David Beckham EPIC Goals & Assists

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▶️ David Beckham Legendary Goals & Assists
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100+ comentarios:

One of the best right foots in history.
Insane Goals & Assists for Real Madrid. 🥵
Madrid is love
Madrid is love:
He was surely underrated in Madrid yes no doubt his best phase was for Manchester United but even for Madrid he was brilliant! 🔥
Shishant CR
Shishant CR:
When Beckham swings his hand more than his foot, you know what coming next❤️❤️
William Loke
William Loke:
When I was a kid I could have sworn I saw all this in HD.
Michael Melro
Michael Melro:
Beckham never had prolific numbers at any of his clubs. But what he always brought was pure class and effort. Some people may say he wasn't a success at Madrid, but I beg to differ. You can tell his teammates loved playing with him. He gave so many beautiful assists and goals while at Real. What an amazing footballer.
Anson Shiu
Anson Shiu:
3:05 that assist was insane
The Ragnarök
The Ragnarök:
Imagine having R. Carlos and Beckham for free-kicks in your team... damn
Anxious Mind Music
Anxious Mind Music:
When I watch him now I can't believe how much I overlooked his workrate and tenacity. Hugely underrated player.
Bobby Dazzler
Bobby Dazzler:
Not many players Roberto Carlos stepped aside for on free kicks. What a wonderful Real Madrid team during those years!
Black Hammer
Black Hammer:
Maybe the best player to make long passes. What accuracy!
Michael Melro
Michael Melro:
Imagine being such a legend at a club like Raul was at Real, that he made two of arguably the best number 7's of their generation wear different numbers in Figo and Beckham.
Rio Januar Agung Pratama
Rio Januar Agung Pratama:
The Maestro David Beckham 🔥
Malaki Manka
Malaki Manka:
When he swings his hand you know what happens😂🤞❤
3:12 what? how he did it! this curve is amazing!
Ronaldo +beckham. Mind blowing coordination
R kar
R kar:
Very unique player.
Beck does not have many crazy skills like some other players but his right foot and curves are unparalleled.
A legend 🔥🔥🔥
Tyo Wp
Tyo Wp:
That's where David Beckham's strengths are, that's his talent ...
wolder moth
wolder moth:
A real legend ❤
Subham Sengupta
Subham Sengupta:
3:06 the greatest assist in football ever.
What a time it was. The aesthetics of the game of those times is incomparable
Eduardo Macedo
Eduardo Macedo:
Batia muito fácil na bola. 👏🏽
Sudersan Naidu
Sudersan Naidu:
What a player.. made me fall in love with football ♥️
Bilguun Bayanmunkh
Bilguun Bayanmunkh:
Just a word. CLASSIC 💯💯💯
Sanchari Banerjee
Sanchari Banerjee:
When it’s time for free kicks, it’s Beckham
menó sasuke
menó sasuke:
beckham é e sempre sera uma lenda
Sriyanto Sriyanto
Sriyanto Sriyanto:
No one kick the ball like him, the way he kiks the ball is beautiful, Amaziiing
Mang BG Channel
Mang BG Channel:
Beckham shooting style is unique
Grim Reaper_1200
Grim Reaper_1200:
Hero of my childhod, had his jersey when he was in Real.. Loved to watch him play!
Live n Evil
Live n Evil:
I am Arsenal fan, but I like him so much. He was my favorite CM. I used to stick his posters around my bed room. He always amazed me when he took freekick. It always a goal.
Natdanai Bunliang
Natdanai Bunliang:
Best curve free kick taker of all time!!!!!!!!
My idol. What a player he was always will be iconic
KanEvil Clarke
KanEvil Clarke:
Beckham has had some legendary team mates.
doll nel
doll nel:
True legend..
Monu L
Monu L:
The way he swings his Hand❤️❤️❤️
Oshea Yusiku
Oshea Yusiku:
Wow 😯 those crosses ❤️
javier herrera
javier herrera:
Imagine the goals Beckham and CR7 could have done together 🔥🔥
I like soccer because of David Beckham🔥🔥⚽
Piotr Polak
Piotr Polak:
Ten to miał czucie piłki na długi dystans... Pięknie
3:11 insane assist
Because of Beckham I become a real Madrid fan
Tecno Pop
Tecno Pop:
Never seen a great player like him nor will see in future. To me he's the greatest of all time.what a perfect curves and awesome accuracy he had.
Mohd Zulhelmi
Mohd Zulhelmi:
Complete Midfielder. 👍👍👍
Julio Cesar Prado Ramos
Julio Cesar Prado Ramos:
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata
Mohammad Kurnia Suranata:
Every striker and forward would be happy if get pass from player like beckam, no doubt... He's a legend!!
Chirag Patel
Chirag Patel:
David Beckham + Roberto Carlos = deadly combination ☠️🥵
Nirupama Banerjee
Nirupama Banerjee:
He is still my freekick taker in fifa mobile 😉
Slobodan Pešić
Slobodan Pešić:
Gold days, gold players....
Roshan Roy
Roshan Roy:
For me he's the best freekick taker
Vedang Joshi
Vedang Joshi:
A Stylish Right Winger with a huge talent.
Samuel Krk
Samuel Krk:
What a legend I have never seen
Craig Ward
Craig Ward:
Scholesy must love this. I'm a Man Utd fan from Wolverhampton. Thanks for the memories Becks. When I was 15 me and my late Dad jumped through the ceiling when we won the Treble, Sir 😊
Mario Kang
Mario Kang:
Never realized that his set piece in Madrid was fckin killer. I mean most of his goal looks better than when he was in United
jair Martinez
jair Martinez:
Cuando el fútbol era un arte. 😢
Oliver Grahamson
Oliver Grahamson:
David had an eagle eye to pull the frank blows and give the ball to his colleague at the right time. He was not a king of the dribble or figures but it was precise.
Akm Helfire
Akm Helfire:
No body is better than him in parts of passes
Mr bar puna Boa dui
Mr bar puna Boa dui:
The main reason behind my love of football.
Gwyn Maverick James
Gwyn Maverick James:
Talk about the dream team ffs he went there at the right time,his passing and free kicks were on a different level,awesome to watch ,never seen anyone pass or score from a free kick like Beckham
zourzi oussama
zourzi oussama:
what a legend
salih açık
salih açık:
David Beckham & Ronaldo
M.Özil & Ronaldo
Crazy players 🔥🔥
with a pass like that ... every member in the team could make a goal ..
dean lilley
dean lilley:
What a play Beckham was!
Alan Lee
Alan Lee:
3:06 no one has ever seen a cross like that ever.
sree vidya
sree vidya:
First goal, Beckham know it and immediately celebrate. 😎
Sanal Vincent
Sanal Vincent:
Beckham, Ronaldo, Zidane, Carlos, Figo, Raul in one team is illegal..! *:*
Soumen Mondal
Soumen Mondal:
Miss you Bechem❤️
Mohamad Edo Saswito
Mohamad Edo Saswito:
Brilliant long pass 👌
MD. Rayyan7
MD. Rayyan7:
Better long passing than xavi and Iniesta
Quiero Estudiar en el Tec
Quiero Estudiar en el Tec:
3:05 un señor pase!!
Fernando Purba
Fernando Purba:
He is super assit..... 👍🏻
Amar Sorte
Amar Sorte:
Before KDB & Kroos
There was Beckham & gigs.....🙌🙌🙌🙌
Someone who has a chance to kill u
Someone who has a chance to kill u:
When he was at Madrid the biggest problem was that who would take the freekicks ,beckam or Carlos
Raymen 007
Raymen 007:
With that squad even If I jumped in the team i would of been assist king .
Silvânio Takamine Cova
Silvânio Takamine Cova:
3:10 that bend is ridiculous.
Tomy Arif Utomo
Tomy Arif Utomo:
No wonder he got lifetime contract from Adidas👍🔥
maximo meridio gladiador
maximo meridio gladiador:
beckam era tan bueno en faltas que no la spateaba zidane figo o ronaldo ..... el solo y solo roberto carlo si la falta debia ser cobrada de muy muy lejos...
Михаил Петров
Михаил Петров:
слеза навернулась, когда Бэкс отдавал на Зубастика
irvan rebelution
irvan rebelution:
the best players with kick ever
josephrichardo puan
josephrichardo puan:
Siempre será junto a Jesús Navas mi referente
Beckham was so lethal back then
Ess Pee Ralte
Ess Pee Ralte:
The king of Long shot David beckjam
Biswajit Sahoo
Biswajit Sahoo:
Master of free-kick
Riot Dark
Riot Dark:
4:49 that confident 😳
love u beks my icone 😍
Broke Guy
Broke Guy:
Beckham swings his left hand,

Opponent- Oh not again!!
Tuna Kurt
Tuna Kurt:
Best right leg ever
So cool to see Ronaldo Nazario / David Beckham / Roberto Carlos in the same team
Yellow Style
Yellow Style:
Legend 23 🙏
Hrishikesh U
Hrishikesh U:
Messi + Ronaldo + David Beckham = 🐐 G.O.A.T level
pemuda sakit
pemuda sakit:
Maybe the best england player in modern genereations
Nibin Kumar
Nibin Kumar:
2021 MAY............ DAVID BECKHAM 💯🔥
David Backham is the best👌🏻😘
julianaire9999 starforce
julianaire9999 starforce:
Legend of no.7 of the world g.o.a.t
Campbell Moffat
Campbell Moffat:
Unbelievable player😯😯
His curl is sooo crazy😍😍😍😍
Mariano P
Mariano P:
Figo + Beckham: the best two wingers of the turn of the centuries played in one team wow