Dave (feat. Alex) - Thiago Silva

Truly a piece of Glastonbury magic. Watch Dave and audience member Alex perform Thiago Silva at Glastonbury 2019. Guidance: contains strong language. Visit bbc.co.uk/glastonbury for more videos and photos

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Every Chelsea fan now that Thiago Silva has signed for them
It is a tradition to watch this once in a while.
d. qup
d. qup:
Mason mount when Thiago Silva scores a last minute header
Bas Doderlein de Win
Bas Doderlein de Win:
Let's be honest, this is not the first time you watched this
When this kid goes back to school after the summer holiday, he's gonna be a star!
Track Driver Tom
Track Driver Tom:
Dave: Do you know the lyrics?
Alex: Yes I'll teach you them
MMA City
MMA City:
Mum: How was the concert

Alex: It was ok
A R:
The 4k dislikes are his friend who couldnt get on stage creating fake accounts
Charlie Dawson
Charlie Dawson:
Dave: don’t sing my lyrics

Alex: hold my canned water and rhino ket
Good Ol Rub
Good Ol Rub:
Mason Mount and Fikayo Tomori when Thiago Silva joins Chelsea
Tobias Fladby
Tobias Fladby:
When you realise the best Thiago Silva performance on british soil still is Alex at Glastonbury
Richard George
Richard George:
Dave: “only sing AJ’s part...**touches face**”
Alex: **touches face back** you’re funny😂
Pz Pewwi
Pz Pewwi:
If Alex doesn’t announce Thiago Silva for Chelsea I will be fuming
If you had one chance, One opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment, would capture it, or let it slip? Alex kid went straight 8 Mile on stage 💯🔥
Kobra Black
Kobra Black:
How many Chelsea fans just decided to come listen because we signed Thiago Silva?😀💙
Dave: which verses you wanna do bro?

Alex: yes.
Karan Purswani
Karan Purswani:
Who’s here after Chelsea signed Thiago Silva? Like this!! 👇
Ryan B
Ryan B:
I have second hand embarrassment from the other guy in the front
Daniel Wilkinson
Daniel Wilkinson:
Who’s here after Silva joined chelsea? Because Alex is actually a Chelsea fan😂😂😂 ain’t that perfect
5:27 thats probably Alex his friend who came back from getting some beer😂
Captain Rex
Captain Rex:
Dave - “who’s sober enough”

What he means is who’s really on enough KET to knockout a 10 horses
Correction: Alex (ft. Dave) Thiago Silva
Ronin Ronin
Ronin Ronin:
Dave: Only sing AJs Part.
Alex: sings everything but AJs Part.
Erik Nordstrom
Erik Nordstrom:
Whos watching in summer 2020 and crying about the fact there's no festivals this summer
Luna Jep
Luna Jep:
Dave: “look at me if your stuck”
Alex: “yeh yeh”
Alex: *does whole song without care*
Dave: *well then...*
Miles Cupido
Miles Cupido:
Literally Nobody:

Alex's left hand:

Debbie Riches
Debbie Riches:
This is one of the best live performances ever.
It's about giving opportunity and Dave trusting someone to perform with him, a fan, someone who will remember it forever.
They did it together , Alex was showman, because he's high and Dave obviously knows and respects it. I love it. 🤍🖤
jayden weatherburn
jayden weatherburn:
3:54 the boys in the crowd hyping him up
Kamil Burda
Kamil Burda:
Alex is a huge Chelsea fan and now Thiago Silva is a Blue, lovely scenes.
Dave "Only sing AJ's part"
Alex "Stfu this is my show who are you"
callum w
callum w:
imagine his mate went for a piss and came back and he was on stage with Dave pinging out his head
4:57 my man was scared for his life
Charlie ramsey
Charlie ramsey:
Great to see Thiago Silva doing well in the prem, great assist today vs West brom 👏👏👏
Dave : Only Sing AJ’s Lyrics
Alex : Yeah Yeah Yeah
Alex’s Head : What’s He Gonna Do Hit Me?
Saahil Purohit
Saahil Purohit:
Dave literally solved racism.
adam a
adam a:
these are the moments you prepare for when you sing in the shower
Jordan D
Jordan D:
Feel like he’s been preparing for this moment all his life
Oscar Zwinge
Oscar Zwinge:
Are we just gonna ignore the fact that Dave was like "only sing AJ's bars" then Alex proceeds to sing the whole song
Matthew Loughlin
Matthew Loughlin:
Dave: only sing AJs part
Alex: mate I’m so high idk what u just said
Ronan Lynch
Ronan Lynch:
Chelsea fan alex is the reason thiago silva is joining Chelsea
Matty Lazenby
Matty Lazenby:
Is no one going to talk about the black dude singing Alex’s song word for word?
This is Alex feat Dave Thiago Silva
Not Dave feat Alex Thiago Silva
beetle pimp
beetle pimp:
Imagine being picked but u don’t know the lyrics
Daniel Milton
Daniel Milton:
F in the chat for the guy that thought Dave was talking to him 💀😂
Viren Dixit
Viren Dixit:
This ladies and gentlemen is how you solve racism
Matthias Josue Parkour
Matthias Josue Parkour:
The day Alex lost his virginity
Like if Chelsea wasted an opportunity by not getting Alex to announce Thiago Silva
Alex doesn't know how to hold the mic, but he knows how to get the people going
Triple I
Triple I:
I have watched this 3 times - all times for Alex.
Don't even know who the other guy is tbh
praful sai
praful sai:
Better performance than Thaigo's Chelsea debut.
Dave: Only rap Aj's part
Alex: Hippity Hoppity your lyrics are my property
Deadly Gamer
Deadly Gamer:
Who else randomly comes back to this vid🤣🤣
This actually made Dave famous
Cyga 24
Cyga 24:
Apparently mans even a Chelsea fan I’m sure his buzzing 😂💙🔥🔥🔥
Callum_jl 8
Callum_jl 8:
Who’s here after Thiago Silva is moving to Chelsea?😂😂🔵
M. J.
M. J.:
Whoever's shoulders he was on deserves an award for wingman of the year
Kedar Kamath
Kedar Kamath:
Can we get Alex to announce thiago silva to chelsea?? Heard he's a fan too 👀
They didn’t turn up for Dave they turned up for alex
Luke Broderick
Luke Broderick:
Only good Thiago Silva performance on English soil
Hudson knox
Hudson knox:
Who’s here after Thiago Silva signed for Chelsea? 🤣
Him Himer
Him Himer:
Dave : only sing AJs parts yeah

Alex: hold my canned water
Whos here due to Thiago Silva signing for Chelsea??
Neil Stubbs
Neil Stubbs:
This gives me so much joy at a time where we cant even flipping stand next to someone.. what a moment, what a guy, and i bet his phone is still pinging off the hook now
Don’t mind me just watching this for the 1000th time today
Jerome Burley
Jerome Burley:
Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount every time Thiago Silva walks in the changing room
imagine waking up next morning, cant renember anything, and than see this on youtube
Tom Rintoul
Tom Rintoul:
“Only sing AJs parts”
Abdul Moiz
Abdul Moiz:
Like for those Who are here after Thiago linked with Chelsea... Lets go!!!!!
Jaake birks
Jaake birks:
Man, I didn't know stephen tries could rap this good
Prithak Shrestha
Prithak Shrestha:
5:27 This lad cant believe that he just witnessed history.
Mans either got balls the size of a car or he’s on enough ket to knock out 10 horses
It’s Jaspy
It’s Jaspy:
it honestly sounds even more fire with Alex rapping along with him
london is Forever blue
london is Forever blue:
Whose here after thiago silva has joined the mighty Chels😁💙
Dude woke up the next day thinking he'd had a crazy trip to switch on his phone and see it was all real.
Ethan Manners
Ethan Manners:
This performance always gets me gassed 😂
Jack McCarthy
Jack McCarthy:
Dave “look at me if your stuck “
Alex “ I am the captain now
Kemuel Maynard
Kemuel Maynard:
This gives me chills every single time I watch this , like what an experience this is
Chuppi Chuppi
Chuppi Chuppi:
Who is here after Chelsea is playing against West Brom, and is 3-0 down 🤣🤣🤣
That’s October’s viewing done ✅ see you in November Alex
B Schir
B Schir:
Pretty sure Alex is the reason why Thiago Silva went to London!
Liam 1232
Liam 1232:
Dave: do you know the lyrics?

Alex: yes, do you?
Pedro José Marinho Botelho
Pedro José Marinho Botelho:
TS3 monstro. O melhor zagueiro da história do Fluminense football club
Jack Bailey
Jack Bailey:
Anyone here after Thiago Silva signed for Chelsea?
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick:
4k negative souls disliking this legendary moment.
Grant Zimmerman
Grant Zimmerman:
Alex has to be in the announcement for Thiago Silva to Chelsea
mark a meynell
mark a meynell:
His parents probably thought he was upstairs in his room.
Ralph Remegio
Ralph Remegio:
Alex holding the mic like he was presenting a project in class
dave : listen,you do AJ's part yeh
alex : no you listen
Mahde 0405
Mahde 0405:
The title should be: „Alex (feat. Dave)“
Man he needs to be in the announcement video of Thiago Silva to Chelsea.
Alex must be gassed he picked that Thiago Silva shirt
Fat Joe Gaming
Fat Joe Gaming:
He's favourite team Chelsea signing Thiago Silva from psg
Graham N
Graham N:
Who else comes here once a month to feel some semblance of joy that helps you forget you live in a crumbling nation which desperately grasps at the last vestiges of its empire
Joshua Rogers M.D
Joshua Rogers M.D:
Mom: Alex where was you last night

Alex: Damn i was made a legend
The Shmucks
The Shmucks:
Mason Mount when Thiago Silva walks into the dressing room
Rhino TV
Rhino TV:
Nice of Dave to bring Aitch on
Durv Fan47
Durv Fan47:
They kept cutting his mic 😑
The guy in front of Alex thought Dave picked him 😂😂
Saugat Neupane
Saugat Neupane:
Travesty that Alex rapping the song want the thiago silva announcement vid
Rita Afrika
Rita Afrika:
And it was from this day that Alex never removed his t-shirt 😂