Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel | Official Trailer | Netflix

From housing serial killers to untimely deaths, the Cecil Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is known to many as LA's deadliest hotel. The latest chapter in the Cecil's dark history involves the mysterious disappearance of college student Elisa Lam. Check in to the Cecil Hotel on February 10, only on Netflix.


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Crime Scene: The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel | Official Trailer | Netflix

The notorious Cecil Hotel grows in infamy when guest Elisa Lam vanishes. From the creator of "The Ted Bundy Tapes," a dive into crime's darkest places.

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Michael Wright
Michael Wright:
Ok hear me out, it’s a bit of a crazy idea. Burn the hotel to the ground.
The Di'Amore Family
The Di'Amore Family:
The cops intensely searched 600 rooms, 600 closets, “every nook and cranny”, yet managed to get to the roof and completely miss checking the water tower which has a ladder attached to it?
I stayed there in 2013. Didn't know the history i was on the 9th floor didn't see a single person on the floor the whole time. I slept with the door cracked. Now they have shows on this hotel smh. I went to the elevator didn't work also .
Rock N' Roll True Stories
Rock N' Roll True Stories:
Just finished it definitely worth watching
Hannah Hunter
Hannah Hunter:
Now they should make a documentary about that one girl who was found dead in the hotel freezer..... if you don’t know what I’m talking about, google it.. so crazy and sad. Smh. Things that happen/ the unknown is wild....
Dark Nite
Dark Nite:
Who else had a weird vibe about that Cecil Hotel Manager? Lol
the web sleuths were annoying. it shows how their negligence for facts and evidence and only speculation can cause people to get hurt and their "sleuthing" is actually intrusive compared to actual professionals. they spoke so much more as though they knew what was actually happening when the actual professionals seemed more reasonable. empty vessels make the most noise.
That one youtuber who was a dental student was so creepy. He acted like he knew Elisa personally.
Emre Demir
Emre Demir:
"billions of crimes happened in this hotel"

Amy Price : the people really should give Cecil Hotel one more chance.
dhalia zaid
dhalia zaid:
A moment of silence for people who drank the water in there...
Parth Wadhwa
Parth Wadhwa:
How ironic was it that she bought the books from a store named ‘the last bookstore’
R Y:
Ok that John Sobhani guy became delusional himself and fell in love with Elisa while following her case. Major creep vibes.
The Nut Job conspiracy theorists “Youtubers” Ruined this for me. I rolled my eyes every time they spoke.
Lj Jones
Lj Jones:
Just finished watching this and basically everyone on the internet at that time from Youtubers to morons who just jumped on the band wagon conspiracy hype should all be ashamed of themselves! They turned that poor girls death into a ridiculous online craze and ruined a poor mans life after labelling him a murderer and instigating a witch hunt.
I can’t wait for this. Finally a documentary about Elisa Lam, this story is crazy
CLRS 888
CLRS 888:
Just finished this.
"So when the news were released about her death being an accident, no one apologized to me, no one reached out to me."
nafiya shaikh
nafiya shaikh:
Morbid deserves an apology from all those who falsely accused him. Just because they wanted to believe something dramatic.
They were asking for reports like it's they're personal report and making up so many assumptions misleading things just because they wanted views and like?
Yet while they were judging morbid over his content and his video of him in the hotel, they didn't notice.
His vist was of a year before Elisa lam's visit
What the hell!!!
Those web Sleuths and all those people who judged him this bad to the point where he felt like taking his life.
They need to apologise.
Morbid wherever you are man
I wish you the best.
Connor Woolley
Connor Woolley:
Can we just acknowledge how messed up Skid Row is. The contrast of rich and famous to that place is sickening. America's got some real problems.
Twenty5 Productions
Twenty5 Productions:
the whole 4th episode sounds like everyone trying to cover their own ass
Nabhan Zaman
Nabhan Zaman:
Damn Netflix is searching contents on Youtube !
After watching this, it just seems like they milked a “mystery” documentary out of someone with mental health issues. Also, we saw what happens when we falsely accuse (Morbid) yet the trend rn is to attack the hotel manager? People never learn...
How some of those "sleuths" haven't been sued for defamation is beyond me. I've always felt sorry for Elissa and her family, after watching the doco, my heart went out to that poor musician.
This documentary was dishonest. If they just told us she was mental it would have taken 1 episode to fill the time.

Instead they focus on the scumbag internet trolls half the time
The youtubers covering the story was acting like they deserved/owe the answers... like who are yall? Like calm down wanna be. They watched a video and read her blog and BOOM they knew everything
Finally, a crime documentary about the VICTIM and not the KILLER.
Victoria Velsasquez
Victoria Velsasquez:
The fact the Pablo ( falsely accused musician) never got an apology from these media people ( especially the fb group) shows you how bad these internet people want meaning so badly that it’s obsessive and creepy is very disgusting . Feeling for her family 🤍🙏🏻
suzy perez
suzy perez:
These “web sleuths” gave me a damn headache. Also shoutout to this documentary for shedding some light on the gentrification that has BEEN going on in L.A & now skid row.
So I've just binge-watched this series. And you know what the result was? It made me hate YouTubers.
"I still haven't seen the police report..." Well why would you? You're just some unemployed man making videos in his bedroom. Get a job.
"It's definitely a conspiracy." It's not.
Basically, a girl with serious mental health issues was acting strange for a while, hadn't taken her meds, boarded an Amtrak to LA, stayed in a cheap hotel, had an episode, climbed into a water tank and couldn't get back out. The "sleuths" (and I use the term loosely) that they've interviewed on this series must have such dull lives that the truth isn't interesting enough for them.
John Paul De Los Santos
John Paul De Los Santos:
Great, first it was Morbid now looking at the comments “internet sleuths” are targeting the hotel manager now 🤦‍♂️
Being Scared
Being Scared:
Watched it. Absolutely heartbreaking and terrifying. Very well made doc.
Ryro Love
Ryro Love:
I felt so bad for Morbid... I wish him the best 💔
Jaziel O
Jaziel O:
She was playing hide and seek with whatever spirit she saw.. she couldn’t find any where else to hide on the roof and thought she’d hide in the tanks. She was bi polar and hallucinating.. very sad. I do believe this place is haunted we even know that the night stalker stayed here who knows what other rituals were done in this place.. I think this is more paranormal than people realize but these are my opinions. God bless her family.
Angelica Pearson
Angelica Pearson:
This documentary shows how deranged some youtube influencers/ sleuths are, and have no shame for a like/attention. Really sad case though.
alex lazzerly
alex lazzerly:
“I suppose that is the human condition, to feel so big, so important, but just a flicker in the universe, and the struggle to come to terms with those two truths.” -Elisa Lam
6teenish (Charles)
6teenish (Charles):
how come they only discuss the other female roommates once that she was staying with at first before they moved her to the room by herself. Like who are these other female roommates and how come we don’t know anything about them??
I would have like to hear the interview of the 2 girls that stayed with her, about her bizarre behavior. Very important witnesses on this case.
Chris K
Chris K:
After this series, I really hate youtubers.
Princess MilkyWay
Princess MilkyWay:
The manager trying to defend the hotel and the choices of making a separate hotels in one building... she’s sus
excuse me, i love you
excuse me, i love you:
I can't believe how traumatic this incident to those people who drank the water from their faucets. I can feel the horror and anxiety from it. Damn.
Not Informed Music
Not Informed Music:
Felt bad for Morbid. Wherever you are, keep rockin' man!
Mary Phantomhive
Mary Phantomhive:
Are we really going to pretend the hotel manager doesn’t know what happened to Elisa..the fact that she called her ‘mom’ before calling the police is suspicious as hell.
The youtubers interviewed on this documentary are absolutely infuriating. They think they are making ground breaking discoveries and investigations. But either just pointing out super obvious facts or trying to create ridiculously improbable conspiracy theories. One guys actually said “I kinda leaned on the door and the alarm didn’t go off so idkkkk”. Yea no shit asshole cuz you gotta open the door for it to go off. They all go “why would she do this or that??” Cuz she was clearly on mind altering drugs, there doesn’t have to be a reason for some ppl on drugs like that, they do things that just don’t make sense. These ppl have way too much extra time on their hands 🤦🏻‍♂️
Pie Cañete
Pie Cañete:
Why is the video focused only on the elevator part? How about the hallway area? Or like a footage of her going to the rooftop?? Can someone enlighten me? This is very interesting..
A A:
The fact that they posted this trailer on the 8 year anniversary of when Elisa Lam checked into the hotel... January 26, 2013
As a physician, I had to stop watching due to the internet sleuths medical claims of things 'just not making sense.'
Emily Patrick
Emily Patrick:
I kind of felt weirded out by the YouTuber who filmed her grave throughout all four parts of the series. It was almost like an obsession for him
When the helicopter was flying in the sky, and they asked them to light the ceiling, how did they not see from the top the water tank cover open, and inside it Elisa, the dogs, how did they not smell the corpse? Since the cover was open, and a large number of policemen on the roof, how did none of them search the water tanks ? There are questions in my head for these questions !! A strange thing happened, only God knows ☹💔
Here's my biggest question after watching this. Remember when they searched the roof and the helicopters were up lighting up the roof with their "night sun" lights. Wouldn't the helicopter, being at the angle it was be able to see inside the tank since the door was open? Furthermore, if they couldn't see in but saw that it was the only tank with an open lid why wouldn't they have investigated that further? The maintenance man clearly says and remembers the tank was open.
Elizabeth Cha
Elizabeth Cha:
All I gotta say is that everyone who wished death upon the innocent guy Morbid better apologize to him. He was literally just embracing his love for dark music and ya made him a killer through videos that were irrelevant to Elisa's death. This just really proved that anyone would listen to the media without actual content. Shame on you guys.
Abc D
Abc D:
I’m sorry for those who drank and took a shower with the water!! 🤢😨
mariana lima (spacehag)
mariana lima (spacehag):
they really dedicated like 50% of this doc to youtube nonsense. it started so well, and i liked how they connected the hotel's history to dtla, skid row etc. and then they go and waste an entire episode on web sleuth bulshit. very disrespectful do elisa's memory and her family.
Spoiler Alert.
At the end of this they just it was all due to mental illness that she had. Which she obviously had. But I think it’s still really open ended. The insanely bizarre parallels with the Dark Water movie. The Lam, Elisa TB test. The obviously altered elevator footage. I also got a feeling of the police detective hiding something.
I had to skip half of every episode as most of the stuff had absolutely nothing to do with the case? This documentary was way too drawn out, focusing on internet sleuths conspiracies and non relevant information! This could have easily been fit into one episode..
Dozens of buildings surrounding the Cecil hotel, and there isn’t a single camera that has a view of that rooftop?
Mozzarella Bangtan
Mozzarella Bangtan:
Anyone here after they saw taehyung standing on the terrace of one of the nearby buildings?😂
Leo Harvey
Leo Harvey:
Finished watching it today, those "internet sleuths" should definitely get a life and stop forcing their views on others.
Helga Geraldine
Helga Geraldine:
Before I watched this I was expecting interviews with police officers involved in the investigation, witneses, maybe some journalists who covered it, and even friends or family who knew Elisa personally just like in other crime docus... Never expected youtubers and online conspiracy theorists, which are A LOT. I even learned something new, web sleuth. Why even include them? They looked more like obsessed, crazed fans.
Reclaimed Dead
Reclaimed Dead:
I honestly think the Cecil Hotel should be demolished or at the very least made into a historical piece that people can go visit to learn about only.
The Birdmen
The Birdmen:
This documentary really shows the difference between professionals and amateurs.
Darwin G
Darwin G:
damn the ending of this show made me tear up.. (what elisa said about depression). I can relate to her so much. Rip
It’s a good documentary about how damaging to an investigation and frustratingly narcissistic “influencers” and YouTubers are! Who do they think they are accusing an innocent guy and also saying that bipolar disorder wouldn’t make her do what she did, which is absolutely possible especially if she was manic.
Empress Lilith
Empress Lilith:
I’m now convinced that this entire story was made up for entertainment purposes and to attract money and attention to the area.
Could u imagine drinking that water saying it tastes funny, yeah theirs a rotting corpse in the water tower on the roof. GOOD GOD
Rohar Baconmoo
Rohar Baconmoo:
I think their goal with this documentary, was to show how petty and simple most of the people/theories which originated on YouTube were.
Tina Wroten
Tina Wroten:
So they already know the video had been tampered with and there's the creepy dismissive manager who calls her mother before calling 911.. coincidence I think not !!
*Moral of the story: TAKE YOUR MEDS!*
Eric Neely
Eric Neely:
All the time dedicated to cringey influencers was off putting.
Chas O.T.E
Chas O.T.E:
Elisa Lam. Years later and this is still the most terrifying mystery I've heard.
That tuberculosis test name and the fact that she went to "The LAST Bookstore " really creeped me out. Especially since when they put in the address in google earth, it goes directly to the cemetery she's buried in. Crazy coincidence.
Jason Browning
Jason Browning:
This could have been done in 45 minutes tops.
Kevin Worley
Kevin Worley:
“How can the kid be closed and her in it?”
Like…really? Not that hard to figure out smh
David Ridgeway
David Ridgeway:
What really annoyed me was in the 3rd episode when all the vloggers went to the hotel. Do not agree at all with what they did.x
Rick Daystar
Rick Daystar:
It's surprising that they have no hall videos just the elevator.
Was I the only one who got weird vibes from the manager? She'd smile or giggle at the weirdest moments of her interview and I just felt like she was hiding something.
LOL at all the “web sleuths” and “YouTubers.” Idiots!
Ha Ter
Ha Ter:
This could’ve easily been an hour and a half documentary.
Jack Allen
Jack Allen:
I’ve watched this, and it isn’t scary, it’s just heartbreaking. An evil place, with dark secrets, and staff covering every event up, teaming with the LAPD
Theresa C
Theresa C:
I've watched A LOT of true crime & heard lots of crazy things, but this case literally haunts me.
Alicia H
Alicia H:
That creepy general manager though. Of course she lasted 10 years at that hotel. She damn creepy herself 🤦🏽‍♀️ RIP Elisa Lam. Though a tragic story, her tumblr posts has helped so many people today.
D Me
D Me:
The couple from the UK just casually brushed their teeth with, and drank, that discolored water....with the "odd" taste. How 'bout spending 4 bucks on a case of water from a store, that WASN'T discolored & nasty?! Hmmmm? People are weird.
I never thought foul play was involved, but after watching this doc and the last I do.
50 employees for a 700 room hotel. 🤔
We need the lady from that “Dont F with Cats “ documentary to solve this
Shwn Drws
Shwn Drws:
Loved how at the very end they were like "we may never know." WOW. Truth.
Jack Shite
Jack Shite:
There is no "coincidences" in the life of conspiracy nuts and "YouTubers', everything is a lightbulb moment that connects the dots to their delusional theories.
Political Theater
Political Theater:
You can checkout anytime you like, but you can never leave.
How is it possible that the police managed to miss searching the 4 massive water tanks on the roof?? Awful detective work on this case and an awful dragged out documentary with unnecessary internet sleuths included as well
juan “wgjung” gomez
juan “wgjung” gomez:
When people are more willing to fight ghosts than mental diseases.
2013: This guy who calls himself Morbid is an absolute sicko obsessed with death and murder.

2021: everyone watching this doco: “this is AWESOME!”
When I was a kid I watched that old movie Stalag 17 and thought how unrealistic it was that they hid that guy in the water tank because that would be an obvious place to hid someone so they would definitely look for him there, but I guess I was wrong because in this real life situation the police checked the roof for her but didn't bother to look in the water tanks. It's like searching for someone in a house and not looking under the beds. Scratching my head.
Slim Harrathi
Slim Harrathi:
Very sad for the girl's end, incredibly well made docs though.
Sunny Maroju
Sunny Maroju:
I actually believed in conspiracies untill the last episode. Damn they should have searched the tank first and there would be no rise conspiracies
Officer Flat Foot
Officer Flat Foot:
Don’t drink the water at the Cecil Hotel
very weird that months later, the cover of the tank was open after all. how the hell does a fact like that changes like nothing? it was a "mistake", yeah right. the solving of this case seems full of "mistakes"...
waleed rao
waleed rao:
"If it's a murder , then you need a murdered" Damn that's deep.
stephen mcphillips
stephen mcphillips:
I don't recommend it's a 4 part series that could've been half an hour long.
ne1970 70
ne1970 70:
Really interesting (and tragic) story spoiled by the crass, insensitive and utterly stupid theories by some half-witted 'web sleuths' whose contributions are simply meritless. It's a shame that the sad death of a young lady is sullied by this level of idiocy. Would have been better to have just stuck to the facts provided by those involved.
I love cheese dudun
I love cheese dudun:
"What do you think people imagine when they picture the Cecil hotel?"
Just Jay
Just Jay:
They said they sweeped the entire roof but there literally was a structure with a flat roof area that was of decent size that you could see the top of the water tank can you say you've sweeped the entire roof when there's literally a section of the roof unchecked
African Girl
African Girl:
omg. this was so good!! I have a feeling that lady the hotel manager knows more!