Dani Alves was a MONSTER in Barcelona


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Messi + Alves = Destruction
Nedim Selmanovic
Nedim Selmanovic:
Best RB in history of modern football.
Chungkham Gourav Meitei
Chungkham Gourav Meitei:
Barcelona can't even replace him
How can they ever replace Messi
Lindani Mpilo Mthembu
Lindani Mpilo Mthembu:
The most complete Right back you could find, he could defend, Attack, pass, tackle, Pace, good crosses, good first touch, can shoot, fit in almost all systems total football, tika taka you name it... I applaud him
Best right back in the history of this sport. Not only is he an exceptional passer, tackler, great at shooting, winner mentality, 40 trophies. Most colorful career by miles. 224 assists, 73 goals, 954 games. When you think of right back, Alves is the first that comes to mind
Aaron G Abraham
Aaron G Abraham:
The definition a modern fullback. And way better at it than the ones these days.
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
Barca need a player like him cause now most of the time messi is the one creating chances everybody else just passes the ball around😔
People who compare Alexander-Arnold to Dani Alves don't know anything about ball.
Villains Never die
Villains Never die:
The only guy who was a nightmare for ronaldo in every El classico match.
Greatest RB in history of Barcelona 🔵🔴
Eniola Abaniwonda
Eniola Abaniwonda:
Apart from being an amazing footballer, this guy is a mentality monster.
Ethan Penaranda
Ethan Penaranda:
Dani had such amazing crosses that he would get Neymar and Messi to score headers constantly
Syazwan Fadeli
Syazwan Fadeli:
Whoever remember connection between Messi and Alves, you will say that was the best connection between Striker/RW and RB ever in history of football!
Krishna Kumar
Krishna Kumar:
The day Dani Alves and Neymar left everything started to fall apart
Aswin S
Aswin S:
Missing iniesta David villa and barca 's old team ❤️❤️❤️ that was the best times of Spanish football
He was such a crucial part to barca they really do miss him
Such a beautiful player. Gosh the understanding he had with Messi is unreal, few players can keep up with the man and yet Alves was always in tune with him. Thank you Alves, you'll not be forgotten. You are a legend.
beñat Anzin
beñat Anzin:
El mejor lateral derecho de la historia y el jugador con mas titulos de la historia.
To the people who got this video recommended after knowing he’s back in DA HOUSE 😍😍🙌🏻🔥🔥🐐
Antonio Quintero
Antonio Quintero:
The Best RB ever, everybody talks about Xavi and Iniesta importance in the Best Barça but, Dani was as important as them.
Ben Pannell
Ben Pannell:
Even with all the recognition he gets I believe he was the most underrated player in the Barcelona team controls the whole right side giving messi the chance to do what he does and had an unreal relationship with Leo some of the tiki taka between them was simply delightful
Jecob Reza
Jecob Reza:
Watching this while messi is almost leaving. Can’t believe what happened to the club. All the legends are gone.and now messi too. Just Can’t believe.from such good days to this.
Victor Cruz
Victor Cruz:
4 años desde su salida y nadie ha sido mejor que el
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes:
When you see how good Alves was you immediately realize that Semedo doesn’t deserve to play for Barca
Dani Alves was a playmaker who has been taught to function as a right fullback. In many teams, they would probably would have used him as a 10.
jeeson antony
jeeson antony:
When dani alves gone from Barcelona. Barcelona can never find a talented player like dani
AJ Castro
AJ Castro:
One of worlds best right back , he did great in barcelona and camp nou Will always remember him
Nicolas La Torre
Nicolas La Torre:
The player to have given messi the most assists in his career.
Amol Paradke
Amol Paradke:
The people who are saying Trent Arnold is best they never saw Dani Alves playing absolute monster🔥
Barca legend. What a signing he was, and how we miss him.
Versatil 💎 Official.
Versatil 💎 Official.:
Cuanto extrañan a Dani Alves 😭
Jason Timothy
Jason Timothy:
Messi + Alves = Goal
Mina Hajra
Mina Hajra:
Leo and Alves was insane ,for me one of the best Duos in history 🔥🔵♥️
His ball placements are the best I've ever seen. I actually got a lot of my ball placement skills from him.
0:48 - 0:59 the feint and the casual / blindfolded pass by Dani and the cool finish by Messi is a treat to watch (even for non-footballing fans,, i guess...).. i am so addicted to this goal. thank you for uploading this :-)
Pranab Chakravarty
Pranab Chakravarty:
Legend and one of the best to ever grace this beautiful sport. Thank you legend.
J. Ángel Barba E.
J. Ángel Barba E.:
Se extraña un lateral si en el club Barcelona, que nostalgia ver el video:(
Jugaba de manera muy inteligente Dani Alves gran lateral
Dewit Hoh
Dewit Hoh:
He also a beast in juventus.. one of the best RB in history
Oliver Sandoval
Oliver Sandoval:
Ojalá y todavía jugará así :(
Miguel Oliveira
Miguel Oliveira:
Welinton Almeida
Welinton Almeida:
Daniel Alves é o maior lateral direito brasileiro da história.
Superou Cafu.
Ath Arjen
Ath Arjen:
We miss you .. you was a LEGEND !
Mustaqim Mat Ghani
Mustaqim Mat Ghani:
The old barca gameplay with alves, iniesta, xavi and others is like heaven and earth compared to this day... I wanna see it again, so many chances and great play by them. Hope things will get better 😢
Lucky Ram
Lucky Ram:
People said Messi cannot score header goals but why am I seeing lots of Messi’s header goals in this video?
Moshibul Hossain
Moshibul Hossain:
Couldn't stop myself seeing his video
Really miss you champ in barca 😭
Still no one couldn't replace you :')
What a team had Barcelona in that years!
daniel ben
daniel ben:
He was a defender,midfielder,winger,striker all in the same time that's the definition of the best fullback ever now we have semedo with such a poor defending/attacking abilities
Lucky Ram
Lucky Ram:
Barça cannot find another right back like Dani Alves 🔥 he was absolutely unbelievable.....we will happily welcome him even if he return now, he still has that quality to succeed. He was absolutely good at everything, passing, crossing, shooting, heading, long range shot.
Dani had a good chemistry with messi ❤️
Kelvin Halluni
Kelvin Halluni:
He’s the best right back of this generation and at his peak he totally owned the right wing, he had his downfalls too (2013-14 season was one of his worst seasons) but one bad season doesnt make you worse
I guess for me, he’s the only one that can match cafu , the rest is just below them
Pongjei Konyak
Pongjei Konyak:
Dani....FCB family misses you. Thank You for all the magical moments 🙏
Kuvlub Neejzoolawm
Kuvlub Neejzoolawm:
Like what I see in every video, Dani Alves was the best player in Barcelona, because he and Messi were a good pair work (team work), they can work together very well. I think no one can instead him on the right back.
fouad catalonia
fouad catalonia:
It's crazy to see the amount of goals that Messi have scored with his head 😂
How's That!
How's That!:
YouTube is even more monstrous

Recommending this to me right after Alves' return 🔴🔵
Amine Hachemi
Amine Hachemi:
He was the best right back on earth period 🤘 from a real fan
He played one-two with Messi across the whole the whole field as if the opponent didn't existed.
Jakaria 26
Jakaria 26:
Those beautiful days.. Dani, prime Suarez
Abhi Chaudhary
Abhi Chaudhary:
Watching this after Dani Came back home ❤️❤️❤️
A M:
I honestly can't choose between him and Philip Lahm. Both were just amazing footballers.
Fasalulabid VK
Fasalulabid VK:
Best RB in this generation 🔥🔥🔥
Pranav Ravula
Pranav Ravula:
One of the smartest footballers, chose clubs that he knew that could win trophies, won 41 of them!!
Archankumar myana
Archankumar myana:
I think fullbacks play the most important role, atleast in modern day football. It is interesting to note that whenever a team performs well in a competition, their fullbacks will the best in their position.

Barca dominated when they had Jordi Alba and Dani Alves.
Real dominated with Marcelo and Carvajal.
Liverpool with Trent and Robertson.
Bayern treble in 2013 with Lahm & Alaba and recently with Davies and Kimmich.
Edgfrank Darkness
Edgfrank Darkness:
Se podría decir que es el último Lateral derecho de Brasil o el último lateral derecho nivel Brasil por que ya no hay así Marcelo es bueno siempre fue bueno pero en defensa Alves siempre fue más
Angel Munuera
Angel Munuera:
Best RB in history. With messi he was lethal
He was strong mentally
39 Reyansh
39 Reyansh:
Alves messi connection was something out of the world it was like they could read each others minds
Zain Khan
Zain Khan:
What a player he was ♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍
Whrhts vrpflchtt
Whrhts vrpflchtt:
2, 6, 20, 22 hahah I always wondered why Alves had so many different numbers.

Alves and Messi probably on of the greatest Duos of all time. They worked perfect together.
dan Murphy
dan Murphy:
One of the reason of downfall of Barca since none could fill his gap. Best RB.
Jolly John
Jolly John:
Greatest right back in the history of the sport
Santiago Trochez
Santiago Trochez:
Dani alves simplemente elegancia magia único the best
his assists are too perfect 👌 👌
The vision he has in the field 👌👌👌👌👌
samsom Son of isac
samsom Son of isac:
0:34 greatest defender alive in the box tripping over the keeper fracturing his wrist adding to the ever growing list of fractures he has proudly acquired over the years, got up and kept running to celebrate with Dani Alves xD this Man is the man. I was so sad when he quite... My dreams sank with him...
Shaik Aftab
Shaik Aftab:
Dani Alves 🔥 So good.
Crownee FC
Crownee FC:
Great. Eager to see his come back on Barca!!!
Anand Mallick
Anand Mallick:
Best Right back in a history of Barcelona
His Defending skills are missed
Like si estas viendo este video ahora que volvió de nuevo al Barça 🤧💙❤️
Eden K
Eden K:
You can be Madrid's fan and still appreciate him. People who dislike this video are haters.
Aniket Bhoite
Aniket Bhoite:
What can you say... brazilian magic 💯🔥
Felipe Santacruz
Felipe Santacruz:
Moonis Usman
Moonis Usman:
Imagine the chance creating ability of alves and messi and movement and finishing of cr7. That would be my ideal offensive force.
Dev Singh
Dev Singh:
The most entertaining football player🔥🔥
yudhistira geraldino
yudhistira geraldino:
It's amazing how the brazilian players have these techniques
Anurag Barua
Anurag Barua:
even though he left Barcelona for years!!! Barcelona haven’t got his replacement till now!! Dani ♥️ Defination of modern Right back.
Archankumar myana
Archankumar myana:
3:53 Like a boss! 🤣
Enis BCN
Enis BCN:
Welcome back legend 😍
shubham mewada
shubham mewada:
He was already beast before joining Barca in Sevilla and we are glad he played in our club and best rb in the modern football history...💙❤️💯😍🙈🔥🔥🔥🔥
When they sold Pedro and later Alves I knew something is wrong ... it looks to me they destroyed Barca tikitaka on purpose
Mr Satisfacción
Mr Satisfacción:
that number 2 no one can replace it
Clyde Edzani
Clyde Edzani:
The greatest Fullback of our time DA2
Bring him back.. i wanna see the old Barça 😭
Missed Dani more than ever at this terrible time for Barca :(
g lyngdoh
g lyngdoh:
He can create good chances for the team , he was the key for a good finisher messi .
Subashen Naidoo
Subashen Naidoo:
Alves back at Barca 😭💙
The only player that can plays in different eras, tactics, formation, and coaches.
Luis Varela
Luis Varela:
Alves was unbelievable.
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
El mejor❤️