Crystal Palace vs Arsenal | Match Day Live

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67 comentarios:

David Manev
David Manev:
Martinelli - 48:12
Saka (Guehi OG) - 2:10:13
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Saliba HAS to sign a new contract. What a performance from him, superb player
Orion Griffiths
Orion Griffiths:
Palace to a lesser extent than Liverpool are fairly kryptonite to this Arsenal team so it is a fantastic result. We will have much easier nights and who can complain about an away win with a clean sheet. Some defensive fragility still, mostly psychological so I believe that will improve with games. Saliba was immense and White did well against Zaha. For me the midfield was lacking a bit, Xhaka to far forward on occasions and Odegarrd just isn’t built for certain teams. Jesus and Eddie look like a strong pair of forwards, need more from the wide men although they worked hard. With Saka you always have a chance. Overall good performance, win was most important but much improvement needed. The potential is there.
Timbo Family
Timbo Family:
Saliba wow what a player I know arteta said you don’t see young defenders at this level but this guy is special
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Nervy 2nd half at times but most important thing is the win. Hopefully as the season goes on we improve on keeping our heads in leads.
Saliba better than all United defense combined
Danny Ackland
Danny Ackland:
Arteta has worked wonders building a team takes atleast four years three years in arsenal look sharp and ready and anyone saying different is deluded
Danny Ackland
Danny Ackland:
This team with games under the belts will be amazing that's what chemistry does how good was the performance under pressure they took it when attacking they was exciting jesus and saliba look like different breeds
My superchats:
40:44 for Solz
45:31 for Kwame and Belgium
1:19:01 for Tade (I made Don Robbie annoyed! 🤣🤣🤣)
1:53:29 for Kwame only

That’s all folks. Anyways, great start. I hope 2022 gets better than last year.
Jesus skill 32:07
Alex Schiffer
Alex Schiffer:
I can see us being top of the league in the first quarter of the season - all of Arsenal's upcoming fixtures until October are easy, especially the Utd game.
Michael F
Michael F:
48:10 : Martinelli
2:10:12 Saka
2:00:30 Turkish “Our bench is dead”
2:10:05 We score because of Nketia’s injection of pressure and speed 😂
Serene 191
Serene 191:
Not really happy with the second half performance BUT! Selhurst is never easy. the arsenal of last season would have conceded 2 goals here. Onwards we go!
Manue NDLO
Manue NDLO:
What a statement we made tonight, if we get a wide forward like Werner or Sane and a midfielder like Tielemans or Savic l am sure we will push City and Liverpool till the last 6-8 games of the season. COYG
I told everyone Nketiah should have started this game, he's more explosive. The players need to be trigger happy, take shots, knock down walls. They are creating too many chances and there is no one there to take them.
akok deng
akok deng:
Saliba is our man of the match
Saliba is VERY SPECIAL. He reminds me a lot of Varane.
olupot Godwin
olupot Godwin:
Why can't we watch football through this tv channel straight on to our phones? I get jealous when watch you gentlemen enjoying alone.
Saliba just wow..makes you think why arteta has been hiding him for 2 years
It’s only one game but we shouldn’t let all those trolls who were counting on a Palace win get off lightly.
Amaan Khan
Amaan Khan:
Ayyyyyyy anyone else clock Robbie’s creps coming in with the full swag now, I think if Gabriel Jesus wore Robbie’s trainers he would have scored a hat trick in 3 mins… 🤣 the passion is too real ! 🌋🌋
Bongani Bailey
Bongani Bailey:
No lies @Robbie.your bald bro on the couch looks like a bit of a hater,no cap.We won,kept a clean sheet and he's upset like we lost just because Arteta didnt make the subs when and how he wanted. Lets celebrate not hate
Turkish watched the match in a
monk-like manner...and kept his
cool even when we scored the
2nd goal!

'When all around are losing their
heads...keep yours'!
Ovie grant Digbori
Ovie grant Digbori:
Saliba beast🤝🤝🙌🙌
Overall we gonna need more signing to boost our squad.. Palace make sub and they make threats on the second half..
Doug Kove
Doug Kove:
Good to bag 3points @palace. Remember other big six teams still have to play palace away
gioyu comi
gioyu comi:
Jesus skill 32:07
bilinas mini
bilinas mini:
Jesus skill 32:07
Sean45 M
Sean45 M:
Arteta can’t do right to some people, homie is complaining about him not making the subs earlier
Only arsenal fans can start bickering after securing a winning goal ahaha.. too many egos within football fans now days “I said this” “you said that” “I told you”
Wilfred N
Wilfred N:
First win get in there Gunners 😎.
Andrew Bademosi
Andrew Bademosi:
We did OK am an arsenal fan for years I don't think we've done enough business we need more quality left back get another number DMF, A NUMBER 8 AND A CENTRAL FORWARD
olupot Godwin
olupot Godwin:
I think... He is igniter to a team. N team arsenal is showing it right from preseason.
Yama Sama
Yama Sama:
we are gon a rock this league! and commentators are pissing their pants in sky sports and espn and mor!
Dee Cunningham
Dee Cunningham:
every group of arsenal fans has one armchair manager and he's always complaining. we won the game and kept a clean sheet. what the actual ***?!
Robbie not at the game?
alida flus
alida flus:
It’s only one game but we shouldn’t let all those trolls who were counting on a Palace win get off lightly.
Jesus chant - "He runs and ruuuuuuns, plays for the guuuuun, he scores for fuuuunn then calls his muuuum!" and we all do the telephone celebration When he scores :D
Chris Cerullo
Chris Cerullo:
Dude next to Turkish never again in a match day live, please.
Timbo Family
Timbo Family:
Good result. Lee was right at the end Robbie trying to hard to be positive. We had many moments like this last season...when we etc but we do not control the match. When our energy drops we will be in trouble. Robbie really watches football weirdly lol Ben white had a decent match not outstanding Zaha targeted him. We really are trying our hardest to be positive but real football observers know what we saw
2 Tony The One n Only
2 Tony The One n Only:
Good result average performance after 30 mins
aiuc lse
aiuc lse:
when and how he wanted. Lets celebrate not hate
Tyrese Field
Tyrese Field:
Thets not kid ourself palace are a strong side defence so tight hard to press at times 2-0 I’ll take it a good win time to smash the competition
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov:
Jesus skill 32:07
Amin Saed
Amin Saed:
Saliba 🔥
Now let's watch and enjoy rival fans crying
Ricardo Munoz
Ricardo Munoz:
What happened to Lee?
amba land
amba land:
Job done
Berberawi B
Berberawi B:
Sign up saliba to long term deal NOW
Chillahs Local
Chillahs Local:
Saliba ➡️ VVD
Fred Adams
Fred Adams:
Let the delusion begin 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Ian Walters
Ian Walters:
Gooner Lee needs to control his anger issues its written all over his face
Connor Moore
Connor Moore:
What’s timo Werner doing in the background behind Robbie 😂😂😂😂
Muralidharan J
Muralidharan J:
Those sitting in sofa are not giving weightage or heed to the credible comments of those in chair
Ephraim Oyewumi
Ephraim Oyewumi:
Pls where the link to join the fpl
Robbie not being at the first game of the season shows it’s the end of AFTV
Jack Lowe
Jack Lowe:
Okay arsenal fans you’ve had your night in the moonlight. But your still not getting top 4 this season. Big 2 are the big 2. Conte at spurs is a genius and at our American diner, Todd bohley is still cooking up some world class players. Second half place had you so relax yourselves. Your best chance in years was last season. Now all teams around you have improved and your chance is gone.
Vladimir Soskic
Vladimir Soskic:
like 10 girls talking 10 different story in same time
Fabian Schar
Fabian Schar:
Who knows how to remove digital equipment from a visible get together without making the food spicy.?
Lee Mcdermott
Lee Mcdermott:
Palace dominated but super Mikel Arteta just pulls it out of the bag arsenal fans giddy think they will win the league
virupaksha walla
virupaksha walla:
Too many people too many men.
Carter Smith
Carter Smith:
Played awful after the first goal! Lucky to get the 3 points
steve welsh
steve welsh:
top supporters this lot, they fly to USA for friendlies but don't attend league games, Robbie, now ask Simon how many games he's been to, then tell him you go to a couple a season, money grabbing fool, also not very diverse here.
David Sanderson
David Sanderson:
£400m and that’s what you get. Absolutely shite.