Darren Bent says Tottenham star Son Heung-min would get into ANY team in the Premier League! 🔥

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100+ comentarios:

Shaun Fogarty
Shaun Fogarty:
Son is world-class absolutely I would absolutely love him at city and I think he would get into City’s starting 11
Son is one of the best player in the league
Why are we still having this conversation???
If he was English, the only talk in town would be about which team's willing to shell out £100M for him.
Mr Hussain
Mr Hussain:
Liverpool = He'd get in on the left over Dias or Jota. Mane plays through the middle now.
Man City = He'd definitely get in ahead of Sterling or Grealish on the left.
Every other PL side, it's not even worth debating. He gets in any attacking position. Right or Left.
jevon carballo
jevon carballo:
Why is this always a debate or question…of course he is! Why wouldn’t he be…he was world class seasons ago
Bob ricks
Bob ricks:
Sensational footballer. Probably underrated even.
This argument has been going on for couple of years now and Son only has improved since then. Still people question him.
Arsenal fan here and I can honestly say Son is my fav prem player such a talent
Son has been proving he is world class for several years. No doubt.
Amol Work
Amol Work:
Love son as a player, I am a Liverpool fan but I just love watching son play he is world class and spurs are lucky to have him.
PC Matt
PC Matt:
I am confident that Son would play absolutely better in Liverpool. But I'm not sure if Mane would do what Son does now in Tottenham. Mane is a great player too though
Paulo Minster
Paulo Minster:
Not many footballers can live the life of Son Heung-Min. I have not seen him going out to party. Never seen him in trouble with the public. Chooses to stay single so he can concentrate on his footballing career. He probably stays home stretching his hamstring watching football matches on TV when he's off from training. He took his footballing to a religious level. He has devoted his life to it. In the world of young talented athletes fall victims to sex, drugs, and rock & roll, his approach is like a breath of fresh air. I would not recommend his life style, but looking at how he has progressed over the year as a player. You can't really argue with the final result. The scary part is, he will probably become even better player if he keeps it up.
Anthony Moses
Anthony Moses:
Yes, Son would walk into any of the PL's top 3. He is a perfect fit for Liverpool & Klopp and he would be the no.1 attacker at both City & Chelsea. Hope he gets a big move.
Gerald S
Gerald S:
i agree, i don't think there's any debate about his class...it's worldy.
-Arsenal fan
19 goals and 7 assists in the Premier League without PK. 🤪
kiyo mi
kiyo mi:
I've always wanted to see Son in a madrid jersey. He perfectly fits their playstyle.
Blue Dwarf
Blue Dwarf:
I don't understand why son isn't seen as world class because he certainly has been consistent in his performances, but guess spurs should count themselves lucky as I'm sure a bigger club would have come in for him a while ago
Matt Hancock
Matt Hancock:
Absolutely heartbreaking how wasted he is at Tottenham.
If he were European, there wouldn't be this debate
Blackwolf 121
Blackwolf 121:
Mane is a great player but I'd rather take Son anytime if I had to pick between the two
Fun 'n' Football
Fun 'n' Football:
Son, legend.
Vantheman12 3
Vantheman12 3:
Son would be great at Liverpool
The guy has been phenomenal in each and every season but he doesn't get the praise he deserves and do you know why I rate him? Because he doesn't hide in big games he always show up against any team in front of him.
I'm a Tottenham supporter, and I might be a bit biased, but I don't believe there's another player in the league with the exact same attributes as Son. Speed, acceleration, dribbling, finishing either left or right foot, crossing. If he was a bit more physically imposing he'd be an aerial threat as well, as he's 6ft.
muhammad zinc
muhammad zinc:
His current goal and assist number woulda
double if he played for Liverpool and got as many scoring opportunities for playing in such a strong team.
Well after that spurs vs liverpool match he really gave liverpool a huge struggle, mane and salah really underperformed compared to Son, but that diaz goal save liverpool for the draw. Son has now 20 PL goals without any PK, more field goals than Salah atm. Not saying he is clear of them but definitely keeping consistent with his form which is peak rn.
Stuart Ballantyne
Stuart Ballantyne:
Ave said this before and for me son is spurs most important player his goals and assist’s every season always double figures for a winger people always say Kane is the main man but it’s son for me and he’s never injured.
I've said it before and will say it again: why are city, United, Liverpool, Madrid, Barca, etc... not fighting each other to sign Son?? Why do we never hear rumours about him possibly joining a bigger team?? Why aren't spurs knocking back bids for him?? He is their star man (ahead of Kane) and I agree he would walk into any team in the PL.
for son, it is always a question. for the others, it is statement or potential world class. About Top 4 race, Arsenal has easier fixture ahead. LVP at anfield is difficult to beat for any team. Arteta has trained his team for 3~4 years already with several tranfer windows, good investment in the squad. Conte begun his work only 5 months ago and only 2 player added. I think ,compare to this short period of time, Conte did a great job already regardless of top 4 result. spurs should give him a lot of credits to start next full season with Conte and back him.. Top 4 is not trophy and Conte didnt come here to get Top 4 or 5..
Bobby B
Bobby B:
He's been world class for years, why is this even a question.
Patrick Rafferty
Patrick Rafferty:
Best left winger in the world imo
Definitely better than grealish so would slot straight into city.
I'd have to agree with that for the most part ... mane for me over son but I really like son as player , he's incredible
lala bred natos
lala bred natos:
19 prem goals for Son, how many from pens? Take away pens and he is even more incredible.
Shev Green
Shev Green:
My mates used to laugh at me when I said Son is world class
Jae Koh
Jae Koh:
Son scored 19 on 71 shots. Salah took twice as. Much shots to get 17 field goals. Just think about that.
The Forum Celebrity Podcast
The Forum Celebrity Podcast:
The last draw and loss were huge fails by Tottenham. If they lose to Liverpool and Arsenal wins, it's going to be awful tough to make up 5 points with 3 matches left.
David J
David J:
No doubt, Kane and Son are the world class players.
Young Young
Young Young:
Both Mane and Son are world class. My two favorites and two most dangerous players imo.
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Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Leeds and Everton are fighting relegation.
Leeds in particular are looking more vulnerable
Spurs need good midfilder and fullback, at least two each.
It'll be criminal if a player of Sons ability and effort finishes his career trophy free, a title winning standard player in any era, from a Gooner.
Peter Mook Sculpture
Peter Mook Sculpture:
Says all you need to know about talk sport when the boss knows more about football than the so called pundits he employs 🤣🤣🤣🤣
No doubt. He is world class and top top player
Abdikafar Abdi
Abdikafar Abdi:
He might look awful when he is out of form but he is class
Son's finishing so master class.
19 goals, none from penalty, unlike salah.
Can we just stop talkin bout this useless good old topic? If he’s not world class then who the hxll is? Reckon it itself is a criminal act to keep trying to demote him by setting him on this sort of debate. Son has been one of aces in footballing world for last few years.
Chris Y. Kim
Chris Y. Kim:
Son and Kane been carrying The Spurs for a good 5 years now.
Best team was probably 18-19...maybe 17-18.
Michael Wolden
Michael Wolden:
Imagine if he played for the berties or scousers 100% world class
Excellent going forward but offers what on d? That’s half the battle with forwards in teams like Liverpool. Not saying he couldn’t do it but we’ve never seen him do it.
Matthew O
Matthew O:
Why is this still a debate??? He's BEEN world class for years. He gets into any team in the entire world, he's a fantastic player without any of the diva BS attitude. Tottenham have got a gem.
Spurs destroyed city 2-3. Liverpool is similar same. No defenders can stop Son so far too fast
Mia Mitten
Mia Mitten:
Barcelona are average compared to PSG. But Messi scored 40 goals last season and only 7 this season with a stronger PSG team.
He would start for any team in the league.
Wtf! Am I actually right?
Wtf! Am I actually right?:
Well said, Darren.
S. Kim
S. Kim:
Nr. 2 (only few points behind Sallah) and they still debating about this smh
Just Me
Just Me:
Son can play any top team starting 11 for sure
bruce Hur
bruce Hur:
Imagine son taking all the penalties and free kicks...he would surely be the top scorer in the PL....
Salah- 20 goal with 5 pens on 118 shots.
Sonny- 17 goals with 0 pen on 64 shots
Clinton Mouton
Clinton Mouton:
Yup, when Tottenham bottle 4th you'll see how "fake" the Conte leaving rumours truly are 🙂
Eugene Park
Eugene Park:
Man, I hope Tottenham smash liverpool next weekend and ruin their premier league championship hopes. These Liverpool fans are delusional
Marco Hansen
Marco Hansen:
If he was English they will talk more about him then the English medier does now!!
Awul Aryuzaki
Awul Aryuzaki:
I think son city 🔥🔥🔥
To me the question is would Son still be as much of a goal threat whilst doing the defensive work that the likes Mane and Jota do because right now the numbers would say he doesn't have as much defensive responsibility as the other two.

Besides Darren Bent himself should know based on when he moved from Charlton to Spurs, going to a better team doesn't always mean your goal scoring or assist output will increase. Grealish is also another example of this.
Saw this with Griezmann as well. Argument some had was if he could score that many goals under Simeone imagine what he could do with Messi and Suarez. Well we saw and it wasn't a pretty picture.
Phillip Mukama
Phillip Mukama:
Son would get in any team
If his name was Hugh Sommervill, the media would be calling him a god.
Janjua __
Janjua __:
Spurs is the right club for him
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
Son is fantastic but your having a laugh thinking squad wise compared to Liverpool son is miles ahead.
Spurs will get a result at Liverpool
I don’t think Sonny is underrated anymore. He’ll easily be premier league team of the season and he’s a world superstar. That second goal from Sonny, only he can score that goal in the league with his so-called weak foot.
🇰🇷❤🍀👍⚽️The world-class plyer Sonny (Hung-Min Son) & Korean's monster Virgil van Dijk (Min-Jae Kim) = Attack & Defensive Balance Synergy Performance!
Therefore, to recruit Min-Jae Kim plyer a number of teams in Europe's top five big leagues, including EPL teams, are expected to compete in the transfer market this summer or winter!
For your information, Min-Jae Kim plier's current buyout amount is €23,000,000.
He's definitely the next generation of world-class player Center DF!
So head coach Antonio Conte and stingy CEO Daniel Levy = What are their choices? (laughs)⚽️👍🍀❤🇰🇷
Nasimul Ullah
Nasimul Ullah:
Darren Bent is a ....well Bent really.
Darren Redden
Darren Redden:
Son at city would be incredible.... unfortunately they spent £100m on the crap hairband with calves
The Diplomat
The Diplomat:
Great player but lay off Mane. Both great in their own right.
farcyde bop
farcyde bop:
Leboeuf on ESPN saying Son is just there for decoration and has never scored a clutch winning goal, all were done by Kane.
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan:
But man wasted his prime at ze Tottenham
SON : 100m
J trig
J trig:
Lmao its completely in arsenal's hands. Spurs is a 100% guaranteed loss at Liverpool meaning arsenal will go five points clear so arsenal can afford to lose the NL derby
Wayne Fowler
Wayne Fowler:
Great player son but will finish with trophies
Dark Animinations
Dark Animinations:
He is loyal
Ina Cabdulahi Jalato
Ina Cabdulahi Jalato:
Other teams yessssss
Liverpoool nooooooooooooooooo
Mr facts
Mr facts:
This is the worst ever Manchester united premier league campaign ever as per points ... .scored 25 less goals than last time .ended 2nd last year ...a quick look at juventus recovered fron destruction...but ronaldo ended the goat 🐐 debate as per few 3 dollars an article journalists 😆😆😆😜😜🤩🤩🤩
Anfield Kop
Anfield Kop:
Lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 son walks in liverpool left wing. 🤣
Hans Ngeti
Hans Ngeti:
If they don't finish in the top 4 it's normal for them stop talking like UCL will miss them they are not the Liverpool's Barcelonas Milans these are some UCL royalties
Som Limbu
Som Limbu:
SON > all the English players
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin:
In the hundred soon son as well nine goals away.
Colin Turner
Colin Turner:
World class easy
K 9
K 9:
This stupid question is from the racism from British guys. Sonny is the no.1 scorer except P.K in premier league though. You guys r still talking about he is a world class or not? What a waste!
Project 5am
Project 5am:
Where was Son in the champions league final?
Dereck LeGare
Dereck LeGare:
Mané just won the AFCON - show some respect.
Hemaang Bhandari
Hemaang Bhandari:
Last two seasons son has been better than mane.
Dtrueblue 632
Dtrueblue 632:
Chelsea fan here, I really want spuds to stuff Liverpool on Saturday night. Maine is a cheat…
stephen bolger
stephen bolger:
Well he's not english so obviously he's not world class 🙄
Justin Day
Justin Day:
Liverpool… Nah
Kick out the jams
Kick out the jams:
Brendan rodgers seems invincable, any other manager doing as bad a job would have been sacked. Very over rated
Mo Choudhury
Mo Choudhury:
nah he ain't better than mane, but I would 💯 have son at Liverpool. I've always wanted Son in a Liverpool shirt.
Glen Easterbrook
Glen Easterbrook:
If we don't beat Liverpool, we will start the NLD 4 points behind arsenal.
Liverpool obviously are a sensational team BUT they do play the high line ? Will those tactics be the same against an extremely fast counter attack of Spurs ? If they do it’s going to be very interesting indeed ….. who are favourites… of course it’s Liverpool …… WHO …. was favourites between MC vs Spurs …. MC but look how that turned out ???
Brian C
Brian C:
Mane is a great player no doubt. But just compare the stats. Son is ahead of Mane in every category. In an average squad.
Alisol Kanu
Alisol Kanu:
He can fit in the Madrid team, the only two players in front of him are vini and KB9. Arguably equally good as vini