Dani Olmo is Spain's Next Artist..

Dani Olmo - RB Leipzig - Spain -

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⚽ Daniel "Dani" Olmo Carvajal is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Bundesliga club RB Leipzig and the Spain national team. He can play as either an attacking midfielder or a winger.

? Dani Olmo is Spain's Next Artist..

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? Music - Central Cee x ArrDee Melodic Drill Type Beat 2021 UK Drill ~ Twist (prod. ZEL)


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46 comentarios:

Marco Valenti
Marco Valenti:
Man how has this video not got more views.. your editing, choice of music is spot on mate, this channel is so under-rated and I like the fact that you cover not just Milan players but others as well!
Best player on the pitch alongside Pedri against Italy. They r the future of Spain with Fati coming back from injury
kenura ransidu
kenura ransidu:
Welcome to Barca, Dani❤💙❤
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon:
Such an underrated player. Never heard of him before euros but after seeing him play I can see why plays for spain. One of their best if not THE best.
He can play in mid and wings easily such a composed player
The most underrated player in the world right now. He's the closest thing we've seen to Iniesta, and it just goes to show how overpaid and stupid many top scouts are. This guy would upgrade any top team in the world.
Ahsanur Rabbi
Ahsanur Rabbi:
Advance Welcome to Barcelona 🔥
MMA Intelligence
MMA Intelligence:
Underrated and a player who is technically excellence!
Fico Mico
Fico Mico:
For me he is the next croatian wizard🇭🇷🇪🇸
🇭🇷 adore him, I hope so will stay and after next monday🤣🤣
Vihoda Nyet
Vihoda Nyet:
As a Liverpool fan I believe Olmo is THE perfect player to replace Firmino. Too perfect, I feel he is already an upgrade on Firmino who is ageing.
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao:
My dream is him replacing one of Hakan or Samu at Milan 😍❤🖤
Gerald Zaki
Gerald Zaki:
here after his performance against Italy incredible talent
Matrix Comps
Matrix Comps:
The real magic happens at 1:14!! My word!
E M:
Come back to barca🔥
atahualpa atahualpa
atahualpa atahualpa:
Reminds me Perisic is perfect for Bayern
Nadir Abdelnour
Nadir Abdelnour:
want to see him in the premier league
Surya Mj
Surya Mj:
Here after Spain Vs Italy euro semi he owned the game ❤️❤️
Melanie Retamar
Melanie Retamar:
lo peor es que en mi ultimate team lo tenia a dani olmo y lo vendi XD porque no lo conocia y ahora lo conozco encima era un dani olmo de la champions
Magic of Football
Magic of Football:
Fantastic player, Spain luckers)
Galaxy Traders
Galaxy Traders:
I want him to return to dinamo zagreb😥
Zack Medjahed
Zack Medjahed:
Underrated 😩
Issaka Kamal
Issaka Kamal:
I'm a madrid fan but you can see he is the ideal replacement for Xavi at Barcelona
Un crack infravalorado en España por un periodismo que poco entiende de fútbol.
Cir Tranquillo
Cir Tranquillo:
I need Hauge please
Kujarukaije Tjiriange
Kujarukaije Tjiriange:
The boy is Good, Madrid, City or Chelsea should sign him
What a baller man
Edgar Ben Joseph
Edgar Ben Joseph:
Welcome to Barcelona :)
Coming to barça
Issam Na
Issam Na:
World class
مرتضى عمار
مرتضى عمار:
لاعب برشلونة الجظيد
Saud Altwaijri
Saud Altwaijri:
Plus the player is nothing near the “artist” figure !
Bruno Skoko
Bruno Skoko:
Project of zagreb🥰
38 Nguyễn Trương Anh Tuấn
38 Nguyễn Trương Anh Tuấn:
Come to barca
Sony Atmaja
Sony Atmaja:
he is a true the next iniesta...his moves his visions resemble alotz iniesta...not pedri
Thariq villa vellalil
Thariq villa vellalil:
Pedri olmo sarabia torres faati new spanish attack
Daniel boh
Daniel boh:
Normal player
Daniel Benjamin
Daniel Benjamin:
This guy is very tantalizing on youtube but really ain't this good
Made from Dinamo Zagreb
Daniel boh
Daniel boh:
Normal player for normal national team
Made in la masia
Syahrul Aiman Bin teridi
Syahrul Aiman Bin teridi:
Go to chelsea
Saud Altwaijri
Saud Altwaijri:
The music is annoying 👎🏽