Darwin Núñez 2022 🔥 Skills & Goals 🔥 Best Striker

Darwin Núñez 2022 🔥 Skills & Goals 🔥 Best Striker
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The Batman
The Batman:
I'm so glad strikers are seeing a massive return to these titans of football. A world without number 9's is just insulting to football. A spit in the face to strikers everywhere.
Rafael Luiz
Rafael Luiz:
Artilheiro nato....vai fazer muito gol
He will fit into Liverpool perfectly, looks to be a hard working striker that can finish. Both feet and good with his head. Chill about the price, he’s young and will be worth every penny (I’m not even a Liverpool fan)
Ash Hurbungs
Ash Hurbungs:
Under klopp he will be a monster 🔥
Giancarlo Gouwtama
Giancarlo Gouwtama:
i hope he can be a monster in liverpool like suarez🔥
zimiso mpofu
zimiso mpofu:
Stop it people this guy is worth every cent of that money considering his age & the talent his got. I bet his gonna be a force in all of Europe next season at Liverpool 🔥🔥🔥 Great replacement for Mane as well the kid can play as a striker & in both wide flanks & score goals. He assist, he scores, he takes penalties (that Mane couldn't do honest) and he press high, full package. Welcome to Liverpool bro #YNWA 💪🏿💪🏿🔥
Aries Pubalingga
Aries Pubalingga:
He played with both feet as well, just need more heading..typical no.9 striker with modern tactical.
The Sandonato Family
The Sandonato Family:
He tore Liverpool apart in the CL. I hope he lives up to the price tag! The wage is on par with our structure as well. £110,000 a week.
EXF Kinley
EXF Kinley:
Seems to be a penalty machine💪
Keegan Fennell
Keegan Fennell:
I may come across as an upset united fan but I really feel united dodged a dud on this purchase. At 22, still has bags of potential but at 100 mil, you're thinking finished product. Some of these goals you'd expect a junior academy player to finish with ease and that's the quality of the league he's currently in. He will not have the LOADS of space that some of these goals are coming from. His first touch, passing and dribbling need some work. Liverpool did well with the last player from Portugal they got. I don't think you will see 20 goals from this kid next season and he will need time to get used to the high intensity of the prem. 10-14 goals max. Happy I watched the video as I was really bummed liverpool got him. Now, not so much. Certainly won't be filling in for Mane. Out with a world class player in with a really rough player needing a LOT of help from Klopp.
A Northern Soul
A Northern Soul:
We also need an attacking midfielder or two .
Ctx Sports
Ctx Sports:
it doesnt show how good he are, chett video, he is amazing
SOAzmayesh SherGOAT
SOAzmayesh SherGOAT:
Standards of football are so low, that this guy is classed as one of the best and gets 85m ?
It will be good to see Nunez vs Haaland matches and see who wins the premier league title and ucl..
Farala Farala
Farala Farala:
se llama talentooo CHARRUA
Nay & Bro
Nay & Bro:
Diaz Nunez Mosalah👍👍👍
Arif gerrard, Generasi Bonsai
Arif gerrard, Generasi Bonsai:
the next luis suarez or andy carrol😁
i hope he s like suarez
I think it is high possibility he won't that level in England, I see he likes to score when is free and has space, it will be different in premier league, defenders just eat him

Improved morata, let's see what happens
Del Del
Del Del:
Coming from a Liverpool fan...something isn't right about him and the 80 to 100M buh its football...he just might ..he just might
Should we be worried his highlights include penalties 🙄
Emir Dokara
Emir Dokara:
Good luck to him, but 80-100 million is way to much, but I said the same about Virgil. Then again, every player is overpriced nowadays.
satyam s
satyam s:
Alvarez looks much more promising than this guy.....better finishing n lightening fast.
D N S..(Diaz Nunez Salah).. like name the Internet protocol 🔥
zumeer poy
zumeer poy:
Yes darwin welcome to liverpool
Amru Ataa
Amru Ataa:
0:29 vs Sebastian Coates ( a former Liverpool defender)
Zahari Ahmad
Zahari Ahmad:
Nunez (Cavani & Suarez) 2 in 1 😚
Jim Red
Jim Red:
he is skilled and all, but for 75m ++? i hope i'm wrong, as wrong as i judged van dijk first time of his arrival
Hans Gabe
Hans Gabe:
he play like andrea pirlo.. i think he must to barca
adam mukhriz
adam mukhriz:
looks like both man city and liverpool will be utilizing number 9 in their game next season. guess chelsea should take this opportunity to try to challenge for the title while man city and liverpool are fitting their game style with Haaland and nunez upfront instead of a false 9.
lim angga duta
lim angga duta:
Cavani + torres = Nunes
J kk
J kk:
I am worried that D.Nunez may not perfectly replace mane, He runs a lot with no drilling skills of mane. might become a flop premier league has the best defender
Rich Wise
Rich Wise:
Think that Nkunku would have been a better signing. He looks better then this lad but what do I know
At this point, he is nowhere near haaland, but ofc he has potential to be a great striker, and i hope klopp could turn him into a world class player. 80m is i think overpriced if we look back we could sign jota only for 45m jota has a bettter skills and header. City took haaland only for only 75m is shocking me tbh, and i think nunez price has to surpass haaland.
Therule Ox
Therule Ox:
Liverpool Will tsunami of 🏆
Jeez even a YouTub compilation can’t make him look more impressive than this? The very definition of mid.
Yahya Danyal - يحيى دنيال
Yahya Danyal - يحيى دنيال:
He's good but his not deserve 80m that Liverpool wants to pay for him .
Matt Low
Matt Low:
Hahaha you should have seen Werner's highlights.. 'high' lights and i still see a gap. selling salah and mane for this idk
Martin del lobo
Martin del lobo:
The legend says , if You play a good Match against liverpool they Buy You next season 😂
jean paul boucherat
jean paul boucherat:
No sé por qué costó más Darwin que Díaz si no es por desmeritarlo pero díaz es mucho mejor
Scary Monsters
Scary Monsters:
welcome to Liverpool 🤪🔥🇺🇾
Hossam Farouk
Hossam Farouk:
This player should cover mane place I don’t think so he can because he is away of mane not a fast player and not a strong enough , I hope he Can develop better under klop
Pablo Fernandez
Pablo Fernandez:
Estoy acá porque quiero saber cómo juega el jugador que vale 100 millones de Euros 😂
Johan Lopez
Johan Lopez:
La verdad para el precio que pagaron es muy regularcito, esperemos haber como le va , ahí es donde nos damos cuenta que Luis Díaz fue una ganga
Del Del
Del Del:
Seem Liverpool will only pay 50 plus million after all...better than 80 or 100M I'd say
Heri Mulianda
Heri Mulianda:
next season liverpool and city still dominate
Serkan Elyas
Serkan Elyas:
Erling Haaland buna bin basar yazık o kadar paraya 😂😂😂
Natan Cis
Natan Cis:
Vine a ver como juega el Uru de 100 palos.... o el compilado es malo , o está muy sobrevalorado todo. Se ve un goleador regular. Ojala q le vaya bien.
Ulises Calzada
Ulises Calzada:
Es buen jugador asecas nada fuera de serie es joven puede mejorar claro que si pero para hoy pagar 100 millones exagerado.
nick goodhart
nick goodhart:
This guy is not as half good as Mane... Liverpool better keep mane..
Welcome to Manchester United 👍
Steven jason Church
Steven jason Church:
This is what you could have had Man Utd.🤣🔴
omar mohamed
omar mohamed:
This player his price not more than 30 m
Ganda Sianturi
Ganda Sianturi:
Setelah melihat video ini, saya yakin Nunez akan menjadi seorang striker yg lebih mengerikan lagi ditangan dingin Jurgen klopp.. Terlebih bermain bola atas yg selalu dapat asist dari Trend Alexander Arnold.. #Liverpool_indonesia 😀😀😀
Abdullah 02
Abdullah 02:
Everyone complain about the price,
Do you guys same response when Liverpool bought Van Dijk but in the end of the day you guys will say "100m its Worth it." Lol.
Francisco Peral
Francisco Peral:
Liverpool>Darwin 🇺🇾❤
Blackpepper Malaya
Blackpepper Malaya:
Style dia mcm cavani time dulu2 la. Dgn body fizikal dia lebih kurang cavani
Inter-Sound Distribution
Inter-Sound Distribution:
What an amazing player but compet to Mane I'm sorry we need to see more
Međed Momo
Međed Momo:
according to these highlights, he's worth 25M.
Joachim Figga
Joachim Figga:
100 Mill and i thought we did a bad Deal with Pepe lol
Suara Nitizen
Suara Nitizen:
Welcome to Liverpool
Ahmed ab
Ahmed ab:
never seen that with liverpool yet
Aremu fisayo
Aremu fisayo:
He is not a point man, more like winger and not that prolific. In a game that striker help teams win Liverpool will loose they need deadly sticker. Mane is still better
Cris Eli
Cris Eli:
I don't see the 85m skills 😕
Goku Lothbrok
Goku Lothbrok:
He will be a flop Liverpool will not win the PL or the UCL next season. Statpading against portugal orange merchants lmao if he did what he did this season in a top 5 league i would have said "ok he's maybe good"
Gherzoul hichem
Gherzoul hichem:
He is normal player
dandi mr
dandi mr:
Nothing special from this player,. I doubt this player will be shining in Liverpool
เราของคน คนของเรา
เราของคน คนของเรา:
Here We Go LFC
lam nguyen
lam nguyen:
Morata just even better than this guy.
God kill me. 100€
Shamsul 8225
Shamsul 8225:
The next El Nino
This guy will flop. Minamino after years is ready now, and you go to buy this guy?
Nkamushaba Reginold
Nkamushaba Reginold:
im worried.another andy carrol. his strength seems to be in the box meaning if trente and robbo are not fit in a match, then we are doomed. he is no match mane.
Wendel Marques
Wendel Marques:
Jogador mediano
Liverpool should’ve gotten Nkunku or Lautaro. But hey, he scored some off side goals against them so he’s worth 100mill 🤣🤣
Olufemi Peters
Olufemi Peters:
Great player, but has a terrible first touch like Lukaku.
Cheikhouna Fall
Cheikhouna Fall:
Nothing special tbh, it's fun when you score 20+ goals in Portugal but it's a different ball game in the BPL.
David Tanasi
David Tanasi:
Welcome to Burnley!
Ayyaz Ali
Ayyaz Ali:
Lots of tap ins and close range finishes. Control is a bit clumsy
Sam Hewitt
Sam Hewitt:
Is... This meant to be impressive..? Looks like Sunday league, wouldn't pay 8 mill for that especially with his age and unproven 😬 let's hope that isn't a lukaku sized mistake
Idri Iesto
Idri Iesto:
a normal player
Winston Beckford
Winston Beckford:
This guy gonna flop so hard 😂🤣
Eldar Jusic
Eldar Jusic:
Welcome to Liverpool
Wendy Rizka Triadi
Wendy Rizka Triadi:
Welcome Nunez! #YNWA
Foreign Currency
Foreign Currency:
Fernando torres vibes
Niaj Rafi
Niaj Rafi:
Liverpool should buy lautaro martinez
M Z:
False 9 is not suitable for him
Khang Hà
Khang Hà:
Look like ibrahim
Jian Wen
Jian Wen:
looks overrated to me hes not that value to compare to Suarez
Go The Reds
Go The Reds:
Welcome to Liverpool FC... Poucher
Michael Tesfaye
Michael Tesfaye:
sorry to say that but nuzez is very ovvverrated player😶😶
Khairul Ynwa
Khairul Ynwa:
Walcome tp Liverpool
Halland is better.proved at nation,bundes,ucl.and cheaper.
Anugrah Mardani
Anugrah Mardani:
Hello friends, welcome to my Official Channel, support this channel☺
T Chowdhury
T Chowdhury:
100Million!! Liverpool is new Man UTD !!!
Seth Vanko
Seth Vanko:
Nothing special about this kid. He will replace Nicholas Pepe as the worst flop of all times.
He looks average, most his goals have been against a rubbish keeper
Pau Vanglua
Pau Vanglua:
More like Caroll upgrade
Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers:
Great player but 3 ACL at such a young age is worrying.reminds me of Torres