Cristiano Ronaldo 2006 🤯 World Class: Goals, Dribbling Skills, Tricks

Cristiano Ronaldo best skills, goals, passes & tricks during his 3rd Manchester United season 2005/2006, where Ronaldo was arguably in TOP 3 attacking footballers in the world

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mr bundesteam
mr bundesteam:
*Cristiano Ronaldo statistics in all competitions for Manchester United 2005/06 season:*

Games - *47 (League - 33, Domestic cups - 6, Europe - 8); 37 started, 10 substituted*
Goals - *12*
Assists - *9*
Dribbles - *215 (League - 144, Domestic Cups - 27, Europe - 44)* 🔥
Dribbles by Opta's criteria - *186 (League - 121, Domestic Cups - 23, Europe - 42)* 🔥
Dribbles per game - *4.6 (League - 4.4, Domestic Cups - 4.5, Europe - 5.5)* 🔥
Dribbles per game by Opta's criteria - *4 (League - 3.7, Domestic Cups - 3.8, Europe - 5.3)* 🔥
Most dribbles in a single game - *12 v Benfica home* 🔥
Most dribbles in a single game by Opta's criteria - *12 v Benfica home* 🔥
Chances created - *82 (League - 67, Domestic cups - 7, Europe - 8)* 🔥
Chances created per game - *1.7 (League - 2, Domestic cups - 1.2, Europe - 1)*
Most chances created in a single game - *7 vs Newcastle home* 🔥
MiX inter
MiX inter:
After seing all those rooney misses I kind understand why ronaldo didn't have that much assists in man utd
Kian Francis
Kian Francis:
Would love this type of video for his 08/09 season
oz Football
oz Football:
Ronaldo has been one of the best since 17 it's so inspiring and its funny how messi fans say messi is way better
J Villalba Recuerda
J Villalba Recuerda:
How is it possible that such a talent was not within the top 3 ballon d'or at that time? He was first selected in 2007...
DJ alay
DJ alay:
Ronaldo in
MU : entertainer
Real madrid : predator

Happy birthday Cristiano ❤️
00:40 It still pisses me off to this day watching Van Nistelrooy wasting that gorgeous cross.

His teammates used to complain he did too many tricks and not enough passing. Watching this video, it looks like his teammates made it a mission to waste the absolute dimes Ronaldo was dishing out.
Thanks for not adding music to this!!
Chris Don't Miss
Chris Don't Miss:
Cristiano has reached the world class at 20 years of age in 2005 and remember that ManUtd had a little crisis when he joined them. He still managed to help them win the only two trophies in these three years: FA Cup 2004 and League Cup 2006. He scored in both finals and became MotM in the FA Cup final 2005 against Arsenal but unfortunately ManUtd lost in the penalty shootout. In 2005/06 Ronaldo became also the best player in Portugal national team.
In the following season 2006/07 he basically became the world's best player next to Kaka and said FUCK YOU to all his haters who blew up because of the World Cup 2006 ''incident''. You could write a 1000 page novel about this player's journey, development and reputation.
Sergio GR
Sergio GR:
Este Ronaldo era la bestia de las bestias, imparable 👽
K4Y 22 DA6OSS:
Do u guys see how much goals they missed with his passes in the box
Imagine having to play against him?those defenders really suffered....
Piotrek W19997
Piotrek W19997:
Rafael D'Arabia
Rafael D'Arabia:
And his fifa card of this period has 3 stars weak foot. Outrageous
Romero Ram
Romero Ram:
Can you do all United assists?
Three words "Oh My God".. Ronaldo used to switch wings for fun. Multifunctional GOAT
You can tell his physique is changing slowly
Hao Hao
Hao Hao:
Ronaldo's always the best in our heart.
Life Is My Opportunity
Life Is My Opportunity:
I lost my job during the PANDEMIC.
I created this channel in FAITH that things will get BETTER for myself and the WORLD🌍 ⚽️
Sagar Mane
Sagar Mane:
Mr.Goat cristiano Ronaldo birthday special🐐🥇Thanks Mr. bundesteam😇❤️
Jorge Vieira
Jorge Vieira:
It was the best times
Pub with friends watching his magic
Jakub Leszkiewicz
Jakub Leszkiewicz:
Great video! More please <3
Theo Pouye
Theo Pouye:
Love this video, love him in Man United, CR7 the best ..
Ronaldo in the Vodafone was full of flair. My all time favourite version of him. If only I realised at the time I was witnessing a player who would go on to be among the greatest ever in history!
karthick sachin
karthick sachin:
really masterclass
We need one of these for every season bro.
Jamal Mani
Jamal Mani:
insane video, lots of unseen clips, and all with commentary. amazing work.
Ernaldo Zuñiga
Ernaldo Zuñiga:
Que bien que juega por eso siempre fue y sera mi idolo maximo!!!!
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7:
Cr7 genius goat all time all in one man
قناة تلوين selim
قناة تلوين selim:
اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم وبارك على سيدنا محمد
Great vid as always bundesteam, my favourite channel on youtube!
HA - - 17 The Magician
HA - - 17 The Magician:
love you bro what a video!!!
VeNom 2:0
VeNom 2:0:
I wish I would have born little early 😒 so I could have watched him playing for Man U
Create Your Own Story
Create Your Own Story:
amazing video bro. Can you also make videos like this of his 08/09 season in manu. And in real madrid and juventus
Juan Jac
Juan Jac:
Great Content as always.. #RESPECT
Kenneth Monge
Kenneth Monge:
Mokhtar Abdelhedi
Mokhtar Abdelhedi:
You re legend Mrbudesteam
I love watching this videos because it is very motivation
To improve my skills an tricks before play with mu friends
Plz cr7 2007 2008 2009
Egi Aja
Egi Aja:
He is just ridiculously talented. He truly is the goat
💙 *Cristiano* 💙
Alessandro David
Alessandro David:
So quick, so agile, so strong. Incredible stamina and mesmerizing technique...

People forget what Cristiano was like when he was younger
قناة تلوين selim
قناة تلوين selim:
سبحان الله العظيم
ضاري هيثم فاضل عباس
ضاري هيثم فاضل عباس:
Amazing pyar
Cristian Rodrigues
Cristian Rodrigues:
Fazer de dribles do CRISTIANO RONALDO nó Manchester United
abdou cr7
abdou cr7:
Nikahoozz Sema
Nikahoozz Sema:
Masterpiece I never see before #Goat cr7
z J
z J:
Great video
Saneesh Satheesh
Saneesh Satheesh:
Adv happy Birthday to the legend cr7...🖤🤍
Justin Jose
Justin Jose:
Awesome compilation mr bundersteam , make these of more but try making of different players like you used to 6 to 7 months back.
Maarc Chisty
Maarc Chisty:
Birthday man❤️
Still waiting for Messi's 2007 2008 season
He was insane in red
Aneesh Cr7
Aneesh Cr7:
Cr7 genius goat all time all in one man
I thought I've seen everything from him but :32 seconds I'm like whatt!!!! That's insane!!
Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas:
Great video
Bedirhan Dilmaç
Bedirhan Dilmaç:
Even his team mates couldnt catch him
Herlan Perez Vasquez
Herlan Perez Vasquez:
Js7 Productions
Js7 Productions:
Bro its like Cr7 played like an amf🔥🐐
syah syah
syah syah:
_He can do this all day_
بسيونى HD
بسيونى HD:
he was such a machine for united, i miss the old cr7 with his hanger for skills and dribbles.
Nicholas Patrick
Nicholas Patrick:
Similar playstyle till now
Geze Negram
Geze Negram:
Ronaldo 7 👈🏼 ❤️
Abimbola Obasoto
Abimbola Obasoto:
Subscribed this is amazing. Do u have any others of ronaldo?
NESK • 3 года назад
NESK • 3 года назад:
Как же он бьёт так с нерабочей ноги
Shaun Haankwenda
Shaun Haankwenda:
"Ronaldo's gonna beat every Benfica player on the field, FIRST..." 🤣. Clive, you legend! I miss FIFA 06. 😢
Achmad Machrus
Achmad Machrus:
victor inga
victor inga:
Hace 15 años un juvenil ya pintaba para crack y lo consiguió, CR7 a los 21 años ya era uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo.
Yoga Armando Setiadi
Yoga Armando Setiadi:
Waiting for mesut ozil videos 🙄
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo:
Greatest of all time❤️🐐
Michael Abolarin
Michael Abolarin:
Ronaldo is going to beat every Benfica player first😂
triple Sitati
triple Sitati:
I think in his young stage he was more marvellous , energetic compared to now ..🔥..
Algerian Free Thinker ⵎⴰⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⴰ
Algerian Free Thinker ⵎⴰⵙⵉⵏⵉⵙⴰ:
for me Cr7 is the biggest player in the history
Indian Boxing
Indian Boxing:
You can tell Ronaldo has been dominating for years when you see PS2 on those advertising boards
farid chikh
farid chikh:
Incredible talent and elegance, all is perfect. I can't understand how can people criticize him ! After seeing all these chances missed by teammates, I would say to Van Nistelrooy "I am so sorry but ..."
Jhonatan Nuñez
Jhonatan Nuñez:
Esa gambetica del minuto 1:50 estubo bn chida
Rico Mansos
Rico Mansos:
Imagine Ronaldo wasn't diagnosed with tendonitis ☹️😢
Football back in the time was so entertaining...
Bernardo Leonard
Bernardo Leonard:
Imagine this Ronaldo is in Man utd today what do you expect?
Min Family korea TV
Min Family korea TV:
Scary thing is. His form is still ongoing.
CR7 is far superior to Kylian Mbappé, there is no comparison CR7 is a perfect machine.
Portugal, so to speak, has the reputation of Europe's Brazil to look at their technology. C Ronaldo he s a super star
Mustafa Hilal
Mustafa Hilal:
GK: Casillas
DF: Puyol, Maldini, Lahm, Carlos
MF: Pirlo, Xavi, Iniesta, Modric, Zidane

Bench: Neuer, Nesta, Ramos, Ashley Cole, Cafu, Gerrard, Scholes, Vieira, Ronaldinho, Messi, Henry
Jan Slokar
Jan Slokar:
Can you do for his last season 2008-9
Jai F.
Jai F.:
football compilation without music and effects its way better
Alexy clc
Alexy clc:
Cristiano ronaldo king for ever legend !!⚽️🏆👑❤ GOAT "1" 🐐 SIIIIUUUUUuuuu
Anandu S Nair
Anandu S Nair:
Hbd legend
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Cristiano Ronaldo the GOAT 🐐🙌🏻🔥
Baz 10
Baz 10:
People wanna compare haaland and mbappe to young cr7 and messi cuz of stats😂😂😂😂
R7 cutz
R7 cutz:
Clever through pass🥰😍😍
jasmay jasmine
jasmay jasmine:
Excellent Ronaldo
Dimas Prayoga
Dimas Prayoga:
MU = Passing , dribling.
RM = Finisher.

Tell me if lam wrong.
Anastasis M
Anastasis M:
Its very interesting how his game style changed since he went to real Madrid. He was far more entertaining to watch in utd. Dribbling in another level. In Real it's like he forgot how to dribble. HOWEVER, he became an absolute monster of a finisher and for sure developed to be an even better player (one of the best ever). His playstyle completely changed though. You could say he became more efficient probably?
Bro... Thanks for not adding music lol
harry athanasiadis
harry athanasiadis:
Best ever
Toch ne fantastische voetballer hoor
Azhar Laskar
Azhar Laskar:
Happy birthday Cris..suuuuu
tuga fr
tuga fr:
C A I R 7 = T H E G. O. A. T