan Kurdi
Aryan Kurdi:
Y’all know when they’ll introduce that maradona skill to FIFA 20
Sayhan Awan
Sayhan Awan:
giro 666
giro 666:
Vascos vs catalanes y un argentino.
Se sabía como iba a terminar 🤷‍♂️
Encima estaba Goikoetxea jugando, el alemán Schuster y Maradona se la tenían jurada desde hacía tiempo
Dave Coimbra & Co.
Dave Coimbra & Co.:
Rip King! You were just magicly crazy!
drinkable liquid
drinkable liquid:
Sad to watch this now due to the sad news. Rest In Peace the greatest to ever do it
Rasool Shaik
Rasool Shaik:
RIP Legend Maradona!!
Emil Jensen
Emil Jensen:
The man, the myth the legen. RIP Diego
Antonio Ayala
Antonio Ayala:
nuriddin 19
nuriddin 19:
Zidane: hold my beer
Ibra: hold my zidane
They have balls to fight like a man! Not every footballer can knock guy out by knee !
giulio farnese
giulio farnese:
questo è calcio!
Marcos pai da isabella
Marcos pai da isabella:
Futebol raiz
Descanse em paz Diego armando maradona
Andon Goixoxea?Always the initiator.
RIP one of the soccer GOATs.
Organic Matrix
Organic Matrix:
Best knockdown i ever saw, enjoy with the Source up there, rest in peace legend!!
Vegeta Sama
Vegeta Sama:
RIP legend! 🙏🏽
Rip Maradona ❤️😭