Daniil Medvedev vs Dominic Thiem | US Open 2020 Semifinal

Daniil Medvedev takes on Dominic Thiem in the semifinals of the US Open 2020.

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Couldn't think of someone more fitting to win this major than Thiem. Made three finals and has improved with each showing. Let's go Domi!!!
Jose Mari Ortega
Jose Mari Ortega:
Thiem is persistent and determined. He was down in the second and third sets but still came out victorious because he never gives up. Medvedev was a formidable opponent. Hoping for a grand slam for Dominic!!!
Raymond Alcantara
Raymond Alcantara:
There's a hyper-lethality about Thiem this slam that is almost Nadal 2010-esque. It's unbelievable really.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
What a performance from thiem mentally. Medvedev didn’t drop a set prior to this match. Beating him a straight sets takes a monumental effort.
Wandel Passiert
Wandel Passiert:
Thiem's precision and power is unmatched. He is more than ready to take away the victory in his fourth grandslam final. Go, Domi, and make history!!! It's your turn!!
Nicholas Mazzoleni
Nicholas Mazzoleni:
He hits the ball with such ferocity! It's so much fun to watch. When the backhand is going it's incredible. Get some rest and go take that title 👑
Chris Liolios
Chris Liolios:
Dominic deserves to win his first grand slam more than anyone. Just one more match domi 💪👏🇦🇹
Shrijan Buchasia
Shrijan Buchasia:
And we thought that this is going to be a 5 setter.

The recovery from Domi in the 3rd set was exceptional
Tirthankar Sarkar
Tirthankar Sarkar:
Medvedev was up a break in both 2nd & 3rd set serving for the set, but failed to close it out on both occasions.

Thiem upped the ante when it mattered the most. If Thiem keeps up with this level, he'll finally break the Grand Slam final jinx, and lift his first major.
Martin Seiler
Martin Seiler:
This match was structured like a game of chess! with slice he often slowed down the rhythm of the russian to strike at the right moment very hard! incredible match plan from Thiem! Medvedev has found his grandmaster! I hope he can win this title with his little injury now🙏he deserves it so much!!!Go Domi!!!🇦🇹
Prashanna Shrestha
Prashanna Shrestha:
Thiem's backhand....just can't get better than that.....its like a sledgehammer
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players
JM Tennis - Pro Tennis Lessons for Club Players:
Thiem moves so well, its outstanding to see him playing at this level now!
John Jones
John Jones:
This was actually a very evenly matched semi final, the difference was that thiem played all of the big points so well
Lisa Kogelnik
Lisa Kogelnik:
Dominic Thiem can become a HUUUUGE star in the tennis world. He's extremely skilled, his playing style is really attractive to watch, and he's a really likeable guy. A great idol in the world of sports.
Rajesh Parab
Rajesh Parab:
This match proves that right combination of aggressive slice and heavy top spin from a top notch single hander can defeat best of the double handed backhands!! Hats off Dominator!!!
nishant c
nishant c:
Love how he adjusts according to the opponent and has plans for every player. Against Felix, he looked like he just wanted to blast him off the court with heavy hitting. Here he is much more patient and on many occasions outdid Medmedev at his own game, which is playing solid defence and then pulling the trigger at the right moment
Shelumiel Peroy
Shelumiel Peroy:
The backhand of Thiem is just WOW!!!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen:
The way Thiem unleashes his backhand... I just can't get enough
S M:
Dominic Thiem deserves this title more than anyone else....he was just amazing today. Just hope he recovers with his ankle injury
Congrats Thiem! I love how he plays. I love him as a person.
I’m so torn between the finals, both players are amazing next gen players that are looking for their maiden grand slam, and both have the weapons to be world number 1
Thiem is incredible. Fighting spirit of Nadal, easy on the eye like Federer. My new favourite player.
I'm german and i definetely want Thiem to win. He deserves it so much more than Zverev!!!! Go Domi🏆
They showed a few points at court level and boy, it gave a great perspective on how Thiem was almost playing video game tennis...ripping each shot. Medvedev had to blast the ball to the corners, to win points against Thiem. The level was unimaginable!

Today heightened my respect for Djokovic, for getting past Thiem at the Australian open finals.
Just pure, unadulterated brutal tennis from Thiem.
Medvedev had a few chances, tried all the tricks in the book and hit some incredible line to line shots...but the immovable object was shattered into smithereens, by zingers from the Austrian powerhouse.

Rumor has it that Medvedev is still reverberating, from the after shocks felt on his racket 😂
Ondřej Vencovský
Ondřej Vencovský:
I think Thiem is the only player of younger generation who is approaching to Federer,'s Nadal's and Djokovic's game level. His skill, determination and tactics has raised recently to very high level.
Thiem went out in his very first match at Cincinnati in a blowout loss and now is in the finals of the US Open. Peaking at the right time.
jemmy gho
jemmy gho:
Different class between these two players. Great win by thiem. I am confident he can win it all.
Thiem is really the only one who could carry the torch from the big 3 at the moment; he has a positive or neural W-L ratio against all of them and he is outshining the rest of next gen completely. Hope to see great things from him, only which he could of realized his potential when he was a bit younger.
Alexander Pruger
Alexander Pruger:
Surprisingly it was straight sets, perhaps unsurprisingly it was Thiem who won.
Great mental strength to overcome injury and come from behind in 2nd and 3rd sets. His best chance to win a slam finally.
What a great match from both players. I wanted medvedev to win, and i think he had many chances. Theim was better today, but medvedev will win mulyible slams in the future.
Thiem needs to take this whole thing home. That first rally was just extraordinary
Leo Yang
Leo Yang:
The level and intensity of this match was crazy, definitely the best of the tournament. I thought the surface would favor daniil, but thiem is playing probably the best hard court tennis of his life at the moment. Title is his to lose now, if he plays like this, Sasha will be having a tough day
Luke Patten
Luke Patten:
The patience in Thiem is gonna take him past Zverev in my eyes
Romain Mj
Romain Mj:
That was such a perfomance from thiem ! He outplayed medvedev ! Beast mode
P S:
Wow. So happy for Thiem. Don't settle anything less than US Open please
Thiem played so smartly to defeat a tough player like Medvedev. Usually the longer a rally goes, the more likely it is to go in Medvedev's favour. And on paper, it looks like Medvedev had the advantage in this match-up seeing as how he thrives against power players like Thiem. But Thiem really showed his cerebral side today. Brilliant use of slices and knowing when to unleash winners really helped.
Chinue Chang
Chinue Chang:
Medvedev is like an old man in a young body. With that being said, I love watching him play lol. Thiem is just beasting right now though.
Have not seen such play from long time what I have seen from thiem in this year's US Open, now Thiem is my 2nd favourite player after Roger, I am watching his matches in mid night just I used to watch federers matches, just to add on thiem's play, in future grand slams also he has to keep all his matches in 3-4 sets till semis and once he has left gas in the tank he can beat the best players like Novak and Rafa in finals with his power hitting shots, I think thiem's era has just begun....
Mnty 447
Mnty 447:
Rooting for Thiem in the final❤️🥰
Evripidis Christodoulides
Evripidis Christodoulides:
now just imagine we had a final between djokovic and thiem. This is the final we should be watching.
Allan Yang
Allan Yang:
Medvedev haven’t drop a set leading to the semis, ends up losing in straight sets. Hope thiem beat zerev in 3 sets as well. He’s on fire
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez
Miguel Ángel Fernández Sánchez:
What a beautiful backhand from Thiem. Delicious. The austrain man is a truly deserved finalist.
Jeffrey Smith
Jeffrey Smith:
Never seen Thiem this demonstrative. Typically, he's very reserved and pretty much only fist-pumps silently. The past two weeks, though, he's been far more vocal than I have ever seen.
Thiem is the Immovable force as well as the Unstoppable army.
Congratulations on Thiem’s first grand slam title!
What an awesome and smart play from Dominic! 😍 No chance for Danya... 😔
Thiem showing supreme mental toughness in the 2nd and 3rd sets. The power he has on both forehand and backhand wings in unbelievable. He's taking this title on Sunday
Sudeep Dileepkumar
Sudeep Dileepkumar:
Both played well. Hope thiem wins his first grandslam. He very well deserve it
dolimi jotoo
dolimi jotoo:
And we thought that this is going to be a 5 setter. The recovery from Domi in the 3rd set was exceptional
Rainbow Man From Original ID
Rainbow Man From Original ID:
Two blissed players
Two equal players
Two great champions
Everyone will question this Grand Slam regardless of who wins it. But in the case of Thiem, if he does, its probably the little bit of luck he needed and will push him further in the future.
This was the true final of the US open. High level tennis in ever way. Big contrast to the other semifinal, that was full of unforced errors. I hope Thiem wins on Sunday.
I thought this match would be way longer. Honestly expected 5 sets. Didn't think Medvedev would get beat in straight sets lol. What happened. I thought he was Mr bigshot

But Theim is beast. He's winning period
Alex Fratelli
Alex Fratelli:
Congrats to dominic, sadly one of them had to lose... this will surely be the next big rivalry and both will be very successfull champions!
Scott Eckart
Scott Eckart:
Thiem is so well deserving of this! I hope his ankle and shoes hold up during the final.

Also, I don't know why I started disliking Medvedev last year...he is honestly a great and classy player. No joke. He will win majors in due time
Thiem's victory seems even more impressive after Medwedew's title on Sunday...
Victor Leung
Victor Leung:
Soo happy for Thiem. Hope he pulls thru in the final but even if Zverev wins it I won't be too disappointed. Both players deserve their first.
It’s crazy how you never feel like thiems backhand is going to go straight into the net
capelle 55
capelle 55:
A preview of the future champion ? Great comeback by Thiem . Circumstances has made it possible to see the next row of players on centre court .
Jeff Tocco
Jeff Tocco:
I can't believe he did it in straight sets.
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Excellent match!!! Congrats Dominic 👌
Jack Pabich
Jack Pabich:
Thiem's backhand reminds me of Wawrinka's, which is a statement I never thought I would say. It's incredible the power he gets.
ashwin bapat
ashwin bapat:
3rd set, at break point
Incredible point
Thiem ✨
Yanik G-Force
Yanik G-Force:
After losing three GS finals, Thiem deserves to win his first Slam. But there's Zverev, he's unpredictable. At his best (he's already won three Masters 1000 titles and the 2018 Nitto ATP Finals trophy), he can beat anyone.
A Z:
Medvedev had so many chances to take the third and second set and he didn't capitalise. Credit to Thiem for holding his ground and beating him in 3.
Shreya K
Shreya K:
Thiem's ball striking was amazing
Anto Galbraith
Anto Galbraith:
Defo thiems time and really deserves it. Great all round game and can tell he fights for every point 👍
Any one handed backhand tennis players out here, feeling proud of Thiems dominance?
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Congratulations Dominic on your first Grand Slam win. You deserved it. Your game has improved sp much you can win with every one nów, even with Rafa at the coming French Open. I think you Will finish the year with two Grand Slams. You really deserve it man.
Wreckless G
Wreckless G:
Not taking anything from Thiem as played amazing as well as smart with incredible slices, pace management and overall. Furthermore, he seems to have learned lessons from AO 20 final. He would and should have won that match against the robot who just watched Thiem burned himself with spraying errors.
I think Thiem's forehand started all the fires in California
No One Knows My Name
No One Knows My Name:
Expected Medvedev... But Thiem Won... Great Comback From Third Set... Hope The Runner Will Put Himself There😂
mitch hills
mitch hills:
Theim leaves it all out there on the court and SO deserves this! He's about 28 now and it's HIS TIME.
Richard C
Richard C:
Thiem's single handed backhand is such a privileged to watch
Ivanor e Tania Alberti
Ivanor e Tania Alberti:
Let's turn the page Medzedev! Let's get focus on Rolland Garros💪🇷🇺🇧🇷
Thiem´s performance and overall level just showed, that Djoker really is in his prime and makes this years the AO Title much more special
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Great battle. Two of the best.
Coach Richa La Torre
Coach Richa La Torre:
one of the longest rally at US Open... Thiem and Medvedev are both great players ....
roland helmke
roland helmke:
Vamos dominic por el título!😁
Almir Severo
Almir Severo:
What a blood bath was this match. Thiem definitely deserves this GS
Alex K.
Alex K.:
What rallies. He ultimately powered through but I didn't expect him to win in straight sets.
Thiem's backhand is weapon of mass destruction 😲😲
Денис Баронин
Денис Баронин:
Medvedev had setballs in both 2nd and 3rd sets, very close match, it could've gone completely different way
Marjan P
Marjan P:
Dominic: Medvedev is close to the level of big 3...
Medvedev: I might prove you wrong 😂🤣
Krishnasai Chalasani
Krishnasai Chalasani:
The sidespin from Thiem's slap backhand down the line just intrigues me. Wawrinka's backhand form looks more free and loose so I think he can hit backhands more accurately down the line but the amount of power Thiem uses is just insane.
Parth Shrivastava
Parth Shrivastava:
One of the best straight setters in a slam perhaps? Thiem is a treat to watch, can beat the best of the best when he's on. Tough luck for Med, could've taken those 2 sets.
Bagel and Breadsticks
Bagel and Breadsticks:
It would've been an epic of a match had med closed out set 2 and 3. All the best domi.
This match deserves Atleast 10 min highlights
Mohamed Salim
Mohamed Salim:
Congrats Dom on wining your first grandslam you deserve it
B F:
I think Daniil is amazing, he appeared tired tonight. He’s hilarious either way
Vi Vi H
Vi Vi H:
Finally....3 super star players did not block in front, the road to the championship is not far away!Go Thiem💪🏻
Ivica Pavić
Ivica Pavić:
A whopping 2 points per set highlights. I'm impressed.
Norman Cook
Norman Cook:
Medvedev was making more unforced than usual , especially on the forehand side, but the relentless pressure from on-fire gentleman Thiem would have thrown anyone off.
Daniel George
Daniel George:
Thiem outplayed Medvedev on every level. Even on serving
Leon Schwerdtfeger
Leon Schwerdtfeger:
The camera operator, hasn’t enough energy today because he followed the ball in the match between Thiem and Medvedev... amazing rally’s 😅
Nicolas Martinez
Nicolas Martinez:
I was a fan of Nadal, I think I'll be a Thiem fan for the same give-it-all passionate reasons. When you see him swing that racket that hard remind of the Prime duel between Nadal and Djoko. What a player!
Medvedev seemed miles away in these highlights, like in slo-mo.
Adel Hussain
Adel Hussain:
Thiem is so aggressive in this tournament, it seems that there’s a revenge between him and the ball 😆
Subhajit Biswas
Subhajit Biswas:
Dominic gonna make it in final ❤️❤️
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom:
Dominic Thiem deserves this title more than anyone else....he was just amazing today. Just hope he recovers with his ankle injury